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Inspired by a friend

I started with your pics, the fishnets in the mirror, yummmmmm, then the boobs shot, got my cock nice and hard, started stroking my thick hard shaft over them, took in the pussy shots, nice and wet there, just how I like a pussy, imagining your finger sliding in as you finger yourself, two fingers, three fingers, pumping your soft wet pussy for me, telling me to stroke myself, you watching my thick cock as you fingered yourself and played with your boobs. You call me over and take my cock between your boobs, covering it and start to tit-fuck me, feels sooo good your tits fucking my hardon and i start to finger your pussy, as you slide a finger in my mouth for me to lick your pussy juice.
you remove my cock and slide your tongue down the length, as i slide 3 fingers in your wet pussy and you play with my balls. you smile at the thought of taking my length in your mouth and first you hand me a nice thick toy with a clit stimulator, which easily replaces my hand and you gasp as the toy fills you up. "Tonight I am dining on a nice thick manmeat and am gonna need lots of juice to satisfy me" you say and you wrap your lips around my big pulsing head. Ohhh feels so hot your mouth wrapped around me and I keep pumping you with the toy.
you slowly slide your sexy lips down my length, taking me full in your mouth and then slide back up, my cock wet from you. You stroke my shaft, licking at the head, rubbing your hand up and down my length. Your mouth slides over me cock again and you get into a rythm up and down my length. its so hot watching you taking me cock. you stop for a moment to stroke me again and start to pant heavily as the toy brings you close to a climax. you swallow my legnth again and i start to gently fuck your mouth, feeling your tongue on my head as I pump your mouth and pump your pussy faster. you suck me faster and i can feel you are getting to orgasm....
you stroke me again, fast and lick my head as i pump you harder. "Oh yeah thats it, fuck me with my toy, make me cum, almost there, your big cock is so hot" you tell me. i can feel my cock starting to burst, so you take me again in your mouth sliding your lips over my shaft, i pump you harder and you start to shake, my cock start to blow "I'm cuming" I tell you, you nod, stroke me a few times and as you scream and shake my cock explodes in your mouth, filling you with my hot cream and you lap it up.....

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