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The unexpected Ride home

I guess when you talk sex with men it's inevitible they want to know about your experiences, and turn-ons.
After a listing of your firsts, there is always your strangest or most memorable sexual encounter.
I sometimes wonder if men yearn for the freedom women have with sex, in the sense that all we need to say is yes and we get it, whereas men, have to wait to meet a girl ready to let them. I wish I had a penny for every time a guy said, 'If I was a girl, I would fuck all the time.'
I do have that freedom and admit to entertaining more than my fair share of men, but add to that the men I done because I felt sorry for them, nothing romantic, not even horny, but gracious enough to relax and let them have some human interaction, and a good sexual encounter, especially when they least expected it to happen with me.
I remember once at a party I was worse for wear, both through drinking too much wine and being tired. I admitt I must have looked worse for wear than I really was, but either way I was put into the back seat for the journey home.
My husbands two friends were also travelling with us, as he was the dedicated driver that night, so one was in front and the other joined me in the back.
We were out in the countryside at a farmhouse so the journey back was in darkness and over two hours driving.
I was flat out in the back and when hubby suggested his friend lift me up he said it was OK, let me sl**p.
Un-beknown to him of course, was that I was resting, slightly d***k, but not out of it.
Within the first ten minutes it was obvious to me, my companion in the back was feeling frisky, as he now held my head in his lap, and as my husband and front seat companion chatted, his hand was wandering casually over my prostrate body.
At first he traced the outline of my breasts through my sweater, gently kneading when he had a handful.
His head was back, as I assume he was pretending to sl**p for the sake of the front seat passengers, that way he would not be disturbed in the darkness and not arouse any suspicions.
Trouble was he was arousing me, as my breasts are an erogenous zone, any fondelling was bound to trigger urges deeper down.
What facinated me was the audacity of him just to get stuck in and take liberties, but as he had never married I could only assume he was lonely and just enjoying the opertunity of the chance occassion.
So on that theme I decided to let him have some time with me, and relaxed and let him continue.
I controlled my breathing, deep and relaxed, as his hand probed deeper into my clothes and released my breast from its cup.
I was thankful for the darkness and also for the music from the CD as everything happening in the back was drowned-out.
My nipple was hard and swollen, something I suppose he never had much opertunity to manipulate between his fingers, and he certainly liked playing with mine, hard, and rubbery to feel, but also making me decernably twitch as he played.
I could also feel his penis swell below my head and he now carressed the side of my face with his free hand.
This was driving my crazy lying there being groped, wondering what his next move was. I was determined to remain asl**p to him, but I was wanting him to do something else.
I knew if he went into my knickers he would know I was in a state of sexual arousal, so anticipating that, I turned to face him, ever so quietly as not to draw attention to us in the back, but just to make access to my belt and zipper, on my pants easier to open.
I could sense him tense up and wait, but as soon as I relaxed and breath rythmeticly on his hand, he continued with his little grope.
What surprised me next was not the crotch feel I anticipated, but that he undid his zipper and eased his cock out, and right into my face.
I remained still as he found my warm nipple again and resumed his playing until it swelled again to his manipulations and now he knew I was responding.
He started to masturbate across my face and his cock head was over my mouth and under my nose, making contact with my lips and nasal orifice as his stroking was more determined and extremely pleasurable for him.
I decided to take him into my mouth and blow him quietly, swallowing his load and letting him have that experience.
As he stroked I let my lips open and he soon found the warmth from my lips, breath and open mouth, to irresistable, and he put it in.
I just sucked on him as he held the back of my head and I responded even more by now working my tongue all over it.
I started to bite it with my teeth and suddenly the unmistakably taste of semen was filling my mouth, I had to swallow each filling as it was pumped free of his ball sack.
When he finished I held him in my mouth, then reaching up a took hold of him and gently eased him out, while performing a cleaning act on his cock and balls.
Forty minutes had passed since we started our journey and he had deposited his sperm down into my belly and now armed with the knowledge I was up for it, he pressed his contact card into my hand and bade me goodnight with a new found affection, at his drop off point.
Yes I got nothing for my troubles but a wierd pleasure in giving him something he never expected, mind you he was getting something for nothing to start with, but a nice warm blow-job would live with him forever.

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