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Mom and I

We had been gone for over a week visiting my grandma. Mom was ready to be home. We had two full days of driving ahead of us. It was just mom and I, dad had to stay and work. I had to go to be the man on the trip and take care of mom.
I was well into puberty, my body was changing from boy to man. I would say that when this story occured I was more man than boy. I had to shave once a week, had hair under my arms and got regular erections that needed to wanked on. I could not stop thinking about girls but had never been with one. I was still a virgin.
My virginity was the topic of conversation as we drove along. Mom had thought it ashame that I had not kissed a girl let alone gone beyond kissing. She told me that she had lost her virginity at the age of f******n, I was a few years past that. I tried to explain to mom that it was different for boys and that I had tried. As we talked some more the engine under the hood of the big Pontiac we were driving let out a huge noise and then continued it crying and shaking till mom pulled over and turned the car off.
After several hours a tow truck showed up and took us to the next small town. We were in the middle of no where and this town had one repir shop, a small restaurant, and a little motel. The man at the shop said it was going to be a couple of days to get part and fix the Pontiac. We went to motel and they had one room left, a small room with a full size bed. We took the room and went to it with only a couple of items as mom did not want to have to unload the car. She said we were going to have to rough it.
We ate dinner and made our way back to our room. The TV could only pick up one station and it was not what worth watching. We decided to get ready for bed and mom realizedd she had not brought our sl**pwear from the car. She said for us not to look too much at each other, we were going to have to sl**p in our undies. We both striped down to our undies but it still too early to sl**p so we sat on the bed and talked.
My mom sat across from me cross legged and we talked about nothing. As mom talked, I started to look at her pretty brown eyes and then her brown curly hair with blonde high lights. Then my eyse wondered down to her boobs, they were not huge but then again, I had never seen real boobs. I watched then closely, they giggled a little as mom made gestures with arms. Then I looked over her stomach and down to the dark patch between her legs, I could see a few dark hairs sticking out of her panties. My cock was now rock hard and I was not sure what to do about it. Mom kept talking and I figured that I needed to pay attention or she might figure out I was checking her out.
It was hard for me to stay focused, I mean my mom was not a beauty queen but she was not ugly. She got up to go pee, I watched her ass as she walked into the bathroom. Mom was completely relaxed about being almost naked in front of me. My cock continued to get harder and was now hurting. Mom got into bed and laid down, I thought that I was in the clear. Mom would go to sl**p and I could sneak into the bathroom and quitely stroke my boner to get some releaf.
Mom rolled over and her hand landed right on my cock. She felt it and then asked me why my dick was hard? Then she must have remembered our conversation from the car. Mom told me to go take care of that but I told her I could not do that with her waiting out here and knowing about it. Then mom said she could help me with it, I thought she was just joking and told her to not worry it would go away in a few.
It did not go away and all I could think about was mom's boobs and the dark patch in her panties. It was not completely dark yet and the time was not passing very quickly. Mom got up again and walked to the window. She said that she could sl**p till I took care of that. Then she asked me what had caused that. I just looked at her, then she smiled real big. I made you horny? She looked down at herself and then back at me. This body turned you on, made your dick so hard. I was so embarrassed, but told mom that yes she turned me on.
Mom stood there for a minute, she was thinking. Then she asked me if I could keep a secret, a secret that could never be told to any body. I promised her and assured her that I would never tell a soul. Mom said okay and then she dropped her panties. I could not take my eyes off her dark haired bush. She walked over to the bed and climbed in. I watched her body move, the look in her eyes was one I had never seen before. As she moved in the bed, I could see the pink of her pussy. She laid next to me and pulled her lag up exposing her pussy more, she moved her fingers around her glistening wet lips. My cock was now burning as was my desire. This was no longer my mom, it was a woman that wanted my cock inside her. A woman that wanted my seed to be sprayed deep inside her.
We made eye contact and mom leaned over and we kissed, her hand found my cock. She pulled my underwear down and I took it off. As she fondled my cock and balls I placed one hand on her pussy and the other on her boobs. My hands had never felt of a woman. My cock burned and was ready to explode. I could smell mom's pussy, I pulled my hand to my face and took in her aroma. Finally, mom pushed me onto my back on the bed. She stradled me and positioned her pussy right over my aching cock. She held my rod and slid herself down onto it. I watched as my cock disappeared into her wonder wet cunt. When she was all the way down, she sat there letting me enjoy the new feeling of my first pussy. My cock was hard, and it felt great being held tight by mom's hot, wet pussy.
Mom looked deep into my eyes and asked me how do I like my first time so far? I told her it was better than I had imagined. Mom started to move around on my cock and that was all it took to send me over the edge. My cock swelled and then exploded with so much f***e, I pushed up into mom trying to get as deep as I could while my cock and balls pumped what felt like gallons of my hot spunk into mom's hungrey womb.
Mom laid on top of me, my cock still hard and deep inside her. She asked me again how my first time was and I told her thaat my first time was not over. We rolled over so I was on top, my cock staying inside that wonderful pussy. I started to bang mom like I had seen in many of the pornos that I had watched. Mom started to moan and breath heavy and she was matching my thrust. My balls built up another load and were starting to boil as mom built up to her own orgasim. A few more strokes sent mom over the edge, her legs w****d around me. her pussy clamped tight around my cock and she tried to pull me deeper into her cunt. I could hold back no longer and flooded her deepest parts of her womb with my young spunk. We laid together and fell asl**p.
I woke the next morning with my hard cock still buried deep in mom's cunt, I pushed in as deep as I could and let lose with the third huge load of my jizz. Mom moaned her approval. I got up and walked to the window, I felt great having fucked the hell out of my mom. I looked back at her sl**ping on the bed, my spunk leaking out of her beautiful pussy.
It took another couple of days to get the Pontiac fixed and back on the road. Mom and I spent most of that time in the motel room fucking. She taught me how to fuck and to please a woman. When we got back home We continued to fuck every chance we got, sometimes I would have to wait for dad to leave for work and run in there and get his sloppy seconds. Mom told me that dad and I always pump really big loads.

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