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Good morning Release!

As per usual i've woken up dreaming all things xHamster! As I roll over with my raging hardon expecting to find my wife (who loves sex in the mornings), gone. She must've snuck downstairs for early breakfast leaving me hanging. Expecting her to return at some stage, I grab my phone and check out a couple of pages on xhamster- to keep my cock on the job,to ready and waiting for her return. I put on a leather cock strap which wraps around my cock & balls that pulls everything really tight! As I read through a couple of stories I find myself getting, with help from my strap, even harder than when I first woke. My cock was also leaking pre-cum uncontrolably.I was ready!
Then on cue, the bedroom door gently opens- so not to wake me. She was rather pleased to see already awake....but not as happy as I was to see her! She stripped off quickly and joined me in bed, fuck she felt so good. My hand went straight between her honey thighs, then up towards her yummy shaved was already wet and ready to go! I had to taste it. We screwed ourselves into a 69 position with me on top already lapping up her juices and inserting increasing numbers of fingers into her increasingly soaking cunt. My cock was leaking all over her so she started licking it off her fingers while squirming beneath me. My tongue and fingers got into quite a pleasing rythum and I had her cumming in my mouth in a shuddering climax.My cock by now was acheing to be 'dealt' with.
She decided she liked the look of my bound cock and balls, so chose to give me a milking handjob this morning. She grabbed the tube of lube off of the bedside table and lubed up both hands, then proceeded to coat both my balls & cock with generous amounts of it....I was not going to last
long, I thought. With an expert squeezing and sliding action she had me moaning and groaning into her pussy at every stroke. I couldn't take much more of this and she knew it, so she upped the tempo for me. Her grip got tighter and tighter, her strokes faster and faster. As I got closer to climax she bent my cock back towards her, that was it for me. I blew and blew and blew my load all over her! There was cum on her chin, on her tits and all over her belly...fucking brilliant. As I rolled off I became fully aware of the load I had just dumped, I also saw my smiling wife enjoying every drop of it, as she simply looked up at me and said 'Good Morning'

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