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Tell me one of yours

You make me watch you fuck a slut while she eats my pussy and I finger myself till I cum all in her mouth. The whole time you are fucking her you are telling me how you are going to fill her pussy up with cum just so you can watch me eat it out of her. After you fill her up you make me eat your hot cum out of her pussy.

Then we both suck and lick your cock, balls and ass until you get rock hard again. Then I ride you while she fingers my ass until I gush all over your cock. Then when you are about to cum you throw me over and stand over me while you shoot your cum all over my tits and face while I try to catch it on my tongue.

Afterwards you sit back and tell us what you want us to do to each other while you play with you cock until it is hard as a rock.

After you are good and hard you ride me doggy style and slap my ass while you f***e me eat her pussy to muffle my screams, but you are fucking me so hard you can still hear them even with my mouth in her pussy. Then you shoot your hot load all over my ass and clean your cock off on my ass and make me lick you until you are clean.

After she leaves, you continue fucking me while you tell me how hot I make you and how much you love my tight pussy. While you fill my pussy up with your cum you scream out my name. Then we fall asl**p with your cum still running out my pussy.

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