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Mom On The Make

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"Goddammit, you fuckin' slut, what d'ya mean sayin' somethin' like that to your husband?" Lee slurred.

Joanne King could barely tolerate the hundred horsepower breath gusting into her face. Her husband had really gone on a binge this time. He was d***ker than she could ever remember seeing him. She didn't much like it-and had told him so.

"Please, Lee, don't cause a scene. .

"Scene?! You stinking cunt! I'll do any damn thing I damn well please and you're not gonna say a fuckin' word about it!"
Before Joanne could open her lips to speak, Lee backhanded her as hard as he could. The slim, petite woman was almost lifted from her feet and thrown against the wall. Weakly, she felt her crushed lips, the trickle of the red, red bl**d
dribbling down her chin.

"Why did you do that, Lee? Why?" she asked. "Teach you not to give me no more lip,' that's why!"
Joanne's knees had turned to rubber. She felt her guts chum and go weak and watery. This was it. She had had it with Lee and his weekly d***ks when she had married him almost twenty years ago, he had been a nice, easygoing sort of guy. But the pressures of getting a job, then hanging onto it, had preyed on him. He wasn't the smartest or most talented man in the world, but Joanne had loved him.

The pressures had simply been too much, and he had turned to booze for his comfort.

Joanne had tried to do what she could do to cure him of his dependence on liquor, but it seemed that the more she meddled, the worse Lee got. Finally, Joanne had resigned herself to the fact that Lee probably was better off going on his binges.

The past month had been pure hell for her, though. Lee had gotten totally blasted out of his head every night and had grown more and more callous toward her. Joanne couldn't understand it. All that mattered was the change.

Lee was treating her like a slave instead of his wife and mother of their two c***dren. Joanne knew that Lee had already driven their son, Eddie, away for good. The constant fights, the loud shouting matches that solved nothing, had been too, much for Eddie. He was in the, process of moving out of the King house and finding a place of his own. But that would have happened anyway, Joanne told herself. Eddie was a big boy. Eighteen in less than ~a month and time for him to be out on
"AU IA - I] K• >4 S 211 ~ 'J~V>.% dl. Mi TAt I £A3 i Pt
his own.

"Yer makin' me sick, showing off your drooping boobs like that. Ya ain't got any shame left, do you? Yer nothin' but a cheap whore now screwin' every stud in this goddamn neighborhood!"
Joanne looked at her husband in surprise. She was as faithful as a wife could be. Sure, she had looked around at some of the men in the neighborhood, but she was a good wife. Faithful to her marriage vows.

"What the hell are you talking about, Lee? I don't understand what you mean."
"Don't lie to me, you fuckin' bitch!" Lee snarled. "I know you been going around the place selling your body to any man who can get five bucks together." His blurry eyes drank in the vision of his wife's beauty. It was incredible that a thirty-five-year-old woman could be so youthful in body and face.

Her figure was something most models would have sneered at-Joanne King was too full-bodied. She wasn't the scrawny, emaciated-looking model. That 37-24-36 would never have made the covers of any of the high-fashion magazines.

It did turn the heads of most of the men she passed on the street. They appreciated the trim lines, the taut, firm fits that jutted proudly in front of her body, swaying the barest amount as she walked. Her trim waist flared out seductively to woman1y~ hips and a round, tight ass that wiggled and swung as she strolled along.

Joanne didn't consciously wiggle her ass for any passing male to ogle. It was just a part of her that she couldn't control. Could she really control the symmetric beauty of her face, the finely boned
structure or the lustrous blonde hair? That was as much out of Joanne's power to alter as the rolling, seductive motion of her butt, that could give the coldest of men a raging hard-on.

The woman stared down at her creamy white body. She was dressed in a nightgown, filmy and bluely transparent. It did nothing to hide the ruddy nipples cresting her boobs or the darker triangle of the muff nestled between her thighs.

Joanne was a sexy woman. She wasn't responsible for what nature had done to her-and this was the . first time Lee had ever seemed to complain about it. His name-calling and derogatory statements further confused her. Joanne tried to pull the flimsy nightgown closer around her voluptuous, youthful-appearing 'body in an u*********s move.

"Damn you!" Lee cried, crossing the room to where his wife cowered by the kitchen wall. "You sell your body to any two-bit stud and now yer tryin' to keep me from fucking you! WHORE!"
Lee brutally grabbed Joanne's antis and shook her. Joanne's brushed hair became disarrayed and fluttered around her face like a cobweb of platinum strands. When Lee heard Joanne's teeth click together from the Powerful shaking, he stopped.

"You'll put out for the likes of Fontaine but ya won't fer me, huh?" Lee's eyes had become bright, glowing with an insane lust and hatred that frightened Joanne,
"Fontaine? That dirty creep? I hate that man, and you damn well know it!'~ Joanne protested.

"LIAR!" Lee backhanded his wife one more time. Before she could wipe away the fresh rivulet
of bl**d, Ice seized her hands. His powerful fist clamped tightly around both of his wife's slender, almost fragile wrists. Joanne was incapable of freeing herself from his grip.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" Lee declared, a knife-edge of evil intent cutting through the fear rampaging in Joanne's brain.

She gasped as Lee lifted her and dumped her over the back of one of the kitchen chain. It was a straight-backed wooden chair. The splintery crosspiece mercilessly gouged into Joanne's tender, smooth-skinned belly. The woman tried to straighten up and escape the degrading posture of having her ass protruding into the air, but Lee's mighty muscles began to f***e her more and more into the back of the chair.

Joanne's breath gusted from her lungs.

Momentarily out of breath, she was totally at the mercy of her berserk, enraged and lustful husband. He had never done something like this before; the terrified woman didn't know what to expect from him. Lee might be content with only beating her.

But Joanne King felt deep down in her gut that Lee wouldn't be content with just a felt bruises. He had something else in mind. And it wouldn't be pleasant for the woman. Not at all.

Joanne weakly struggled to regain the wind that had been knocked out of her. She found that Lee had tied her legs to the wooden legs of the chair with twine he had found in the nearby drawer. The coarse brown string was rough and cruelly cut into her tender anides. The agony of the bindings
flooded up her legs. - - .1

Her slender calves seemed to fill with red-hot pain. Creeping upward with the inevitable power of the ocean's tide, the pain seated into her thighs, those marvelous, white and tender thighs that had so delighted Lee-and her-previously.

Lee wasn't finished with his job of tying her up, however. He was only beginning.

"So, slut, you're beginning to see what I can really do to you, huh? Just wait!"
With those ominous words, Lee savagely pulled the loops of twine tight around Joanne's wrists. With her hands bound behind her back, she lost the advantage of leverage. Joanne was doubled over the back of the chair now, her legs tightly tied down, her hands bound behind her back.

When she tried to twist and fall over onto the floor, Lee landed a stunning blow to the side of her head. "Don't get me mad, whore, or you'll really regret it!" Lee grabbed a handful of his wife's long, blonde hair and yanked her head back to stare into her grey eyes. He gawked wildly when he saw the pure, undiluted fear that flooded out.

Joanne swallowed and croaked out, "Stop this, Lee. PLEASE! You're my husband! I love you!" The rest of her words were lost in a choking that seized her. She wasn't able to speak with her head bent at this unnatural-angle.

Lee laughed harshly. "Love me? A slut like you don't know the meaning of the word;" He went to the liquor cabinet; opened 'it and pulled out a fifth of gin, then twisted the cap off and took a deep pull from the bottle.

He wiped his lips with his forearm and smacked his lips -in appreciation. "Now, that's just what I ~tf6~d. YhVt aft td'fBtkliiMPt bft?PIUJ fl~Z


Joanne's body quivered with horror. She was in the most vulnerable position a woman could be f***ed into. Her legs were tied so that they were spread wide apart. Her hands were securely, lightly, brutally bound behind her back. The savage pain that lanced into her arms and shoulders constantly reminded her of the nightmarish quality of this entire scene. And bent double over the chair so that her pert, rounded white ass was thrust up in the air just invited all sorts of evil things.

And Joanne was sure that the d***ken, booze-sotted brain of her husband would think up all sorts of cruel, perverted things to do to her while she was helpless.

The woman tried to raise her head again. Lee grabbed the long strands of honey gold again and jerked. Joanne squealed in pain.

"Don't like that, huh? See how ya like this!" Lee took his handful of hair and began fastening it to the front nags of the kitchen chair.

His wife's head was locked into position by her very own hair! Lee had used the tightest, hardest knots he could to tie Joanne's luxurious locks to the chair. Her head was immobile.

She had been able to move slightly before. Now, she couldn't move her head at all. The woman was absolutely at the d***ken man's mercy. -
And Lee King didn't have any mercy tonight. Not for Joanne.

"That gown yer wearin' is disgusting. I'm going to rip it off your ugly body!"
Lee grabbed a handful of the nylon fabric and yanked. He pulled so hard that the chair with Joanne attached was lifted from the linoleum floor. The floor. The torn fabric however only tore
slightly. It hadn't ripped off the quivering woman'stender body like Lee had anticipated.

"Goddamn!" Lee snarled.

Joanne began to moan piteously, a low a****l sound creeping from her bruised lips. The thin stream of bl**d that had been flowing down her chin had dried. But the puffiness in her lips began to prevent more than simple groans from being articulated.

'Tucking nylon skit! I'll get that friggin' stuff off'
Joanne felt the wet gush of gin over her ass and smooth back. The liquor flowed into her hair and began to seep into her eyes, no matter how tightly she clamped her eyelids shut. She didn't know what Lee was up to, but she knew it wasn't going to be very nice.

When she heard the scratch and tiny whoosh! of a kitchen match being lit, she knew what her husband planned on doing. Joanne tried to scream, butte roar of the igniting alcohol came first.

Lee had set fire to the potent liquor. The alcohol burned with a bright flame until the nylon of her nightgown started to melt, then catch fire and burn on its own. The inexorable tide of flame followed her spine as it devoured the peignoir with an avid, hungry tongue licking, at her sensitive body.

The heat scorched her flesh. The fire began to char her soft ass, turning it a bright, fiery red before all the alcohol and material had been consumed.

But the track of gin that had seeped into her hair was beginning to burn with ferocity.

Her eyebrows singed and intolerable pain lanced into her head where the booze burned under her eyes.

Joanne coughed, then groaned in agony. She made the silent vow that she'd get even with Lee if it was the last thing she ever did. And, she thought suddenly, it might be the last thing she'd even think of! The d***k bastard was going to kill her!
The woman screamed, loud, long and in anguish.

Lee laughed even more harshly than before. "So, my little cunt doesn't like getting burned, eh? The flamin' nylon's about all gone from your ugly body. I think I'm going to fuck you now like you never been fucked before!"
Joanne shuddered. She had been humiliated. Now what did this d***ken madman have in mind? She wouldn't have minded his cock inside her. The woman loved the feel of Lee's long, huge tool surging up into her cunt.

But she knew that he wouldn't use his prick on her. That was too easy, and this entire d***ken scene had been nothing but pure hell for her solar. Lee was sure to come up with something obscene and painful-and degrading
Joanne King was right.

Lee had opened the refrigerator door and had been rummaging around-and it wasn't for something to fix into a midnight snack. Joanne heard the footsteps approaching her from behind. Tied as she was, she couldn't see what Lee was going to do.

Joanne screamed in pain as Lee slammed, a thick, knobby, bumpy cucumber into her diy tnt. For a brief instant the woman thought she would pass out front, the pain. It had become unbearable.

She gritted her teeth. She'd take whatever he had to offer, then spit in his face.

She wouldn't show him any fear or that she was in pain. He would only enjoy it all the more if she did.

But that thin resolve faded quickly when Lee crammed the cucumber flail length into her cunt. The delicate membranes of her match walls surged and tried to stretch to take this obscene invader. The tissues of her pussy tore as Lee began ramming the long cylinder of vegetable in and out of his wife's cunt.

Joanne twitched feebly and began to cry, salty tears leaving tracks down her blackened cheeks.

"What'sa matter, baby? Too big for you? After all those men been puffin' it to you? Lemme help you out!"
Joanne heard the click of metal against glass, then a slurping noise. When she felt the butter knife covered with mayonnaise enter her quiff, the woman involuntarily shuddered in reaction. The blade was cold, dull, but it penetrated far into her twat. And the slick, viscous slime of the mayonnaise covered the inner reaches of her snatch m a matter of seconds. In spite of everything she could do, she felt her own cunt juice beginning to sluggishly flow. She was not sexually aroused by this hideous scene of degradation and humiliation, but the manipulating of her genitals betrayed her. Joanne's body began to respond.

When Lee was finished, her cunt mound and gash were totally covered with the sloppy mess. Lee proclaimed, after taking another long drink from the bottle of gin, "That'll fix you up real good for ya'!" He. raiuzncd the~massivesucumber
forward into his wife's cunt again.

The lubricating qualities of the mayonnaise helped a bit, but not too much. Joanne still felt that her twat was being wrenched out of shape. Torn and ripped apart.

When Lee began beating her with a spatula, shafts of pain leaped through the bound woman's body. The flat of the metal utensil left a bizarre pattern on her skin. Every time Lee struck her with the spatula, lightning bolts seared deep into Joanne's chest and back- First burned, now beaten.

What else could the insane man come up with?
Joanne found out.

Lee began hammering the cucumber deep into his wife's quiff using the handle of a meat tenderizer as a battering ram. Joanne sagged limply against the chair, her forehead pressed into the hard seat of the wooden kitchen chair. The cucumber was slightly curved and Lee was intent on shoving the entire length into her cunt.

The agony of each inch as it penetrated her tormented pussy made Joanne wish she were dead. The pain and anguish flooded her senses like water flowing into a bathtub. She was soon filled to overflowing with searing, burning, hideously frightful pain.

The bend in the cucumber due into her emit walls, pushed her internal organs around giving her pain as seven as c***dbirth. Joanne couldn't even take in a breath without a knife blade of terrible ferocity digging into her mind and body.

She cried, "Stop! Please, oh, dear God, STOP!" As if he hadn't heard, Lee continued. Seeing the cucumber's rough, nagged exterior buried full length in Joanne'scrotch, Lee began lightly
pounding her ass with the meat tenderizer. The spiked hammer drew minute points of bl**d every time it landed.

Lee d***kenly hiccupped as he slurred out, "Gonna have a real tender ass for me to fuck, you betcha!"
As suddenly as it had been shaved into her cunt, the cucumber seemed to vanish. Lee had yanked it out to leave an incredible void inside Joanne's Match. If the pain had been bad, the sudden empty feeling was even worse.

Joanne . hated Lee with a passion she hadn't known she possessed. And yet• she couldn't help begging him for his massive cock. That throbbing, quivering, wonderful length of prick that had given her pleasure so many times.

"Fuck me, Lee! Ohhh, fuck meee!"
"So the slut needs my prick in her? The cucumber wasn't good enough, eh? Okay. I'll flick you. Like you never been flicked by anybody ever before!"
With a sudden surge of his hips, Lee's purple-headed click parted the tormented lips of Joanne's cunt and entered the greased slot into her belly. She felt the broad knob of Lee's cock smash info her gut. Again, she was filled with pain, but this time it was a good pain, a familiar pain.

Lee had buried his prick its full seven inches up into her steaming, hungry, tortured cunt.

Through a mist of pain and burning came pleasure. It built up slowly. It wasn't the sharp, insistent dagger of pain that had been crammed into her innards. This was a quiet, soft feeling. A feeling of being filled. Filled with vibrant, alive, all-male cock!

Joanne groaned as the warmth began to spread throughout her loins. As Lee round his crotch against her pin-pricked butt, pain began to mix with the pleasure. But the pain accented the pleasure, made it seem better. More intense than she had ever felt before, the feel of Lee's cock sliding up and down its slippery sheath of female cunt excited her.

The woman's moans of pain turned to complete enjoyment. No matter that she was bound, her bands swelled from the lack of circulation. The brutal bonds that held her legs spread wide were ignored. All that was important now was the feel of the plum-topped shaft of her husband's mighty doing as it raced back and forth inside her frothing snatch.

Joanne heard Lee's harsh grunts as he shoved his hips forward. She felt the jerking, pulsing prick buried in her flack-hole. In spite of all the beating and I" ~ation she had suffered at her husband's ha..,..,, t~r cunt began to moisten from lust.

The sluggish flow of her cunt juice soon flushed out the slimy mayonnaise and cleansed her snatch of the bl**d from torn membranes. When these were cleared out of her twat, it was as if an a****l of passion ruptured.

Joanne's cunt seemed to explode with juice, drenching Lee's throbbing, thrusting tool. in mere seconds, the man felt his cock completely slippery with Joanne's pussy cream. The cylinder of his dong continued to slip in and out of the tight hale of his wife's cunt while the secretions from her twat trickled onto his balls. The tickly feeling began to drive Lee mad with lust.

The booze still fogged his brain'now lust drove
him ever onward to climax. It didn't matter to him if Joanne was satisfied. All he cared about was his own pleasure. The feelings inside his prong built up. His cock expanded and pressed firmly . against the tight, clutching walls of Joanne's gripping, ripply cunt.

The~ man's balls felt like they were pressurized. lie was a pressure cooker with only one escape valve. The tiny pin-prick hole at the end of his bloated rod expanded slightly and the first drop of pre-cum beaded the knob. His mindless, lusty fuckings into his wife's cunt wiped that tiny signal of his coming orgasm away.

Like a berserk battering tam, Lee thrust harder and deeper into Joanne's twat with each forward movement of his hips. He felt the tiny droplets of bl**d from his wife's ass against his hairy upper thighs. It didn't matter.

He felt his wife's heaving, gasping breath, and he steadied himself with his hands on her back. It didn't matter.

AU that mattered to Lee King was his own pleasure. He felt the fiery tide of his cum race the length of his dick and erupt with volcanic fun' inside Joanne's cunt. Lee kept pumping, driving, fucking forward as hard and fast as he could for the maximum pleasure he could derive.

His cock felt like it was being burned away by the friction against her tight, hot, steamy cunt walls. The knob was fully exposed as the foreskin rippled back with each of his mighty pistonings. The only thing that he• cared about was satiation. He was seeing his wild lust in the only way he could-he was virtually r****g his wife.

Then a splurge of Lee's cum
splatter against her cunt walls. She shuddered in reaction. The bent-double position she was fled in was awkward, damned uncomfortable. And yet
and yet, she found herself enjoying this torture.

She would have done anything in the world to pt Lee's cock back into her cunt. She had felt so empty, so completely deserted when Lee had painfully yanked the torturing cucumber out of her twat. The woman needed something to fill the hole.

Lee's cock filled her flack-hole well. The pain of her position seemed to give her a new perspective. She couldn't forgive him for what he had done to her, but she couldn't deny that he was giving her a full measure of pleasure now. Joanne sailed to new heights of erotic 'fulfillment as Lee wantonly flicked her gaping, dribbly cunt.

He was reaming her out with nothing but his own pleasure in mind. But he was giving his wife some small measure of satisfaction, too. Joanne felt the electric tingles every time Lee's mighty cock shoved deep into her snatch. The squishing noise as he fucked her had an oddly stimulating effect on her. That and the harsh breathing of her husband seemed to ignite the fires of lust deep within her tortured cunt.

Joanne was almost ready to climax when Lee pulled free, his tool deflated and useless after he had shot his wad.

Joanne cried out, "Damn you! Get me off! Fuck meee!"
Her demands fell on deaf ears. Lee King gazed at the doubled-over figure of his wife with nothing but contempt. He had heard all those stories about her
fucking around with Fontaine. Fontaine, the sloppy, dirty, clap-carrying rag-picker. And the mailman. How could he forget the story John told him about Joanne and the mailman?
Lee didn't want to think about all the other adulteries that John had so graphically detailed. Lee found a fresh bottle of gin and took another deep gulp. He felt the fiery liquid sear its way to his belly. It seemed to form a pool inside him, adding to his hatred.

Contemptuously, the man said, "You get off too many times with too goddamn many men. I'm going to play with you a while longer."
He took another drink as Joanne said, "What's going on, Lee? Tell me! Why are you doing this to me?"
"Why? You're askin' why? John's told me about all the guys you been screwin' around with. And you askin' me why!"
"John?" Suddenly things began to fall into place. Joanne had told John to go play with himself when he'd put the make on her at the office party last month. This was that evil bastard's way of getting even 'with her!
"Lee, listen! John's been lying to you. I haven't been sl**ping around. I even put him off and he must be pissed at me for it. I've been-"
"Shut up!" Lee viciously kicked out, his foot colliding with the chair legs. With a load crash, Joanne and the chair she was bound to toppled over onto the linoleum.

She lay there looking, up at her husband. It was obvious that he believed John and not her. Tired and helpless, Joanne could do nothing but accept whatever Lee wanted to do to her.


"You make me sick, frying to lie your way out of this!" Lee snapped. He smirked a bit when he saw that Joanne had begun to silently sob out her misery. She knew that he would never believe her. Not when he was this d***k-and getting d***ker by the minute.

Lee King might have been d***k but he wasn't deaf. He heard the crash from the living room and instantly ran to see what had caused it.

Lee supported himself on the doorjamb and peered out into the dark living room. He saw an indistinct figure begin to slowly scuttle away. He moved quickly and headed the shadow figure off at the front door. With a quick motion of his wrist, Lee turned on the living-room lights.

Revealed was a frightened and very beautiful

Lee looked at the younger edition of the woman he had been torturing in the kitchen. Ann King was eighteen and gorgeous. She was in the full bloom of youth, fresh and untouched by the ravages of age. Ann had her mother's lovely blonde hair that cascaded down around her shoulders and seemed to form a halo around her head. The figure was thinner than Joanne's, more youthful and less mature. Rut it was undeniably breathtaking.

Lee seemed to look at his daughter for the first time. He hadn't realized how 6eautiful his daughter was. All the time he was d***kenly studying her trim curves, the gentle prodding of braless tits against the flimsy fabric of her blouse, the skin-tight bulge of her ass, the smooth flow of her calves and the trim thighs, his cock was slowly stiffening again.

Ann saw the hard-on even before Lee noticed. And she tried to escape. In vain.

She spun and tried to get to the safety of her bedroom. Lee caught her and lifted her lithe figure off the floor before she had gone two steps.

"Let me go, you dirty a****l! Let me go!" Ann shrieked.

Lee abruptly tossed his daughter onto the sofa she had stumbled over to create the noise he had heard. He menacingly said, "Where the hell you been?"
Ann sullenly glared at her naked father, her father with the monstrous hard-on....

"I... I just got back from a date." She didn't know what to say. Could she tell this d***ken a****l that she'd seen what he had done to her mother? How he had ****d her and beaten her and beaten her?

"You saw what happened in the kitchen, didn't ya?" The way Lee asked it, it was more of a statement than a question.

He could only numbly shake her head. Her breathing was coming in quick, sharp gusts now. Her young heart pounded wildly, threatened to explode. The sound of the bl**d hammering in her ears deafened her.

All she could think of was getting away from the towering menace of that cock quivering in front of her face.

"You're as bad as that slut mother of yours. You been fuckin' anything that wears pants. Been doin' it for a helluva long time from what I hear."
Ann's lips narrowed to a thin line. She answered, "What's it to you? I have my own life to live and it's none of your business what I do or don't do."
"Cheap WHORE!" Lee screamed. "Cheap fuckin' whore! You learned too damn much from your mother, that's what I think. I think you been goin' around and screwin' every guy in that lousy high school you go to. That's what I think! And you say it's none of my business! I gotta put up with the shame of having a daughter who's nothing but a goddamn cunt!"
Ann's grey eyes widened.. She had seen her father d***k many times. This was the first time she'd ever realized how far he could go when he had too much booze.

"Look, Daddy, that isn't the way it is at all"

Ann cowered, tried to fade into the cushions of the sofa. She had seen how her mother had been tied to the chair. Her hands behind her back, her
legs split to expose her cunt-and how her hair had been tied to the chair to hold her head down. She was appalled that her father, even as roaring d***k as he was, could ever do such a vile thing.

Her voice came out chalked and small. "What are you going to do?"
Lee's bleary eyes had been studying Ann. Her nipples poked suggestively against the thin material of her blouse. The bare expanse of her stomach heaved and quivered with her fright. The small depression of her perfectly formed navel seemed to beckon to the d***ken finn.

He could barely pull his eyes off his daughter's flaring boobs with the aroused nipples and that tempting belly. And when Lee succeeded, his gaze fell lower to the completely filled, stretched to the breaking-point blue jeans that Ann wore.

Her ass bulged provocatively. And the sight of the girl's long, lithe legs made Lee's hard-on quiver with ill-suppressed lust. So what if he had just worked over her mother? Hadn't that lying whore deserved it? Didn't she deserve even more punishment?
Lee quickly reached out and seized Ann's arm. "Come on. Let's go into the kitchen for a little f****y chat."
"You're hurting my arm!" Ann protested. The icy look she received chilled her to the soul: She knew then that she could expect no mercy from the man who had been her father. In that single glance, he had completely cut himself off from any familial link that might have existed. To Ann, he may have been her natural father; but he was no longer the man she had looked up to. He was an alien' an evil and completely crazy.

"In then!" Lee hurled her through the doorway into the brightly lit kitchen. For a moment, Ann was blinded. And when she could see again, she wished that she didn't have to look.

Her mother was still bound to the chair. Joanne looked up at her, eyes filled with fear for her daughter.

Joanne cried out, "damn you, Lee! Leave her out of this! Whatever you think I've done, you've got no quarrel with Ann. Let her go!"
"Not on your sweet ass! She's just like you. She even looks like you. I'm gonna find out if she's been sl**ping around like you. I bet she's not even a virgin . •
Ann pivoted• and tried to elude the d***k. The effort failed. Lee managed to grip her arm, pull the girl to him and quickly rip off the blouse. Naked to the waist, Ann felt all the fight get out of her. It was as if Lee had pulled the plug on her reservoir of courage. There was a hollow feeling inside, a coldness.

She resigned herself to whatever fate the stronger man was going to mete out to her.

Lee placed both of his hands on Ann's slender waist and heaved. The teenager shrieked in fright as she flew through the air. With a plop she landed in the middle of the kitchen table. Her boobs swayed to and fro as she drew in air in huge gulps.

Lee was guided onward by the sight of his daughter's naked tits. The niddy nipples were erect, aroused with fear rather than lust. But it didn't matter to him. He was too far gone in his stupor to care. All Lee King could think of was siting his own lewd desires and punishing the bitch that was his wife. Joanne would have to
watch while he ****d her daughter.

Lee clumsily advanced to the table and put his fingers under the waistband of Ann's jeans. The girl screwed her eyes tightly shut and leaned back on the table, supporting herself on her ~arms. She wasn't going to cooperate, but she wasn't going to resist.

Her father quickly stripped off the blue jeans and cast them aside. The bright-green panties followed a second later. Lee sucked in a deep breath when he saw his naked daughter spread out in front of him on the kitchen table.

His eyes danced over her body, not missing a single wondrous feature. Lee's gaze fastened on the tiny triangle of pussy fur matted between the slender white pillars of Ann's succulent thighs. The bush pointed like an arrow to the puckered lips of her snatch. The tightly closed, pink-rimmed lips of the young girl's cunt.

But Lee's hands began to roam elsewhere. His callused hands found the twin mountains of tit flesh. With a roughness that was unnecessary, he took two handfuls of boob and squeezed as hard as he could.

Ann cried out, then bit her lower lip. She wasn't going to give the man she had disowned as her father the slightest satisfaction.

It was Joanne who spoke up. Calling from her contorted position on the cold floor, the woman begged, "Please, for the love of God, Lee, don't do this! It's your own daughter! Have some mercy! Please, take it out on me! PLEASE!"
"Don't want to see yer daughter screwed by her old man, huh? Well, damn your eyes, that's exactly what you're gonna have to watch.
suffer like I been. I want you to know what it's like listening to everybody snicker and point behind your back. Everybody talking about how your wife's nothing but a fuckin' whore!"
"it's all a lie, Lee! Honest! Don't do this to Ann. I'm begging you!"
"GO ahead. Beg." Without even looking back at his wife, Lee returned his attentions to his teenaged daughter. e nipples on top of the
His hands found
marshmallowy man of her jugs. Lee pinched down with brutal f***e. His thumb and forefinger closed around the erect nipples until Ann moaned in pain. Lances of white-hot anguish flared into her young body.

She tried to kick Lee but only succeeded in spreading her legs wide open for him. He pulled her to him, using her boobs as handholds. Ann groaned a she slid across the rough table. It felt as if the man would rip her tits off her chest
With her legs on each side of his body, Ann had no farther defense except for her fingernails. She clawed out wildly, trying to gouge and rip at his face.

Her father quickly buried his face into his daughter's pussy. With lewd sucking noises, he began eating his own girl's cunt out. Ann felt her father's wet tongue flash out and race around her twat.

In spite of the agony he was inflicting with his hands on her tits, Ann found herself being driven wild with the feel of Lee's tongue around her snatch. He stared at one end of her gash and raced to the other end of the sensitive flaps of pink pussy ~Jqh~~~,hjs .tnng~e wouW,pbjiw~Joscc3~Iyjsp
her seething twat hole.

Ann's cunt began to flow the thin oils of lust. Then, as Lee's tongue burrowed farther and farther into her cunt, thicker juices began to flow out of her box. She writhed on the table, impaled by the f***e of her father's tongue. Ann couldn't even lift herself off the rough planking of the table because of the powerful hands that held her prisoner.

If Ann was experiencing both pain and joy, Joanie was feeling nothing but sheer, undiluted misery. She wept openly for what was happening in front of her very eyes. She was being f***ed to watch her husband **** her daughter. Of all the things that she had considered Lee capable of during one of his d***ks, never had she thought torture and daughter **** to be among them.

Joanne watched in wretched fascination as Lee's head vanished between Ann's legs. She knew what he was doing. She could hear the sucking and the lewd, obscene slurping noises as the man licked and tongued the girl's pussy. She could see the viselike grip on the tender tits.

Red streaks appeared on the milky-white flesh when Lee moved his hands over the heaving boobs. Joanne shivered in response to the punishment Lee was giving Ann as well as the pain she was experiencing.

Her own predicament added to the physical pain. Joanne's mental torture watching her husband tongue-fuck Ann was fed by the bite of the coarse brown twine into her wrists and anklet. And her belly began to cramp from the doubled-over position she had been f***ed to assume. She had a continual headache from the beating

at the hands of the chair. Joanne wasn't even able to turn her head away from the **** happening right in front of her.

She could close her eyes. But she couldn't close her ears. She could still hear the soft moans Ann was emitting like some whipped puppy, and she couldn't mistake the sucking, sllurping noise as Lee ate out his own daughter's pussy.

Ann's hips began td move with a life of their own. The rough handling of her tits didn't do much to turn her on. The situation in which she found herself wasn't very erotic, either. She was far more frightened than the first time with Vic-Vic had popped her cherry on their third date and it had hurt.

But it was a good hurt.

This was sheer torture. The pain in her chest. The struggle to breathe against the crushing weight on her boobs hurt badly. But what was even worse was the sensual feel of her father's tongue along her snatch.

The man was good at cunt-lapping she had to admit that. She felt the rough, wet tongue stroke and caress, then stab far into her oily cunt. Each time his tongue jabbed into her hole, a surge of pleasure collided with the pain in her body.

The conflicting sensations overwhelmed Ann. She became totally confused. She didn't know what to do. The teenager started td drift in her own little universe, cut off from all sensations but those entering her body through her tight little cunt and her mountainous boobs. The girl didn't even hear the quiet sobbing of her mother, f***ed to watch the degrading spectacle.

Ann bit him, leaving

bl**dy tracks on her father's neck and shoulders. But the pain only spurred the intoxicated man on.

With the suddenness of a summer storm, Lee moved his mouth from Ann's succulent box and positioned his vibrating dong at her open, puffy gash. A f***eful hip motion embedded his prick balls deep in his daughter's tight cunt.

Ann screamed out her agony at taking the seven inches of dong. As Lee began to rotate his hips while he kept his prick entirety in the young girl's stretched pussy, she began to groan. "OOHhh! It hurrrrts sooo! Please, Daddy, don't do this to meee! OH!"
She gasped as Lee quickly retreated, then slammed forward as hard as he could. He felt the tip of his knob bounce off the softly padded end of Ann's cunt. The pain generated in her distended snatch blotted out any pleasure she might have been receiving.

Lee seemed to instinctively know that he was giving her pain with his incredibly deep, powerful trusts. As he licked faster and faster, feeling Ann's cunt contracting sound his speeding prickshaft, he called out to Joanne, "How d'ya like this, huh? How you like me fucking your cock-hungry k**!"
Joanne's tears had dried, leaving salty tracks down her cheeks. She stared without emotion at the **** being played out in front of her. She felt nothing inside. It was as if she had died. She could respond no more to Lee's torture.

Physically, the pain still assaulted her body. But something inside her had died. She could feel absolutely nothing for this man doing such unspeakable thing to their daughter.

"No hate. No love. Nothing. This was the ultimate human rejection." Lee didn't notice. He was too busy fucking the tight cunt of his own daughter. He began to shout in d***ken glee as he felt her tight cunt collapse around his cock and squeeze don hard. Ann 's stomach muscles were hard and tight with youthful exercise. And she was no virgin. She had enjoyed many boys.

She wasn't enjoying this. Ann had retreated into a world much like her mother already had. She didn't care if those seven inches of prick driving home in her omit belonged to her father or not. All
- she wanted was for this disgusting scene to be over. The normal joy she received from a good fucking was missing. Ann knew that her father was getting off. She could feel his cock begin to expand, pulse with the first tremors of climax. She could feel all of this deep down in her pits-but it didn't give her any pleasure.

Lee fucked in and out, pulled Ann closer to him so that her butt rested on the very edge of the table. With her legs hanging limply to either side of him, he had full access to the tiny fuck-hole. His mighty cock surged forward, lingered and luxuriated in the carnal heat of her boiling hot cunt, then pulled back.

Again !~4 again tee flicked his daughter until his sperm croucbe& for the long spring down the length of his prick. With a loud cry, Lee's cock erupted with string after gooey string of aim.

He continued pistoning in and out of Ann's pussy as long a his dick was stiff enough to flick. In a few minutes; Lee's once rigid and proud cock
dribbled out of Ann's snatch amid a flow of cunt juice and creamy white jizz. The stream trickled down his leg and soon crusted the hair of his inner thigh.

The cum that ran down Ann's leg found only smooth flesh. Flesh that was totally unresponsive and uncaring. By fucking her, Lee had robbed his own daughter of her will. He had degraded her as much as a man could a woman.

And still he wasn't satisfied.

He wanted even more revenge. Not on Ann but on Joanne, his wife.

"Well, slut, do you want me to quit foolin' around with your whore daughter?"
The words penetrated to Joanne's brain.

"What? What do you mean?"
"I'll stop screwn' Ann if you'll lick my cock off."
"PIG!" Joanne tried to spit at her husband but failed. Her bruised lips wouldn't move into the right positions for anything but drooling down her own chip.

Lee laughed as he reached for the bottle. He took a deep drink, lowered the level of the gin about a half-inch before he said, "Lick the cum off and I'll forget about Ann."
He dropped to his knees and dangled his cock in front of the bound woman. Joanne considered for a moment, then thrust out her tongue in an effort to lick off the creamy cum she had once found•• tasty.

Only a bitter taste remained in her mouth when she had finished her tongue job on Lee's dick.

Lee sniggered. "Good job. Bet you get a lot of bread for blow jobs, huh?"

He laughed again and sat down in another of the kitchen chairs. Ann had passed out on the table, naked and lovely-and still vulnerable. Joanne said nothing as she watched Lee drink himself into a stupor.

He had done all he could possibly do for the night
Joanne began to cry softly once again, both for herself and for her innocent, ****d daughter:


Edward Phillip Steven King came in late from the date he'd had with Tern. He idly rubbed his crotch in fond memory of the evening he'd spent with the hot chick. The image of her was still fresh in his mind: brunette with cute bangs, about five foot seven or so and everything but everything in the right place and proportion. She was a hell of a sexy chick and the best piece of ass he'd• ever found. instant Eddie entered the darkened King
house, however, he knew something was wrong. There was a feeling about the stilled living room that made him uneasy.

With infinite caution, he made his way to the kitchen. The scene that lay before him was something totally beyond his experience. He was eighteen and just out of high school and thought
he knew everything.

But ... ?
His naked father was passed out at the kitchen table, an empty bottle of gin clutched in one hand. His s****r was lying spread-eagle and completely naked in front of his father. Ann wasn't stirring.

Eddie felt a momentary twitch in his prick as he thought of Ann and the times they had spent together. But seeing her naked like this was different, evil, perverse.

When he saw his mother, his heart almost stopped. He couldn't believe that anyone would do such a thing to her. Joanne still lay on her side, hands cruelly bound with the thin twine cutting into her soft flesh. The youth rushed to his mother's side and instantly saw he would never be able to loosen her bonds without a knife.

"Hang on a second, Mom!" Eddie told her as he rummaged in the drawer for a knife. He found a small paring knife and swiftly cut the string holding his mother.

She gratefully collapsed on the floor, free at last from her bonds.

"What happened? Who did this to you?" Eddie had to ask, but he could guess. His father was d***k on his ass again. And only his father could have thought up such a cruel and bizarre act as had obviously occurred.

Eddie hadn't gotten along well with his father for several years. At first it had seemed like the usual adolescent rebellion, but as he grew older, both of them realized there was a basic animosity that would never go away. They would not be able to relate in any way but hating each other.

Eddie considered that just fine. His father was a
lazy spendthrift who drank too damn much. And tonight he'd obviously gone over the edge and lost control of his temper.

The youth just couldn't comprehend the full extent of the d***ken madness, however. The scene told him that his father had tortured and ****d his mother, then done the same to Ann.

Eddie didn't want to jump to conclusions. He waited for his mother to tell him first-hand what had been going on in. the King kitchen.

Joanne gasped out, "Water, please, Eddie, get me some water." She gulped the liquid down in thirsty, greedy swallows before she could continue, "It was Lee. He ... he came home d***k as a lord again. And ... oh, Eddie!"
Joanne broke down, clutched at Eddie's shoulder and began to sob. Eddie didn't know how to handle the situation. He patted his mother on the back and felt ineffectual. He was out of his league and knew it. He'd been thinking about leaving home because he couldn't stand his father any longer. This seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

He'd have to do something more drastic than merely leave now~ And Eddie didn't know what it would be.

"Did... Dad . . . do this to you?" he asked Joanne in a tiny voice.

The woman could only nod her head in assent. She was still too shaken by her . experiences to speak.

Eddie had to find out the extent of what b**stly things his father had done. "Did ~he **** Ann, too?" The evidence was clear that Ann had been. sexually abused then discarded like an old Kleenex.

Again, the only answer the teenager received was a frightened, tearful nod. He had a good idea of what bad happened now, and it was exactly as he had feared. His father had turned into a real juice-head and gone off his rocker for sure. d***k, he'd come home, tied up Joanne and ****d her. Then, when Ann came home from her date, had repeated the entire scene like an instant replay on

A coldness settled into Eddie's gut. He didn't know if he could kill his own father or not, but at this instant, he'd be happy to fly. Anyone who could mistreat two beautiful women didn't deserve to live.

And yet-it was his father. He owed some allegiance to him. bl**d was thicker than water, or so everyone was fond of saying. But if that were true, why had his father done all those terrible thins to Ann and his own wife?
Eddie was mentally wrestling with the problem when Lee stirred from his d***ken slumber. The man punted, scratched his crotch, then tossed aside the empty bottle. He belched mightily and managed to open one bleary eye. He spotted Eddie standing in the middle of the kitchen clutching the naked Joanne to his shoulder.

"About time you dragged your ass home, k**. Where ya been?"
Eddie's voice was low, controlled and frosty. "Did you do this to Mom and s*s?" The youth wanted to hear it from his father's lips.

"Hell, yes. They asked for it. Been 'fuckin' around with every guy in the city. John told me all about it."

Eddie's temper was beginning to flare. His hands trembled as he tiled to soothe his mother. He knew that he'd do something really rash, something he might regret if his father didn't come out with same sort of reason more than "John said so".

"Course I did. Them two's always been liars. John's my good buddy. He wouldn't lie to me. And don't you go givin' me no back talk either, k**, I'm not putting up with any shit off you, either."
"Don't threaten me, old man. You might be able to beat up and **** women and young girls but you're not up to taking me on." Eddie pushed his mother aside and stood, hands on hips, facing his father.

"I been through Korea and handled tougher ones than you!" Lee snapped as he launched himself with surprising speed at his son. One clenched fist connected with Eddie's shoulder and spun him around.

The bruise appeared almost instantly. But Eddie was in a towering rage. The minor pain was nothing to him. A bl**d rage rose and blanketed, out everything else. He would fix his old man once and for all. This would be the last time Lee King ever had the chance to beat up on either Ann or Joanne.

Eddie would see to that.

As d***k as Lee was, he still had the reflexes he had built up in Korea and numerous fights. He managed to swing again and hit Eddie a glancing blow on the cheek. The teenager's head snapped back and rattled his teeth.

Eddie was no longer hot he was polar cold. He had lost any nervousness he'd once had. As if all of his nerve endings had died, Eddie felt like a machine. A killing machine. And the one purpose was to eliminate this miserable specimen of humanity.

Eddie danced forward, launched a savage kick at his father's knee cap and missed. But his father had to dodge and was off balance. Eddie's right fist rocketed out and slammed with a meaty thud into his father's midsection. What had once been muscle had long since turned to fat. Eddie's fist disappeared up to the wrist.

As his father doubled over, everything seemed to move in slow motion. Eddie marveled at being a detached observer. It was as if someone else brought their knee up into Lee's face to break the nose. A slow-motion geyser of bl**d spewed out in a small arc to splatter on the clean kitchen floor.

But Lee wasn't finished. For all his potbelly and fat, there was still a toughness in him that couldn't be denied. He straightened up and swung again at Eddie's face. Eddie moved a fraction of an inch and let the blow drift by.

With all the f***e he could summon, the teenager swung for the broken nose dribbling bl**d. Eddie was big, strong and at his peak. When he connected with Lee's already mangled face, there was a dull crunch! And Eddie's father was knocked from his feet.

Lee lay for a moment on his back, then struggled to his feet. As he attempted to stand, however, his foot slipped in some of the bl**d that had spilled from his gushing nose. He fell heavily and-hit ~-his head on the corner of the kitchen table.

A sudden snap! echoed throughout the tiny room. Lee crumpled to the floor and didn't stir.

Eddie was breathing heavily as he went to his mother and put his hand around her. "I don't think he's going to hurt you any more. Not tonight. You and Ann are safe."
"Is. . is he dead?" Joanne asked, her voice quavering in fright at everything that had occurred that night.

"I doubt it. Hit his head. To break a solid block of granite like that would take more than just a kitchen table." Eddie began to have his doubts, though.

He made sure his mother was sitting down and quiet, then tried to comfort Ann the best he could. She had been u*********s most of the fight but had seen the last round.

She patted him reassuringly on the shoulder and whispered in his ear, "Don't worry; Eddie. Everything will be okay."
Eddie was thinking that he should be telling the young girl that, but his more immediate concern was his father.

A quick examination confirmed hi& suspicions. He said in a low voice, "He's barely breathing. I think we'd batter get him to the hospital. It looks pretty bad, too."


Eddie went to the telephone and quickly dialed the operator. A few terse words and he was told that an ambulance would be sent on its way immediately. Eddie replaced the phone in its cradle without any feeling of triumph.

His father lay before him on the kitchen floor. Naked and unmoving, it was hard to imagine that the man had been responsible for the hideous torture of Joanne and Ann.

Eddie told Ann, "The ambulance will be here in a few minutes. Why don't you take Mom into the bedroom. I don't think it would be too smart to have them see her-or you-like this."
Ann simply nodded and led her hysterical mother to the back of the house. Eddie could take care of the questions now. Later, they could get their stories together. It wouldn't do for this
f****y scandal to become public. Corinth wasn't the biggest city in the, world, and, like all small towns; a scandal spread like wildfire.

In a few days, everyone in town would know that Lee King had been torturing his wife and daughter. That his son had almost killed him when he found out.

Eddie wanted to avoid any possible publicity. His mother had been through enough already. Further publicity in this wouldn't be to anyone's advantage except the news-hungry vultures in town.

Eddie composed himself just in time to answer the doorbell. The ambulance crew had come.

"Come on in. My father's in the kitchen. Hit his head on the table.."
Two bored-looking attendants hurried to the kitchen ~while the policeman accompanying them pulled out his notebook.

"Mind telling me what happened? Got to file a report every time the ambulance is called out, you know."
"Uh, sure, officer. Not a whole lot to tell. My father's been, uh, well, hitting the bottle pretty hard- lately. He must have gotten really smashed tonight. He stumbled and hit his head on the table. I guess that's about it."
The policeman had been carefully making notes as he went. He looked up when Eddie stopped. "Who found your old man?"
"I did. I'd just come in from a date. My mother and s****r were. . . sl**ping. Guess they didn't hear anything. Mother's pretty bad off Hysterical over this. I hope you won't have to talk with her. She's 4.beta doped. 4.-up~. ..with .tranquilizers - t. .saIm~~~ber.

"Naw, won't have to bother her. This kind of thing happens all the time. Tell you the truth, I was sort of waiting for it to happen to Lee. Been getting into fights down at Tyrone Reese's bar. Ty's been real nice about it. Just tosses Lee out, but Ty warned me about something bad in the wind."
Eddie swallowed hard as the policeman snapped the notebook shut with a flick of his wrist. "Is.. . is there anything else, officer? I'd like to stay here with my mother and after she gets calmed down, take her on down to the hospital."
The officer shrugged. "Fine with mc. I'm going to file an accident report, nothing else." The officer dispassionately watched as the two ambulance attendants hauled Lee King outside on the stretcher.

"I won't even mention he slipped in a pool of his own bl**d."
Eddie looked up, surprised. The policeman continued, "Heard how he's been badmouthin' your ma. Don't like that. Seems to rue he got what he deserved, you know?"
As the cop turned to leave Eddie quietly asked, "How'd you know what happened? Really?"
The officer smiled faintly. "Nobody hits his head and ends up with bl**d on the soles of his feet. Had to have slipped in it before he hit his noggin. Dig?" With that, the cop left.

Eddie felt weak inside. It seemed that Corinth's finest was on his side, that there was some mercy with justice. The ambulance roared off into the night in the direction of the city's only hospital. The meigh&ors1poked. tbairhead&.out.otwrtained
windows at the sight of the red flashing lights, but few came out to investigate.

The teenager made his way down the hallway to his parents' bedroom. He hesitated before opening the door. .He didn't want to face his mother. Not after what had been done to her tonight.

Eddie straightened his shoulders and pushed into the room. On the bed, sl**ping; was his mother. Standing beside her was Ann.

His s****r put a finger to her lips to make sure Eddie kept quiet. Ann whispered in his ear, "I've given her some of those sl**ping pills Dr. Montgomery prescribed for her last month. She'll probably sl**p for at least ten hours."
Eddie put his arm around Ann's quaking shoulder. His s****r had been through just as much as his mother. He marveled at how well Ann had endured the ordeal. It couldn't have been easy for her to see Joanne tied up, then ****d herself.

"How are yow doing k**? You feeling okay?" Eddie asked quietly.

"Let's... let's go to my room. Don't want to 'wake Mom up."
They went into Ann's bedroom and Eddie closed the door. Ann threw herself headlong onto the bed and began to cry. Eddie felt the emptiness ~and helplessness return. What should he do?
The youth sat on the bed beside his gorgeous s****r and placed his hands on her shoulders to comfort her. "Don't cry, Ann. It's all aver now. Everything's behind you. I'll make sure it never
- happens again. That son of a bitch will never s much as touch you again. I promise!"
Ann rolled onto her side and clutched at Eddie's gentle hand. Her grey eyes were red from the
salty tracks ran down her checks and her hair was wildly jumbled up. She looked like a pathetic sight-and to Eddie she was the mast beautiful girl in the world.

"Ann, you're really something special." Without thinking of what he was doing, Eddie bent over and gently kissed his s****r's lips. At first, Ann tensed. Then she relaxed and returned the kiss with a fervor and passion that startled both of them.

But the dam had broken. Their mutual love and
the horrid experiences of that night gave them a
bond stronger than any consideration for right or
For both of them, it was right to comfort each other.

Ann's tongue probed forward and nudged aside Eddie's lips. In a flash, her dextrous, pink tongue rocketed into his mouth and began a slow exploration of his mouth. Eddie sighed and collapsed to the bed, lying full length beside his s****r.

He pulled her close to him. He felt her body tremble and shiver in reaction. Then he was last in the sweet-tasting paradise of Ann's mouth. His own tongue began to dance and swirl around and around his s****r's. Soon, their tongues played hide and seek, dashing back and forth from Ann's mouth into Eddie's and back again.

Not content to caress his s****r with only his tongue, Eddie's strong hands began to stroke Ann's sleek, trim flank. She had thrown on a bathrobe. The next thing the youth did was to untie the belt and push the robe off.

Ann was gloriously naked in the twinkling of an .eye.

Eddie didn't have to see the gleaming naked flesh to know what was there. He could feel, the smooth expanse of satiny skin under his roving hand. Ann's trim ass seemed to completely fill his hands. Her buttcheeks began to roil back and forth under his grip. That simple motion was enough to make Eddie feel the stiffness pawing in her crotch.

He was getting turned on by his own s****r!
The insistent urgings in his cock pushed away all thought of sin or that he might be doing something wrong. Ann wasn't resisting him. She needed him. She needed the comfort he could offer after the scene, she ,had lived through that night, and if he screwed her and that was what she so desperately needed, who could say that was evil or perverted?
Eddie moved his hands up to Ann's trim waist. All the time keeping the long, deep kiss, he began to move his body on the bed. To his surprise, he felt feather-light touches at his shirt front and waist. Ann was undressing him.

While he stroked her stomach and moved upwards to take both of her fleshy tits in hand, his s****r managed to remove all of his clothes. Both were naked by the time Eddie gripped Ann's conical tit~. and began to stroke upward to the ruddy areolas.

Ann moaned and shoved her body against his when the teenager started pressing his thumbs down into the girl's nipples-hard. Eddie felt the mushroomlike pebbles• harden with lust for him before he tried to push them completely down into the soft, marshmallowy flesh of the boob. Ann seemed to get off on this in a big way,
She broke off their kiss and whispered in his ear, '"Give it to me
long! Make love to me! I need you so badly!"
Eddie knew the full extent of her passion when she began to tongue and lightly nibble at ibis ear. The wet, rough tongue plunged into his ear, exciting him more than he could ever remember. The motion of Ann's feathery touches along his body made his cock strain and threaten to explode in mad eruption at any instant,
When Ann took his prick in hand and began to gently push and pull the skin along the shaft, Eddie almost came. He restrained the wild urge to blast out his cum all over his s****r's slightly domed belly. It took all the will power he could summon to quiet his raging loins. In a few seconds, he could enjoy the warmth of Ann's fingers on his dick knowing he wasn't going to spew out his jizz.

The warmth expanded from his eight-inch prong into his balls. The hairy sac dangling under his mighty dick began to collapse into a tight, hard sphere. Then the warmth spread into his guts. His belly flared and lightning shot up and down his spine. The carnal delight promised him made Eddie vow to give Ann as much pleasure as she was giving him.

Eddie began to rotate the blobs of tit flesh he held imprisoned under his hands. The left jug he moved in a clockwise pattern, the right he moved counterclockwise. Ann groaned again and pushed her body firmly against his.

She was getting off on his fondling in a big way. Ann felt jabs of unadulterated joy lance down into her chest every time Eddie made a complete circle with her jugs. The odd feeling that he might rip her boobs off coupled with the erotic stimulation he was. giving her nipples made the
girl's twat begin to water.

Her cunt started to flow out its passions. The hungry, yearning feeling inside her belly demanded long hard cock to satisfy it. She wanted Eddie to flack her as fast and powerfully as he could. And with the eight-inch dong she clutched so feverishly in her hand, Ann knew that Eddie could do a first-class job!
She told him, "Fuck me, Eddie. I need you inside me. Now!"
To make sure that he knew precisely what she wanted, Ann d****d her left leg over the top of Eddie's right leg. In that position, her cunt was gaping and exposed to the purple-knobbed cock that quivered and shook with ill-suppressed lust for her between her legs. She could feel his dick strain and jerk. The big blue vein on top of his dong stood out in flail-scale relief as she traced curlicue patterns up and down the teenager's thick shaft.

"Do. .. do you really want me to, Ann? After all you've been through tonight?" Eddie had the momentary thought that his s****r's pussy might be too tender or even torn up from her ****. He didn't want to give her any more pain than she'd already had.

"Don't worry about that. Just fuck me, damn you!" Ann needed a cock inside her cunt to drive out the fears that had been created by Lee King. She desperately needed to be fucked.

Eddie was willing to oblige.

He eased his hips forward, feeling his hairy legs slide over Ann's smooth, tender inner thighs. With his s****r's hand guiding his cock, Eddie couldn't miss the pink, scalloped cuntlips. He felt the tip of his prick lightly touch the aroused, bl**d-filled
flaps enough to part them.

A flood of twat juice gushed out and coated his pecker. The oily secretion made hint hot to get his dick inside his sexy s****r's pussy. No longer able to keep his hands on her boobs, Eddie stroked and caressed along Ann's smooth back, tracing out each and every bone in her spine. Tingles of delight spread through her body as he worked down to her tight, rounded asscheeks again.

The teenager took both hunks of ass flesh in his hands and strongly pulled the ~fl to him. Both gasped in unison as Ann slid a bit on the bed and Eddie's long pecker vanished into her cunt.

Eddie's cock was surrounded by the flaming sheath of pussy flesh. Ann's cunt was as tight and hot as any he'd ever felt. She managed to contract her stomach muscles and clamp down on his prick like a velvet-lined vise. The cunt juices squirted out around the mighty plug of cock he'd rammed into her pussy, and dribbled down onto his balls.

The tingly feeling almost made Eddie come. Again, he controlled himself.

He kept telling himself aver and over that Ann deserved the best screwing he could possibly give her. It was his duty.

That it was so much fun for him was an added bonus!
Ann felt as if her cunt was being ripped apart by her b*****r's huge dong. His prick raced along the path that had held their father's cock less than two hours before. But this was a different sensation entirely. Ann had asked Eddie for this fucking; she loved him with an intensity that never ceased to surprise her.

The young girl was soon lost in the carnal
wilderness of a complete and expert fuck. She felt the movement of Eddie's fingers on her ass, clutching and puffing her body to him. Each time his powerful arms moved, her snatch slipped down hard on his cock. She could feel that mighty prick throb and jerk with lust for her as it was buried far up into her aunt.

Then Eddie would move hit hips away and a powerful vacuum would be formed in her twat. The emptiness was unbearable. Ann would moan and cry out for Eddie to stuff his prick hack into her hungry cunt.

And he would.

Inside her juicy cunt, the girl could feel the huge knob perched on top of Eddie's cock expand. She sighed with the pleasure of knowing she was so sexually appealing to him.

Eddie would have laughed if he'd even considered that Ann might not think of herself as beautiful. Those melon-sized boobs, with the bright, cherried nipples that poked so hard and firm into his chest, were a real turn on and her trim, slender body!
Everything was great! Feeling her silky thigh rub against his muscular one made Eddie's cock harder than he'd ever considered possible. He enjoyed watching chicks walk,' enjoyed seeing their trim, white legs flash back and forth. The, many times he had lusted after Ann were too numerous to count. She had ~the most seductive legs and thighs he'd ever seen.

And he~ always was a sucker for blondes.

To be flicking into her grasping, blast furnace of cunt was a dream come true. Eddie shoved forward
into Ann's pussy. A shudder of carnal delight raced throughout his body. He shivered and quaked in response to the wet, slurpy clutching around his rigid cock.

Eddie maneuvered his powerful fingers into the humid crease between Ann's asscheeks. His fingers discovered the sweat-moist flesh at the base of the canyon. The teenager slowly moved along the bottom of the deep cleft until he found Ann's puckered little asshole.

Eddie wiggled his finger around the bung a few times until he felt the tense, tight muscle begin to relax. As Ann's little brownie loosened, Eddie jammed his finger up her ass.

Ann's entire body was seized in a convulsive shudder. The sudden penetration of her bung by Eddie's finger activated nerves throughout her innards. The big, filled feeling inside her cunt when Eddie's pecker was shoved into her hole was stupendous. But this was something new and different for her.

It was undeniably erotic. And it felt great!
"Oh, Eddie, that's soooo gooood! But don't stop flicking me. My poor little pussy needs your big cock!" Ann wiggled her ass as seductively as she could to let her b*****r know that she appreciated the attentions he was giving her.

As Ann twitched, Eddie thought his prick would be ripped from his groin. Ann clamped down with all the might of her stomach muscles and seemed to weld his cock in place as she moved around. The movement rekindled the flames of lust in his balls. The sperm tapped in his balls began to boil and chum. The creamy flood demanded instant release.

Eddie fought back the tidal wave of his passion
again. Soon, the burning sensation died down in his nuts and he could continue with the slow, methodical fucking he was giving to Ann.

Eddie began to move his finger in and out of his s****r's asshole. He could cram his finger in all the way up to his knuckle's he was pulling his prick out of her cunt. Then, as he fucked as hard as he could into her seething pussy, the youth would slowly,; agonizingly pull his finger from her tight

The combined action was driving Ann into a frenzy of sexual arousal.

Eddie changed his tactics. He began to shove both his finger and prick into his s****r's body at• the same time. And he made an amazing discovery. He could actually feel his dick through the delicate inner membranes separating Ann's cunt and asshole.

Using his finger while he was buried balls deep up Ann's cunt, Eddie began to stroke his cock. He felt the rubbery tissue-that separated his finger and pecker; he also could fully stimulate the sensitive underside of his own rod.

He began to groan and knew that his own climax was going to pounce on him unless he stopped. But it felt so damn good!
He was surrounded by a hot, willing and completely wanton woman-his s****r! He was flicking her more expertly than he had ever considered possible-keeping it up was easy with so gorgeous a bed partner. And Eddie was being flicked as expertly in return!
Ann sensed that her b*****r was having problems holding back his orgasm. She sighed and abandoned herself to the feelings flooding through
her slender body. She was racked with the ultimate pleasure she could imagine.

Inside her snatch was a hard, throbbing and vibrant cock. It stroked back and forth along her cunt, creating the most intense friction she could possibly imagine. Eddie's prick was long very long, and he was giving her every single inch of it he could. He slammed forward with all the strength in his body. Ann's soft cuntlips were spread wide apart to take the surging cock, and finally rested on his hairy balls. Through the most delicate of all her membrane, Ann could feel the tumbling and boiling of Eddie's cum trapped in his nuts.

His strong arms pressed firmly into her waist and made her feel secure and wanted. But his finger up her ass was driving her wild with sexual frenzy.

Every time he wiggled his finger inside her bung, electrical surges volted through her body and exploded with wild fury in her brain. Her cunt seemed like it was on fire. Her belly crawled with millions of fire ants. Her entire body was surrounded, filled, fucked.

Eddie picked up the tempo of his flicking. He thrust hard and fast into Ann's convulsing flick-hole. He felt the walls of her cunt collapse round him, crushing his prick. The heated juices squirted out of her tiny cunt and seemed to sear at his pounding crotch.

Eddie knew that he was last when his cock began to expand as added bl**d pumped into the knob. He felt his prick grow as the hot cock
creamed the insides of Ann's cunt with his jizz for what seemed hours.

Locked together, they rocked back and forth in mutual orgasm.

The powerful grip that seized both of them soon relaxed. The b*****r and s****r fell back on the bed, drenched in sweat and completely exhausted from their strenuous flick.

Eddie spoke first. "You re a helluva good lay, Ann.

I've always wondered what it would be like to nail you. Now I know."
"The same goes for me, Eddie. You've always been more than just a big b*****r to me. You're everything I've wanted in a man. It's really weird that I had to be ****d by. . . by him . . . before we could get it on together."
Ann fell silent after she mentioned the **** by Lee King. Eddie knew that had been a shock for her. And this i****tuous fuck had been something of a shock for him.

His mind raced, trying to figure out how to accept all that happened. Screwing his own s****r was supposed to be wrong. And yet, it didn't seem wrong. They'd, both enjoyed the flick immensely. Could anything that felt so goddamn good really be wrong?
And hadn't Ann needed this lovemaking? Hadn't she wanted it to take her mind off the brutal **** of her and her mother earlier in the evening? Wasn't he just doing his b*****rly duty to his younger s****r?
Eddie wasn't sure. He glanced over at Ann. She had drifted off to sl**p but her hand remained firmly clutched around his deflating cock. In the dim light, she was like an angel. Her tits were
highlighted and the nipples seemed to have a life of their own as the girl breathed. Her trim stomach rose and fell with each breath. And her lovely, slender legs were stretched out alongside his body.

Eddie knew that what they'd just done wasn't wrong. Anything that great couldn't have been wrong.

With that thought firmly embedded in his mind, Eddie went to sl**p.


Joanne awoke from her d**g-dazed sl**p. The world seemed a bit fuzzy to her. She had trouble remembering, all the things that had happened to her the previous night.

Slowly, the memories came back. She shivered in recollection of the brutality Lee had shown her. Joanne almost started to cum when she was able to remember what that bastard ~had done to Arm, their very own daughter.

It was terrible enough that Lee had decided to do what, he had to her. But to take his d***ken rage out on his own flesh and bl**d was something that Joanne knew she could never forgive him for as long as she lived.

That thought triggered another in her mind. Was Lee still alive? The vague picture of him lying in a pool of his own bl**d, the side of his head caved
in, came to her in a flash.

Lee and Eddie had fought. Lee had slipped and bashed his head in on the same kitchen table he had ****d Ann on. The justice seemed fitting to die woman. But she couldn't smile at it. Joanne wondered how Lee was doing whatever else, he was still her husband.

Joanne rose and slipped into her clothing. She prowled around the house for a few minutes, not bothering to open Ant's bedroom to check on her daughter. The girl was made of stern stuff; she could cope. It never occurred to Joanne that Eddie might be in the same bed as his s****r.

Joanne picked up her car keys and purse. It took only a few minutes to get the car started and aimed in the direction of Corinth General Hospital, the only place Lee could have been taken. The woman didn't remember what had really happened last night. She assumed a lot. All that the beaten and battered woman could b~ certain of was that Lee had been in a bad way, worse than he'd left her.

Joanne King pulled into the parking lot of the hospital and Was immediately confronted by the overstarched, white-clad receptionist behind the main desk in the lobby.

"What can I do for you?" The tone used was one of boredom and not a little contempt for the woman with the hastily put on dress and messy hair.

"I...uh, my husband... Lee King. Yes, my husband was brought in last night and I was wondering how he was..."
The receptionist flipped through a small card index, then put a disgusted• look on her face. Her lips curled back in a half-sneer as she said, "He's in critical condition. We really need a full folio on
him. Insurance company, financial statements, place of employment, everything. Go down the hail and turn left and ask for the head of administration."
"But how is Lee?" Joanne had to know.

"I couldn't say. No one will be able to until you've filled out all the proper forms. Down the hail and to the left." The woman managed to dismiss Joanne with a simple toss of her head.

Joanne walked like a ~zombie to the administration office. She answered questions, filled out forms and signed releases until she had no conception at all of what she was doing.

The bemused woman remembered hearing a secretary say, "Ward three and ask for Dr. Parley."
Joanne somehow found Dr~ Parley, a youngish man about twenty-four and sandy-haired. He seemed to have a tired look about him. But that tiredness quickly vanished as he watched Joanne approach him. His eyes drank hi her every contour, the way she walked, the wiggle of her ass, the to and fro swaying of her braless fits. And even her unkempt ~hair couldn't hide the beauty of her face or the luster of her golden locks.

Parley knew a good thing when he saw it. And Joanne was about the best-looking broad he'd come across since he'd started to work at Corinth General.

"Dr. Farley?" Joanne finally picked out the nametag on the doctor's shirt pocket.

"Sure am. What can I do for you?" Dr. Parley slipped the clipboard he was carrying under one arm and hooked his fingers through his belt, his fingers pointing downwards.

"Lee King was admitted last night, and the people down in admitting told me to ask you...uh..." Joanne's voice trailed off. All of this was so confusing to her.

Fancy sensed how shaken Joanne was and immediately said, "Why don't we just step into the lounge here and talk about it?" There was a gleam in his eye that Joanne missed completely.

They seated themselves on the slick, cold orange vinyl chairs of the waiting room. Joanne waited for Dr. Parley to speak.

Finally, he cleared his throat, his eyes never leaving the swell of Joanne's boobs. "Your husband, I assume it is your husband, yes, well, your husband is iii very serious condition. His temple was crushed by the blow and certain membrane in his brain had been ruptured. To make a long story short-and cutting out all the medical jargon-he's bleeding into his brain. Right now he's in a c*** and unless a very delicate operation is performed within the next forty-eight hours, he'll die. And it won't be pleasant," Dr. Fancy added, with some gusto.

"Is there anyone who can do the operation here in Corinth?"
Parley smoothed his starched shirt and straightened slightly. "Of course, my dear, of course. I've done considerable reading on this and-"
"Then you could do the operation?" Joanne wasn't suit if she w~ elated or dejected. She had begun to despise Lee, and letting him die would be an easy way out. But he was still her husband, for better or for worse, as the marriage vow went.

"Well, let's say it's within my capabilities, but
you realize that skilled surgeons don't come cheap. The operation will cost you close to $50,000. My fee alone would be almost half that."
Farley waited to see what the reaction would be. He smiled slightly at the shocked look on Joanne's face.

She turned white as a sheet as she said, "I don't have that kind of money . . . and we don't have any hospitalization, either."
Farley almost rubbed his hands together in glee. He had another pigeon on the hook!
"Well, my dear, I might be persuaded to do the operation for other considerations. You realize that I spend a lot of time here and what good's all that money really going to do me? Uncle Sugar's just take it in taxes. How about a little trade?"
The way he said it left little doubt as to his meaning.

Joanne 'King recoiled slightly from the young doctor. "Are you suggesting that we..." Her voice trailed off in disbelief. Then she began to consider what was at stake. There was no way she could afford Lee's operation. And he'd die if she didn't do something quick.

And here was a horny and not too bad-looking doctor offering her the operation in return for putting out.

"You'd cancel all of your fee?" she asked incredulously. It seemed too good to be true. And it was.

"Hardly, my dear, hardly. I may be horny, but I've got to eat. I'll do the operation for two grand instead of twenty-five. You've got to admit that's a damn good deal.- As to the other doctors, you'll have to work it out with them."

Joanne's voice was timid, meek. "All right. I'll do it. For Lee." She couldn't imagine why she'd be willing to sell her body, even to this good-looking young doctor for her husband, but she was going to just the same. Duty was her only excuse.

"Excellent! Now, Joanne, if I can call you that, let's go to a more secluded spot." Parley was rubbing his hands together now in undisguised anticipation of fucking this lovely woman.

He firmly took her arm and guided her down one of the white sterile hallways, peering into one worn after another until he found one that was empty. Parley held the door open and Joanne hesitantly went in.

The room was empty except for a single hospital bed.

Parley began unbuttoning his tunic as he said, "No one'll bother us. As long as you don't press the call buzzer!" He laughed at his own little joke as he stripped off his tunic and stepped out of his trousers.

Joanne watched in mute fascination. Parley was a pretty well-hung stud. She had to admit that. And his prick was not-so-slowly elevating itself into an iron-hard, throbbing rod.

"Don't just stand there, Joanne. Strip!" The snap of command cut into Joanne's brain like a. scalpel. She began to unbutton the front of her dress.

She could hear Farley licking his lips with ill-suppressed lust when he saw her mountainous tits tumble out from their fabric prison. In spite of herself, the sight of Parley's steely prick with its purple plum of a knob gleaming wickedly at her made her hot, uncomfortable. She felt herself
growing wet in the crotch. And her nipples began to expand with the added bl**d that pumped wildly from her heart.

In seconds, her nipples were erect and pointing fingers of lust that did nothing but add to Fancy's already huge lust for her.

The young doctor did nothing but wait until Joanne had completely shed her dress. Naked, she stood before him.

"Turn around," he ordered. "I want to take a good look at you.~~
Joanne obeyed without question. If this guy was willing to give up over twenty grand just to fuck her, she'd give him any kind of a show he wanted. The thought still dulled her mind; who would blow that kind of bread for a simple balling?
Farley sat on the edge of the hard bed and ogled the lovely woman. Joanne may have been approaching middle age, she didn't have any of the age lines or baggy skin flaps that so often marked entry into that era of life. Her skin was radiant, taut and creamy white except for the red mars on her body that Lee had inflicted the night before. Farley didn't seem to notice those.

His eyes were too eagerly drinking in the beauty of Joanne's high, firm jugs. As she slowly turned, they swung to and fro in the mast provocative manner possible. The ruddy areolas with the fiery-red nipples thrusting up in their centers traced out invisible figure eights in the air in front of her body.

Those snowy cones could have held Farley's attention all day long. He relished boobs like few men ever could. He loved the symmetry, the way those fits seemed to beg to be- sucked, gnawed on,

But he f***ed himself to lower his gaze. Fancy wanted to take in as much of his gorgeous broad as he could. He wanted to drink in the full beauty of her body, then fuck the hell out of her!
Joanne's waist was trim, narrow. Not a single extra inch or ounce of flab to be seen. The deep depression of her belly button seemed to call out to the sex-crazed doctor, but when he saw the golden mat of her muff, all thoughts of her slightly domed stomach died.

That tiny triangle of fleecy pussy hair seemed to point down to Joanne's snatch like a road sign. Parley's eyes followed to that forbidden area between the woman's creamy thighs. His mouth began to water like a gourmet seated before a succulent meal.

But Parley's meal was far more succulent, tastier, more satisfying
He knew then and there that he'd fuck Joanne until his cock fell off from overuse!
"Okay, baby, enough of the burly show. Get your ass over here and on the bed."
Joanne was still hesitant about selling her body like this. And yet, what whore had ever been offered so much for a balling? And for such a worthy reason?
"Anything you say, Dr. Parley." Joanne didn't miss the purplish plum that seemed to grow and expand with every beat of the man's heart. The doctor's cock was huge and pawing larger with passion every instant. It seemed like a good thing to the woman to try to string Parley out as long as she could. If she gave him a ride he'd remember for a long time, he might forget about the cost of the operation.

"Call me Chuck." Parley reached out and gently stroked Joanne's flanks. The smooth, slightly sweaty skin under his strong hands trembled.

When he gripped her boobs and began to massage and squeeze, the erectile nubbins of nipple sprang to attention. The tiny buttons hardened even more and begged to be popped into his mouth..

Parley was only a man. He couldn't resist such tasty treats. With the eagerness of a man starved for weeks, he greedily stuffed one of Joanne's jugs into his mouth. The sheer size of the tit made -it impossible for him to get the entire pilowy mound into his mouth, but he tried. Damn, did he try!
Joanne's jug was simply too large to completely fit into his mouth. Farley's teeth gouged red furrows into the slopes of Joanne's Ut until she squealed with gee. The feelings lancing down into her chest were indescribable. A white-hot poker of delight burned into her body. Her nerve endings seemed to spring alive with lust for this young doctor. She realized that the way he was gnawing and twisting her boobs, she'd soon be begging him for more.

More, ever more. And then she'd be pleading with him to fuck her. To stuff his huge cock into her fuck-hole. She could feel the entire area around her cunt frothing and boiling with her juices. Joanne was turning on and she couldn't help herself. She tried to convince herself that this was for Lee, that this prostitution was necessary.

But her body told her differently. Her body was exalting in the wonderful carnality of getting laid. She needed anyone to fuck her. It would erase some
of the hurt that Lee had put on her the night before.

Parley's tongue lashed out and stabbed into the pebble-hard nipple he had sucked into his mouth. It drove Joanne wild. She gasped and began to thrash about on the hard bed.

The woman moaned out her passions. "Please fuck me, oh, please! I need your cock in me, Chuck! FUCK ME! PLEASE!"
The doctor would have smiled if he hadn't had his mouth occupied with Joanne's left tit. He didn't want to stop sucking or tonguing that luscious mound of flesh. All he wanted was to taste Joanne like a connoisseur sampling a fine wine.

The woman's body had begun to sweat under the carnal assaults of Parley's tongue. The man lapped up the briny mixture with a relish one usually reserved for a favorite dessert. His tongue raced round and round the tiny lust button on the top of Joanne's boob. The woman squealed and wiggled and shrieked. Still Farley continued to suck and run his tongue across the bumpy plane that surrounded her nipple.

With a lightning-quick thrust of his tongue, Farley tried to push the nipple completely down into the soft, doughy mound of her Ut. At the same time, he closed his jaws slightly and bit into Joanne's boob. The combined action 6f his tongue on her nipple and the teeth on the sensitive flesh of her conical jug made Joanne arch her back.

"Puck me, damn you, flick me!" she cried over and over as passions locked inside her voluptuous body were unlocked. And the key to that unlocking was Chuck Parley's tongue, that dextrous, agile tongue that lavished carnal care all
over her boobs.

Gnawing and tonguing a tit wasn't enough for the young doctor. He allowed his hands to roam Joanne's body, searching out the most provocative places he could find. His hands lingered for a moment on her belly. He felt the heaving, tossing action of her stomach muscles and knew it would be paradise once he got inside her cunt. Those muscles had been trained to grip and hold a man's prick with vise-lock f***e. He diddled for a couple seconds with that sexy belly button before sliding his hand lower to the mat of silky pussy hair.

The soft hair that he ground under his hand was already wet with Joanne's cunt juices. Parley didn't have to be told that Joanne desperately wanted him to shove 'his massive cock all the way up her steaming, hungry cunt. The wetness in her crotch was enough to spur him on.

His fingers were soon coated with the woman's slick, oily secretions. lie began stroking back and forth across Joanne's gash. He could feel the tiny pulsing in her cuntlips each time her heart throbbed a wild beat, a wild beat of uncontrollable lust for him.

He spread the pussylips slightly, feeling the delicate tissues lurking just inside the woman's cunt. Joanne's entire body WAS filled with electric surges when Parley lightly caressed her bloated labes.

The pinkly scalloped, delicate inner lips were the key to much of her sexual sensations.. Fireworks exploded in her brain. Her breathing became tortured and she could only gasp in air with small, shuddery gulps. How desperately she wanted. to scream out, "Fuck me! Fuck me!" but she

'Her voice had left her. She was totally seized with passion and was unable to do more than sigh and groan in sheer pleasure at the feelings blasting into her body. The warmth of Farley's hard, yet oddly gentle hand soothed her-and drove her to the heights of arousal. The tiny tendrils of warmth that had trickled down into her belly when his hand rested on her stomach suddenly turned to flaming arrows shot into her cunt as he diddled with her flick-hole.

Joanne wiggled and twisted on the bed in an attempt to get more of Parley's hand into her cunt. Just the first knuckle of his index finger didn't make it. She wanted more.

She wanted his cock!
As if sensing what he was doing to the woman, Farley perversely refused to speed up his fondling. He made a slow circuit around her fur-rimmed cunt, then went back and dabbled her cunt juice all over the now erect and straining spire of Joanne's cit. Farley looped his index finger around Joanne's passion-bud and stroked.

He started at the base of her cit. As he slowly worked up its tiny length, he tightened his grip. Joanne was driven into a wild sexual frenzy.

She bucked and thrashed and shoved her hips upward as hard as she could. Joanne needed more of this. She wanted the utmost of stimulation. She wanted to be fucked.

As she was choking out the words she had tried to say before, orgasm seized her in its granite grip. The ice and iron of complete climax ravaged her body, r****g her senses. The world was blotted out as her body seemed to be set on fire with napalm.


As Joanne's orgasm died down, she felt Farley's questing fingers run back along her perineum. That sensitive section of skin between her asshole and cunt burned like it had been dipped into a vat of acid. The lightest touch was agony-and joy.

When Farley. crammed his finger into her asshole, Joanne came again. The feeling of that digit fucking in and out of her bung triggered another set of sensations in her body.. She felt as if a six-inch railroad spike had been thrust into her ass.

As this climax abated, Joanne -vaguely heard Farley mutter, "Go on, baby, spread those lovely white thighs. I want to get in and give you the fucking of your life.

The automatic response was to spread her legs as wide as she possibly could. Joanne wanted nothing else at the moment except to be fucked by the
doctor. The sides of her leg pressed firmly into the hard surface of the bed, she lifted her butt off the bed enough for Parley's massive cock to surge into her dribbling omit.

Joanne thought she would pass out from the shock of his entry.. Her cunt was still sensitive from the previous night's ****. But there was no denying the fact that Fancy was one hell of a stud. He was hung and his cock was huge.

The woman felt as if her cunt were being ripped apart. She could feel the broad crown of Parley's cock racing up her flack tunnel. The pulsing, jerking rod excited her as it rammed home and the man's balls slapped wetly against her ass. Fully inside her, his cock twitched and wiggled with a life of its own.

The stimulation Joanne got was indescribably erotic. She could even feel the thick blue vein standing out on the top of the doctor's prick. But most of all, she could feel the slow back and forth motion Parley had started.

It wasn't a true flicking rhythm. Not yet.

This was more subtle. Her cunt walls could sense
it. Joanne's brain could register the tiny motions, round and round, back and forth. But it wasn't the MI-f***e, all-out flicking she so badly needed.

This was teasing her. It was giving her an idea of what was to come.

Parley was playing with her like he might sonic living, breathing, screwing toy.

"Ready for me to really fuck you?" the doctor gasped out. His own passions had driven him to the point where he had to get off soon. But he wasn't willing to stop his little game with her until the last possible moment. Farley loved to hear his women
beg him for his cock. It added spice to the game, made him feel good deep down inside if he knew they desperately wanted him.

"Yeeees, damn you, yes! Puck me!"
"You asked for it, baby!"
With those words, the tiny, featherlike motions ceased. Farley began to stoke in and out of Joanne's fiery cunt with mighty, pistonlike moves. Each time his prick, slipped out of her snatch, a lewd sucking noise- could be heard throughout the room. The slurping noise added stimulus to the act.

Parley could feel the suction on his dick as he tried to pull out of her hole. Joanne's cunt seemed to collapse around his prick. She didn't want him to ever leave that snug, warm berth. The suction he created by retreating tried to pull his guts' put through the end of his cock. The warmth of the woman's cunt seeped into his dick and funneled the heat all the way to his straining balls. And the smacking noise of his wet withdrawal added spice to the fucking.

But it was ramming his dong into Joanne s wanton <cunt as hard as he could that delighted Parley. This was where it was at. This was the purpose of a man having a cock and a woman having a cunt.


Wild, uninhibited fucking.

Joanne knew every time the man shoved his massive dong into her snatch. The nerves up and down her cunt walls screamed with joy. The friction burned and soared at her innards. She felt more alive than she'd ever felt before. This was living. This was what it was all about.

She was enjoying getting fucked!

No matter that she was being turned into a whore. No matter that she was doing this against her on will for a husband she no longer loved. The sheer physical act of screwing was all that truly mattered to her. Parley was a cockaman of nrc ability. He knew how best to turn her on and keep her humming with sexual energy.

And his flicking in and out of her cunt made her burn with desire for him. Joanne bucked up to meet his every forward thrust. She felt his prick smash through her twat, ignite fires of passion deep inside her cunt. Her spine began to tingle, then flare with the messages of delight that blasted into her brain.

Joanne came again.

Fancy continued to fuck even when the convulsing waves of orgasm hit Joanne's cunt. The pussy walls clamped down on his driving dong with demonic fury. But he loved every second of this sweet torture. He reveled in the sensuous feeling of having his prong smashed flat by the powerful muscles in this woman's flick-hole.

The cunt juice that dribbled out of Joanne's pussy around the fleshy plug of Fancy's cock made a giant wet spot on the bed sheets. But neither of them gave a damn.

All that mattered was the supreme feelings flooding their bodies. Parley's balls hardened, then began to churn and roil with overheated sperm.

With a low grunt, Farley came. His cum blasted out and creamed the walls of Joanne's cunt with the fury of a berserk firehose. He spurted gallon after gallon of his seed into her yearning, hungry pussy. And, she took every bit of it and demanded

Parley felt his pumping cock tire, then falter. He was exhausted, drained. He'd had a great ride on this sexy woman. He couldn't really put that down. But he was greedy. He wanted. more.

The doctor straightened himself up on his arms and gazed down at the radiant, glowing face of Joanne. Funny, the doctor thought, how a broad seemed to shine after getting a damn good• fucking.

As he watched hers his cock began to deflate and soon dribbled out of Joanne's cunt amid a flow of cum and cunt juice. It didn't take a genius to know that the chick was still hot to trot.

And Farley wasn't the kind of guy who'd ever pass up an opportunity like this!
"All right, baby, on your knees and - start licking!"
Joanne's eyes fluttered open and it took a couple seconds for her to focus properly.

"What? What's that?"
"You heard me. On your knees and lick my cock off. It's got all of your slime on it. And it should be cleaned off."
Joanne looked down to the limp snake of a prick that dangled between Farley's hairy legs. His dick was coated with cum and the viscous juice of her lust.

But to lick it off?
"Is this part of the deal? I mean, me licking off all that stuff? Or do I get more of a discount on your bill?"
"Hell, lady, you drive a hard bargain. So, okay, I'll do this as a charity gig. Now lick!"
Joanne slithered off the bed %and. knelt between the doctor's legs. Hesitantly rat first, then with increasing Leourage, she licked- and kissed at the
limp prong that had just emptied into her cunt.

The acrid taste instantly assailed her taste buds. As she dragged her tongue over the slippery cock, she tasted not only Parley's cunt but her own cunt juices as well. She had to admit the taste wasn't all that bad.

As soon as she discovered that this meaty popsicle could actually taste good, she began licking and sucking with renewed fervor. Soon, she had Parley gasping with pleasure. Joanne ran her tongue up and down the flaccid rod until she felt the vague rumblings deep inside of another hard-on.

It was a surprise to both of them when the man's cock began to grow and harden after only a few minutes of expert sucking. By this time, all of his cum and Joanne's pussy oils had been licked off. And Joanne was able to luxuriate in nothing but the taste of an aroused male prick.

Farley felt the familiar embers in his balls burst into flame once again. It was amazing how quickly he had gotten his hard-on back. He'd fucked one of the tightest, hottest chicks he'd ever found. Now, he was getting head from her-and his cock was as hard and rigid as ever!
It was paradise.

Parley muttered, "Keep on sucking, keep on sucking. You're making it feel so damn goood!"
Joanne's lips curled upwards slightly in a smile. She'd get that operation done for nothing. And enjoy the barter!
Her tongue swirled around the crown of Parley's prick, not missing a single square inch of meaf She played with the sensitive flap of skin just under the cockhead, then tried to shove her tongue down the
tiny pin-prick hole at the end of his rod. She knew that she couldn't possibly get her pink, dextrous tongue down that tiny cum-slit, but it didn't matter.

The stimulation they both got out of the blowjob was all that mattered.

When she had. Farley continually gasping in reaction at her oral acrobatics on the knob of his dick, she began moving her mouth down his shaft. Joanne lightly nipped and teased the skin until it was so taut and tight along Farley's cock that it was impossible for her to use her teeth without injuring the doctor.

When she got to his hairy balls, she found them tightly compressed. Her tongue flashed out and lavished feathery touches all around the tiny sac containing Farley's precious jewels.

Farley was wild with desire by now. The wet, roughness ~all up and down his prick was great, but when Joanne began tonguing his balls, he almost came. The young doctor managed to restrain himself for a few minutes, but knew it was only a matter of time before he blasted out another load of his fiery cum.

"Damn, but you can give good head!" he mumbled between compressed. lips. And he meant
it. He'd pulled this trip on any number of willing chicks, but Joanne was the first to get his dick this hard so fast after the frenetic fucking they'd just enjoyed.

Joanne's hot breath rustled through the forest of his crotch hair and stimulated the man even more. He was lost in a paradise of sheer carnal sensations.

Sooner than Farley had anticipated or wanted, he came again. His prick stiffened even more and
then spurted out three or four huge gobs of flick juice.

Joanne eagerly licked each and every drop up as it emerged from the tip of his dick. The slithery, rough wetness playing across the tip of his dick heightened .Farley's orgasm. The rigid clamp on all of his muscles soon passed and he fell back on the bed, exhausted.

This was the first time in more years than he cared to remember that a broad had worn him out. He knew it would have been impossible to get a hard-on again for a third try, no matter how much he wanted it. Joanne was hell on wheels either flicking or giving a blowjob.

"Well, how was it?" Joanne demanded.

"I've had enough, thank you. You're damn good with that tongue. And you got one of the tightest cunts I've ever felt. Your husband was a hicky dude."
Parley began puffing on his hospital garb.

As he fastened the last button on his tunic, Joanne asked, "Then you will do the operation for nothing?"
Parley looked at the woman, an evil leer on his lips. "Lady, I'm only an intern in this place. Your husband's be deader than a doornail then seconds after I put a knife to him. And I don't know diddly shit about brain operations. They just had me doing some of the preliminary tests to see what was wrong with him-part of my training as a doctor."
Joanne felt as if someone had hit her in the stomach with a fifteen-pound sledgehammer.

'... you mean that you're not the one who'd do the operation? That all of this was a
"Lady, if I talked real sweet, to the administrators, they might let me watch the operation-from another room. But touch a scalpel during the operation? No way!"
Farley began to laugh loudly as he walked to the door. He paused, turned and looked back at the half-clad Joanne.

With a smug look on his face, he told her, "You might be able to work out some kind of deal with old man Whittsker. He'd be the one doing the operation. But I doubt it. He's sixty-five years old and hasn't thought about anything as great as flicking in a dozen years."
Joanne listened to the door whoosh shut and waited until the soft footsteps of the intern had receded to the point where she couldn't hear them any longer before she started to cry.

She'd just been screwed-in more ways than one. And she wasn't any better off for it than when she'd started.


Joanne was still drying the tears running down her face when Eddie met her at the front door.

He demanded, "Mom! What's wrong? What happened?" He both hoped and feared that his father had died. He didn't care for the bastard in the least, but he didn't want to see his mother put through unnecessary sorrow, either.

"Eddie! It was horrible! he. . . he made me do all sorts of terrible things!" In a flurry of words, Joanne explained what Parley had done, what he had made her do.

Eddie seethed but knew there WSS little he could do about it Thoughts of waiting oUtside the hospital and stomping the hell out of the lying and lecherous intern craned his mind, but what good would that really do? The damage had been done.

"What do you want mc to do, Mom? I can go
and file some kind of a report with the cops. But you know that'1l be a waste of time. They never even bother checking up on stories like this. Besides, you did sort of agree to things before they got started."
Joanne was miserable. If she'd only checked to be sure that Farley was the doctor assigned to the case. But in her shock and confusion, such things were so distant. And Farley had taken advantage of her by proclaiming himself to be in charge. Who would ever think a doctor would lie about something like that for his own ends?
Eddie knew that doctors were human just like anyone else, but he somehow had never imagined them pulling a rotten trick like that on a woman who was too distraught to do anything about it. He had to admit, though, that this was the very type of person most inclined to put out for a horny intern. And he couldn't blame Fancy all that much. The poor guy had probably been working twelve on and twelve off for a long time.

And Joanne was a knockout. Eddie could barely take his eyes off his own mother. The rumblings deep down in his crotch bothered him a little. He, Edward P.S. King, lusting after his own mother!
The thought frightened him a little, and yet why the hell not? Hadn't he already fucked his own s****r? He did admit that screwing his own mother was in a different league altogether. It seemed really kinky, and yet...

Joanne looked so much like Ann it was painful. Doubly so when Eddie felt the bulge in his jeans begin to grow. No, he couldn't really blame Farley for wanting to fuck Joanne King. Not at all, especially since that was the very thing he was
thinking himself.

Trying to take his mind off his mother's firm, well-formed body and the u*********s way she wiggled her ass when she moved, Eddie said, "I think it's about time we had a little talk. About... him." Eddie still couldn't bring himself around to calling Lee his father, even if it were true.

"What do we really have to talk about? Lee needs the operation. And that fifty-thousand-dollar figure seems to be right. I managed to check up on it before I left the hospital. I talked with the surgeon who was really in charge, and Dr. Gross said that fifty grand was even a low estimate."
"That's what I mean, Mom. Is it worth the money to even try and save him?" Eddie's own answer was an emphatic "NO!" but he had to jet his mother to agree. After all, it was her husband whose life was hanging in the balance.

"I don't know, Eddie. What do you think? You're the man in the f****y now and you should have some say-so." Joanne was desperately looking for someone to make the hard decision far her. And Eddie was the only man around she could turn to.

Eddie thought for a few seconds before answering. J'I don't believe we can handle it. First of all, where'd we get the money? Lee's already got a second mortgage on the house. If you sold everything we might just about break even. Maybe. And my job's enough to support me but not a bunch of bills in addition to just staying in food and keeping a roof over our heads.

"Ann's job is only part-time. You can't really expect her yo
work full time just to pay off a huge hospital bill. Not after what Lee's done to her.

"But we just can't let him die!"
"Why not?" came the only words, the words that rang of truth.

"He's your father! He's my husband, that's why!"
"I say he stopped being my father a long time ago. And the night he ****d you and Ann. . . I think he stopped being anything at all to us then."
"But to let any human being just die without trying to save them is a sin!" Joanne protested.

"Can you save all the starving c***dren of the world? Do you even want to try if it were possible? They'd just breed and make the next population even larger and harder to feed. The same thing works here. If Lee's saved, will things be any better or will he get worse, drink more and make life a living hell for us? For you?"
Joanne fell silent.

"Face it, Mom, we got to look after ourselves. And did the doctor say what the chances were for complete recovery? What happens if we spend the money for the operation and Lee dies anyway? We're out the bread and all we have is the dubious satisfaction of frying to save him and a pile of bills we'll never be able to pay off."
Joanne mutely nodded her head in agreement.

"Or consider a case that's even worse. What happens if the operation saves his life and he's turned; into a vegetable. That's got to be a possible outcome. Would you like to tend a man who'd been turned into a giant vegetable the rest of your life? Or put him in a nursing home that would add to the financial burdens?!'

'All I can say, Eddie, is that he's your father." She added in a lower voice, "And my husband."
"That's true, but does he even deserve the chance to live after what he's done?"
"You can't be judge, jury and executioner!" Joanne snapped.

"Why the hell not?" Eddie retorted. "Wasn't he doing just that when I came in last night? Is he any better than we are? And he was doing everything from sheer malice. He hates our guts or he wouldn't have done any of those rotten things to you, then ****d Ann while you were f***ed to watch. The man's not even fit to be called human. He's an a****l. I don't know, maybe turning him into a vegetable is an improvement. Vegetables don't hurt anyone."
Eddie had had his say and lapsed back into silence. His eyes never left his mother. She had plopped down into a huge chair. Sometime during the heated argument, the top two buttons of her dress had come undone. The tantalizing glimpses Eddie was being given of her boobs made his prick begin to stir and stiffen again. He tried to keep his mind off the mounds of flesh that were partially revealed to him.

It was a losing battle. Every time Joanne moved, she exposed a different section of her trim, firm boobs. Boobs that didn't need the cloth prison of a bra. Few women were able to go without a bra; Joanne was one. Eddie marveled at the firmness that allowed her tits to sway gently back and forth but never sag.

The nipples prodded firmly outward against the fabric of her simple dress and further aroused the youth. He wondered if his mother noticed the
tenting of his jeans. His crotch began to burn with lust.

Eddie tried to restrain himself. Screwing Ann was one thing. She may have been his s****r, but they were always close. It seemed natural. But flicking his own mother? That had to remain some fantasy that lurked in the back of his mind. It simply had to stay hidden.

Joanne slumped back into the chair and stretched her legs out in front of her. Eddie's cock did another flip-flop in reaction to the sight. Those legs! Slender calves, well-formed legs and the thighs that disappeared up under the short hemline really turned him on.

They were creamy, smooth and appealing thighs. They looked soft, tender. How he wished he could be stroking them, slowly, gently. And then working his way up to the platinum-furred mound that was the gateway into Joanne's cunt.

Eddie wondered if his mother would ever have the same lust for him that he now held for her. He knew he wasn't that bad-looking, but a woman as attractive as his mother wouldn't have any troubles finding a thousand guys her own age willing to call her if she wanted.

Joanne, in spite of being so hung up on Lee, was an independent woman with whom any man could make - long, interesting and incredibly stimulating love..

Eddie was positive about that.

His reverie was shattered by Joanne's low voice. ŕ can't make the decision right now, Eddie. I... I'm still too close to everything. And what happened today at the hospital. I ... oh, hell!"
Joanne suddenly stood and started down the
hallway, crying loudly. Eddie Was on his feet in an instant and clutched his mother to his body. He had to try quieting her down. Being hysterical wouldn't salve any of their problems.

"Hush, Mom, hush. Now just calm down. Cool
it. Everything'll work out okay. Just wait and see." Eddie was surprised and pleased in a perverse
sort of way that his mother's dress had become unbuttoned all the way down the front. Her tits were barely hidden by the thin fabric. Eddie found one of his hands covering her right boob. And she didn't seem to mind at all.

Joanne clutched wildly at Eddie, throwing her arms around his neck. "Please help me, Eddie. I need you so much. I need you so goddamn much you'll never understand it"
Eddie eased her down to the sofa and, before he could fully understand what he was doing, had kissed her full on the lips.

For a brief moment, their lips merely touched. Then, Joanne's lips parted and Eddie's tongue sailed into her mouth. Their tongues began a restless, relentless, even desperate swirling around and around. They touched and caressed, but their tongues did the real job of telling the other how they felt, what they needed.

Eddie's tongue slowly stroked back and forth along the underside of Joanne's. The wet roughness of his tongue seemed to stimulate her. Joanne began to gasp and suck in air in deep, heavy drafts. Eddie could feel her heart begin to pound wildly under the shirt that he had never released from its firm grip under his hand.

Their tongues began to dash in and out of the other's mouth. Soon, the mock fucking had lighted

Eddie's fires to the point where his cock was reaching the breaking point. If it didn't escape the prison of his jeans, he knew his rod would rupture at the seams and spew out cum from the sides instead of the tiny hole drilled in the end of his prick.

As if reading his mind, Joanne reached down and unzipped his fly. Like a switchblade opening, his dong snapped out into the air. The fleshy shaft was immediately grabbed by Joanne. She began stroking up and down the pecker as if it were the nicest thing in the world she'd ever found and she didn't want to ever let it loose again.

Eddie didn't mind. Not at all!
His own hands were busy slipping the dress from Joanne's shoulders. The material got in his way. As their tongues played hide and seek in the carnal playground of their mouths, his hands began to massage and manipulate his mother's tits. Those wondrous jugs that had turned him on the instant she had walked in the door.

His fingers clamped down on the tiny mushrooms perched on the tops of each boob. Under his careful squeezing and tweaking, the nipples turned into marble-hard nubbins that throbbed with lust. Eddie's cock stiffened even more when he realized that he was the one responsible for his mother's arousal.

He was the stud who was giving her the pleasure she had never found with Lee King.

Eddie almost came at the sudden realization that his innermost dream was about to be realized. That he would be fucking his own mother in a matter of minutes!
Eddie was silently grateful to his mother. He
had felt the crown of his pecker begin to expand just before he blasted out his seed. She had pinched down ~nt1y just behind the broad, purpled head of his cock and stopped the premature ejaculation.

Eddie King took in a deep breath and settled don to flick his mother as long and hard and expertly as he could. He was no virgin. He'd been around. He'd show her exactly what he could do to please a woman-even one as special as his on mother!
Joanne seemed to understand instinctively what was going through Eddie's mind. Without a word she began to strip him of his clothes. In the twinkling of an eye, both were naked and sprawled on the soft carpet of the living-room floor in a passionate embrace.

Eddie felt his body sliding against the smooth skin of his mother's body. A thin sheen of sweat seemed to lubricate the motion as he moved his prick up and down against the softness of her inner thigh. He made sure his prong never touched her pussylips. He knew no amount of self-control would hold him back if he felt the hat juices dribbling from her cunt.

Joanne's brain was in a completely chaotic state. She was confused. She wasn't certain what she was doing. All she knew for certain was that it felt good to have Eddie's mouth on hers. His tongue moving in and out of her mouth made her forget her troubles. And his hands on her big tits was just the treatment she needed to forget the evil intern who had tricked her earlier that day.

Joanne King was satisfied to go along for the ride.

She pulled her mouth away from Eddie's to tell him in a husky whisper, "Eddie, fuck me good! Please, I need it. Your cock! I need it in me!"
Her son didn't seem to hear. The pounding of bl**d in his ears sounded like surf on the beach. All he could see was the jutting pinnacle of fit flesh on her heaving chest. Eddie's mouth rapidly encircled one of those summits and sucked the erect nubbin into his mouth. He began a slow, constant sucking that was designed to drive his mother out of her mind with passion for him.

When Joanne felt Eddie's tongue begin to race around her nipple, she almost climaxed. The thrill of having her own son suckling at her tit again was kinky and thoroughly arousing to her. Each time his tongue lashed down to flick the- erect spire of nipple back and forth, she felt a surge of electricity volt through her chest and into her body.

The warmth spread from a dozen points of contact with her son. His one hand continually stroked her side. The other hand clutched fiercely at her other jug. His stomach was pressed firmly against her, crushing her to the soft carpet under his weight.

And along her leg traveled his massive cock. That throbbing, yearning, needful dong that longed to be shoved hard and fast into her steaming cunt.

All the sensations smashed into her body and pushed her up the peak to orgasm.

When Eddie's dick lightly brushed against her tit, Joanne came.

She screamed out, "YESSSS! I'MMM COMMMIUNNGG!"
She fucked and humped and thrust her body hard against Eddie's in an attempt get his cock
into her hungry pussy. The positioning wasn't right, but it didn't matter that much. Eddie hung on and rode out the storm winds of his mother's orgasm. And Joanne was content with the f***e and intensity of her come.

As his mother relaxed slightly, Eddie continued to suckle at the fit and prod lightly at her pussylips with his cock. He'd brought his own raging emotions under control now and could afford to play with the pink, bl**d-filled gash with his own pecker and not spew out his cum in an embarrassing way.

"When do you want it?" Eddie demanded.

"Want what?" said Joanne, still mind-dazed from her powerful orgasm.

"This!" Eddie declared as he rammed his hips forward. The purpled tip of his cock speared dead center into Joanne's cunt. His prick parted her pussylips and plunged deep into her gushing flack-hole.

Both gasped with the intensity of the teenager's initial entry. He hadn't intended to begin the flicking with this much f***e, but he had. It was as if he had plunged his shaft of lusty prick into a blast furnace, but a special blast furnace. A seething hot, juicy furnace that instantly clamped down hard on his meat. Eddie didn't think he could move at all with her powerful cunt muscles squeezing unmercifully down on his buried length of pecker.

If Eddie had reacted with a sudden intake of breath, his rapid fucking into her cunt had ignited another orgasm in Joanne. One instant, her pussy was empty and needed for cock. The next, it was filled to overflowing with throbbing,
completely male prick.

"Puck me, Eddie, fuck me good!" Joanne cried out passionately as soon as she had descended the slopes of another orgasm.

Her son didn't have to be urged on. He had felt the powerful, convulsive grabbing at his buried cock during his mother's orgasm. He wanted more of' that. He wanted to feel the friction on his dick as it coursed up and down that hot, tight channel into his mother's body. He needed to feel her cunt totally pounding his rod as he fucked her.

Eddie managed to pull back slightly. Then the idea occurred to him. He didn't have to completely and f***efully fuck his mother right away. He could enjoy his screw longer if he played a bit. The teenager began to pull his cock out of the sucking cunt a slow, agonizing inch at a time. It felt as if his guts would be sucked out through the tinj hole at the end of his dick, but he didn't care.

His meat burned in spite of the flow of cunt juices bathing it. His balls seemed to be on fire. Acid seared his nerves and jolted him all up and down his spine. The blaze in his groin threatened to totally consume him in lust.

The prickly feeling of his cock as he pulled it out made him feel good. He tinged with poorly concealed emotion, The boy wanted nothing more than to fuck. his mother crosseyed, but he refrained. He wanted even. more pleasure. Greedy, he wanted the maximum in carnal delights that he could get before his climax.

Joanne wasn't about to complain if Eddie insisted on a slow, methodical flicking rhythm. She moaned constantly while he was pulling his plug of cock, out of her twat. The quiff sound
seemed to fill the air. She hadn't realized she was that juicy in the cunt, but she had to be to make that kind of noise. In an odd way, the sound stimulated her.

When Eddie's broad knob remained just inside the pink, scalloped inner labes protecting Joanne's cunt, he paused. Then, he bunched the muscles in his butt and lower back and heaved forward with as much f***e as he could.

His impact slid Joanne almost a foot along the rug. He buried his wang balls deep in the clutching, fevered cunt amid a low slurping noise. He felt the intense friction in spite of the prodigious amount of juice inside his mother's snatch. The embers in his groin blazed merrily away like full-blown forest fires. Eddie's cock was encased in a tight, seething hot female cunt.

What more could he want?
He began rotating his hips, twitching and rocking back and forth to stimulate his mother to the fullest before pulling his rod out again.

The youth succeeded. Joanne felt the mighty pillar of cock against the sensitive inner tissues of her cunt. The ripply pussy walls began to contract and clamp down on the invading prickshaft. She could feel the throbbing of the cock, every jerk it made when Eddie's excited heart pumped another load of bl**d into the pulsing rod.

When he started rotating his cock inside her hale, the delicate gash and~ pussylips were alternately compressed and released. The pressure and motion of the cock against them almost drove her into a wild sexual frenzy. The sensations assaulting her body were unbelievably intense.

It was a damn good fucking-pleasantly intense and stimulating beyond hex wildest imaginings.

Joanne climaxed again.

Eddie rode out the third orgasm and began to flick in and out of his mother's cunt with increasing need. He could no longer control his runaway passions. He had to get off and quick.

But Joanne's arms encircled him, clutched at his ass and pulled his. tool even deeper into her boi as he fucked forward.

Locked together they rolled over and over with Eddie's cock firmly anchored in its warm, tight berth of cunt. The rolling motion compressed the cunt walls ~even more around his dick. Eddie was guided in his fucking motions by Joanne's slender, cool-fingered hands on his rump. As he thrust forward, she pulled his rod in. As his prick slipped out of her twitching cunt, she pulled and tugged at his asscheeks.

When his buns were pulled apart, Joanne would delve deep into his body, hunting for his balls, her Wrist between his asscheeks. The stimulation of his mother's hands on his ass and her groping fingers tickling his• tightly compressed balls was too, much for Eddie.

The boy moaned and began to fuck uncontrollably into her cunt. His hips seemed to have been granted a life of their own. A life intent on nothing but fucking as hard and fast as possible into the tight cunt surrounding his pulsing cock.

The burning tide of his cum inched >along his trick. Slowly at first, then with a speed that would have put a rocket to shame, his cum erupted. With blast after fiery white blast, he creamed the inside
of her quivering body.

The cool fingers on his ass stroked up and down, fingering the coarse hair on his butt. Somehow, this both soothed and stimulated him. His cock was still rigid inside his mother's sperm-filled snatch.

"Think I can make another go at it?" Eddie asked, his voice husky from his recent come.

"I don't know. You're still as stiff as an iron bar." Joanne wiggled her hips in a provocative manner. It was then that Eddie knew he wasn't going to lose his hard-on, that he could fuck her for some time yet.

His hips began pistoning back and forth. His prong sewimg to sing in joy as it penetrated deeply into his mother's body. Her cunt early sucked his dick in, was reluctant to allow it to escape.

Eddie enjoyed the feeling of friction all up and down his rod. The warmth was offset somewhat by the cunt oils that Joanne seemed able to secrete in limitless quantities. Her quim overflowed with the juices and dribbled all over Eddie's hairy thighs.

In a few minutes, his balls were drenched with the lust liquids. Although drained of their creamy burden, his balls valiantly tried to explode again. They failed, and only a thin stream of gooey cwii oozed out.

But his continued flicking long after his balls were drained gave Joanne another orgasm. She felt the slippery lubricant from her cunt smeared all over her pussy mound. With Eddie fucking back and forth across her cit, she was filled with searing lances of pain and joy that always happened when her passion-bud was aroused.

She clawed at Eddie's ass to pull his cock ever deeper into her convulsing tnt. She hunched her hips off the rug to take his prick deeper into her box. She rolled from side to side as she arched her back to get the deepest possible penetration.

Eddie's entire eight inches of dick blasted into her flack-hole. Joanne cried out her passions with a soul-tearing, "AAAAIIIEEEE!" and then collapsed to the floor, completely drained.

She gazed up at Eddie, her iron-grey eyes never wavering as she told him, "You're one hell of a good lay, k** who taught you?" -
Before Eddie could answer, a voice came from the doorway. "I did, of course!"


Eddie looked up, startled. Standing in the doorway was Ann. She had been watching while he and Joanne balled in the middle of the living-room rug. The girl didn't seem the least bit put off by the experience.

Eddie wished he could have been as composed. Inside, his gut was churning and his emotions seethed. He hadn't really intended to seduce his own mother. It had been nothing more than simple comforting. Along the way, however, things had gotten out of hand.

Eddie mumbled out, "You're home early today, aren't you, Ann?" It sounded silly to him but his mind refused to work right.

Ann smiled cheerfully. "Yep. And it's good to see that there's a lot more to f****y togetherness than just us two."

"What do you mean, Ann?" Joanne had propped herself up on her elbows watched the younger girl strut and preen herself.

"Nothing really, Mom. Just that Eddie and I've been getting it on for a while. Good seeing that he's spreading around some of the action. His cock's just too heavenly to keep all to myself, no matter how greedy I get."
Eddie blushed for the first time in years.

"Why, Eddie, you're embarrassed?" Ann taunted.

"Just bare-assed, that's all," he retorted. He was beginning to get his wits back. The teenager wondered how far he could push his s****r. She was acting the big shot right now with her wise-ass comments. What would she do if he called her bluff?
"Instead of standing around, why don't you come on down here and join us?" Eddie couldn't be any more blatant. He wanted Ann to know exactly that she would have to put out or shut up.

It surprised him a little when she decided to put out. The young girl removed her clothing in a surprisingly quick time. Almost as if she were some escape artist, she skinned off her work shirt and tight-fitting blue jeans and dumped them on the floor. Her tiny red bra and bikini panties followed so fast, Eddie didn't even see the wet spot that had begun to spread on the crotch of her silk panties.

"Well, gang, what're we going to do?" Ann demanded;
Joanne didn't seem to mind the addition of her own daughter to the already i****tuous lovemaking. Aid Eddie found his cock stiffening again. It-was apparent that -he had no complaints, either.

"Since there're three of us, let's do a little repositioning and see what we can come up with," Eddie said.

Ann reached over and began stroking the ever-lengthening cock that grew from Eddie's crotch.

"I see one thing that's coming up fast!" she cried.

Ann was the one who ended up calling the shots. As long as she kept her firm, warm grip on his dick, Eddie wasn't going to argue. With a surprisingly fast move, Ann roiled over to her knees. She never let go of Eddie's prick but now she held it between her legt while she supported herself on her free hand.

She presented an inviting ass for Eddie's close inspection. The smooth roundness of Ann's rump made Eddie's cock shiver and jerk convulsively. Eddie didn't mind his s****r hanging onto his cock. He only wished that she'd let go long enough so he could move it to her soggy 7gash.

Eddie wanted to fuck his s****r doggie-style, and it was obvious she wasn't going to complain about it!
But Joanne was being left out. She slid across the rug and split her slender legs into a wide vee in front of her daughter.

Ann looked down at the platinum-furred snatch in front of her face and began to lick her lips. The sight of that juicy quim was too much to resist. She collapsed to the floor so that she could get her tongue onto Joanne's succulent Nat.

The instant her daughter's tongue began licking up and down her puffy slit, Joanne lay back on the floor and moaned. The feeling was sheer heaven to
her. Tickly, tingly and incredibly stimulating waves began to wash through her body. The slightest touch from Ann's tongue on her sensitive pussylips made Joanne's body quake in reaction.

When Ann's rough, pink tongue found her mother's clit, Joanne thought she'd lose her mind. The stab of sweet agony jabbed into her belly. She shook with the carnal delight of the sensations hurtling into her. And the thought that she was allowing her own daughter to lick her pussy made everything seem kinky, even obscene.

But Ann's quick tongue soon made coherent thinking impossible. All Joanne was able to think about was the wonderful feeling inside her. The warmth of her mint began to turn into a raging fire that threatened to consume her. The older woman screamed out, "UUUHHHH! OOOHHHH!" when her daughter's long tongue finally parted her cuntlips and rammed cock-hard into her twat. -
Ann's tongue was drenched with the slippery oils from her mother's cunt. She tasted the fluid, licked it carefully off her lips and decided she loved the flavor of cunt juice! She'd never tried it before.

The teenager didn't know if her first lez experience was what was making her so hot or. whether it was her mother. Whatever it was, the thrill was undeniable.

Ann whipped her tongue- around Joanne's pussy in a frenzied motion. The bristly hairs prickled and tickled her tongue, but the thick juice was worth the effort. Her nose pressed firmly. into Joanne's pussy mound, Ann managed to lick back and forth along the gushing slit formed by the two pink, bluish-tinted labes.

She finally couldn't restrain her own inner urges any longer. Ann stuffed her tongue as hard and fast as she could into Joanne's cunt. The flood of lubricant almost drowned her-but what a way to go!
Ann heard her mother moan, then cry out as an organ ripped through her body. Ann felt the wrinkly cunt walls convulse and quiver as the erotic tides swept through her mother's body. The girl mn her tongue back and forth across the pussylips and tried to penetrate as far as she could into that mysterious hole of her mother's.

Ann knew all about her own pussy. She'd explored it, diddled a lot and had enough boys cram their big, wonderful cocks into it to realize what sort of sensations could be started. But this ~as the first time she'd been able to see a cunt close up-very close up, nose-pressed-into-snatch close up.

She murmured, "Ummm!" as her tongue swirled and delved deeper and deeper into Joanne's twat. The tasty treat that covered her tongue started to drive her wild with lust.

The girl wanted to do everything she could to please her mother. But pleasing her seemed to be easy enough. All Ann had to do was continue her tongue-diddling. And the girl couldn't possibly deny that was a hell of a lot of fuck!
Eddie knew exactly how aroused Ann was getting by the pressure of her grip on his cock. He bad been inching over his s****r's body and fondling her boobs while she stroked his prick. When the orgasm rippled throughout his mother's body, Ann shivered in reaction and clamped don on the cock in her hand with impressive strength

"Oooow!" Eddie complained. "That hurts, dammit! Let me put it someplace else!"
Ann's hand went limp and released the rigid, steel-hard cock. She wanted that prong somewhere else-inside her own steamy cunt!
Eddie continued to fondle and massage his s****r's boob with one hand. He found the dangling little mushroom of a nipple and squeezed down on it as hard as he could with thumb and forefinger.

Ann moaned and shoved her butt back into his groin to let him know exactly what she wanted. Eddie took the ~hove in stride. His other hand caressed back along Ann's belly, found the tangled mat of her furry pussy mound, then began to stroke along the girl's cuntlips.

"Oh, yes, Eddie!" Ann cried, taking her. mouth away from Joanne's snatch for a moment, "That's it! That's it!"
Eddie said nothing as his finger found the tiny crease he was searching for. A quick turn of his wrist parted the pussylips and his finger plunged far up Ann's quiff. The teenager's entire hand was soon covered with the slimy cunt juice that gushed out of his aroused s****r's fuck-hole.

He twirled his finger around inside her tight little snatch. Ann began moving her hips in the same direction. Eddie changed the direction of his finger-fucking to further stimulate the sensitive sex tissue at Ann's cunt mouth.. The girl appreciated the attention. Eddie could hear her moan around her own mouthful of pussy.

Eddie curled and uncurled his finger inside his s****r's cunt. The wet, squishy feeling made Eddie realize exactly how much he needed to be fucking this hole with his cock. Finger-fucking was fun but
he needed more. And so did Ann!
Eddie's finger slipped out of Ann's pussy. The sudden absence of the digit went unnoticed because Eddie instantly rammed his full eight inches of throbbing, quivering cock into that seething cunt. His prick was completely surrounded by a hot, tight, gripping sheath of female twat.

The boy gasped and straightened up. He found that he could penetrate Ann's cunt another fraction of an inch with that move. When his hips took over as if they had a mind of their own, he found he was mindlessly fucking in and out of Ann's impossibly small cunt.

Warmth poured into Eddie's balls. The sac containing his precious nuts began to contract and fill up. Soon, it was a hard little sphere containing balls tumbling and churning around in an ocean of cum. Eddie pulled back a bit and felt the friction of Ann's cunt against the underside of his cock.

The teenager pulled all the way out of her oozing box. Without the need for guidance, he immediately stuck his dong back in the slot and shoved forward. Both he and Ann gasped with the f***e of the fucking.

Eddie's balls slapped hard against his s****r's ass when he achieved complete penetration. Ann's vibrating, crinkly-walled cunt seemed to collapse around his buried rod. Eddie was sure his cock would be crushed flat inside that hot tunnel of pussy. Even the boiling juice that dribbled all around his feverish cock didn't help. Everything added to his stimulation.

"Oh, God, I. .. I'm going to come!" he grunted from between clenched teeth. He worked for
control. He didn't want to blast out his wad now. He wanted to savor the erotic feelings that drenched his entire body. He quivered with pent-up lust for Ann. His cock throbbed and pulsed every time his excited heart pounded out another beat. The bl**d roared like the Waves of the ocean in his ears.

Eddie King didn't want to miss out on a single second of his wonderful fuck!
The teenager managed to quiet the surging tides of his cum. He f***ed himself to cool down. His mind took back the control from his wildly heaving hips and Eddie succeeded in holding back the white-hot tide of his passion.

Ann was being assaulted from two directions at once. Her face was totally occupied with licking and savoring every drop of cunt juice from her mother's snatch. The oily liquor was tastier than anything the girl could remember drinking. She knew, now why men found cunt-lapping so exciting.

The smell of arousal Joanne was giving off aroused Ann, too. The coarse feel of pussy hair against her nose as her mother hunched up to cram at much twat into her mouth as possible was oddly stimulating. The very act of eating out Joanne's cunt was a turn-on.

And Ann's snatch was impaled by eight inches of prick from behind. She felt Eddie's hairy thighs rub against her silky smooth ones, his mighty cock race up her fuck channel. Inside her box, his cock felt like it was growing. Ann felt like she'd be torn apart by his massive prick;
Ann managed to call out to Eddie, 'Fuck me harder! HARDER! I NEED YOU FUCKING ME

Eddie did his best to oblige. He picked up the tempo of his fucking and crammed his dick in and out of Ann's gaping hole with as much power and speed as he could.

Inside her cunt, Ann felt the build-up of friction. The heat was exciting, the sensation of being plugged full of quivering man-meat even more thrilling. Most stimulating of all was knowing that her b*****r was the one giving her the pleasure. It was Eddie who flicked her so expertly.

"Joanne, have you had enough yet?" Ann gulped.

Ann's mother was too occupied with the second climax rattling through her being to answer. Ann wanted to be free to thrash around and couldn't as long as Joanne's pussy was crammed in her face. She felt her own orgasm racing toward her every time Eddie's long prong reamed her twitching twat out.

"Keep fucking me, Eddie, please!" the girl pleaded. It wasn't really necessary to beg Eddie for his cock since he had no intention of stopping now.

Ann found herself lost in a bewildering land of carnal sensations. She felt Eddie's cock inside her cunt. The head on his purpled cock expanded until Ann thought her snatch would be torn apart. The huge prick stretched and tugged at her inner tissues until the girl knew she'd be ripped and bl**died.

But she wasn't complaining.

She wanted more!
Eddie's breathing came in rapid, heavy pants now. He was building up a Bill head of steam while fucking his s****r. He had seen his mother's face go
rigid as a second orgasm seized control of her body. Everything seemed to goad Eddie on. The sight of his mother being eaten by his s****r. The smell of perspiration from all three of their heaving, thrashing bodies. The lewd smacking noise as his cock fucked in and out of Ann's hot little cunt.

But it was his sense of feel that was the most tormented with sweet agony. His hands restlessly roved up and down Ann's back. He searched out each and every vertebra in her spine and outlined it with his fingers. His upper thighs rubbed against Aim's silky ones, those thighs that made him hard and ready to fuck just thinking about them. And her ass shoved back and forth-into his crotch was enough to make any man lose his load.

Eddie counted all of this into the picture. But it was his cock ramming hard and deep into his s****r's twat that gave him the most pleasure.
The clutching heat around his pecker almost brought him off. The liquid warmth of Ann's cunt juice seeped into his prick until Eddie could barely stand the waves of pleasure smashing into his body and brain. The soft, ripply feel of the girl's cunt excited him, but how she used her trim, girlish muscles made him even more excited.

Ann tensed her stomach until Eddie felt as if his dong were being crushed in a vise. A velvet vise intent on giving him pleasure at the same time.

He pulled out slowly. lie flicked into her cunt again with deliberate slowness. Once buried balls deep, Eddie lingered. He savored the erotic heaven of Ann's pussy. The heat. The grasping warmth of her cunt muscles. The twitchy feel of her ass shoved into his crotch.

Rather than pull out of such a snug berth, Eddie began rotating his hips. He started in small circles at first, then began to move his entire body in huge arcs intended to stimulate the sensitive area around his s****r's clit.

When Eddie was sure his cock would be torn from his body, he began to pull out inch by slow inch. His prick seemed to expand as extra bl**d pumped into it. He knew that it wouldn't be very much longer before he'd blast his creamy cum into his s****r's quiff. Iron control, yes; super-human control he didn't have at all.

Ann was just too much of a woman, even at sixteen, for a mere mortal to restrain himself for long.

Eddie wasn't surprised when Ann came first. But he was certainly thankful. He griped her ribs like a bronco rider and hung on for the wild ride. She twisted and cried out, "I'm COOMMIINNGG!!" as she humped up and back into him. His cock shot back and forth like a berserk piston in her clasping fuck-hole. The liquid squishing noise was droned out by their mutual cries of released passion for one another.

b*****r and s****r rocked together, flicking as hard and fast as they could. Eddie's cock sailed up and down its well-lubricated entryway into Ann's body. Ann's entire cunt burned with desire for that lovely, hard-driving cock that entered and left her spasming snatch. The fireworks that exploded in her brain totally blanked out every thought she had.

The incoherent, muscle-clamped delight of orgasm seized her body in an iron grip.

As the climax blasted through his s****r's body,

Eddie felt what he'd thought to be impossible. Ann's cunt seemed to shrink around his prick. He could barely f***e his way in or out of that contacting man-hole. The friction on his cock ignited the powder keg in his own balls.

He felt the burning rush of sperm down his meaty firehose; then his universe exploded. Cum splattered out into his s****r's cunt with frantic urgency. Eddie's world was confined to his pumping dong and• the incredible erotic friction on his pulsing tool.

The acid searing along his nerves and tearing at his conscious soon passed. Gasping for breath, Eddie had to hold onto his s****r's body for support. His legs felt watery in reaction.

And his cock had turned to putty. The limp worm spilled out of Ann's spermy snatch.

Ann's body had calmed down. The fiery reel of Eddie's seed spurting into her cunt had set off another orgasm. Now she was washed out. She felt completely wrung of any emotion.

She fell forward and disturbed Eddie's precarious balance. Her b*****r toppled on top of her.

"Dammit, get off!" she said.

"Sorry, Ann." Eddie didn't really sound very sorry at all. He'd just fucked one of the most gorgeous chicks he'd ever seen and was happy about that. Even if it was his s****r.

Joanne moved to join them. The naked threesome lay, tired and resting, for long minutes before anyone spoke.

Finally, Joanne said, "This has been real nice. It was just the kind of thing I needed to keep me from thinking too much about Lee. But we do have to consider what's to be done. I . . . I don't
feel I can make the decision.

"Since you're the man of the house now, Eddie, I think you'd be the best one to decide what should be done."
Ann chimed in, "Yeah, you're the man in the house in more ways than one!"
Eddie felt a chill. Goosebumps broke out on his naked flesh. What his mother said was true. He was the man of the house now that his father was gone-or nearly so.

He had to make the decision about the operation. Did he put the entire f****y's finances on the chopping block on the off chance that Lee could be saved? And if Lee's life were saved, would he end up a vegetable for the rest of his life? Or should he allow his father to die without even attempting the operation?
Eddie King suddenly felt very alone in spite of the two naked women on either side of him.


Joanne spoke, her voice low and still sexy, "I think that you're going to have to go to the hospital and find out what's happening to Lee. I... I just can't face that horrible ~place again, Eddie"
Eddie leaned back, his hand rubbing against the bare flesh of his s****r's thigh. He sighed and nodded. It was his duty now that he was the man in the house.

The full impact of that hit him. His mother needed him in more ways than one. Support, sure, but he was going to have to supply a sex partner for her. And he was elected.

Also, there was Ann. Lovely, trim, youthful Ann. She needed him, too. And he couldn't possibly turn his back to either of these sexy, cock-hungry women.

Eddie felt fingers rustling around in his crotch hair. Slow, expert strokes and massaging began to stimulate his limp prick. Sooner than he had thought possible, he felt his dick stiffening into a usable tool again.

Ann had very dextrous fingers and made full use of them. She whispered in his ear, her breath warm and stimulating, "How's this feel, Eddie, my loving b*****r?"
Her fingers wrapped around Eddie's dong and began to slowly move out to the -very tip of his prick. He felt his rod strain and become even more rigid. Ann had started at the base, then moved to the delicate tip of the purpled knob.

Once there, she had toyed with the tiny flap of sensitive skin under the head until Eddie moaned constantly in pleasure.

"And how's this feel?" he heard his mother say.

Joanne's mouth completely engulfed his in a passionate, juicy kiss. The woman's tongue flashed out into her son's mouth and began to frolic around in that dank playground. Her tongue slipped and slid over the boy's tongue. She felt thrills of delight course through her body as she realized how incredibly forbidden this was.

Making love to her own son!
But that added spice to the act. She needed a man and Eddie was very definitely a man. With Ann fondling his cock, Joanne had to rely on other areas to play with. Her mouth left Eddie's as she licked down his jawline. She tasted the salty tang of sweat that had formed on his face.

- Hex tongue leaped out and speared the tiny channel in the center of her son's ear. Eddie gasped with the sudden invasion of his ear, but he couldn't
complain. Not at all!
Joanne began to lick his ear, wetly and tantalizingly. Eddie began to hear the sound of bl**d pounding in his ears as his heartbeat picked up. His own s****r and mother were giving him a working over that no amount of money could have bought from a couple of whores. And Eddie was going to enjoy it to the utmost.

He lay on his back as Ann continued to handle his peter. But she started licking and kissing her way up his muscular body. She, too, tasted the residue of sweat from their earlier lovemaking. She hadn't realized how excited Eddie had become, how sweaty.

The feel of the few hairs on his chest tickled her tongue and upper lip. The salt burned bitter in her mouth. But the feel of the quivering cock under her hand made up for it. She squeezed down gently and felt the prick pulse and shiver in anticipation. Ann was happy. That wonderful dick would be buried up her itchy, wet cunt in a few minutes!
Ann found her b*****r's nipples and began to lightly suck. Eddie moaned, but the girl couldn't tell if it was her oral attentions to his nipples or her mother's tongue diddling with his ear that was responsible. Ann gently bit don on a convenient nipple.

The reaction was small. The girl knew then that her mother was the one controlling Eddie. In retaliation, Aim's fingers clamped down as hard as possible on the trapped length of her b*****r's cock.

That got a- response from Eddie. He yelped and pleaded, "Watch it, damn you! That hurt!"

She moved so that her fleecy pussy mound nabbed against her b*****r's aroused cock. Ann felt tremors race through Edddie's body in anticipation of fucking that tight, hot hole again.

Joanne felt the sudden change in her son's behavior, too. She heard what Ann said and wasn't pleased. Joanne told her daughter, "You're too greedy, dear. You got his cock last time. It's my turn. Come sit on his face and he can eat you out. But I get his prick this time!"
Ann sighed. There was no use arguing with her mother. She'd heard that determined note in her voice before, and Ann resigned herself to a cunt-lapping.

But there'd be other times she could have Eddie all to hiemelf. He was a well-hung stud and one of the best lays she'd ever found in her short but active sex life,
Move over, darling. I'm so damn hot now I can't wait any longer for Eddie to flick me!" Joanne moved with the lithe grace of a lioness as she flowed down her son's body.

Eddie watched her trim legs flash, then she had straddled his hard-on. Joanne held his prick in a firm grip and began to move the head of his cock up and down her gash. The woman's face was soon masked in a look of sheer delight. The feeling that rocketed into her body were soooo nice!

Eddie felt the attentions his cock was receiving and moaned in pleasure. The tickly feel of his mother's pussy hair on the sensitive tip of his knob drove nails of delight into his balls. The wet, slick feel of Joanne's juice trickling out of her cunt ran down his shaft and began to mat the hair around his balls.

When Joanne stopped, fumbled for a moment and then lifted her body up in the air, Eddie was prepared for the sudden carnal shock to his system. As the• full weight of his mother's body drove down around his prick, he wasn't anywhere near ready for the full intensity of the experience.

His entire cock instantly vanished up her fuck-hole. His prick was engulfed in hot, gripping pussy flesh that threatened to smash him flat. The heat seared at his tool as his pecker raced along the carnal sheath into his mother's belly.

Eddie gulped and could only groan, "Ooohhh, Christ!"
If the sudden shock to Eddie's body was huge, it was even more Violent to Joanne's. She tensed her thigh muscles and raised herself up for the plunge downward to be impaled an that luscious spike of prick. Her cunt muscles contracted slightly with the effort and tightened an already small hole.

Her hand positioned that cock and then she dropped full weight. Her aim was slightly off. Eddie's cock penetrated her cunt, then seemed to hang up fat a brief instant. She gasped with the erotic shock that assaulted her body.

Then her inner juices greased her cunt sufficiently for the prick to continue its battering
journey up her quiff. Joanne gulped as she felt Eddie's entire eight inches of dick smash into her guts.

Her tightened cunt muscles made the initial flicking all the more enjoyable. She felt the broad purpled head of his peter surge through her twat. When his rod was full length inside her sheath of flaming-hot flesh, Joanne reached down and compressed her pussylips around the shaft of cock that so surely impaled her.

When she diddled with her pussylips, it heightened the sensation for both of them. Eddie felt as if he'd flicked into the tightest, hottest cunt in existence. And Joanne felt added stimulation in her twatlips so lewdly sucking at her son's prick
She felt filled to overflowing with her son's throbbing dong As the woman began to lift and fall on her teenager's buried tool, the friction mounted inside her cunt. The feel of the smooth piston driving up and down inside her box was exactly the medicine she needed to take her mind off all her problems.

Sex was great medicine. How could she possibly think of anything but the wonderful sensation of having a hard, jerking cock buried in her needy cunt? She was lost in the world of fucking as she speeded up her rising and falling around Eddie's straining cock.

The boy was about driven out of his mind with pleasure. The wet, lewd sucking noise as hit mother rose was quickly replaced with a plopping noise as she allowed gravity to smash her cunt down around his prick.

His dick was being buried balls deep inside that steamy hot, powerfully gripping cunt each time.

Joanne made her up and don fucking motion. And he wasn't having to exert himself at all. Eddie just had to lie back and enjoy being fucked!
He started to say something when he found his face covered with pussy. Ann had straddled his face and thrust her twat. down to his mouth for oral attention. She felt cheated by her mother.

She'd wanted the cock that was reaming out her mother's greedy little curd. And Ann needed the sexual release as badly as Joanne.

"Go ahead, Eddie, start sucking!" was all the trapped boy Could hear as Ann's tender thighs pressed firmly against his head.

The hairy slit presented to him Was already beaded with tiny droplets of cunt juice. His tongue flicked out and trapped the succulent, tasty drops of Ann's inner secretions one at a lime. Each time his feathery touch stimulated Ann, she moaned and pressed her cunt down even closer to his mouth.

"Damn you, Eddie, stuff your tongue in me! I want your damned tongue inside my cunt!"
Eddie wasn't about to hurry with his tongue job. He was enjoying it too much. His mother fucking herself -on his cock and now his s****r stuffing her twat into his face meant nothing but a hell of a lot of pleasure for him. He wasn't going to pass up this opportunity!
Eddie's tongue began a slow trip from one end of Ann's twatlips to the other. He gently parted the labes with his tongue to drink in as much of her tasty cunt juice as he could. The slightly bitter taste just aroused him more as he licked and sucked.

He pulled a flap of Ann's outer cuntlip into his
mouth and began to gently nibble on it. Ann climaxed.

After the violent racking of her body had subsided, Eddie began to lightly run his tongue up and down the edge of the trapped labe. Ann's body began to rock back and forth and her breathing came in tortured gasps of pleasure.

Eddie moved carefully up and down the sensitive edges of his s****r's twatlips one more time to make sure he'd trapped every last drop of her cunt juice. Then, without warning, he rammed his tongue as hard and fast into her cunt hole as he could.

Ann had another orgasm.

Eddie was almost drowned by the sudden gush of pussy juice. And his tongue felt the velvety rippling of the convulsing cunt walls. His s****r's twat was racked and tossed by the v******e of her come. The teenager continued to run his tongue up and down the ripply cunt walls, feeling the hidden muscles that could grip and squeeze dry an unsuspecting cock stuffed in there.

When he began to suck out all his s****r's juices, Ann moaned out, "That's sooo gooood! Keep doing it, Eddie! Oh, please, keep tongue-fucking meee! AIIIEEE!"
lick had set off another orgasm by sucking on Ann's cit. All of this pleased Eddie. He was able to bring his s****r off three times using only his mouth.

And he W85 getting a taste treat that couldn't be matched!
Ann's legs clamped down firmly on his ears, deafening him to the world. All the teenager knew was what he could feel. His sight was incredibly
erotic-his s****r's boiling, churning cunt. But his sense of taste and feel were the most important to him.

As he diddled a bit with Ann's inner cuntlips, he knew that she'd have another orgasm very soon. There was a tension in her body. He. felt the tides of passion rising in her again as mare and more pussy juices leaked out to dribble down his chin.

Eddie suddenly rammed his hard tongue all the way up Ann's cunt. Then he began a mock-fucking with his tongue, shaving in, then pulling out with a corkacrewing motion. Every single square inch of his s****r's pussy he could reach was touched lightly by his tongue. The flashing, quick motions sent lance after lance of joy searing through Ann's nervous system.

Her cunt was on fire. Acid seemed to burn her nerves. Her spine tinged with the onslaught of all the erotic attentions she was being given. - She caught her breath, sucked in a deep lungful of air, then as orgasm seized her again, screamed, "UUUNNNGGGHHH! I"
The rocking motion back and forth on his face allowed Eddie to cram his tongue in and out of her gushing box with a fast and furious motion. All too soon for the girl, her orgasm died. -
She was exhausted. Ann gently slipped off Eddie's face to watch the action still in progress between him and their mother.

Joanne had continued her slow, rhythmic flicking. She rose slowly, then dropped full f***e to slam Eddie's prick- as far into her cunt as she could.

With Ann off his face, Eddie could see what was going on over his groin. He'd felt it, sure, but
seeing his mater strain up and down, the look of pleasure on her face, made it all the more erotic and stimulating.

Joanne was twisting her hips as she rose. Inside, she felt as if she were being pulled apart. Her cunt was tight enough and Eddie's cock large enough, that she was stretched and pulled with every flicking. By turning as she rose and dropped, her inner tissues were pulled in new and ultrastimulating directions.

As if flits had been set, her entire cunt blazed with a want that she had never before experienced. She was hot for her son, his cock and flicking. She wanted the mast pleasure out of this that she could get. As long as she was fucking, she didn't have to think of all the horrid things the world had done to her, all the incredible demands that were being placed upon her.

The feel of a massive cock buried full length in her quiff was sheer heaven. As it jerked and pulsed with a life of its own, Joanne tightened her stomach muscles to clamp down hard on it. She didn't want to let his rod go as she lifted her hips upward.

The cock reluctantly slipped out as she gripped firmly with her strong cunt muscles. An obscene sucking noise signaled when she rose. A frantic gulping noise occurred when Joanne lowered her box around that impaling spike of carnal prick.

The slow fires began to flare and blaze merrily as she continued to fuck her son. When Eddie reached up and nabbed both of her fits, Joanne came. The feel of her son's fingers pressing firmly into her boobs was all that she needed to get off. Knives of delight jabbed into her chest and collided with the
heat radiating upward from her fucked cunt. Together, the two sensations managed to smash into the barriers in her brain and give her the release of orgasm.

This seemed to trigger an urge to flick as fast as she could on Eddie's cock. Joanne rose and fell faster and faster. She knew she must be bruising her son's balls, but she didn't care. All that really
•mattered to her was her own satisfaction..

"Oh, Eddie, keep your hands on my fits! It's so good!"
Her son didn't obey, not totally. He kept one hand on her boob to tweak and play with• the• aroused nipple that pressed rock-hard under his thumb. His other hand went to Joanne's cunt. Eddie's hand traced its way down his mother's pussy mound until he found the juncture of her twatlips. There, growing like a tiny stalk in a field, was her cut.

Eddie began stroking and pressing against his mother's clitoris until she was driven wild with passion. Joanne began flicking with complete abandon. She launched herself upward like a rocket, then dropped like a forge.

The complete sensation she felt was unbearable heat. Every nerve in her body was overloaded. She felt the immense prick inside her cunt drilling up and down. Her own juices couldn't keep the channel lubricated enough. The friction built up to an unknown level. The fingering of her cit sent electric thrills throughout her stimulated body. The feel of her own son's hands on her lit, flicking back and forth across the pebble-hard nipple, launched battering rams of delight into her chest. With her breath coming in deep, convulsive
gulps, Joanne came again.

This time, Eddie's orgasm was set off along with that of his mother's. He felt his cock begin to expand to the breaking point. Then the fluid tide of his cum inched along his dong. When the cum reached the very tip of his cock, the boy thought he had ruptured a seam and burst apart.

His jizz spewed forth and creamed his mother's cunt as thoroughly as it had ever been done. With the rocking motion she had already set up, Eddie lifted his hips off the pound and tried to thrust even deeper into the cunt driving down at his rod from above.

His cock was grabbed in a velvet and iron grip when Joanne's cunt muscles were seized with orgasm. In a few minutes, Eddie was completely milked of his fizz.

All too soon, his once-proud cock dribbled out of Joanne's fuck-hole. He watched the limp snake go to sl**p between his legs while a thin stream of cum and cunt juice came out of his mother's quiff along with the limp tool.

Exhausted, he gasped, "You're too much for me, Mom, too much!"
Joanne's face seemed to radiate an inner glow. She was smiling, hair trailing down over her face from the exertions she had just been through. She brushed the hair back and told her son, "You're something else, k**, really something else. A damn good lay."
"Well, what about me?" Ann demanded.

Eddie arched his neck slightly and looked at his s****r. "Well, for a beginner, you're not too bad!"
Ann dumped a glass of ice water on Eddie for his impertinence. But he didn't care. He'd just had
the most fulfilling sexual experience of his life.

And Joanne had had her mind temporarily taken off Lee's condition. She had been able to leave the harsh realities of the world to become lost in a carnal paradise.

The woman was glad that her son and daughter were so free and liberated. She didn't know how she could possibly deal with all the problems that had been dumped on her without their support, both spiritual and physical.

Especially sexual!


The trio caught their breaths for a few minutes, then Joanne told Eddie "You'd better go down to the hospital and find out what can be done for Lee. Ann and I'll wait here. I just can't bear to see tat place again. I might run into that evil pig, Parley."
Eddie had thoughts of what he would like to do to Dr. Parley. Mere torture wasn't good enough. He'd castrate the bastard with a dull knife. He'd skin him and then boil him in oil.

But the teenager knew he wouldn't be able to do any of those things. What Parley had done was perfectly legitimate. It was Joanne . who had fallen for it. She had been distraught and confined. She didn't know what was happening, and Fancy had taken advantage of the situation to get laid.

Eddie looked over at the naked beauty of his
mother-her high, firm fits with their rosy areolas, the smooth, slightly domed belly and the lustrous sheen of her juice-matted pussy hair. The alabaster of her thighs seemed to give added brilliance to her juice-matted snatch.

Seeing such beauty would have tempted a saint. Eddie couldn't blame Farley all that much. And the doctor hadn't really hurt Joanne. Not like Lee King had.

Getting fucked and getting beaten up, humiliated, and ****d were entirely different games.

"Okay, I'll see what can be done. I'll be back as soon as possible with the word."
Eddie dressed and quickly left. If he didn't hurry, he would want to linger. With both Ann and his mother still naked, he could feel the stirrings of lust in his depleted cock again; He knew that if he did get another hard-on, he'd be sore after he fucked both of them again. Eddie wanted to save his precious prick for later.

He had all the time in the world to screw both his mother and his lovely s****r.

Eddie learned what he could at the hospital, then silently returned home to discuss it with his mother. This news wasn't very good. He would have to break it to her as gently as possible.

He walked in and found Joanne seated on the sofa, alone. Ann had gone out, apparently, and left her mother alone for the time being.

Eddie was secretly glad. It would be better to have a short talk with Joanne before confronting

Ann with the bad news.

The look on his face told Joanne all she really needed to know. She said, "It's pretty bad, isn't it? He's not going to make it?"
Eddie shook his head. "I talked with a couple of the doctors. They're willing to do the operation, but he doesn't have one chance in ten of living. And if he does pull through, he's had so much brain damage, hell be nothing but a vegetable."
Joanne didn't cry. Her eyes remained absolutely dry, as dry as her voice when she asked, "What do we do? Just let him kick off?"
Eddie paused for a moment. He'd have let the bastard die a long time ago, but his mother probably had different ideas. He had to phrase this just right.

"I think that would be the most humane thing we could do. It's no good trying to keep him alive with odds against him like that. And think of the strain on all of us-you, especially."
"That doesn't matter. Dammit, I still love that son of a bitch!"
"Then you'll see that he wouldn't want to go through the rest of his life just lying in a bed, not able to move. He might even be able to think, but he'd be trapped in a paralyzed body. It would be a life sentence."
"And is that better than the death penalty?"
Eddie flared up, "After what he did to you and Ann, he deserves it!" The teenager cooled down a bit and continued, "Look, Mom, all you have to do is tell the doctors to stop giving him any of the d**gs. Tell them to quit and Lee'll die in less than twenty minutes. He won't even feel any pain. He's just being kept alive until something can be worked
out I didn't find a single doctor who was the least bit optimistic about the chances of Dad pulling through."
"You think that's the best thing to do? Let him die?" Joanne's voice was low, strained.

"All right. I'll go along with your decision; then. You're the man of the house now and should make decisions like this."
"He's your husband," Eddie reminded her.

'But you're the man around here now." Joanne said it so that it seemed that the weight of the world was on Eddie.

"Better call the hospital and tell them what you've decided. I can't do it since you're legally his next of kin."
The phone call was made and Joanne returned, a tear trickling down each, cheek. It hadn't been as easy for her as Eddie had first thought. The strain of ordering her husband's death was getting to her in a big way, a way that needed comforting.

"Come on over here by me, Mom," Eddie said gently.

"Oh,Eddie!" Joanne broke down and cried. Eddie cradled her head against his shoulder. He let her cry for a while, then began rocking her back and forth just as he would a young c***d.

"It'll be all right, Mom. You made the right move. It was the right thing to do."
"I . . . I just don't know, Eddie. I just don't know. Hold me close! It feels so good to have a man's arms around me!"
Eddie began to stroke his mother's hair. It hadn't been brushed, but it was still lustrous. He. smoothed her golden-blonde hair and stroked up
and don her back. He could feel her spine tense and relax. He knew that she was going through some pretty rough times.

"Just think of how rotten Lee treated you. Just think of the awful things he did to Ann. Try to erase him from your mind. That'll be the best thing you can do." Eddie knew that it wouldn't be that easy for the woman. No one erased a husband from their minds when they'd been married as long as Lee and Joanne had.

Eddie carefully lifted his mother's tear-strained face and gently kissed her lips. The kiss deepened. Joanne parted her lips and with a frantic urgency created by her grief,, shoved her tongue into Eddie's mouth. The oral acrobatics kept Eddie occupied for some time.

Joanne felt Eddie's tongue against the top of hers. She began to swirl and, rotate her tongue around his, stroking and caressing. She had to let him know how much she loved him, how much she needed him now in her time of stress.

Eddie's hands moved to the front of Joanne's flimsy dressing gown. He began to unfasten the string ties while their tongues continued to roll over and over in his mouth.

When the last tie was undone, Joanne's tempting tits tumbled out into Eddie's hands. He felt the smooth skin of his mother's boobs, then knew that wouldn't be enough. He'd have to have more. The teenager was going to stuff them into his mouth and suck for all he was worth. That should give both of them the nervous-energy release that seemed to be called for.

Eddie broke off the kiss and quickly engulfed one of Joanne's jugs. His tongue stabbed out and
lightly touched the rock-hard mushroom perched on the tap of the marshmallowy mound.

"Oh, Eddie, that's heavenly!" Joanne said. She laced her fingers through his long hair and pulled his face to her chest. She needed him to take as much of her boob into his mouth as possible. The wet feeling was nice, but his, mouth promised so much more!
Joanne felt her nipple stiffening under her songs tongue. Eddie shoved down hard with his tongue, then began to make slow loops and spirals around the erect nubbin of nipple.

Stabs of sweet torture racked the woman's body. She felt electric surges volt into her every time Eddie's dextrous, wet tongue touched her tit. When he sucked in the entire top of her boob, Joanne moaned out, "That's great, Eddie! Oh, thank you, thank you!"
The teenager began to pull as much of the mound of tit flesh into his mouth as he could. It was impossible to get all of the sweet, soft meat into his hungering mouth-but he tried.

God, did he try!
His teeth left red tracks oh the slopes of Joanne's knocker. He bit down lightly, provocatively, to stir his mother's emotions even more. When he felt the quivering of her flesh, the trembling of her body., he knew that he had succeeded in arousing her.

Joanne felt her crotch grow wet with desire for her own son. She could' never quite understand the attraction she felt for Eddie. Was it that he was so much like Lee in appearance? Was it that Eddie was so different in the way he made love?
Whatever the reason,. Joanne King wanted-her
son to fuck her.

"Take me now, Eddie, quick! I need you inside me! Fuck mc like you never have before!"
Eddie was too occupied with gnawing away at the hard little button of nipple on his mother's lit. He'd get down to that fleecy triangle wet with lust in a few minutes. He wasn't going to rush things. Not now after discovering a gourmet's treat.

The youth's tongue flashed out and began to circle the base of his mother's boob. Every single square inch of tit flesh was covered by his lapping, licking, probing tongue as he spiraled upward to the summit of the erotic crest. On top of the mountain of boob, Eddie began to flick the erect spire of nipple back and forth with his tongue.

When his mother moaned again, louder, Eddie gripped the base of the saliva-wet jug and squeezed. As he did so, his tongue drove down into the nipple like a pile driver. He pushed the hard mushroom as far into the soft flesh as he could.

Joanne felt dual sensations. The pinching action on her boob made her tremble and water even more from her aroused pussy. But the boy's tongue shoving her nipple into her Ut drove her into a wild sexual frenzy. She couldn't keep her body under control. As if it had become independent of her control, her chest shoved forward hard and fast.

She wanted as much of her jug inside Eddie's mouth as possible. The pleasure he was giving her could be doubled, tripled, if only he would take more of her firmly fleshed boob into his mouth. Joanne was sure of that!
But Eddie had tired of the succulent flesh of her tits. He decided the time was right to move on. He
gently on the protruding bud, then began working his way down the underside of his mother's boob.

His rough, pink tongue wiggled back and forth over sensitive skin as he worked down to the 'slightly domed expanse of Joanne's belly. When Eddie found the deep, well-like depression of his mother's navel, the teenager couldn't refrain from letting his tongue take a. quick trip around the hole, then dive down inside.

Once down, he wiggled his tongue as hard and fast as he could. Joanne felt her body invaded by a weird group of sensations. The wetness, the roughness of her son's tongue, the stimulation of the flesh on her stomach, even the drying saliva tracks across her belly all added to her sexual gratification.

But she still needed a hard cock stuffed into her cunt. Badly.

Eddie's mouth left the gentle depression of his mother's belly button and moved downward to more exciting territory. He smelled the aroused, musky scent of cunt juice.~ He knew that Joanne s twat was gushing forth lubricants in anticipation of his stiff cock.

Eddie thought about fucking his mother for a few minutes while he was nuzzling in the forest of her tangled, honey-blonde pussy hair. The cunt mound was growing damp with the spread of Joanne's juices. That decided Eddie on his next course of action.

He wouldn't fuck her with his hard prick. As much as he wanted to shove his stiff dick into her yearning cunt over and over, to fuck her until she begged for mercy, he wouldn't
This time, he'd enjoy the full taste of making
love to his mother. He'd give her the eating out of her life.

Eddie's tongue wiggled and twitched through the hair of his mother's cunt mound before he found the edge of her pussylips. Joanne felt an intense surge throughout her body when her son's tongue touched her puffy gash.

She felt his wet mouth move along the twin flaps of her twat. She felt a vacuum cleaner of a mouth suck the juices from her cunt. She felt Eddie begin a slow, agonizing trip from one end of her pink slit to the other, licking and stimulating her the entire way. Electrical discharges volted into her cunt, made it water even more.

When Eddie's tongue stabbed hard and fast into her cunt, Joanne came. Her climax racked her body and gripped her muscles in a vise-tight grip. She didn't feel the added flood of cunt juices she showered onto her lover-son's face.

But Eddie was sucking too hard to surrender and drawn in that carnal flood. He enjoyed the succulence of the inner oils from his mother's cunt. The salty, slightly acrid taste made his hard-on quiver and feel as if it would pop at any second.

The teenager controlled his desires and continued to tongue and suck for all he was worth. He wanted to give his mother the best tongue job he was capable of giving. He wanted her to be satisfied. To take her mind off the death sentence that had been meted out to Lee King.

He succeeded.

"More, Eddie! Oh God, moooore!" Joanne cried out.

Eddie didn't answer. He was too busy slurping up the tasty flood from Joanne's pussy. His tongue twirling
drove relentlessly into the woman's inner sheath. He felt the velvet-lined channel of her cunt ripple and pulse with desire for him. The youth even felt the powerful muscular contraction when another orgasm seized Joanne.

The youth knew that he was doing everything right by the number and intensity of the orgasms he was giving his mother. And he was just using his tongue!
What could he be doing if he shoved his steely-hard, throbbing prick far tap her cunt?
His pink tongue began to rim the fur-lined cunt mouth. His saliva mixed with the thicker cunt juice that dribbled out of his mother's snatch. The bristly hairs stung and tickled his tongue, but the boy kept up his muff-diving.

Soon, her meek little clitoris poked its head out of the sheath of protective flesh to see what was going on. Eddie pounced on it like a cat on ~ mouse. His mouth covered the tiny pillar of erectile tissue. He knew this was where it was really at with Joanne. It was the center of all ~her sexual feelings.

He wouldn't neglect her cunt.

His tongue looped out and began to swirl and spiral around the delicate fleshy organ. Joanne's body was constantly tossed and racked by uncontrollable passion now. Whenever Eddie touched, her clitoris, she felt . jabs of intense lightning blast though her gut. She was being turned to water inside. She felt weak. The woman could do nothing but lie back and enjoy, and thrust her hips forward to expose her snatch and cum button to Eddie's questing tongue.

Eddie. had trapped the cit and wasn't going to
let it go. He was laying it with his saliva and allowing the flood of Joanne's cunt liquids to flow over the delicate organ. When he began to lightly suck the pleasure-button into his mouth, Joanne came again.

The rocking and bucking and bunching of her body was a minor distraction for the teenager. He was too engrossed in sampling the little pleasure center to give up his post even for a second.

Eddie began to lightly gnaw on the cit. Each time his teeth close6 down on her flesh, Joanne twitched and wiggled her hips. She tried to press even closer to her son. She wanted more of this incredible mouth love. She wanted Eddie to tongue-flack her some more.

She was starved for anything he would do to her!
The youth wasn't going to disappoint her. His own cock urged him on. It was becoming painful it was so stiff, but Eddie was enjoying the taste of his mother's cunt too much to even think of poking his long prod into her cunt.

Like a kitten lapping milk, Eddie's tongue leaped out and began a long, lewd licking at Joanne's twatlips. He started at the juncture where the cit was thinly erect and pulsing with every beat of his mother's heart. He worked his way dawn past the opening to her cunt and sampled the fluids leaking out past the twin flaps of bl**d-engorged labes. Then he worked back to the sensitive perineum, that wondrous area between cunt and asshole.

When Joanne quivered and raised her hips for Eddie to give him access to her perineum, she also raised her butt off the sofa. That exposed her
asshole to the lusting youth. It was an opportunity too good to pass up.

Eddie found the tightly held little bung and began to caress it with his wet tongue. Joanne's brownie was soon drenched with saliva. When Eddie began worming his tongue~ tip into her shitter, Joanne cried out, "No, Eddie, NO! Not there! Don't. . . don't bugger me!"
Eddie smiled as best he could and continued to dull his tongue up his mother's asshole. This was as much fun as eating her out. Her cunt was juicy and tasty, but this was. . . kinky!
Eddie finally managed to get his tongue past the tense, strained ring of muscle. His tongue surged into Joanne's ass. He began a slow back and forth motion of mock-flicking. I couldn't get his tongue very far up his mother's asshole, but the excitement came in trying!
He reached out and gripped both of his mother's buttcheeks in his hands. He loved the way the tender flesh seemed to flow under his grip. The pliant skin rippled and moved like putty under his fingers. Eddie pulled as hard as he could to separate the buns.

When he'd done this, he found he could slam his cock-hard tongue even further up Joanne's asshole. Eddie wiggled his tongue around inside the tight, slimy shitter. The action stimulated both of them, although Joanne didn't want to admit it.

She had little choice, however. Her body betrayed her arousal. She came again.

"God! Chriiiist! FUUUCCCKKK!!"
Eddie continued wiggling his tongue, making brief excursions up and down the sweaty crack of Joanne's . ass. His fingers became sweaty from
holding apart her asscheeks and slipped.

When that happened, Eddie found his tongue trapped between the two slabs of ass meat. He slipped his tongue back and forth a few times trying to locate her bung again. He failed in his attempts.

Knowing that he had just about finished with all the mouth-flicking he could give his mother, Eddie moved his face away from Joanne's crotch. He was surprised to see the drawn, gaunt look on her face. For a brief instant, he was afraid that he'd done something horrible to his own mother.

Joanne's first words reassured the youth, "Damn, but that was fine, Eddie. It really took all my energy. You're as good with that tongue of yours as you are with your prick."
At the mention of his prick, Eddie looked between his legs. The straining pillar of his cock was still trapped inside his jeans. No wonder he was feeling such intense pain!
His dick begged to be out in the open air so it could scout around for a nice, juicy pussy to embed itself in!
When Eddie unzipped his fly, the purple-headed prick jumped out with the power of a battering ram smashing into a door. He watched his cock quiver and throb.

Joanne couldn't miss the lovely sight of an erect dong, either.

She gently said, "Now that you've given me pleasure, it's time I did the same for you."
Eddie wouldn't have turned down that invitation for anything in the world!


"Eddie," Joanne said, her voice low and husky from the sex she had been enjoying so much, "let me give you some - of the pleasure you've been giving me."
Eddie eyed his mother's exposed body, then thought about her tantalizjng asshole. He'd never flicked a woman up the butt before. The mere idea made his cock quiver and throb with renewed vigor. The youth felt as if his prick would explode cum all over the place just thinking about fucking his mother's ass.

Joanne seemed to read Eddie's mind. She said, "How would you like to screw me... up the rear?"
Eddie's eyes widened at the thought. It was something he'd never turn down. He wasn't stupid!
To be fucking that ultratight hole would be
nothing short of a carnal paradise!
"You bet!" he cried eagerly. "There's nothing I'd rather be doing with.. . this!"
Eddie held his jerking dong out for Joanne to see. The plum-colored head seemed to expand as he talked. The woman licked her lips and took a deep breath. Thinking of what his dick would feel like as it raced up her butt made her juicy in the cunt again. She'd love to have Eddie's massive cock inside her cunt, fucking the living hell out of her.

But to have that massive pole in her ass, fucking her tightest hole was something that she longed for even more!
Joanne quickly slipped entirely out of her dressing gown as Eddie removed his clothes. They had to be naked for the fuck to be fully enjoyable to both of them. There was nothing quite as seductive or erotic as seeing naked flesh gleaming in the light, sweat shining brightly on thrashing limbs, the sight of juicy pussy and throbbing hard prick.

In a flash, Joanne was down on her hands and knees with her ass wiggling in the air. Eddie swallowed hard. The sight of his mother's gently rounded butt sticking up in the air was almost too much for him. His balls tumbled and churned and felt like they'd blast apart at any instant.

The teenager calmed his raging nuts down. He wouldn't come until his dong was buried balls deep up that inviting ass wobbling around in front of him.

Joanne knew that the sight of her rear was driving Eddie wild with passion. To be flicked doggie-style was fun, but she really got off on the idea of having her ass fucked. But it had to be
hard. Rough. Even brutal or she couldn't get the full enjoyment out of a cornholing that she should.

Joanne told. Eddie, "Be rough. Don't worry about hurting me! I need you screwing my asshole fast and hard and big! And rough!"
Eddie licked his lips as he placed his hands on the cool half-moons of Joanne's butt. The flesh was pliant, seemed to glow with an inner radiance all of its own. He wanted nothing mare than to allow his a****l passions to run rampant, to fuck her ass as wildly and brutally as he could.

Yet the boy hesitated. That was the way his father did things. His father would have virtually butt-****d. Joanne. Could he do anything that crass?
But wasn't his mother asking him to be rough? She had to get off on it or she wouldn't have been so plaintive in her demands for a hard and fast buggering.

"Ready, Mom?"
Eddie's fingers slipped into the dank, humid crack of his mother's ass. The area was slick with sweat from their earlier lovemaking. Eddie could still feel his saliva mixed with the sweat from his mother's body.

The slipperiness excited him even more.~ He
•••squeezed down and felt the ass flesh flow under his fingers. He began rotating the blobs of meat under his hands. He tried to rip the lovely globes off his mother's body. He pulled. He strained. He moved the buns in different directions.

Joanne loved it.

The feeling of having Eddie's hands on her rump was exciting. But the sudden tearing feeling deep in
her gut was even more exciting. That twisting and turning of her ass made her feel nerves explode into action that had lain sl**ping inside her for too long.

The brutal action of her son's hands on her butt created a sexual b**st inside her. She panted in reaction. Her bean beat faster. The sound of bl**d pounded in her ears. The woman was becoming totally roused by the manhandling of her butt.

"That's it, Eddie! That's the way! Treat me rough! Make me feel the pain all the way up my belly!"
Eddie continued his ripping and tearing actions. He pulled with all his might. He shoved and pulled at the same time. Then, in a flash of inspiration, he began to swat his mother's ass with the flat of his hand.

Rosy-red streaks began to appear. Her buns began to turn fiery red as slap after slap landed. Eddie quickened the speed of his blows. He was really getting into paddling his mother with his hand.

Joanne's body went berserk. She felt the sharp sting from his blows on her ass. They rocketed into her body and quickened her pulse even more. But the swats also unlocked hidden desires in her body.

The woman felt her cunt begin to water. The cunt juice dribbled down her tender inner thigh. The hair of her pussy mound became matted and soggy from her liquid lust. Every time Eddie's hand smacked into her butt, new sensations pummeled her brain.

She was mildly getting turned on by this stimulating spanking. She wanted Eddie to
continue. She needed him to spank her until her butt blistered.

Eddie couldn't help but notice the gushing of juice out of his mother's pussy. He knew that he was doing the right thing in spanking her. She needed this pain to fully enjoy what was to come.

Joanne's butt looked like it had been sunburned. It glowed a cherry red. Eddie began to land increasingly hard blows. Every time he pulled back, Joanne crouched. As his hand plummeted down, his mother would shove her ass back to make the slap even more painful. She was adding to her own perverse enjoyment by the seductive action of her hips.

Eddie didn't miss the motion. it reminded him that he wanted to fuck her ass. His own cock was hurting painfully. If he wanted to take advantage of the wanton woman he had created, to get her to shove back' into his groin as his mighty sword of hard cock penetrated her asshole, he'd have to do it soon.

"Ready for this yet?" Eddie asked, not giving a damn if his mother was or not.

He lunged forward with his iron-hard prick in search of the tiny little bung. Eddie missed. He couldn't possibly have guided~ his raging ~dong without taking it firmly in hand.

The pain echoed back along his shaft and screamed in his balls. He'd have to do better than that!
Eddie eased himself forward until he found the gaping hole of. Joanne's cunt. The juice squirting out of that hole beckoned to him. Eddie realized that he'd need a bit of lubrication oil his prick or he'd never be able to get into Joanne's asshole.

With a quick, practiced motion, Eddie crammed his cock balls deep up Joanne's cunt.

The unexpected entry into her pussy made his mother gasp. She felt the mighty, quivering pecker sear her innards. The racing piston of pleasure warmed her inside. She could feel the prick jerking with-unbridled lust for her. The walls of her cunt transmitted the slightest motion to her brain.

Joanne's body trembled in reaction. She hadn't been expecting Eddie to fuck her cunt. She had been tensed and ready for a f***eful entry up her ass. But she'd do the best she could with his prick where it was. The woman clamped down on her son's cock with her powerful cunt muscles.
She felt the big blue vein on the top of Eddie's prick rub against her sensitive inner walls. The juices squirted out around his plug of meat and continued to dribble down her inner leg. The broad, hood-shaped knob seemed to expand inside her snatch. She reveled in the sensation of being filled to overflowing with rock-hard pecker. Eddie's prick was the best thing in the world for Joanne. She enjoyed his buried cock to the fullest.

The woman wiggled her hips the smallest bit to
stimulated her son to further activity.

Eddie wanted to fuck in and out of his mother's clasping cunt as wildly as he could. But he still had his sights set on something else. That tiny asshole Was more inviting. It promised to be even tighter and hotter than this steamy cunt.

The boy wasn't going to pass that up for a replay of the times he had already flicked his mother's twat.

The teenager withdrew slowly. The smacking noise filled the air and sound6d obscene. As Eddie
finally broke the vacuum he had created inside Joanne's cunt, his prick snapped free of the powerfully clutching muscles in her belly.

His cock glistened with twat juice. He looked at its shaking length and knew he was ready for the butt-flicking he had started.

Eddie grabbed two handfuls of his mother's ass again and pulled-hard!
"OOOOHHH! That hurrrts!" she cried. Eddie ignored her pleas. She had wanted it hard, rough. That was the way she was going to get it.

Eddie positioned his cockhead against his mother's tiny asshole. The hard muscle wasn't going to let him in without a fight. Eddie began to push against the ring of rock-hard muscle.

He started with a slow, insistent pressure. When he felt her bung starting to melt under his onslaught, the boy pushed even harder.

With. the suddenness of a summer storm, his mighty dong surged up his mother's asshole. In a split second, his dick was surrounded by the tightest, hottest female flesh he'd ever felt.

Eddie's full eight inches of cock had raced up Joanne's ass and was now buried balls deep inside her bowels.

If the suddenness surprised Eddie, it both surprised and hurt Joanne. One instant, her asshole was resisting the invasion. The next, it felt as if a burning poker had been shoved into her guts. The sudden intrusion made her feel as if she were being ripped apart. Membrane stretched to take the monster cock suddenly gouging into her tight butt.

Tissue pulled in odd directions inside her body. Her ass seemed to be filled with molten lead. Her bowels burned with the enema of Eddie's
cock stirring around inside her.

"UHHHH!!" Joanne screamed. She hadn't realized it would hurt this much!
All thought was shoved from Joanne's brain. AM that remained was her body's own actions. She began to respond to the fucking of her ass on an instinctive, a****l level. She was a bitch in heat. She wanted her stud to fuck her as brutally as possible.

Her hips seemed to move of their own volition. She crammed herself back into Eddie's groin to take his torturing, tormenting prick even deeper into her brutalized guts.

Eddie felt the soft asscheeks rubbing against his hairy thighs. The gentle stimulation broke him out of his reverie. He could have stayed buried eight inches up Joanne's ass all day long. The heat, the intense pressure all around his cock made him sure he'd flicked into a surgeon's glove filled with boiling hot water.

He couldn't remember ever being in a hotter, tighter hole. This was something he had dreamed about but never thought existed.

Eddie was sure that his prong would be burned off from the incredible heat coming from Joanne's asshole. He felt her twitching her hips, slowly moving her ass in small circles to stimulate him even more. The teenager decided that he'd put up with this enough-it was time to get down to serious fucking!
Eddie pulled back a short ways and his cock almost slipped out of Joanne's bung. Only the hooded tip of his prick remained inside his mother's tight, burning hot asshole. With a powerful, savage lunge, Eddie crammed his full
eight inches of dick back into its hot, hungry berth.

The gasp of pain and pleasure from his mother spurred him on. Eddie began fucking the tight, clutching shitter with all his might. The tightening of the puckered ass sphincter seemed to grip down on his rod like a noose.

The boy felt compressed, squeezed to death. But he continued his violent fucking. He was experiencing the most intense pleasure he could ever remember.

One savage thrust forward threw Eddie full length onto his mother's back. He reached around and under her for support. When he realized that Joanne could support both of their weights, the teenager passionately clutched at her boobs. He took the pendulous, swinging blobs of tit flesh in his fists and squeezed as hard as he could.

If Joanne wanted it rough, that was the way she'd get it!
The woman moaned and her body twitched under his. Eddie continued the pistoning motion of his hips. He dr6ve as far up his mother's butt as he could with each thrust. The burning heat ~that surrounded his cock, the feel of the pliant boobs under his hands, the excited bucking of Joanne's body all drove him on.

Joanne couldn't hold back the orgasm that had been building up in her loins. With the feel of Eddie's hard, gripping hands on her tits, she came.

The fingerprints he left on her firm white flesh were only one indication of the ferocity of their fucking. Joanne's butt was still a bright red from the spanking Eddie had given her. The warmth from his hand radiated throughout her lower body
and lighted the fires of desire. As Eddie stroked in and out of her asshole, Joanne knew that she could come again at any instant.

The tearing, searing feeling as her son's prick raced in and out of her bung stimulated her more than she'd have ever thought possible. Every single action was calculated to drive her into a wild sexual frenzy.

He was fucking her like an a****l. She'd respond like an a****l!
"SHIIIT!" she screeched. Another orgasm tore through her as Eddie's monstrous dong slammed home up her ass again and again.

She was filled with fire ants crawling, biting, stinging. The woman was driven to the brink of insanity with the lust she held for her own son. The feelings cascading through her body made her acutely aware of every singe nerve in her cunt, her asshole, her boobs.

Joanne climaxed again.

This time it was Eddie who cried out, "UUUUMMM! OOOHHHH!" as he felt the already firm tunnel he was reaming out collapse around his dong. The boy's cock was squashed flat by the powerful contractions that seized Joanne's body. Eddie knew that his rod would be squeezed to a pulp if the intense heat didn't burn his prong off to a nubbin first.

This orgasm, though, triggered Eddie's come. He felt the hat sperm jetting along his fleshy firehose. In a split second, his cum. splattered Joanne's asshole. Eddie's cock seemed to explode with the v******e of his orgasm.

He hung on, bucking and bunching as hard as he could while his creamy, gooey cum rocketed into
his mother's butt. Eddie gripped her jugs with feverish intensity, bruising her tits in his unbridled passion.

But Joanne didn't, even notice. Another orgasm was rippling through her torso, shaking her like a huge earthquake.

Together, the mother and son trembled and shook and humped together. The butt-fucking was soon over. Eddie's peter had been milked dry by the sucking hot tailpipe of his mother's ass.

The fierce grasp he had on Joanne's tits relaxed. To neither's surprise, they were exhausted after the frantic fucking.

They collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath. Joanne's ass still burned with fiery insistence where Eddie's prong had reamed her out. Delicate tissues had been rearranged, pulled out of shape. But it had been great. She had loved every second of the violent buggering!
Eddie sighed, "That's about the best fucking, ever, Mom. The best I ever had."
"Likewise, dear. You're going to be really good if you keep up the practice like this."
Eddie started to laugh. He told his mother, "Most parents want their k** to practice the piano. And here you want me to practice and keep playing with you! That's really something else!"
"But nice, very nice." Joanne paused for a moment to catch her breath. Then she continued, "You make me forget about Lee. That's what matters. You have a way of lifting me out of this world when you stuff that wonderful prick of yours into me."
She looked at Eddie's "wonderful prick" and laughed. It had deflated into a sl**ping worm,
covered with his own cum.

Eddie smiled. "Even the best of 'em have to go to sl**p sometimes!"
Joanne sighed. "And when I was just getting hot, too. Oh, well, maybe in a while..."


"Well, if lover boy can't do anything more, how about me?" came the voice from the front door.

Joanne looked up to see Ann standing there. Somehow, the girl always managed to arrive on the scene just when she was needed the most.

"You make an interesting offer, you better expect to be taken up on. it, girl!" Joanne laughed.

The woman laughed even more when she saw the speed with ,which Ann stripped off her clothing. The girl was hot to trot. Eddie could only eye his s****r's naked, gleaming body with admiration. All of his lust had been momentarily sadated in the wild- butt-fucking with his mother. He just didn't have it in him to have a go with Ann now.

But he wished that he could have. He couldn't remember ever seeing her look more desirable.

Eddie just had to face physiological facts, however, much to his disappointment. He wouldn't be getting a hard-on again for at least a half-hour. Not after the way Joanne had drained him of his spunk.

Joanne held her arms out to Ann. Her daughter seemed to melt. She floated down into her mother's outstretched anus. Their lips met. First the kiss was light, almost a parody of a real kiss.

Then Joanne allowed her lips to part slightly. That was all the invitation that Ann needed. Joanne felt the wet, dextrous pink tongue of her daughter leap into her mouth. Their tongues dueled. Performing acrobatic tasks, they managed to caress and stoke each other until the pair's breathing came heavy and excited.

Joanne exerted a little pressure with her own tongue and f***ed Ann's back into her own mouth. Then she took the opportunity to fully explore her daughter's wet, dank oral cavern. Joanne's tongue cavorted about, tracing out each and every tooth. When Ann's tongue met hers, they began to spiral around each other again, occasionally drifting back and forth from one mouth to the other.

Their fits were firmly pressed together throughout the oral foreplay. Joanne felt Ann's nipples harden and poke into her chest. Her own nipples were still hard and ready from the lovemaking with Eddie, she didn't need any further stimulation.

She was ready for anything!
Ann's roving hand stroked down across her mother's body until it found the juicy fur-pie between the slowly spreading legs. Joanne gasped when Aim's agile fingers shot up her cunt. Inside her pussy, Joanne felt her daughter's fingers flex and curl. The sensations that started again were

As Ann rubbed her mother's cit, Joanne began to explore her daughter's tender young body. With their fits rubbing against each other, no further stimulation was needed there. But Ann's ass was prominent. Joanne wondered if she could ass-finger Ann to a climax the way Eddie had done to her.

A quick dip into the flowing well of Ann's pussy lubricated Jeanne's finger. Then the older woman found the tightly puckered little circle, of muscle guarding Ann's ass.

Ann broke off the deep soul kiss when she felt her mother prodding at her asshole.

"What what're you doing back there?" she asked, her voice shaky with suppressed longing.

"Nothing, darling, nothing. Just keep on doing what you're doing. Your fingers feel so good in my cunt."'
With that, Joanne managed to penetrate Ann's bung. The girl gasped, then almost collapsed forward onto her mother's body. The feel of a finger up her ass strangely stimulated her. It seemed perverse, kinky and sinflul.

It also felt damned good!
Joanne felt Ann's bung wiggling around her finger. It was just like putting on a tight glove. The heat and pressure around her slender finger gave her some' idea what it must have been like for Eddie to fuck repeatedly in and out of her butt. Sheer heaven!
Ann thought that she was being stretched out of shape. She enjoyed the- feel of her mother's probing finger in her bung. She also hated it. It brought her pain. But it also brought her pleasure. The confusing combination was driving her wild
with arousal.

Her cunt gushed forth a continuous flow of juice now. Eddie was depleted. How could she satisfy the yearning in her pussy, her poor hungry pussy?
The idea suddenly came to her. With a gymnast's agility, Ann managed to swing around and scissor her legs between Joanne's. Their legs interlocked like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, Ann's ankle resting between her mother's tits and one of her mother's legs between her own succulent, budding fits.

Like two sucking, hungry ~mouths, their cunts pressed into each other. By opening and closing her legs slightly, Ann found that she could spread her cuntlips and totally engulf those of her mother. The wet squishy noise showed how aroused both of the women were.

Their cunt juices intermixed as they moved their twatlips in a deep, mock-kiss.

Their snatches were pressed firmly together. As they moved, they stimulated each other's tits. Ann began rubbing her foot up and down along the slopes of Joanne's boobs. When her mother returned the favor, Ann came.

The orgasm made her pussylips convulsively squeeze down on her mother's trapped ones. The wet, liquid noise showed the pressure that had been exerted on Joanne's labes. Together, the two women rocked and rolled back and forth on the rug.

The tingly feeling spread throughout Joanne's cunt as she felt the soft, wet labes caressing her own pussylips. She didn't know where Ann had learned this trick, but she liked it a lot. It stimulated her cunt, gave her go-button a workout and the foot between the boobs was an added

As they rolled over and over, the prickly sensation penetrated farther and farther into Joanne's body. She was hot and ready for still another orgasm, but she wanted to string her daughter out a little. Joanne felt Ann's leg twist slightly, then felt toes clutching at her nipples.

Her daughter had still more tricks to show her! Ann's toes managed to clamp down hard on her mother's nipple. Just like fingers, the girl's toes began to rhythmically squeeze. With the same action, her pussylips began sucking away again at Joanne's cunt.

As much as Joanne wanted to bring off her daughter, it seemed that Ann was working hard to do that very thing for her. Joanne decided to just lean back and let. Ann do what she would. it was so pleasant!
Ann felt her mother's juices seep into her cunt. The tickly feeling from their mingled bushes began to drive her passions higher and higher.

When her cunt touched the lush bush of Joanne's pussy mound, . that was all~ it took for Ann to achieve her orgasm.

was totally incoherent with her lustful cries. Ann was consumed with passion. She couldn't control her body as she rocked back and forth, driving her cunt -into her mother's with brutal, bruising f***e.

The labes parted and took some of the f***e that the young girl was dishing out. Joanne hung onto Ann's ankle and pulled the leg in tight to her chest. Nestled between her boobs, the leg couldn't escape Joanne's agile tongue as she began to lick the sole of Ann's foot.

The tickling action drove Ann into a frenzy. She bucked and hunched like a wild woman. The passions assaulting her body were given fresh f***e with the taunting action of her mother's tongue on the bottom of her happed foot.

Finally tiring of the exotic torture, Joanne concentrated on her own cunt muscles. She began squeezing Ann's pussylips like the girl had been doing with hers.

Ann gasped and climaxed again.

Joanne felt her daughter's soggy muff rubbing against her clitoris. That drove the older women's passions up the slopes to another orgasm. All her sexual feelings centered in that tiny little spire of erectile tissue. To have it continually massaged, lubricated with cunt juice and diddled with was too much to bear.

Joanne King bit her lower lip as the fireworks of orgasm exploded inside her shapely body.

The two women had had. more than their share of climaxes. Eddie watched them in fascination as their sweating bodies untangled. Mother apd daughter looked so much alike.

And what a f****y they made now that Lee King was gone! Eddie didn't feel the least remorse about allowing his father to die. The bastard hadn't been any good for either Joanne or Ann.

With him at the helm of this f****y, now, they could begin to live life instead of fear it.


Eddie was glad that they had decided to move to another town. Corinth had become a living hell for his mother. Everything reminded her of Lee. But the move to Thebes, Ohio, had presented problems that none of them had anticipated.

For all the talk about equal fights, they quickly found that, in Ohio, a woman couldn't own property without a husband's name on the papers.

"But my husband's dead!" Joanne pleaded. "What do you mean I can't buy this house? I have the money!"
"Sorry," the man at the real-estate office said, "I just follow the laws as they're written. If you remarried or your son was old enough, then everything would be okay. But now..." He opened his hands in an expressive gesture as he shrugged.

Eddie and Joanne left the office in disgust. "That's the mast ridiculous thing I've ever heard!" snorted Eddie. "Not letting us buy the house because you aren't married."
They both stopped and looked at each other for a moment. The same thought had occurred to both of them at the same time. They laughed, threw their arms around each other and went off to find another real-estate agent. If the law said they had to be married, then, by damn, they would tell everyone they were married!
Three hours after they found another real-estate agent, they signed the papers on a house. "Thanks, Mr. King," the man said. "Hope you and your wife will be happy here."
Eddie smiled and pulled Joanne closer to him. "I'm sure we will, Mr. Reese."
"Well, looks like we're going to be neighbors. Just call me Ty."
"Why, thank you, Ty. Glad to have you for a neighbor." Eddie looked adoringly into his mother's eyes and then said to Reese, "If you don't mind, we've got some housekeeping to do. You know, setting them up, sort of christening the place."
"Huh? Oh, sure," Reese leered. "See you around!" With that, the man left.

In a few minutes, Eddie and Joanne were alone.

"Well, husband, what's it feel like to own your own home?"
"Pretty good, wife!" Eddie began to unroll a curled-up mattress until it covered most of one bedroom floor. "Do you think we can get by with this? I mean, you're young-looking but won't people talk about you keeping a young squirt like
me around?"
"To hell with them!" Joanne said as her mouth closed on Eddie's. Together, they crumpled to the mattress. The feel of Eddie's strong, youthful body against her made Joanne want her son more than ever. And if the charade could be played out, everyone would think they were married.

She felt Eddie's hand fondling her jugs. The warmth that began to fill her was ~sheer heaven to the woman. She relished these sessions with Eddie more and more. She had com6 to rely on him ever since Lee had died.

Now, for all intents and purposes, everyone thought they were married and would continue to think so.

"Ummm, that's nice!" Joanne muttered as Eddie slipped the blouse off her creamy shoulders to expose her perfectly formed tits. When his mouth closed on her nipple, Joanne wiggled closer and shoved out her chest. She wanted to make sure her son had ample room to give her boob the mouthing she loved so much.

Eddie caught the slowly rising spire of nipple between his teeth. He began to gently gnaw sand bite down on his mother's boob until she was moaning and writhing about in joy. The boy sucked her tit into his mouth, slowly taking the entire mound in. The marshmallowy pillow barely fit Eddie's jaw muscles were strained to take so much fit flesh into his mouth.

But he didn't complain. His tongue was too busy fucking and dancing over the very tip of the cone of alabaster flesh. The tiny button seemed to beg. to be given a tongue-lashing. Eddie did his best to make sure the nipple didn't feel neglected as he is.

engulfed the entire boob.

His hands never stopped. They constantly moved, undressed, delved and roamed. When he found his mother's naked pussy, he discovered that his cock was straining and huffing. It had to be freed from his trousers. It screamed to be buried in that fluid well of cunt.

Joanne attended to the job of unzipping Eddie's fly. With a quick rolling motion, he crouched between his mother's spread thighs. He slipped his arms under her knees and lifted until her calves were on top of his shoulders.

With a powerful forward motion, Eddie bent Joanne double. In this uncomfortable position, her cunt opened to him fully. As if he were doing a push-up, Eddie lowered his body. The very tip of his cock - touched Joanne's damp snatch. He lowered himself a fraction of an inch farther.

With this descent, the purpled crown of his prick parted his mother's pussylips.

"Oh, Eddie, fuack me! I need your cock inside me! Fuck me, damn you!" she cried, beginning to mutter incoherent little words as her passion rose.

Eddie lowered himself an inch farther. His dong slipped into the already liquid cunt. He found himself lost in a sea of joy. His prick was wet from his mother's cunt juices. He was surrounded by a hot, gulping sheath of excited female flesh.

As he bent Joanne double, her knees pressing against her fits, Eddie fully penetrated his mother's box. The feet of Eddie's prong surging fail length into her cunt made Joanne moan with pleasure. Having her fits compressed under her own knees made it hard to breath and she couldn't move back and forth at all.

How desperately she wanted to wiggle and thrash about now that she had her son's cock in her cunt! to raise himself slowly. Joanne felt
Eddie began to let his prick slide out of her twat a slow, agonizing inch at a time. She gasped when the pressure left her legs and she could breathe again.

With the f***e of a falling boulder, Eddie dropped onto his mother's legs and his prick speared her hard and deep in the cunt. He twitched slightly from side to side. Joanne felt the watch fires of lust burn inside her. The embers fanned themselves into raging blazes as Eddie stroked in and out of her pussy.
The feel of him crushing her to the mattress was indescribably peat. She needed the roughness, the hard length of his cock surging into her soggy flick-hole.

"Keep fucking me, darling! Keep it uuuuup!
Eddie felt his cock crushed by the supreme strength of his mother's cunt muscles. He was locked inside her body. His prick was snared in a velvety bear trap. He couldn't budge his dong an inch either way as the convulsive f***e of Joanne s climax smashed down around him.

Eddie punted, then yanked out of the flowing slash. He began pumping up and down as fast as he could. The friction warmed him. The pressure along the sides of his fleshy shaft seemed to suck at. luis cock. He knew that his mother's thirsty cunt would soon suck out every drop of his cum.

He continued flicking her as hard as he could. Each time he bent her double, her body trembled a bit mare. She was approaching another orgasm.

But this time, Eddie knew that he'd join her.

The liquid noise as he fucked her filled the empty room, echoed throughout the house. It sounded lewd, obscene, dirty. But Eddie didn't give a damn. All he knew or cared about were the feelings rising in his balls.

The hairy little sac containing his jewels had hardened into a taut ball. His sperm churned and boiled inside. The murky cream screamed for release. And Eddie's entire dick seemed to grow every trip up Joanne's clutching, seething cunt.

His hips took over. His arms seemed tireless. He fucked faster and faster like a berserk locomotive.

The tide of his cum raced down his shaft just as he shoved his dong balls deep up Joanne's grasping snatch. As he spewed out his lava-hot jizz, Joanne came.

Together, they grunted and strained until their mutual passions were completely spent.

Exhausted, they fell apart.

Joanne gently touched Eddie's cheek and said, "I don't care if you are my son, you're the best goddamn lay I've ever had."
Eddie wanly smiled, then kissed his mother. "And you're in a league all by yourself!"
"And what about me, damn both of you! All the time, you're forgetting about me!"
They rolled over to see an angry Ann standing in the doorway. She had her hands on her hips. Outlined by the light coming through the doorway, Eddie could see every curve and outline of the girl's lithe young body. He couldn't get a hard-on again, not that fast, but he felt the stirrings of lust for his own s****r in his loins.

"Come on over and join us. We're just in the
process of christening the house."
"You know that you're not doing it properly," Ann said.

"Oh? How should we do it?"
"You've got to screw both of us in every room, studly one!" Ann proudly proclaimed. As she stripped her clothing, Eddie couldn't help but notice that his sl**ping prick was stirring again.

He didn't think it was possible, but Ann had him up and iron-rod hard in a matter of minutes by sucking on his cock. When his prick trembled and begged to be shoved into his s****r's golden thatch of pussy, Eddie knew that everything would be just fine with their little f****y arrangement.

Let the people think he and Joanne were married. That didn't matter. It was just a legal dodge, yet it was a useful one, too. Me loved, his mother.

And he loved Ann, too.

This way, he could have both of them.!
"You talk real big, smart-ass. How's about fucking?" Eddie demanded of the girl sucking on his cock. His entire crotch. was covered by her flowing gold hair.

Ann looked up, her grey eyes wide. Never taking her mouth from his cock, she mumbled, "Uh-uh!"
When her agile tongue flashed down to rim his knob, Eddie agreed. Let Ann give him head. It felt so damn good having her mouth on his cock that he wouldn't pass that treat up, even to stuff his eight-inch prick into her tiny little cunt.

"Suck away, girl! You have to obey your father, you know!" -
Joanne began to laugh. Eddie gulped in reaction to Ann's increased suction on his dong and told
her, "So shut me up and come sit on my face! I can't get my tongue into that juicy pussy of yours any other way!"
And Joanne did.


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