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As it happened, Deb and I had been dating on & off for a few months. Mutual friends had introduced us. She was clearly out of my league, quite attractive, came from a well-to-do f****y, and somewhat 'proper'. Nevertheless, we had a connection of sorts.
One evening after a movie, she was going through my small library and pulled out my rare copy of Story of 'O'. "What's this"? she asked. I suggested she read it & find out. When she left, she took it with her.
Two weeks later, we were out for dinner. "About that book", she said, "is that what you're into"? I told her I resented the question, and by no means was I going to be put in a position to explain myself. She said she was sorry, and didn't mean to sound as if she were judging me.
I asked if she enjoyed the book, and she replied "kinda, yes, but, I can't imagine people really do things like that." I assured her they do, and in fact submission & dominance are a part of almost everyones' lives to one degree or another, but that I wouldn't expect that she would understand.
"What do you mean by that?", she quipped. I speculated to her that her upbringing would not allow her to venture from the straight & narrow.
"What do you mean, you think I'm a snob!". Not at all, I said, "but you're too headstrong to submit yourself to someone."
After a quiet stretch, she asked, "well, what is it you would have me do, you know, just out of curiosity"?
"As you are told". I replied, just a little sternly.
"So, like what, for instance, do you mean?"
"Take off your panties".
Staring at me, almost in disbelief, she said "so, like , go to the washroom and remove them?".
"No", I said, "pull them off from under your dress right here."
"Well, that's just ridiculous;" she said, "I'm not doing that, someone might see!"
I said nothing, continued my meal, and made no eye contact.
About 10 minutes later, amongst some fumbling, she said "there, you happy?" while beginning to stuff her panties slyly and quickly into her purse.
"I didn't tell you to do that, now hand them to me", and I held my hand out on the table. She looked from side to side and said "Really?, why?"
I suggested she stop questioning me, and cut the attitude, cuzz she was bumming me out, and I was beginning to feel like just going home.
I then asked if she was going to do as she was told. "Yes" she said quietly.
"Yes what", I said. "yes, and I'm sorry", and she handed me the panties. While doing so, I glanced to my left to see a woman looking our way. She slightly coughed on her mashed potatoes. I then told Deb to uncross her legs, and her knees were not to touch. She did so, without question. At that point, I knew I had her, and the anticipation was making me crazy, but I only showed a cool demeanor. "Now, show me if you're wet". I demanded. Quizically, she looked at me, and I told her to look down, and not to make eye contact with me. "Reach down with your fingers and show me if you're wet", I repeated.
After a pause I said, "you are, aren't you"? She was very flushed from excited embarrassment, and nodded. "Well show me"! I demanded.
She eventually brought up 2 shiny fingers almost dripping wet. "I think the back of my dress is going to have a wet spot".
I then asked her if she knew what happened to naughty girls.

Let me know if I should bother writing the rest of this true story. Thanks for reading.


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