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Domestic Bliss, caught dressing and my life was ch

As I mentioned in another story, I started dressing when I was around 11, at first in my older s****r’s clothes, she was just getting into her teens and had her first bras and stockings and I had my first thrill wearing them. There were just the three of us at home, Mother, s****r and I, father had long disappeared. Mother worked in the fashion industry so back in the 1950s/60s/70s when there were still the classical fashions being worn daily, she was always immaculate.

As I got older, I started to wear her clothes and then one day, my s****r, who was supposed to be out, walked in and caught me dressed in a lovely tight skirt of mothers, tan stockings and black t-bar heels, laid back, wanking myself. I had somehow worked out that tying my ankles together and then tying the cord round my balls meant that I could stretch my scrotum, the pain was always delicious, so not only did I have to understand being TV, I also had to understand the elementary start of my BDSM life.

She just walked out of the room and I thought I was in serious trouble. But a few minutes later, she came back with some tissues and told me not to make a mess on the skirt, she even stroked my leg as she went out. I didn’t think I would be able to cum but it was like a fountain, such a turn on, so horny and my s****r had approved.

For the rest of that summer, I dressed whether my s****r was at home or not, she gave me help with my make up, if mother was working away, she would paint my nails for me to so I could spend as much time as her s****r as I could.

We never had many friends and people thought that we were close but we just became closer. Although we had separate rooms, when we were alone at night I would stay in my underwear or borrow a nightie and get into bed next to her. Back then the nighties were much more like negligees so I always had the sensation of the material rubbing across my clitty-cock tip and I’m sure that she must have known that when she was asl**p, I was gently wanking over her. It was an idyllic summer.

Then mother got promoted and didn’t go away as often but I still managed to dress when I was at home, s****r or not. And then, to my horror, my s****r decided to tell Mother. I’m not sure whether they had talked about it previously but one evening, Mother called me into the lounge and asked me whether it was true that I was wearing her clothes.

I was scarlet with embarrassment and so scared but as my s****r was there, I could only admit that it was true. To my shock, she told my s****r to take me to her bedroom, get me dressed and make me up, she wanted to see what I looked like in some of her business clothes.

20 minutes later I was back in the lounge, my face made-up, my nails painted, perfumed and dressed in a classical business dress. Mother was delighted, not angry at all, rather amused and she told me that I shouldn’t worry because I wasn’t in trouble ……… far from it.

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