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Farm job

My wife and I own alot of property,and a few horses.I am 6 foot tall 220 and about 8 inches.She is 5'2 about 140 and has 38dd tits,mm nice. Ok we got a horse that was about 2 years old.One day it seemed to be a little down so i called the vet.Lora asked me what the vet said. "he said the horse,Sam we called him,was in need of some attention.he said if I jerk it off the thing will be fine." She laughed.So reluctant to do it i asked my wife if she would please help me.It took some persuation but it was for Sam's health so she finally agreed to help,but seemed disgusted be it.

Ok so we set up some hay bales in the barn with some blankets on them.I led sam into the stall we set up.

"ok so how do we do this?"she asked. "I guess the same way we do for me" We looked at each other and after a few I reached up to rub his balls.His cock dropped a bit from the sheath and she started to stroke it.I joined her with my hands on his growing cock.He didnt mind at all.His cock grew and grew till it was about 14 inches long and 3 inches thick.

"Wow" Lora said."His cock is so huge."Her eyes bugged out of her head. We stroked for a few when she turned to me and said."I am so amazed at how horney this is makeing me.""Well,what do you want to do about it,i am turned on too." "lets get naked and i will ride you while we stroke him off."she said. I was up for that.we both stripped and i sat down>She climbed on top of my cock and it slid in all the way.God she was so wet.

I played with her tits while seh stroked Sam's massive cock."Damn baby i am so hot right now.Would you get mad if i put it in my mouth?" Holy shit,my wife wanted to suck a horse cock!"Uh yea suck it baby!" I exclaimed to her,that made my cock really hard.

She lickedthe head a bit and took what she could in her mouth.I pushed her huge tits up so Sam could tit fuck her and she said she liked that. O fuck i was so hot now.I squeezed her big tits and she sucked his head.She was rideing my cock hard and cumming alot and i knew she loved it. She stroked and sucked faster and faster.I could feel his cock jerk between her tits and knew he would cum soon."I want him to cum all over us both,and to taste it!"She said breathing heavily.

A few strokes later he started cumming.The first shot filled her mouth till it ran out.She pulled his cock over and told me to open up.So i opened my mouth and his second stream went in my mouth,his cum was hot and sweet.She jerked his next few shots on her tits and then aimed it at our crotch,His cum sprayed her clit and i felt her cum again,then hit my balls and i jerkedand filled her pussy full of my cum. After he finished he stepped away.lora stood up and she was so hot covered in horse cum,then put her pusst to my face and made me lick the cum from her pussy.It was a mix of mine in her and Sam's on her but it was great.i licked her pussy till she slowly moved down.I licked the whole time till she stopped with her tits at my face.She squeezed them together and horse cum pooled between them.She leaned to my face and i opened up and sucked the cum from her crevaces.She leaned in and frenched me.Licking her lips she said."would you rub his cock on my clit?""Yes mistress,anything you like."

I led Sam and tied him to a rail.Set up a hay bail and lay on my back.His cock was in my face so i had her 69 me and started rubbing her clit with his again hardening cock.She was moaning and sucking my dick like never before.I was also very exited.His cock reached full length and as i was rubbing i slipped and his cock went in her sopping pussy.She screamed and i tryed to take his cock out but he wouldnt have it.She breathed hard and started to rock on his cock now moaning with pleasure so i went with it.

I rubbed his balls and stroked his cock into my wife.She was swallowing my dick all the way.She rocked her hips and he thrust into her all the way.Again she screamed but her cum poured accross my face,she was loveing it.He bucked a few times and she moaned"Oh god his cum feels good in me!"and horse cum jetted from her pussy into my mouth and all over me,I came down her throat and Sam's cock slid out and the rest of his cum shot on my face and chest.She lay on me and sucked the cum out of me while i ate cum from her. After a few we got up and kissed n licked cum from each other. "o baby i think that was the best,we have to fuck your horse again soon,but now i am wore out.":

She went to shower and i helped her.That night we talked about it and got horney again.she said her pussy was too sore but she sucked me off again and made me eat my cum out of her mouth. Now Sam is her best pal.

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