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My step daughter

As her mom was getting on her flight to florida for a business trip me and kelly where in the car watching her. Now i always loved my step daughter her nice tits firm ass and what seemed to be shaved bare pussy. When we got back to the house kelly went trotting to the kitchen as always. "uhhh Dan can u help me with getting the pb off the shelf"
"no prob,k**"
as she made her delightful pb and j i watched from the mirror in the living room slowly stroking my dick.
"why r u watching me?"
"i dont know im sorry"
after she finished she came over and sat next to me and laid her head on my shoulder putting her hand on my thigh. it sent tons of thoughts to my brain because i didnt know if i should retaliate or just tell her no.
instead i just went with it.i stroked my dick again.
"hmmm ummm can i see something"
i watched as she was astonished as she pulled my cock out
"o fuck this is big"
"lemme suck at it"
as she sucked my throbbing head i was rock hard now. she continued now going deeper with more saliva.i was too horny so i picked her up and went in the sunroom with her and threw off her shorts.
"r u gonna lick my fuckin pussy?"
"hell yeah"
i started out by sucking in her clit but that turned into a crazy survalience
i licked her womanhood and slowly put my 3 fingers in her tight hole.
"Dan iv never been fucked so be gentle"
"ok baby"
i slapped her pussy hard as she yelled a loud moan
"i was"
i did it again and again
and afer i put the head of my dick on her clit she jumped a bit though
after i put my whole length in her
she yelled as i pounded her hard she was breathing heavy now.
"cum in me i want u to cum in me"
so i put my 1st heavy load of cum in her than the next and the next when i was done we just laid there as happy as fuckers.

If i should make more just leav a comm.

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