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Bedroom Surprise

I had always hung out with my mate Peter. We both had girfriends but didn't mind a bit of bi action so we'd watched porn together plenty of times. Every now and then we'd jerk off together but not go further. Every now and then he'd talk about wanting to fuck someone up the arse and I'd tell him he'd have to suck my cock first and then we'd laugh it off and leave it at that.

One day I invited Peter over to hang out and maybe watch some porn. This time he was running late so I quickly had a shower while I waited. He arrived just as I finished and rang the door bell.

I decided to answer the door with my towel on and nothign else. I told him to wait in the other room while I changed. As I slipped the towel off I realised I had a massive hard on from the thought of being naked around him.

So i decided to take fate into my hands - I sat on a chair in the middle of my room and called out "Come into my room". I sat there heart racing with a massive hard on until he finally walked in.

As soon as he saw me naked I said 'come get me'. He stared for a second in shock and then to my suprise said "fuuuck yeah" and stripped off.

He then approach me with a massive hard on too and I said "you know what i'd like" and without blinking he got on his knees and crawled to my throbbing hard on.

He grabbed it and began running the edge of his tongue around my wet dick. He did a few laps before he finally took it in his mouth, sucking harder and deeper each time. I let out a massive groan of pleaseure and enjoyed looking down on him.

After a few minutes he stopped and looked up at me and said "now what" I smiled and guided him back to his feet as we both stood up. I said "I know what you want" and i one move he flipped me around to hold the chair and began wetting my crack with his spit.

Then before I knew it he began easing his hard dick into my wet arse and to my surprSse I loved it. With each thrust deeper and deeper I could barely contain my throbbing dick.

He then took me from the chair and laid me on the floor saying "I've always wanted to do this" so I braced myself for a good arse fucking. But to my surprise he took my hard wet dick in his hand and impaled himself by sitting on it.

I was so wet I slide straight in and he began riding. My dick was so hard it begn throbbing out of control until I said "keep doing that and I'll blow in you" to which he said "do it" and with that he picked up the pace, thrusting faster and faster "give it to me...every fucking drop"he shouted.

I couldn't hold it any more and shot a massive stream into his hungry arse - "fuuuuuuuuuuuuck" he let out as he toook the load.

He finally slowed down and smiled at me and said "payback time" and rolled on his back - my cum still around the edge of his arse. I obliged and grabbed his throbbing, wet dick in my hands and mounted it.

It sank with eases into my wet arse as I begun to thrust too. Back and forth I went feeling his dick throb like mad in my hole. Then Pete let out a massive "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" as he shot a massive stream into my arse.

I eased off the pace until we lay together - "about time" he said "i've been dying to try bi for ages with you" and I said "well now you have"

A while later we finally got dressed and Peter decided to leave. As he left he said, "we should do that again some time" and too my surpise I blurted out "sure".

As he walked out he then turned me and said - "well you should see what I can come up with for you !"

Stay tuned for another chapter.

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