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Finding a girl for Ben to Creampie

I've had this wild fantasy for awhile to watch Ben make a pussy cum wild on his dick, and for him to cover with creampie. While he always makes me cum like crazy, and creampie all over him, he constantly tells me how sexy it is when I cream on him and I tell him "Well, I can't see it!!" so that got me thinking...and making a plan.

Hoping we would find someone before the new year, I was not disappointed. The new years eve festivities are not short of women who are feeling wild because of the influence of alcohol. While we were out doing a little celebrating of our own, the situation presented itself. I was extremely excited to know my hot fantasy was about to come to life. Of course, I discussed the situation with Ben ahead of time, and we had just had our first anal sex together earlier that morning, so when he said "Ah Babe I'm so tired" while smiling, I knew he would be willing :D

She was a white girl with short light brown air and a pretty sexy chubby full ass. I was licking my lips thinking of how she would look covered in Ben's cum. We offered her a ride since she was looking not able to drive, so she left with us and we headed back to our place. Breaking open a freshly chilled bottle of the Bubbly, I sat her down and told her exactly what I wanted to do. "I want my husband to fuck you, and I wanna see you cum on him, and him creampie you". I sat back and watched her expression. Ben was standing off to the side, drinking champagne, watching the two of us. She looked Ben up and down, back at me, stood up and said, "sure, why not sounds fun!" Ahhh..sometimes Life just hands you a gift!

I got a towel from the closet and laid it on the sofa. "This is gonna get messy" I told her thinking to myself I HOPE SO! Standing next to her, I pulled her top off and unsnapped her bra, wanting to see her tits. In turn, she started squeezing mine thru my shirt and said "You're tits are HUGE" making me laugh a little... I flicked my tongue onto her hardening nipples, looking over at Ben who had set his glass down and walked over towards us. "Take of your shirt too Babe" Ben said, pulling it off for me. Ben grabbed my tits and told her "Suck them" offering them to her in his hands. She sucked one nipple, then the next, making them hard and pointy. Ben held both my tits in his hands while she continued to suck at them. He started rubbing his body against my ass and I could feel his thick cock growing hard. I pulled her skirt down and saw she was not wearing any panties. Her pussy was bare, fully waxed and smooth. Running my finger over her slit, she moaned and I told her "you're going to like this I think".

Leading her over to the sofa while Ben undressed, I sat her down and told her lean back and open her legs. She was very fair skinned, pink nipples hard. Ben approached us, naked, his cock starting to stand straight up. I couldn't rssist taking him in my mouth his cock is just so beautiful and big. Sucking his dick, he held my ead against him shoving his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. She watched us. I was about to tell her to come join me in sucking him, but Ben eased my mouth off him gently and gave me that wicked look. "Sit on the floor Babe" he said to me, pointing to the ground below her legs. Getting out of the way, I got on the floor while Ben grabbed her legs and pulled her further out from the sofa seat, and pushed her legs back so they were ressting against her body. Her pussy and ass were suddenly spread wide in front of me.

He straddled her, his cock thick hard and stiff. Her pussy was glistening with wetness already. Positioning his body, he eased his cock into her pussy, all the way in to his balls, and he stayed there for a second or two. She moaned. Pulling his cock out, it was now covered in her pussy juice. I was mesmerized. He fucked her again, this time harder, shoving her knees wider apart, and started to pump on her, f***efully and hard. "She's very wet already" Ben said to me and I had to agree..Suddenly his pace picked up, and Ben fucked her HARD, stroking in and out of her cunt 20 or more times, hard. "Fucking shit!" she said, trying to move but Ben held her legs down so firmly she could not. "I want you to cum on my dick" Ben said to her, and he started to fuck the hell out of her pussy, over and over, his cock pounding her pussy, and I saw her pussy start to explode, her juices were dripping out all over Ben, dripping down her pussy and onto her ass. FUCK. "you're making her cum" I told Ben, as he grunted and made his sexy moaning noises.."I can feel her cumming on me" he said..continuing to pound on her wet pussy. He had reached down now with his hands, and grabbing her butt cheeks, spread her even wider. I could see his wet dick covered in her juices, totally wet, fucking in and out of her cunt hard. Needless to say, I was soaking wet. "Are you gonna cream in her Baby?" I asked him? knowing that Ben has an amazing capability of cumming, and continuing to stay hard and keep fucking. (you lucky men :D) "FUCK I'm gonna cum all in this pussy" he said and suddenly he did, he thrust deep into her resting his balls against her pussy and pumped so much cum in her, and he groaned as he came, filling her pussy completely. He pulled out and his dick was now white and creamy, as was her pussy, dripping down her ass. Still hard, he plunged into her cunt again, fucking her harder than ever, his cum and her cum all over her pussy up to his balls. It was so damned damned SEXY. He looked down at me thru his legs and said "You know when I see your face down there it makes me wanna cum AGAIN Sherry" and I swear he did, more and more cream was covering his dick with every stroke. "FUCK BEN, THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT!!!!!" I said, as she started whimpering with him still stroking his cock in and out of her. He spread her ass with his hands so wide, her other un-fucked hole opened up so wide it was asking for his dick too. (But we hadn't asked her about being ass fucked so maybe that'll be another time:D) I continued to watch them fucking, until I saw Ben starting to pull out, looking down at me. He jumped up, and shook his body, saying "Shit, my legs are like rubber!" his cock hanging down his body, shiny with cum. I looked up at him and with my finger, told him to come closer. He walked over to me, his cock in my face, and said "Suck me woman" and I did, taking his wet cum covered cock in my mouth, cupping is balls and blowing him, deep down my throat, licking and sucking the cum from his dick with my tongue, coaxing another load of him into my mouth. "FUCK FUCK SUCK ME Babe oh my God I'm gonna cum again" and he did, releasing his juice deep down my throat which I happily swallowed. Licking him clean, balls and all, he then pulled me up, kissing my lips, and saying quietly "Did you like that?" smiling into my eyes. "Very much" I said happily. She went to clean up (Sorry we didn't get a chance to help her with that :D) and we DID drive her home :D

Later when we returned, I was dying to see how the pics turned out. Sitting on the sofa again drinking champagne I flipped thru my cell and told him "Really, you couldn't have slowed down a bit some of these are so damn blurry!" Ben laughed and said "I had to make her cum, you can't do that fucking slow Sherry" rolling his eyes at me. Flipping to the next picture, I jokingly said, "If you got this chick pregnant, I will fucking kill you" looking at how much cum he put in her. "It'll be your damn fault, don't look at me!" Snorting, I said "Take your rubber legs over there, and make me more champagne!" to which he did, and we toasted in 2012. Happy New Year Everyone! Got to check off another of Sherry's "Fuck Bucket List"!!

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