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Sucking Dick My First Time

I was 16 at the time. It was summer and really nothing to do, except hang out with your friends and go to the movies. I was hanging out with my friend Justin, and was staying the night. And we got talking about the best blow-jobs we ever. About five minutes into the conversation i noticed his dick was hard and said looks like you need a blow-job now. He laughed and said ya, what about you, you gonna give me one?
I said sure why not,I always wanted to suck a dick but im not gay just experimenting. He looked at me for five minutes with a weird look on his face then finally said " No Shit".... I said ya, then got on my knees and started sucking on his 7in dick.
It felt really good in my mouth, with all the precum coming out. Not even five minutes later he said he was cumming, so i said ok cum in my mouth. When he came it was a huge load that filled my mouth, but i swallowed it all and it tasted good.... So ever since the we get together everyday when his parent aren't home and i suck him and swallow..

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