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The Training of a Teenage Submissive

The beautiful young girl walked from the stables. It was her school summer holidays and she planned to do nothing all summer except enjoy herself. She had enjoyed her ride, but had been embarrassed at the wolf-whistles and shouts from the men her mother had employed to work on the estate. Her father worked away on business and she rarely saw him. Emma was a 16-year-old virgin who looked stunning in her black knee length riding boots, tight cream jodhpurs, and tailored black riding jacket. Her figure was maturing into a woman with perky breasts and curvy thighs and her regular riding kept her toned. She had long blonde hair tied in a loose plait which swished from side to side as she strode confidently back to the house.

Suddenly she glimpsed a movement from the bushes at the side of the path, but before she could react, a dirty hand clamped round her mouth. Another figure appeared in front of her and dashed her riding crop to the ground, and then pushed her ankles together and lifted her legs up. She fell into the arms of the man behind who picked her up and they ran towards the house. They went straight into the cellar and through a door Emma had always been told was locked because the room behind was dangerous. Emma gasped as they entered the room. She had never seen anything like it. There were beams and tables and beds. There were chains hanging from the walls and the ceiling, and shelves full of equipment. There were no windows.

She was dropped in the middle of the room with a bump. She tried to stand, but was pushed onto her hands and knees by the man behind her. Her riding hat fell off. She glanced up and recognised the man in front of her as one of the workmen. He was tall and muscular. He was sweating in the heat and his hands and arms were dirty from working outdoors.

“Do not say a word you little bitch.”

Emma was so scared the thought had not even crossed her mind. She turned her head to look round the room, but immediately the workman yanked her hair.

“Do not look around either!”

He slapped her cheek. Emma began to cry.

“Everything is ready,” said the other workman.

“Listen to me you spoilt little bitch. We have been given a day and a half to turn you into the dirtiest, submissive, sex slave we can. If you make things hard for us, we will get incredibly nasty with you. Your life has changed forever. There is no point in fighting it. Now stay there and stay still.”

Emma could not believe it. What the hell was going on? She felt hands caressing her buttocks. She instinctively moved forward and a huge blow from her own riding crop struck her arse. She screamed.

“Obey!” shouted the voice from behind. Something pricked her flesh. It was a knife. “We are just modifying your jodhpurs.”

Two holes were sliced in the seam of her expensive jodhpurs. Emma was sobbing by this point. The man behind her passed the knife forward. The man in front used the knife to cut her bra away, and then cut circles in her blouse so her bare breasts pointed out.

“That should do it,” he said. “Now crawl around on your hands and knees while we watch. Don’t stop until we say.”

Sobbing profusely, Emma began to crawl. The crop landed on her arse again and she yelped.

“Faster girlie!”

Emma crawled three laps of the room until the men called her back to the centre of the room. When she got there they were naked.

“On your knees bitch.”

One of them was of athletic build – tall, toned but not overtly muscular. The other was a huge black man with enormous muscles, and quite obvious to the sixteen year old on her knees, a massive erect penis. “This is the first part of your training” he said. “Cock sucking.” He walked forward, grabbed Emma’s hair with one hand, and with his other hand guided his huge black cock towards her virgin mouth.

“Nooooo!” cried Emma.

“Yes,” grunted the man as his cock f***ed its way past her lips and into her warm mouth. The girth of the cock was huge and Emma felt if she was choking. “Now the secret to sucking cock well is to be able to take the whole length into your mouth, so the man can rest his balls on your chin. Ready?”

Emma tried to shake her head, but her head was yanked back by her hair until her throat and mouth were in line. Her assailant walked forward and plunged his cock down her tight throat. She felt like she was suffocating.

“WoooHeeeey! This bitch is tight!” cried the black man in sheer delight. He began to piston backwards and forwards, whilst still gripping Emma’s hair tight. He got quicker and quicker and then with a grunt he pulled out. Thank God, thought Emma, who in her innocence had not realised what was about to happen.

The man gave his cock two hard tugs and blasted his cum straight into Emma’s face. Most went into her mouth, but some went in her eyes, on her cheeks, and on her chin. Emma screamed. There was so much cum in her mouth, she thought she was drowning. The hand in her hair pulled her head down, and another hand pushed her chin up. Her teeth closed with a jolt.

“Swallow you bitch!”

Emma shook her head. The other man walked forward and pinched her nose until she could not breathe.

“You will have to swallow if you want to breathe.”

Emma grimaced and swallowed. When the men were satisfied they stood back and laughed. The black man whispered to his accomplice

“Did you get all that?”

The man nodded in agreement. What on earth were they talking about? Emma wondered.

“My turn now schoolgirl.”

Emma looked up to see the other man walking towards her. His cock pointing straight out in front of him.

“Let’s see if you can do this by yourself this time.”

He stopped just short of Emma. He wanted her to deep throat him voluntarily. She did not move. The riding crop whizzed through the hair and caught her exposed breast. It just clipped the nipple. Emma howled in pain.

“Think about it. You will end up doing it, whether you do it yourself, or whether you do it because we have inflicted pain on you. The secret to being a good submissive is to realise that you exist to pleasure the other person.”

Emma began to say she had no intention of becoming a submissive slave, but it was a mistake. As soon as she opened her mouth, the man walked forward and plunged his cock in her mouth. She gagged as the cock hit the back of her mouth, but a furious tug on her ponytail angled her head and the cock slid into the hilt. This cock was not as thick as the black one, but seemed longer. The man’s pubes were longer and she could smell his sweat. This one took his time, pulling almost all the way out before plunging back in, time and time again. When he eventually came, he did so embedded in her, his come squirting straight into her stomach. She never tasted this one. She gasped for air as he withdrew.

“What do you think of your training so far?” he asked.

Emma gave him a defiant look and said nothing.

“Good. Then we will continue.”

Emma’s head was pushed to the floor, raising her arse. The men took some time in pivoting her body from left to right. She glimpsed sight of the black man out of the corner of her eye. He was walking behind her and his cock was erect again. Next thing she felt something hot resting against her pussy lips through the opening cut in her jodhpurs.

“NO! Please no!” she cried, but it was futile. The enormous black cock increased its pressure on her opening and then began to slide in. Emma shrieked. She had fingered herself in the past, but no more than that. She felt like she was tearing apart. The cock continued its relentless movement. The man had his hands on her waist now, and was pulling her back onto him. Once he was satisfied how much cock he could get in her tight cunt, he began to fuck her harder and harder. He mauled at her exposed breasts and pulled on her ponytail. Emma was screaming. The white man just grinned at her pain-wracked face. A series of short sharp grunts signalled that the black man had satisfied himself.

“Swap shop!” he shouted to the other man, who grinned and took up his place behind the distraught teenager. It was less painful this time, but it felt to Emma that she was getting penetrated even deeper. The man came deep inside her and then pulled out. He walked round to her face. He knelt down. “Did you enjoy that?”

Emma shook her head. He just laughed.

The men left Emma huddled on the floor for a couple of hours. They went to a far corner of the room out of her sight. She could not believe what was happening; she had been ****d by two workmen that her mother had employed. She would see that they were put away for a long time. The two men walked back towards her.

“One hole left to complete your initial training” said the white man grinning.

Emma shouted, “No, No, you can’t. It’s not normal!”

The men just laughed. The white man took up position behind her as the black man pushed her head down to the floor. She felt a cock rub against her arse hole. She was screaming as the cock began to press into her tightest of openings.

“Just give into it bitch.” The man tensed up and pushed with all his might. His cock disappeared slowly into her arse. “Man she’s tight,” he grunted.

Emma began to moan as he fucked her. The black man jerked her hair. “Shut up will you?”

She quietened down but it was so painful being taken in the arse. The man began to speed up. Emma knew he was about to come, but she wasn’t prepared for what happened next. The white man gave one last big push and then withdrew. Her arsehole stayed open. It felt like it was on fire. The black man yanked her head up by her ponytail and the white man walked forward and pushed his cock into the mouth. She could see her own shit and bl**d on it as it pushed between her lips. She gagged, but it made no difference. The cock began to fuck her mouth, eventually coming in her mouth. She swallowed. The men cheered. “See you can learn if you put your mind to it!” The black man took his turn up her arse, but he came deep inside her rectum.

“That’s the first stage of your training complete.”

She was told to stand up. She wobbled to her feet. Emma felt sick. She was still wearing all her riding gear except for her hat. “You do look mighty pretty in that get up” said the white man. “Let’s see you on a horse.”

Emma was pushed towards on of the structures in the room. It was like a saw bench, except the top of the bench was black leather. She was told to climb on. It was about the width of a horse’s saddle. It had stirrups like a saddle too, and her booted feet were pushed into them and then tied there. A handle was turned and the stirrups pulled downwards until her legs were stretched, and she was clamped tightly to the saddle. Her arms were pulled behind her and tied to the back of the saddle. It was uncomfortable because her back was arched slightly. Each man then went either side of the saddle and began to suck and bite on her nipples. Emma cried out, but her nipples became erect. Chains were pulled from the walls in front of the bench with vicious crocodile clips on them. One was attached to each erect nipple. It hurt enormously. Emma shrieked in pain but a horse’s bit was fastened in her mouth pushing her tongue down. She could do no more than moan and whimper as another handle was turned and the chains began to pull. The men only stopped winding when her nipples were stretched and beginning to discolour. Another handle was wound under the bench and Emma realised that two dildos were being pushed up through the saddle and into her cunt and arse. She tried to shift her weight but could not because her feet were pulling her down, her arms pulling her back, and the nipple chains pulling her forwards. The dildos continued on their relentless journey until they were at least as deep as the men’s cocks had been. Finally the men stood back with a satisfied look on their faces. They grinned. “See you tomorrow gorgeous!” they shouted, turned their backs and left the room. Emma heard the door locks fall into place. ‘Why me?’ she thought.

Eventually the men returned. Emma had no idea how long she had been strapped to the horse. Her cunt and arse felt stretched beyond belief. She had lost all feeling in her arms and legs, and her nipples felt like they were about to tear off her body. She could still taste come in her mouth, but she could not move her tongue because of the metal bit.

“Morning beautiful!” they shouted. Emma tried to ignore them. The clamps were unfastened from her nipples. As the bl**d flowed back into the tightly stretched skin Emma shrieked in pain.

“Don’t worry, I’ll kiss it better,” said the black man who tenderly kissed her right nipple before cruelly nipping it between his teeth. The other man grinned as Emma howled in agony. The dildos were unwound from her once virgin holes and her feet and arms were untied.

“Don’t make a sound,” the men instructed as the bit was unfastened from her mouth. They lifted Emma off the horse and dropped her onto the floor. “You are getting a visitor later today, so we need to clean you up, but you don’t look as dirty as we thought.”

‘Who the hell is going to be visiting me and how could I look any more unclean with my torn clothes and dirty hands and knees?’ thought Emma.

Her thoughts were shattered by a swift pull on her ponytail. The black man was stood in front of her. His flies were open and his cock was jutting out. “Let’s see if you can remember your training sweetie.”

Emma groaned but did not resist as he shoved his cock between her lips. He did not pause but just pushed straight into the hilt. Emma still felt like she was gagging but had learnt enough to breathe through her nose. The huge black cock slowly pushed in and out of her mouth as she heard the other man say, “Tag time.” She felt his cock on her pussy lips and he entered her from behind. She felt like she was hanging between these two enormous cocks. She could not believe that she was being taken by two men at once. To make matters worse the men were talking to each other as if she wasn’t there.

“I knew she’d make a dirty whore.”

“How much do you think we could make from her on a street corner?”

“I wonder if she’s got any friends we could train as well?”

Eventually the talking subsided as the men reached their climax. They both pulled out just before they came, and squirted their loads over her arse and into her face. Emma just remained motionless on the floor as the come ran off her.

“She’s getting dirtier now!” shouted the black man.

“Yes. But watch this!” yelled the white man who was now pointing his flaccid cock at her face. He began to pee. Emma yelled in shock, but her head was grabbed by the black man. The golden shower hit her square on the nose, and the man proceeded to aim across her eyes, her lips and into her hair. Emma just could not believe it.

“Let’s get her cleaned up now,” said the man as he shook the last drops of pee from his cock and wiped it down her cheek. Emma was ordered to stand and remove all her clothing. She had difficulty pulling her boots off but the men just stood and laughed as she hopped around on one foot and then the other. She peeled her jodhpurs off and quickly pulled her blouse over her torn knickers.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” the men jeered.

Reluctantly she unbuttoned her blouse and then pulled her knickers off. She stood naked in front of her two r****ts. They wolf whistled at her, and even though her hair was matted with cum and piss, she was indeed a beautiful sight.

“Over there,” the white man pointed. Emma began to walk to a darkened corner of the room. There was a full bathroom suite of basin, shower, bath and toilet, but there were no portions or walls.

“Go to the toilet girlie,” she was instructed. It was so humiliating, but she was desperate so she sat on the toilet and peed, and then – so embarrassingly – defecated. The men grinned, but Emma cringed as her waste splashed into the bowl. She stood up to wipe herself, but there was no paper.

“Use your pinkies posh girl,” the black man shouted. Emma began to sob. This was more then she could stand. She reached between her legs and wiped herself.

“Now suck your fingers clean,” added the white man, who under his breath added to the other man, “I hope we’re getting all this.”

The black man nodded and murmured in reply, “You bet!”

Emma sucked her fingers clean, sobbing continually. She was then instructed to get in the shower. At least the water was hot, and there were soaps and shampoos. The hair conditioner was the same as her mother used, and the sight of it made her sob even more. She was instructed to shave her pussy completely bald while facing the men who cheered as the water washed the bubbles away and her bald skin appeared.

The men let her spend a long time cleaning herself and she began to feel better. This visitor must be important she thought for them to give her this luxury. Eventually they turned the water off and she dried herself on a very small towel while the men watched transfixed. They showed her to a small adjoining room where there was a dressing table and a mirror. There was a wardrobe as well.

The white man said, “On the table are some pictures and a description. This is how you should make yourself look for the visitor. We are going back into the main room. You have half an hour. If you do not look appropriately dressed, you will be punished far worse than anything so far. Do not let us down.”

The black man winked and turned to leave the room with the white man. Emma slowly walked to the table and opened the envelope. She pulled out a series of digitally modified pictures. Her head had been superimposed on a series of pornographic pictures. The girl’s body in the photo was clad in some form of leather harness. Straps and buckles seemed to run everywhere. It looked dreadfully uncomfortable. Emma had not seen anything like it before. She opened the letter that described the outfit. She felt she recognised the handwriting, but wasn’t sure. Sighing she walked to the wardrobe to get ready for her visitor.

After exactly 30 minutes the men called Emma out of the room. They jeered and whistled as she appeared in the doorway. “You slut whore!” and “You teen sex toy” were some of the more polite things they shouted. Emma’ s cheeks burned a fiery crimson through sheers embarrassment. She had followed the description to the letter. Every single item of clothing had been in the wardrobe and it fitted her perfectly. Someone must have known her exact sizes. She was told to twirl around in front of the men and she could feel their lustful stares burning into her. The men were naked and their cocks were growing hard just through looking at her. She thought she looked ridiculous, but the men were clearly turned on. Her long hair was brushed tightly up and back and tied in a long straight ponytail on top of her head. She had buckled a black leather collar round her neck that had four large silver rings on it. The leather harness shown in the pictures criss-crossed her body with her breasts pressing through large silver metal rings held in place by the tight straps. The harness finished at her waist – her arse and newly shaved pussy were on full display. Cuffs that matched her collar were fastened around her wrists, above her elbows, and around her thighs. She wore knee length spike heeled boots laced tightly up the front. She felt more naked than if she wore nothing at all. The outfit seemed to accentuate her sexuality. She was instructed to walk forward and a leash was attached to her collar. She felt like all her freedom had been taken away. The men fussed round her making sure every strap and buckle was just right. Emma was then led to the middle of the room where chains hung from the ceiling and others were fastened to the floor. The chains were attached to her cuffs and she was left standing spread eagled with her arms and ankles stretched to maximum reach, and her thigh cuffs spreading her legs. Finally a chain was fastened to her ponytail and pulled tight. She could not move any part of her body.

Emma stood in her chains for quite some time as the men busied themselves in the cellar. Moving things what seemed like a matter of inches and fussing over trivial objects. There was a sharp knock on the door and the men rushed over to open it. Emma could hear the door open and quite a long conversation ensued, although Emma could not hear a word of what was being said. She heard a raised voice, a swishing noise, and a yelp of pain, quickly followed by another swish and a different yelp. She tried to turn her head but could not because of her tied up hair. She heard sharp metallic footsteps coming towards her back which suddenly stopped. The two men walked past her and stood in front grinning, although each sported a glowing red stripe on his back.

“The visitor is here,” said the black man.

“I hope you are ready,” continued the white man as a massive jolt of pain speared through Emma’s left buttock. She shrieked in surprised pain, but the blows continued to fall across her thighs and bare arse. Occasionally a strike would come up between her legs and hit her exposed pussy. The pain was unbearable. Every time her body was jolted forward by the blow it felt like her hair was going to be torn out at the roots. Eventually the blows stopped and there was a long pause and the footsteps retreated out of the door. The men also left the room. Emma hung in her chains, her flesh stinging and burning from the sustained whipping. She wondered what was going to happen next.

After a while the footsteps returned and walked briskly passed her. Emma opened her eyes and could not believe who was stood in front of her. Mercy of mercies it was her mother.

“Oh mother!” she cried. “Thank God you are here. I have been ****d and beaten, but I know who has done it. Please untie me and get the police.”

Her mother walked forward and caressed Emma’s tear stained face. She was wearing some black leather gloves. Emma presumed she must have been riding because she had her long high-buttoned coat on. Her mother wiped the tear away. “Don’t cry my dear Emma,” she smiled. “My men say you have done very well indeed, and have nothing to cry about.”

Emma stared at her mother’s face. What was she talking about – her men? Her mother stepped back still smiling. She unbuttoned her coat and let it fall to the floor. Her toned 35-year-old body was clad from top to bottom in a skin-tight black leather catsuit. Leather gloves ran past her elbows, and metal tipped stiletto boots laced all the way up the front to the top of her thighs. Her long hair hung down her back. She looked evil. A long riding crop was clutched in her right hand and she raised it in front of her chest and patted it against her left palm. Emma realised that it was her own mother who had been whipping her.

“Why?!” cried Emma.

Her mother smiled back. “Do not get delirious my dear. It’s all very simple. Your father is away so often that I was not getting any sexual satisfaction. I began to realise that as the key person in the house I could do anything and my sexual yearnings became more and more dominant. I decided with your return home from school, that the summer holidays would be a good chance to carry out my desires on a young and beautiful submissive.” She grinned as the colour drained from Emma’s face. She prodded her daughter’s breast with the end of her crop and continued. “Furthermore, your father says he is missing seeing you grow up, so I thought it would be fun to make a film of you becoming my submissive slut. You may not have realised, but you have been filmed from the moment you came into the cellar.” Emma felt so humiliated. What would her father think of her when he saw the tape? Her mother coincidentally answered the question “You may have recognised your father’s handwriting on the letter in your new bedroom. He chose that rather fetching outfit for you.” Emma groaned. If her father and mother were involved, there was no one else that could help. She was trapped.

She asked her mother, “What do you mean my new bedroom?”

The crop flew out hitting her nipple square on. Emma howled in pain.

“Never, ever speak unless spoken to! Do you understand?” her mother screamed at her. Emma nodded. The crop flew out and struck her other nipple. Emma cried out. “Yes ma’am you reply!” her mother shouted.

“Ye…yes…ma’am,” Emma sobbed.

“Since you asked, you will spend the summer holiday in this cellar, unless I specifically ask for your presence upstairs. The wardrobe will be filled with clothing which I think befits your new standing in the household, and you will be given instructions on what to wear and when. Other than that you obey me at all times.”

“Yes ma’am,” Emma replied.

“Good girl. Now my men have explained that you have undergone some basic training. Tell me about it.”

Emma’s mother stood defiantly in front of her, rocking on her stiletto heels as her sixteen-year-old daughter explained through a series of cries and sobs how she had been k**napped, humiliated and ****d multiple times before being tied up and left on a bondage horse overnight. If her mother thought Emma had not explained herself sufficiently well, or was mumbling, she would lash her tits and cunt with her riding crop. Eventually Emma battled through describing the humiliation in the bathroom and the embarrassment of wearing the sluttish outfit until she got to the point where she discovered her mother wanted to dominate her. Her own mother repeatedly asked questions about what it felt like to have two cocks inside her at once, and whether she liked the taste of cum, and did she prefer it up the arse or cunt. Emma had to answer the questions as best she could, for fear of another lash from the riding crop, but she felt so ashamed telling her beloved mother these disgusting things. Her mother just laughed and was clearly enjoying degrading her beautiful daughter.

“Excellent,” her mother said eventually. “Well let’s just see how well those men have trained you.” She walked to a table and returned with a huge black dildo – bigger than either of the two men’s cocks. It had thick leather straps attached to the base, and silver studs across the artificial scrotum. Emma winced at the sight of it. There was no way she could take that inside her! Her mother clearly had other ideas, as she marched up to her daughter’s spread-eagled form and thrust the rubber cock at her mouth. Emma clamped her teeth together instinctively, but it was a mistake. Her mother growled and squeezed her nipple almost flat. Emma yelped in pain and as her teeth parted, the dildo slid into her mouth as far as it would go. Her mother held it there and looked at how much was left sticking out. “Could try harder dear,” she said, giving the dildo a hard push against the back of Emma’s throat. Emma gagged, but with her hair holding her head looking straight forward, there was no way that she could take any more. Her mother pulled the dildo out, scowling. A string of saliva stretched from her daughter’s lips to the end of the dildo. “Very attractive,” she said sarcastically.

Emma watched the dildo drop out of sight. She knew what was going to happen next, but even so, the ferocity of her mother ramming the dildo into her cunt knocked the breath out of her. The dildo f***ed its way into Emma’s tight cunt until the sharp studs jammed into her newly shaven pussy lips and clit. Emma screamed and yanked against her restraints but she could not move at all. Her mother grinned sadistically as she began to fuck her teenager daughter with the monster dildo. Emma cried out every time the studs spiked her tender skin, but that only made her mother laugh more. “Oooo baby, you’re making me hot with all this screaming,” her mother purred, pulling the dildo out of Emma and suggestively tasting the end with her tongue. Her mother cupped herself between her legs and stroked her own leather-clad pussy. She threw her head back and laughed out loud. Regaining her composure, she stared at Emma and said, “Last hole.”

Emma howled in agony as the dildo rammed into her arse with no less f***e than when it was used in her pussy. The internal pain was greater, but at least the silver studs were no longer banging into her clit. It was during this anal attack that the two men returned into the room. “Hello boys,” grinned her mother, not breaking her stroke, “we are just about ready for you two.”

Emma groaned, realising that the two men were going to fuck her again. Her mother gave the dildo one almighty shove which Emma felt was going to split her in half, and then the dildo was yanked out. Emma groaned as the rubber bell end pulled out of her arsehole. She was told to open her mouth, which she obediently did. The shit stained dildo was pushed to the back of her mouth, and her mother told her to suck it, and if she dropped it, she would pay dearly.

Emma stood with the dildo in her mouth as the men began to untie her. They left her ponytail until last, and took great delight in swaying her backwards and forwards, with the weight of her body pulling on her hair. She watched as her mother undid concealed zips in her catsuit to reveal her large but firm breasts and her neatly trimmed pussy. The dildo was snatched from her mouth and she gasped for air. She now realised what the straps were for, as her mother fastened the dildo around her waist, positioning the dildo in front of her like an enormous erect penis. Emma was pushed on to her hands and knees in front of her mothers pointed boot toes. One of the men pushed her head down as he said, “You’d better get used to this.”

When her lips were resting on the patent leather toe-cap, her mother simply said, “Lick.”

Emma began to lick the dust from the toe of her mother’s boot. Such embarrassment! The men and her mother were all laughing as her mother moved her foot away and then pushed the other toe in her mouth. “Well done!” cried her mother, “at least you can do something right! Now let’s try this again.” She grabbed Emma’s ponytail and hauled her daughter onto her knees. The dildo was straight in front of Emma’s face. She dutifully opened her mouth and angled her head back as the dildo rammed into her throat. She succeeded in taking more this time and as her mother began to piston her hips backwards and forwards she heard the men say to her mother that she was, “An excellent young cock sucker.”

The white man wriggled between Emma’s bent legs on his back until his cock was resting against her buttocks. The black man grinned as he lifted Emma’s waist and pushed her down on to his friend’s erect cock. Emma grunted as the cock slid into her cunt. The man began to move his hips up and down in time with the dildo going in and out of Emma’s mouth. The man began to groan as his excitement built. He had been erect for a long time, and the grip of this teenage pussy, combined with the sight of Emma in her kinky slave outfit sucking the strap-on of her leather clad dominatrix mother was proving too much for him. Emma’s mother sensed this and told him to withdraw. He was reluctant to stop, but knew better than to disobey. He pulled out, and at the same time, Emma’s mother yanked the dildo out of her daughter’s mouth. Emma gasped for breath, but her respite was short lived. The black man crawled under Emma and pulled her down onto his huge cock. As Emma cried out, the white man buried his cock in her mouth, relentlessly pushing forwards until his balls rested on her chin.

Emma was penetrated deep at both ends, but she knew worse was to come as her mother walked behind her and said, “I’ve been waiting to do this since I did the same to Vanessa on her sixteenth birthday.”

Emma’s mind was racing. Vanessa had been her best friend from school. She had come to Emma’s house to celebrate her birthday four months ago. She was fine in the morning, but seemed subdued in the afternoon after Emma had gone to the local shop at lunchtime. In the evening her mother said that Vanessa had to leave unexpectedly and a car took her away. Emma had not seen Vanessa since. Her thoughts were cut short as she felt the end of the dildo nuzzle up to her tight arsehole. Her mother’s gloved hands grabbed her buttocks and pushed them apart. She already had the black man’s cock in her cunt. She could not believe that she could take anything else inside her. The dildo slid forward relentlessly. Emma’s screams would not leave her throat, and she made peculiar gargling noises as the studded rubber scrotum pressed into her arse, signalling the dildo was fully embedded in her rectum.

Emma was fucked long and hard in all three of her tight teenage holes. She felt like a rag doll as she was pushed this way and that. Her tits were nipped, squeezed and bitten. Her hair was pulled and her thighs were scratched. She was almost dazed by the time the men began to orgasm. The pain had subsided into a dull throb and she felt ready to collapse. Both men came at the same time and spurted deep inside her. She dutifully swallowed the spunk in her mouth.

The men withdrew, leaving just her mother forcibly fucking her arsehole. Emma’s mother lent forward and pulled her head back by her hair. She growled into her ear, “You little fuck puppet, let’s see what you can really do.”

Up until this point, her mother had been kneeling between her daughter’s legs. She now stood up with her legs bent, purposefully catching her daughter’s legs with her metal tipped heels. She drew bl**d on one thigh. She reached forward and grabbed the metal rings on either side of her daughter’s collar and hauled Emma back on to the dildo. She then began to thrust violently in and out of her daughter’s arse. “You won’t be able to shit for a week!” she laughed as she pounded backwards and forwards. Her mother was immensely fit and strong and sustained this onslaught for a good fifteen minutes. Eventually she tired, and pushed her shattered daughter to the floor.

Emma lay panting for breath on the floor as her mother stood over her, the strap-on dildo removed, her hands on her hips. “On your knees bitch, you haven’t finished yet.”

Emma moved slowly to her knees as her mother walked forwards and thrust her crotch in her daughter’s face. “Tongue my pussy girl,” her mother commanded. Emma was distraught. Surely her mother couldn’t expect her to do this? Her mother clearly could, and grabbed two of the rings on the collar and hauled Emma’s face into her neatly trimmed pubes. “Lick!” she shouted and she was rewarded with the fluttering of her daughter’s small wiry tongue against her clit. She began to rub her crotch hard against the nuzzling tongue and lips, and soon her orgasm was building. “Finger my arse at the same time!” her mother demanded. Emma was repulsed and shook her head. Her mother was furious. “Finger my arse now girl, or by god I will bull whip you until not an inch of your skin is left untouched.” Emma moaned as she continued to lick out her mother’s cunt. She reached behind her mother’s leather clad thigh and found the concealed zip extended back far enough to allow access to her mother’s arsehole. She extended her middle finger and slowly pushed it inside. It was incredibly tight, and Emma had a fleeting thought that there was no wonder her assailants had enjoyed fucking her up there. Her mother began to moan and lowered herself slightly to get more of her daughter’s finger in her arsehole. Emma felt her mother’s pussy become wetter and as her mother orgasmed, Emma pushed her tongue deep inside the pussy being f***ed into her face.

Her mother held her there quite some time, before stepping back. Emma looked up and her mother smiled. “Well done! You may be a natural pussy licker after all!” Emma gave a luke-warm smile in reply. “We will leave you now to get cleaned up in your new bedroom with its lovely en suite bathroom.” Her mother smiled as Emma winced. “There will be a new outfit in your wardrobe which you will wear to join me for dinner at seven. Some one will fetch you then. Now stand up, there’s a good girl.”

Emma staggered to her feet. Her mother gave her a kiss on each cheek and strode out of the room. The two men grinned at the dishevelled teenager and they followed her mother out of the room. The door closed with a hefty thud and Emma was left alone, but with the knowledge that her every movement was being filmed for her father. Crying she walked slowly to her bedroom.

Emma sat on her bed and unlaced her boots. She kicked them off her feet and began to unstrap the harness from her nubile body. The buckles had been fastened so tightly by the men that the straps had left red lines across her body. These were nothing compared to the marks her mother’s riding crop had left on her back and thighs. Emma went to the toilet. She was pleased to see there was some toilet paper left for her. She spent a long time in the hot shower, and felt more human when she got out. The crop marks on her body were fading to a warm pink colour, and looked less angry now. She dried herself and went into the bedroom.

True to form there was a new outfit in her wardrobe, but it wasn’t what Emma was expecting. There was a shoe-box, and a long zip bag. Inside was the most stunning long black velvet cocktail dress, with a plunging neckline almost to the waist, and a split from ankle to thigh. There was no underwear other than a pair of black hold up silk stockings with lace tops. There was a five string pearl choker and a matching bracelet. The shoe box contained a pair of very expensive black velvet shoes, with four inch stiletto heels, and a thin ankle strap. There was a note on the dressing table that simply said, “Look your best.”

Emma dressed slowly, enjoying the luxury of the fine clothes. She applied her make up carefully and brushed her hair so it hung straight down her back. She twirled in front of the mirror. She grinned for the first time since her k**nap. She looked a million dollars.

At seven o’clock a man she did not recognise came for her. He was dressed in a dinner jacket, and was very handsome. He politely said, “Are you ready miss?”

Emma giggled. “I am,” she said. She followed the man upstairs and through into the house she had grown up in. As they approached the dining room Emma could hear the low murmur of conversation and as the man opened the door for her, she was surprised to find her mother hosting a full-blown dinner party. The man announced, “Miss Emma” and closed the door behind her. Her mother swept forward in a glamorous silk suit and kissed her on either cheek.

“My dear, you look simply stunning!”

Emma smiled. She recognised some of the guests as friends of her parents. A glass of champagne was offered to her, which she gladly accepted. Questions came thick and fast as Emma walked through the guests. People asking how her exams were going, was she still riding horses, my hadn’t she grown up and so on. Emma was bewildered by this sudden turn of events and as her nerves calmed down, she began to enjoy herself. She sat between two charming gentlemen for dinner, and by the time the liqueurs arrived, she felt as if everything was back not normal.

Suddenly the dinner gong sounded. The guests fell silent and knowing glances and smiles were exchanged around the table. Her mother stood up. Emma felt her heart sink.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure by now, you have all been introduced to my beautiful daughter Emma. I am sure you will all agree she is growing up into a beautiful young lady.” The guests murmured in agreement. “Now your invites explained the procedure for this evenings raffle, so we will begin. Emma dear, please go over to the carving table.”

Emma walked to the small but sturdy table which was along the back wall in front of the fire. She could feel everyone’s eyes boring into her back. The table was clear except for a white linen tablecloth. There was a small serving table at the side with a large mahogany chest on it. She was joined by the man who had walked her up from the cellar. He smiled and held his hand out. “Your dress please miss.”

Emma stared at him, and then to the dinner table. The guests had moved their chairs so they were all facing the fireplace. Her mother stared back, a fierce look on her face.

“Please miss, your dress,” repeated the man. Emma cringed as she slipped out of her dress. There was a murmur of appreciation from the guests as she stood up. “Please turn to the guests, with your arms by your side,” asked the man. Emma turned slowly. Her face was scarlet red. The guests became quite animated now, drinking in the sight of her beautiful body, accentuated by the stockings, high heels, and pearls.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my beautiful daughter!” shouted her mother. The guests applauded, which further increased Emma’s embarrassment. Her mother continued, “Tonight we have a new way of raising this months charity contribution. I call it, “Toy in the hole.” Each of you by now has a leaflet illustrating various toys. Each toy is 12 inches long, but each toy goes up half an inch in diameter, starting with the first toy at half an inch. Within each diameter there are three identical toys – one for each hole. All the toys are marked in half an inch graduations along their length. When you are asked to place your bets, write down in the chart on the back of the leaflet what length of toy you think Emma can slide into her holes, and what money you are prepared to bet that she can do it. The winner is the person who has most accurately predicted Emma’s ultimate capacity, and as a prize, they get to spend the night with the young lady in question.” The guests were quite excited now, whispering and laughing amongst themselves. “Don’t forget ladies and gentlemen, all money goes to charity, so please bid generously.”

Emma could not believe what she was hearing. She had chatted to all these guests all night, and now she was on display like some cheap sex show. During her mother’s presentation, the man had given her a tube of lubricant and advised, “I think this may be useful, miss.”

Emma had squirted as much as she could into her pussy and arse, but she still could not believe what she saw when the mahogany box was opened. Green felt lined the box, and within each compartment were three identical dildos. Each one was a solid silver rod, with no taper to it. At the twelve inch mark, there was a flat flange to prevent any further insertion, and below this a solid oak handle to drive the dildo home. The half inch graduations were engraved around the shafts. The biggest set in the box looked like the width of a man’s wrist. Emma gulped as she heard her mother shout, “Place your bets ladies and gentlemen, this is for the half inch diameter. A mere tiddler, no bigger than your littlie fingers.”

“I suggest you climb on the table miss,” said the man, gallantly holding his hand out. Emma looked at him quizzically. “On your hands and knees miss is the normal way.”

Emma climbed onto the table thinking there was nothing “normal” about anything that was going on here tonight. She lowered herself onto her hands and knees and waited for what seemed an age. Eventually her mother shouted, “First set of toys if you will my good man!”

The man passed Emma the three half inch diameter dildos on a silver platter. Emma took the first one and slid it into her lubed pussy. A cheer went up from the table. She was so embarrassed. The dildo went in as far as was comfortable, and she reached for the second one. She decided to put this one up her arse and minimise the time she would have one down her throat. She grimaced as the cold metal pushed into her tight hole and slid it into herself slowly. Again, when it had gone as far as was comfortable she stopped. She reached for the third one and licked it to lubricate the metal. She could hear comments from the table such as, “I bet she’s done that before,” and “I’m looking forward to seeing that little tongue on my cock.”

She angled her head and pushed the dildo into her throat, gagging slightly. She could not believe how used to deep throating things she had become. Only two days ago she had been an innocent schoolgirl and now she was demonstrating to an audience her ability to take three dildos at once.

She held the dildo in place with her hand and looked up at the man. ‘I bet I look so dirty,’ she thought. The man smiled and looked over at her mother who nodded a response. The man walked behind Emma and pushed the dildo a bit deeper into her pussy and then read off the measurement. He repeated the same with the one in her arse, and then the one in her mouth. He turned to the audience and pronounced, “Cunt – nine and a half inches; Arse – nine inches; Mouth eight and a half inches.”

The audience applauded and Emma felt a peculiar sense of pride wash over her. The man reached under the table and released a catch that unfastened the top of the table. He turned the tabletop very slowly and rotated Emma through a full circle so everyone could get a full view. He refastened the table in its original place and offered Emma the silver platter. Emma pulled the dildos from her body and placed them on the platter. There was a pause as the guests filled in their cards and Suzy was announced as the current leader. There was a shriek of delight from the end of the table, but Emma could not see which guest was Suzy. Emma was rewarded with a large glass of champagne.

This game progressed steadily through the course of the evening. As more brandy was d***k, the guests became rowdier and more obscene in their comments. Eventually there were only two guests left playing the others had stopped through lack of money or because they were so far behind that they could not win a night with poor Emma. Suzy, the early leader, was a flirtatious red head in a very short sequin dress, and Matt an attractive well built man in his late thirties. Emma had a four inch diameter dildo jammed in her pussy. It wasn’t in very far, but it was in. She was sweating from her exertions and had actually been close to orgasm at one point. She wasn’t sure if she could get the next dildo into her arse, but the adrenalin and champagne had decided she would try whether her body wanted to or not. She squeezed the tip in and cried out. She could feel the other dildo in her cunt being squeezed by this latest intrusion into her body. Gritting her teeth, she gave one final push and the dildo slid in a few inches. It hurt enormously, and her arsehole would not grip it sufficiently for it to stay in by itself. Moaning she held it in place with her hand while she brought the final dildo up to her mouth. She opened her mouth and slid the dildo in as far as she could. There was no way this one would go down her throat, so when it hit the back of her mouth she looked up at the man.

The man had gone. In his place was Emma’s mother, hands on her hips, grinning. “Just come to check you are doing your best dear.” Her mother grabbed the handle of the anal dildo and shoved hard. Emma screamed as the dildo in her mouth fell away. Her mother ignored her and gave the dildo in her pussy a massive shove. “You do the last one dear.” Emma picked up the final dildo, and tilting her head back as far as she could, slid the dildo to the top of her throat. Her mother tried to push it further, but it was in as far as possible. “Final readings of the night ladies and gentlemen!” her mother shouted. “Four inch diameter dildos, five inches up the cunt, four up her arse and three and a half in her mouth.”

Her mother strode away from the table, leaving Emma on her hands and knees. The guest erupted into applause and then quietened as her mother shouted, “We have a winner, by half an inch! Matt you are the lucky man!” More applause as the guests walked over to examine Emma, and as they pulled and pushed the dildos Emma never felt so humiliated.

Eventually the dildos were withdrawn, and Emma was allowed off the table. She wobbled slightly on her feet, as she had spent the last two hours on her hands and knees, had d***k copious amounts of champagne, and had now suddenly stood up, still wearing her high heels. She was invited back to the table, where of course she was the centre of attention, but her dress was not returned. Gradually she got used to her nakedness, and was quite enjoying the attention she got, although Suzy was clearly being a little over attentive. Matt remained at a distance, until the grandfather clock chimed midnight and he walked over and took Emma’s hand. “The witching hour is upon us,” he grinned. He was a good looking man, and Emma was quite happy to be led out of the room by him, amidst much cheering and shouting. She was even more glad when he turned right up the stairs and not down towards the cellar.

They entered one of the guest rooms. Matt turned to Emma and asked if she wanted a drink. “No I’m fine thanks… sir” she replied.

Matt grinned. “You are well trained. Now undress me.”

Emma undressed him slowly. She felt quite sexy, this was more how she imagined her adult sex life would be. She undid Matt’s trousers, and there was a huge bulge in his shorts. Emma felt a tingle of excitement run up her spine. She pulled his shorts down and his erect cock sprang upright. She took it in her hand and began to slowly lick the end. Matt moaned, and his obvious sign of pleasure excited Emma even more. She proceeded to lick and suck and nibble every inch of his cock and balls and then – for once out of her own choice – took his cock deep into her throat until his balls met her chin. He moaned his appreciation. “Damn you are good” he breathed.

Emma knew she was and as she let his cock slowly slide out of her mouth she looked up and replied “Thank you sir.”

Matt and Emma fucked like rabbits for hours, Emma willing let Matt go deep into all her holes. She orgasmed many times over and enjoyed herself enormously. She fell asl**p tired but happy. When they woke up in the morning, they bathed together, Emma patiently washing Matt’s cock and balls and arse, and giggling when she made him come in the bath. Matt returned the favour, and gently scrubbed Emma’s bald cunt with a nail brush, “because she was so dirty.” Matt asked Emma if she would spend the rest of the holidays at his house and Emma agreed willingly, providing her mother would let her.

The arrangement was made, and Emma found herself at a beautiful country house, with her own bedroom, and a wardrobe full of gorgeous clothes. Most of her sexual antics with Matt were straightforward and even the more kinky ones (he liked her to dress as a schoolgirl and let him spank her) were harmless. He even let her write to her friend Vanessa, and Emma wrote to say that she knew Vanessa was in a similar situation to her, but things weren’t really all that bad, and she would see her back at school soon.

After a few weeks, Emma received a package, and recognised Vanessa’s writing. She opened it and inside was a letter and a video. As she read, her heart sank. Vanessa was in Hong Kong with Emma’s father who was furious that Emma was not being kept in what he termed, “proper conditions for a submissive slut.” Vanessa was not allowed to say anymore, but recommended Emma watch the video. Emma went straight to the lounge and plugged the video in. Her father’s face appeared on the screen.

“Hello daughter. I thought you might like to watch this video of your friend’s suffering. This is what I imagined for you.”

Emma pressed the stop button. She wasn’t sure what to do. She was a submissive slave to Matt, but she enjoyed it. There she was in a luxurious room, wearing a little black designer dress and strappy stilettos with a glass of fine wine in her hand. Her friend was also a sub, but she was half way around the world, enduring god knows what. She pressed play…

The video was an edited series of highlights, professionally put together. The tape had a printed label “Torment of Vanessa.” Emma could not believe that her father would go to all this trouble just for her, and presumed that he was probably selling the film around the world. The video started with Vanessa being stripped off her school uniform, and undergoing a similar training session to Emma’s, with two well built men taking turns to fuck her deep in every hole. Emma found herself getting turned on by what she was watching, and by the time her friend was being fucked in the mouth and arse at the same time, Emma was sprawled on the floor with two fingers deep in her wet pussy.

For Vanessa things took a turn for the worse as the sheer depth of Emma’s father’s interest in all things S&M became apparent. He had a dungeon full of equipment, and Vanessa was used and abused on all of them. Racks were used to stretch her in every direction. Severe looking women in white latex nurses uniforms carried out unnecessarily deep medical examinations on her, followed by huge enemas which uncomfortably swelled the sixteen year old’s bladder and stomach. Vanessa was hung in chains and whipped with every implement known – crops, whips, paddles, canes. She was dangled by ropes bound round her breasts and pulled tight between her pussy lips. Clamps and weights were attached to her nipples and clit. At one point she was tied facing some wooden bookshelves. Vanessa’s mouth was level with the top shelf. Her tongue was pulled through her huge ring gag and nailed onto the shelf. A lower shelf was adjusted so her nipples rested on it, and these too were nailed on to the shelves. A piece of wood was nailed to a lower shelf that projected between her legs. This had nails sticking up through the end of it which pushed into her pussy and arse. She was left like this over night.

Emma could not believe the cruel tortures imposed on her school friend, but equally she could not believe how turned on she was. By now Emma was naked except for her shoes, having shed her dress and was laid in a chair with a leg over each arm. She had orgasmed twice already, and having d***k the entire bottle of wine, was using the bottle to dildo her pussy. The neck of the bottle was inside her when Matt walked in.

“What have we here?!” he grinned. Emma looked embarrassed, but did not remove the bottle. She explained that her friend Vanessa was in Hong Kong, and that she had received this video of her punishments. The video was still playing, and having undressed, Matt sat down in the chair next to Emma to watch. Emma felt a bit uncomfortable with him watching a film of her friend, but when he asked her to keep using the bottle, she saw his cock harden and she relaxed.

The scene on the video changed to one set outside. It was a country garden party, and all the guests were dressed in fetish gear. There were beautiful young French maids and handsome well-hung waiters in micro shorts serving on. The guests cleared a path as the cameraman walked forward to reveal a fenced off compound containing a number of domestic and farmyard a****ls. A man in a circus ring-leaders uniform was stirring the crowd up. Then Vanessa came into view. She was on her hands and knees wearing black leather thigh length boots, a thick studded black leather dog collar and a tight black leather top. A young girl dressed in fine dressage apparel walked a magnificent black pony towards Vanessa.

Emma shuddered, but was secretly thrilled at the prospects of what might be about to happen. The wine bottle slid further into her pussy. The thick body wedging against her shaven pussy lips. Matt leaned across and kissed her sweat sheened forehead. His cock was massive, and he was gripping it tightly with his right hand. They smiled at each other and turned again to the video screen. Vanessa crouched down as the pony walked over her, his legs passing either side of her body. The young girl brought the pony to a halt and tied his reins to a stand. She knelt under the pony and with a cruel smile reached out. Her leather gloved hand wrapped round the pony’s cock and began to jerk the growing cock. When the cock was semi-erect, she twisted her other hand in Vanessa’s hair and pushed her head towards the cock. Vanessa obediently opened her mouth, and her head was pushed as far forwards onto the cock as it would go. Satisfied, the young rider stood up and watched Vanessa – submissive and uncomplaining – give the pony a first class blow job.

Without taking his eyes of the screen, Matt manoeuvred himself on to Emma’ chair, and angled his cock towards her mouth. She too obediently opened her mouth, and although Matt was nowhere near the size of the pony, his cock filled Emma’s mouth as it pushed straight down her throat. Emma could still see the screen past Matt’s hips, and as his cock burst its load down her throat, she watched the pony do the same to Vanessa. The volume of spunk was enormous, and where as Emma easily swallowed Matt’s, the pony cum filled Vanessa’s throat, then her mouth, then when she could take no more, splashed out of her mouth, down her chin, and over her leather top. Matt withdrew from Emma’s throat, and grinning wildly began to push the wine bottle as far as he could into her pussy. He managed to fit the start of the bottle shoulders into her, and then lowering his head, he began to tongue her smooth stretched skin all the way round the edge of the bottle. Emma never averted her gaze from the screen, and watched as the spent pony was led away to be replaced by a huge Great Dane.

The dog was led over by another young girl, this one dressed in trendy knee length boots, short skirt, and cropped top. Vanessa remained where she was as the dog excitedly licked at her exposed pussy and arse. Emma could see her friend shuddering as the dog’s long tongue lapped at her. She could also see the dog’s cock beginning to grow, and the young girl encouraged her “pet” to mount Vanessa. She helped guide the growing cock into Vanessa’s pussy, and sneered as Vanessa cried out. As the dog’s cock grew and became embedded in the tight pussy, the girl left the dog to it’s own devices, and walked round to Vanessa’s face. She pulled her hair with one hand forcing Vanessa to look up. With her other hand, she lifted her short skirt, revealing a neatly shaven pussy with a large ring through her clit. She walked forward, and smothered Vanessa’s nose and mouth with her pussy, and demanded to be licked out.

Vanessa’s predicament was driving Emma wild. The more dog cock her friend took, the more wine bottle Emma took. When the dog f***ed its knot into Vanessa, locking them together, Matt shoved the bottle with all his might, the shoulders of the bottle forcing their way into Emma. She let out a bl**d curdling scream feeling as if she was being torn in two. Matt continued to tongue her and push the bottle with all his might. Emma never averted her eyes from the screen, and as the young girl began to come, so did Emma, climaxing as the young girl pissed a long steady stream of golden urine over Vanessa’s face. Emma sat back drained. Matt gently withdrew the wine bottle, whistling in astonishment at how much Emma had taken in her sixteen-year-old cunt.

Emma and Matt cuddled as the video continued. Vanessa “entertained” more a****ls – a pig, a goat, another dog, and finally two huge eels were f***ed into her – one up her cunt, and one in her arse. The screen blacked, and Emma’s fathers voice narrated, “Onto the climax of this film dear viewer.”

The garden party reappeared, this time at dusk. Things had clearly progressed at pace, as most of the party goers now seemed heavily involved with each other. Huge masses of leather and PVC clad guests rolled together as gang-bangs and orgies occurred in all corners of the view. The camera focussed on a huge pig roasting over an open fire, and as the camera moved forwards, it picked out a more alarming sight.

Next to the slowly revolving pig, was another wooden spit over the cooler embers at the edge of the fire. Tied to the sturdy wooden branch was Vanessa. She was naked, and strapped in a hog tie position, with her legs bent at the knees, strapped to her thighs, and her arms bent at the elbows and tied to her back. Her whole body was then strapped under the branch, with a strap at her forehead, neck, above and below her breasts, around her waist, and then around her thighs, knees and ankles. The straps were two inch wide black leather and were clearly buckled very tightly. Vanessa was looking straight down and her whole body was going slightly pink from the heat. The pig had a red pepper stuffed in its mouth, as did Vanessa, who also had a matching one in her arse, and in her pussy. A chef was making kebabs and a gorgeous French maid was serving them to the guests gathered round the fire. A roar of laughter erupted from the crowd as a lady dressed in an outfit made completely from silver metal chains stood forward and proudly shouted, “In the interests of safety, please dispose of your skewers carefully!” and with that she walked forward, and without pausing, pushed the skewer through the base of Vanessa’s dangling right breast, and out the other side. A choked scream came from Vanessa whose eyes bulged in their sockets. Other guests came forward and repeated the brutal piercing until Vanessa’s breast looked like a pincushion.

Matt’s cock was becoming erect again, but Emma was wincing at this latest punishment. Nevertheless she kept watching the screen as the chef rotated Vanessa’s spit, so she was now facing the crowd, presenting her other breast for enf***ed piercing. The chef sprinkled vinegar over her wounds, “To aid the cooking.” The crowd cheered and moved forward, their skewers at the ready. As Vanessa’s screams began again, Matt grabbed Emma’s hand and said, “This is turning me on enormously. Let’s go to bed.”

Emma wasn’t sure what that meant, but she was glad to leave the video behind. As they went upstairs, the screen went black, and an advertisement appeared for a forthcoming title: “Emma: The training of a teenage submissive.”

That night Matt fucked Emma’s tight arse mercilessly, and eventually after his final orgasm, he told her he has going to sl**p, and she was not to move. His cock was buried deep in her arse as he fell asl**p. Emma lay still, not daring to move. She decided she was going to be the most obedient submissive ever, to avoid being subjected to the same torments as Vanessa. She had not seen the advert on the end of the video, and she did not know that her father and her beloved Matt were in cahoots together. In the middle of the night Matt woke her up and told her he needed the toilet. Emma breathed a sigh of relief, as she could not get comfortable with him still inside her arse, but Matt had other ideas. He pulled her closer to him, and then pissed deep inside her rectum.

“Good night, cunt,” he sneered.

“Good night, master,” Emma sobbed in reply.

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