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Tonight, Ben made ME his Whore

It was a casual night with Ben, myself, his friend Jensen and Jensen's girlfriend who I didn't know that well. We sat around the kitchen table, having a few beers and chatting. I truly suspected nothing. However, there seemed to be something going on that I was not aware of, and it and it had me on my toes as Ben never keeps secrets from me. I was intrigued. Towards the end of the night, Ben asked me to get his cell phone from the bedroom and I as I hunted around for it, he called out from the kitcen "Babe nevermind It's here under the paper". Coming back into the kitchen, I could see Ben smiling and the room was suddenly quiet when I arrived. "Ok, what's going on?" I said.

Ben got up suddenly and pushed me up against the wall, roughly. "You're gonna find out what's going in a minute" he said, rubbing his body against me and starting to kiss me passionately. He whispered in my ear, "You always like watching me fucking some chick huh? Tonight, YOU'RE Gonna be the one getting watched".

Before I could ask any questions, my shorts were pulled down, and my panties removed in an instant. I started to protest, but Ben covered my mouth with his and rendered me speechless. He picked me up and put me up on the kitchen table, the same one we were just sitting at, which had been suddenly cleared of everything. I tried to look around to where Jensen and his gf were but Ben turned me over onto all 4's, forcing me up on my hands and knees. My pussy and ass were naked, fully exposed. His fingers started playing with my pussy, spreading my lips open and finger fucking me. I gasped, yet it felt so damn good. I tried to sit up but suddenly, Jensen was in front of me, holding me by my arms. What the hell?? No, I KNEW Ben was not going to let me have sex with Jensen, ESPECIALLY with his gf I assumed, still in the room. I looked at Jensen and he said, "Don't move". From behind me, Ben started rubbing and fingering my pussy, making me incredibly wet already. "Look at your cunt, it's already wet. You are gonna be MY Whore tonight" I heard some sort of rustling behind me, and Ben's pants fell to the floor his belt banging against the wood. "Look at you spread open for everyone to see, you wanna get Fucked?" In an instant, his cock plunged into me, his dick filling my cunt fully, resting his balls up against my pussy. I looked around and didn't see Jensen or his GF anywhere I had no idea where they were! Ben started to fuck me, his dick plunging into me stroke after stroke, and I moaned deeply, feeling how thick and long his cock was, how deep inside me he was. "I'm gonna fuck this hot cunt and you're gonna take it, and you aren't gonna move until I tell you to move" Ben said. I felt Ben's hands on my ass, squeezing and slapping as he continued pumping me roughly. I then felt another hand on my ankle, holding it. It felt like a man and I knew it was Jensen. oh my God, Jensen and gf were behind us! I felt my pussy creaming and getting wetter, being spread so wide by Ben's engorged dick. "You like watching me Fuck huh? Now YOU are being watched getting Fucked".

He pulled his dick out and pulled me by my hair, bringing my face back towards him, looking into my eyes. "I"m gonna make you cum and and I want them to SEE you cum on me" Ben said, looking deeply into my eyes. He turned me over onto my back, and pushed my shirt up over my tits, nearly ripping my bra off and my tits bounced free, and he spanked them, back and forth, squeezing my nipples and rubbing them, grabbing my tits with both hands and pushing them together and sucking my nipples back and forth. "You're my fucking little slut, aren't you Sherry?" He eased me back onto the table so I could rest my feet, and pried my legs apart wide. Easing between me, he plunged back into my pussy, over and over until I felt like I wanted to cum. I couldn't even think anymore of where Jensen was or what they were doing, all I could think of was how hot and bad and sexy it felt to be fucked in front of two other people. I heard Jensen's voice suddenly say "I can't see". Ben picked me up literally, and carried me into the living room and tossed me onto the sofa. Pulling me back on my hands and knees, he started fucking me doggy style and suddenly, I saw Jensen. He was right there. And Ben was putting on a show. Just like how I make him move when I have him fuck another chick, he moved aside so Jensen could see everything clearly. "Can you see this now?" Ben said, pumping his dick into my cunt. "Look at your pussy it's dripping wet, that's how hot you are Sherry you little slut you liked being watched don't you?" He spread my ass apart so I knew the other two could see everything he was doing to my body, and he was doing it GOOD. "I'm spreading your ass and pussy open while I fuck you so they can see, does that feel good?" he asked me... "omg, yes it does yes...fuck " was all I could manage to mutter.

He turned me over once again, onto my back, holding my legs open wide, and got down on the floor in front of me, his dick in the perfect position once again. "You liked watching me creampie that chick? You liked watching me cum in her pussy? Now I"m gonna fucking cum in your pussy and they're gonna watch. And when you cum on my dick I want you to drip your pussy juice all over me I want you to to cream on me, you hear me?" Ben said into my ear so only I could hear. Holding me apart by the knees, he plunged back into my cunt and I nearly exploded. He lifted his body high, so that his chest rested against mine, and pumped away at me. "CUM. ON. MY. DICK." Ben said, rubbing his pelvis against my clit, his dick inside me all the way, thrusting against me while still inside me. I heard the "Whirrr" noise of a camera and knew someone had the zoom lens now on. OMFG. I heard a voice that was Jensen's but couldn't make out what he was saying. The room was charged with a sexual heat I couldn't even think straight. "Wider" Ben said.."Open your legs wider" and I did as Ben said.. opening them so wide I was nearly doing the splits. "Let them watch you cum Sherry, fucking Cum on me" and I did, with his dick buried deep inside, I came, I could feel my juicy cum dripping out of my pussy, and Ben moaned, "Yes Yes, You cum on my dick fuck you are so wet"
With my body still in spasms, he began to fuck again, "Ah your hot cunt feels so fucking good, open up for my dick, I'm gonna fucking fill you with my cum" and he did, his cock exploding inside my body and I could feel his cum so deep inside me, and he didn't stop, his dick was throbbing and hard still inside me, his balls resting up against my pussy, "FUCK FUCK I"M COMING OH SHIT, Sherry" Our bodies were sweaty, his face above mine and I watched him cum, the expression I love, his mouth open, his eyes closed, his dick buried inside me. He stopped, his breath panting, and he looked down at me, half smiling, half exhausted, and said to me quietly "Now YOU got watched Babe. You know I fucking love you" He pulled me gently up but realizing I had no clothes on, he went to get my robe and covered me up (kind of sweet and funny now :D) I looked at Jensen and is gf (what is her NAME?) trying to figure out what THEIR mood was, but Ben said "Gimme the camera, get the hell out" in a guy to guy kinda way. They did as they were told.

After they left, I jokingly told Ben, "Why'd you kick them out, I was wondering if they were gonna put on a show for us!" He looked at me ans aid I had truly lost my mind. "Now, you can scratch that gang bang shit off your list it ain't gonna happen, but you got THIS, you got watched tonight. AND I did it rough just the way you wanted, so that's TWO things off your list"

Well, that was kinda sweet :D

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