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Making a deal with a demon part 2

(Strip, Watch & Wait) I got very nerves, but when I looked up I saw that all the pets where already naked. Each one standing at a point of the star. They acted like I was not even there. So I did as I was told. I striped, waited & watched.

Lucas picked up the knife and chalice. He held the chalice in front of him self right over the candle there and said “ Corvendom Levintoria” then let it go. but it did not fall. instead it floated there. He took the knife and chanted “I give of my self to the master.” He then cut his wrist and bleed into the chalice. When he pulled his wrist away it healed in seconds. He then placed the knife on the chalice.

Then it floated to Valrena and she add her bl**d to the chalice as she said the chant. When all the pets had done this the chalice floated into the center of the pentagram then on to the floor. As it floated down the pets got to there knees. the pentagram started to glow white and the center to glow red. The bl**d in the chalice started to glow green and I heard a deep booming voice say “Enter and ask for your hearts desire.” I was scared but there was a power in that voice I could not refuse. As I stepped into the pentagram the pets began to take on their true forms.

Lucas was the first one I noticed. As I watched soft brown fur began to spread across his body. His upper and lower jaw began to grow longer. The ends of all his fingers and toes began to change and become long curved 4 in claws. His leg started to look more and more like a dogs. His cock began to side into a sheath and grow larger at the same time. As the changes began to finish he let out a howl that made my bl**d turn cold. Now he stood there staring at me with his glowing green eyes like I lunch. So I quickly looked away.

As I turned my eyes away I caught site of Kumara. Her beautiful skin began to turn in to blue scales and a long thick tail started to grow out from above her ass. As it grew longer it start to taper to a very sharp point. Large wings began to grow out of her back and her leg where gaining muscle mass. Her mouth became very large at started filling with shape needle like teeth. Her hair disappeared and a large horn grew out of her head just above her forehead. she turned her now deep black eyes toward me and released a jet of flame over my head. I could swear I lost a few hairs.

I looked at Valrena. He body had become bone thin and her skin witch was as white as a corpse was stretch across her body like a very thin piece of paper. Her lips wear parted revealing a mouth full of shape teeth and two 3in long fangs. Her eye where completely white and had no iris or pupal. Yet I knew she could see me. Her hair had become even longer and floated behind here as if moved by the wind but I knew there was none.

I heard a yell so full of rage it me shudder. When I turned to find the source I saw Otho beginning his change. he grew to 7'10" and became muscled enough he could have probably up rooted a large tree. His skin became thick and started to turn dark green. As his lower jaw grew longer 3in tusks grew into view. His cock became hug and i swear looked just like a horse cock only a lot thicker. When I looked back at his face he had a grin of pure lust. When turned away he let laugh that made every hair on my body stand on end.

As i turned away my eyes caught sight of Irisis. She was already half the way through her transformation. Her skin was covered in short fine brown hair with gold strips. Her face looked like that of a cat as did her ears. her tail was long and all gold. Her eyes where the thing that caught my attention the most. They where gold cats eyes that glowed brightly.

I turned toward the center of the pentagram and looked at the bone chalice. I started to ask my self if I was sure this is what I wanted to do, but before i could answer my self the voice spoke again. "Enter Now!!" This time it was more f***eful. More commanding. I could do nothing but obey. I entered and stood above the chalice. "What do you desire?" I didn't even get a chance to speak for the being the voice belonged to read my though and spoke. "You ask for such a small thing. Know this mortal the price for what you ask maybe more then you can give. Do you still wish me to give you your hearts desire?" I looked around my self at the pets and realized that they had each asked for something from this being and where now its playthings for all eternity.
I had come to fare to turn back. "I Do." The voice began to laugh a laugh that made my heart skip a beat and my body turn cold. I realized to late that I had been tricked. My request was my hearts desire but not my only one. "Don't worry mortal I will grant all of you desires. Here is the first. Behold my true form the form of you new master!" There was no smoke, no flash of light. One moment there was nothing there and the next he was there standing in front of me. He stood 8 feet tall, had 4 arms, 2 huge rams horns, below his waist he had the body of a hell hound and in place of his tail where 8 tentacles. What had I done this was not the demon I had been trying to summon. This was the demigod Cathadren.

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