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Super fun in the toilet

my husband took me to the public toilts and asked me to go in the mens with him so i did and when we got in he told me to go in the middle cubicle and he went in the one next to me....when i went in and shut the door i saw that there were a big hole in both walls so i sat on the toilet and my husband put his hand through the hole and was playing with my boobs it felt so good i shut my eyes and just enjoyed then another hand went on my boobs so i opened my eyes to see how he did that and it was comming from the other wall wowwwww i was being groped by two men and in no time they had my top husbands hand went back through the hole and i saw him look through with a big smile on his face then his dick came through so i stood up and bent over and put him in my mouth the man from the other hole then started playing with my butt and slowly to my very wet pussy...i was hard against his wall and just loved my pussy being played with then his dick entered my pussy and he started to fuck me like crazy he cum in about three minutes and left so i just stayed there sucking on my about a minute there was another dick in me he was bigger than the last one and i cum very fast with him but was on a sexual high and needed more so my husband came into my cubicle and when i was sucking on one he would suck on the other one he had never done that before but he was allso on a sex high we were there for two and a half hours off total sexual pleasure and will be doing it again soon

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