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The Domestic Bliss continued ……

After my s****r told my Mother that I was wearing her clothes, Mother was just brilliant. Mother was tall, almost 5’10”, dark auburn hair, very light/white skin, freckles, very small breasts but fantastic figure and legs. When she made me her second daughter, I was more or less her build so I could wear her clothes and shoes easily.

She told me that I wasn’t in trouble but that she would have to think about the new girl in the house a little more. I was given permission to wear her clothes but only those that she had worn (she changed her underwear every day but that didn’t stop those little tell tale marks ending up in her panties) so that she could have some time to make up her mind what to do with me.

A week or so passed and she asked my s****r and I to sit down in the lounge so we could make some proper arrangements. She was very happy to have me as her second daughter but there would have to be new house rules. As we lived a rather isolated life it would not be too great a problem for me to become even more secretive.

I only dressed as a boy when I went to school and if we went out during the day. Apart from that, when I was at home I was to be a girl, full time but, because of the work she did, she had high standards. When I arrived home from school I had to bath and then change into my/her/my s****r’s everyday clothes, the nicer clothes were only for weekend or when one or two of mother’s best friends visited.

So, that’s what I did, after school I was always eager to get home, into the bath and then dressed smart/office/classical which is the style I still prefer today. My s****r had started work by that time so when she and Mother arrived home, I would have the table laid and the meal prepared, I did all the housework (I still love to cook and clean/do the ironing) and generally kept the house running. The payback was that I got the use of two wardrobes of smart, often sexy women’s clothes.

The only downside was that Mother had notices one or two of my stains appearing on some of the nicer underwear and I think she was worried that one of her boyfriends may have thought she had been fucking somebody else – she was always rather fond of men and their cocks so that was always something that she was aware of. She was actually quite interested in my sexual activities and although she didn’t let me have her physically, she knew that she could tease me, the odd word or gesture here and there and I was immediately hard, it always seemed to amuse her.

As things progressed my s****r realised that I was getting very sexually aroused when I dressed. We had often slept together in nighties and I’m sure she knew that I was wanking over her. One morning after Mother had gone to work my s****r asked me whether I got hard every time I dressed. I had to tell her that I didn’t, the real hard-ons had been slowing down the more I dressed, so I asked her why she asked. She reminded me of the day that she caught me originally and I told her that if anything I was thicker and longer than then and to my shock, she asked me to show her.

I slipped off Mother’s skirt and blouse, stood there in my bra, panties and long slip over the stockings and heels and raised the slip so she could see the thickening bulge in my panties and the tip gently poking above the panty line.

She told me to take the slip off and to come to her, which I did. In seconds she had my panties around my ankles and my cock in her hand. I hadn’t been touched by anybody before that and I though that I would just cum over her. But she was very gentle, she opened her nightie, pulled it down under her beautiful 17 years old breasts which had the largest nipples I had ever seen and just gently wanked me until I sprayed my cum all over her. I was feeling brave and I asked her whether I could play with them and to my delight she said ‘of course’, so I rubbed the cum in and gently massaged her nipples, a perfect experience.

And little did I know, she had other things in mind for me as the weeks went on ………..

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