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My First Time Part I

A little back ground information to start things off. I was 25 and in college at the time and had been curious about being with a guy for quite sometime. At that point I had only been with females (a decent number) but was going through a dry spell. It had been close to a year since I had last had sex, but had fooled around a little bit in between. During that time I was getting to be quite horny all the time and would be frequently masturbating, mostly to straight porn, but when I could bored of that I would masturbate to gay porn (mostly mmf threesomes).

My curiosity had been getting the better of me so I joined up to an online site and posted an ad seeking my first time. I got lots of replys, I chatted a few times, but nothing really came of it. Then towards the end of my dry spell I got more serious and confident (also more horny) and started chatting with a 22 year old from my city. He was gay and really nice and understanding. He knew just how far to push me in chat to not scare me away and perk my interest. We'd talk about what I wanted to do, what he'd do to me, things he had did in the past.

After a week and chatting/texting/flirting he convinced me to meet him one night I was really horny. We met at a bar for a drink near his house, I am very straight acting in public so nothing was too flirty, I just got to know him in person a bit to calm my nerves. After the drink he invited me over to his place, it was convenient he lived on his own because I had a roommate who was always home and I wanted to keep things discrete.

We got to his house, I sat down on his couch he turned on the TV and sat really close to me, and we watched for a bit. After a while he suggested we watch some porn I was up for that and on his lap top we watched a skateboader 3 some (his choice). I was really enjoying it, but didn't let on, while I could tell he was too by the bulge in his pants. I was never going to make the first move so he did by first putting his hand on my lap and rubbing it up and down my thigh. That really got me excited and I knew at that moment I wasn't going to back out and this was going to be my first time. I gained the courage and returned the favour by placing my hand on his crotch. I then went further and undid his jeans and reached inside his underwear and grabbed his shaft (that was my first time ever touching a cock). He was really enjoying the attention so I moved between his legs and slide his pants and underwear off getting my first close up of another mans hard cock. He wasn't very big 5.5 inches at the most but it was a good looking cut cock. I was so hard at this point that I dove right in and licked the shaft of his cock from his balls right to the tip. I could tell he liked that by the way his cocked twitched, then I continued to tease him I kissed around his cock, his stomach his thighs even took his balls in my mouth. He was now begging me to take him in his mouth so I did and took his cock all the way to the balls. I really got into it, with my head bobbing up and down on his hard cock. What seemed like no time at all because I was really into it and enjoying myself I could feel his balls tighten and the head of his cock swell.

It caught me off guard because I had never given a BJ before when he ejaculated into my mouth. I was focusing on the tip of his cock at that point when the cum filled my mouth. It almost made my gag, not because I didn't enjoy the taste, but because I didn't expect so much of his delicious cum. He told me to show him his cum so I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out so he could see his cum I then swallowed my first ever load and licked any remaining cum off his cock.

He told me that was one of the best blow jobs he had ever had and I was a natural. That made me smile and gave me a huge confidence boost. I stood up in front of his and he started to undo my jeans.

See part II to hear about what happened next!

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