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Naruto Lemon Series Part 3

You were sitting in your bedroom reading a book when you heard the front door open and looked up seeing Naruto and Kiba burst through your door.

"Hey Yami!" Naruto said happily as you smiled back.

"Are you doing anything?" Kiba said as you looked at your book then him.

"No.. Not really.."you said as he grabbed your shoulders picking you up.

"Then let's hang out!" he said carrying you out of your house as you sighed letting him do what he wanted.

"Where are we going?" you asked looking at Naruto confused.

"Hehe Kiba has to clean up his house and he wanted me and you to come to help out." Naruto said as you crossed your arms.

"Seriously Kiba.. You can't even clean a house alone." you said laughing as he snorted putting you down.

"My moms not home and Hana will be at the Vets till tonight so I don't want to be alone." he said turning his head.

"Well at least your s****r will be there tonight." you said thoughtfully as Kiba snickered.

"Yea.. I'm sure you like that." Naruto said as you laughed nervously and gave Kiba a nuggie.

"It's alright Kiba, I just want to F your s****r." you said as he blushed and shook his head opening the door to his house.

You looked inside to see it a complete mess and your eyes widened as you looked at it all.

"Man.. You're mom would kill you if she saw this." you said as Naruto added in, "Yea."

"Naruto.. You're house is just as bad." you said as he stuck out his tongue and you laughed.

"Alright, Naruto you clean in the kitchen, Yami you do the living room and I'll work on the bathrooms." Kiba said as you and Naruto nodded.

You grabbed a duster and looked at there music collection to find something to clean to. You finally smiled seeing the Dresden Dolls (I love them XD ) and popped it in as Gravity began playing and you got to work.

After you finished dusting you began picking up everything off the floor and putting it where you figured it went. You turned to the kitchen to see Naruto was covered in water and scrubbing at the dishes with his eye brows furrowed.

"Don't let those dishes get the better of you Naruto." you said laughing as he turned towards you giving you a playful glare.

You went back to cleaning as you got out the vacuum and cranked up the music and began dancing with the vacuum. Once you turned off the vacuum you heard clapping behind you making you freeze.

"Nice moves Yami." you heard and smirked turning around seeing Hana.

"Hehe thanks." you said as Hana took off her Vet's uniform.

"So you were hired by Kiba huh?" she asked as you sighed nodding.

"But hey at least I'm helping you guys out to get it done faster." you said rubbing the back of your head.

"Oh you're here." you heard as Kiba came downstairs.

"You better make sure you pay back them for making them work all day." Hana said smacking him on the head making you laugh.

"I will.. Hey why don't you guys stay the night and have dinner with us." Kiba said thoughtfully as you looked towards Naruto.

"Sure." you both said smiling happily.

While you all finished cleaning the rest of the house Hana got busy cooking dinner. You finally finished all your cleaning as you walked into the kitchen seeing Hana finishing up.

"I'll get the plates out and stuff." you said trying to be helpful as she smiled nodding.

You brought all the plates out as Hana put the food down when Naruto and Kiba came running down the stairs.

"I smell food!" they both said as you and Hana sighed watching them run to a chair.

You sat next to Naruto and across from Hana and began eating while listening to Kiba and Naruto howl it down.

"Cool it guys don't you actually want to taste your food?" Hana said as they shook there heads and began eating again.

Once dinner was done Kiba and Naruto got the job of cleaning up the dishes whilst you and Hana hung out in the living room.

"So how's being a vet?" you said as she smiled saying, "Fun, I love working with the a****ls. Though we could always use more hands to help out.

"Hehe I don't know I think I'm more of a kicking someone's ass kind of person." you said laughing as she did too.

"Well whenever you have free time you should come see me.. That is when Naruto isn't stealing you for ramen." she said as you nodded.

"Finally we finished!" Naruto said plopping on the couch putting his head on your lap.

"There just dishes.. You act like you cleaned the whole house." you said as Naruto gave a goofy smile and sat up.

"So Naruto you can sl**p in my room, and Yami you can sl**p with Hana." Kiba said not realizing what he had said gave you an open invitation to sl**p with his s****r.

"Thanks Kiba." you said ruffling his hair as his eyes widened getting what he said.

"You're a pervert!" he said pointing at you as Hana laughed lightly.

"And proud.." you said clapping your hands together.

"Come on I'll get you some clothes to where." Hana said standing up as you followed her.

Her room was decorated in earthly colors and dogs as you saw it reflected her quiet well. She went through her clothes and pulled out something for you as you took it. She left the room for you to get dressed and so she could get ready in the bathroom.

You walked back into the living room to see Naruto and Kiba in pajamas as well. You sat next to Naruto as Hana walked downstairs sitting next to you.

"Let's watch a movie!" Kiba said as stood up going to the movies.

"How about a scary movie." you said as Hana shivered beside you.

"Hehe Hana hates scary movies." Kiba said smirking as Hana crossed her arms looking away.

"Don't worry Hana, I'll protect you tonight." you said putting your arm around her as she blushed.

In the end you decided on Dead Set (A bitch to find but well worth the watch.. I love zombies XD and British films are awesome.). Kiba sat beside Naruto as you all squished into the couch. During the movie Hana would cling to your arm and hid her face behind her hands as you couldn't help but think how cute that was.

Once the movie finally finished Naruto was gripping your arm fearfully as you giggled at him.

"Calm down Naruto, it's just a movie." you said as he let go puffing his chest out.

"I wasn't afraid." he said as your eyes widened and you screamed "Zombie!"

Naruto squealed along with Hana as you and Kiba fell on the floor laughing.

"There coming to get you Barbra.." Kiba said in a spooky voice as he began walking like a zombie.

"Cut it out you gimp!" Hana said smacking him in the head as you laughed lightly.

"Well we should go to bed.. it's getting late." you said yawning as the others nodded.

"Night boys.. Don't let the bed bugs bite.. Or the zombies." you said waving your finger spookily as Hana laughed uneasily.

You reached Hana's room as you plopped onto her bed sighing lightly but saw Hana's uneasiness.

"Don't worry Hana.. It's just a movie. I'll protect you!" you said hugging her as she laughed lightly.

"Thanks Yami I feel better knowing you're here... well a little.." she said as you nodded stretching your limbs.

"Well let's go to bed." you said as she laid on one side of the bed while you laid on the other.

Her back was facing you as you laid on your side wrapping the blanket around your body. You laid there for hours not able to go to sl**p only seeing Hana's face in your mind.

"Yami... are you awake?" you heard Hana say as your eyes opened.

"Yea." you said scooting a little closer to her as she sighed.

"I can't stop thinking about that movie... can you help me think about something else?" she said as a perverted smirk graced your lips.

"Are you sure?" you asked in her ear as she replied, "Yea."

You reached over wrapping your arms around her as she stiffened for a moment but relaxed into your touch. You placed your mouth on her neck kissing it lightly then sucking on it as she squirmed lightly holding in a little moan. Your hand went past her shirt as it grasped onto one of her breasts causing a light gasp to escape her lips.

"Y..Yami.." she said unsure as you smiled against her neck.

"It's alright.. At least it's getting your mind off the movie." you said as she turned towards you pressing her lips to yours.

She wrapped her arms around you as her tongue ran along your bottom lip begging for entrance. You opened your mouth running your tongue onto hers and slowly climbing on top of her. Your mouth left hers and you began kissing down her neck till you reached the top of her tank top. She lifted her hands up as you smirked pulling it off seeing she wasn't wearing a bra.

"You didn't do this on my behalf did you?" you said raising an eye brow as she blushed and looked away.

You brought one of her nipples into your mouth as you sucked on it while swirling your tongue around it. She moaned out as her hands came up starting to unbutton your shirt seeing you were bra less as well.

"You to eh?" she said laughing as you smiled shrugging it fully off your shoulders.

You pulled Hana towards you pressing your lips to hers while your torso pushed into her own causing a light groan to escape your lips. Hana's hands traveled down to your pajama pants as she tugged on them pulling them off so you were left in your panties. She went to reach for them but you swatted away her hand lightly as she pouted out her bottom lip.

"Nope.. Not till I remove these.." you said running your fingers over her shorts.

She grabbed your hands making you pull them off to see her cute puppy panties (I could totally see her wearing those XD ). She flipped you over as she tore off your panties making you laugh lightly at her eagerness. Her mouth latched onto your right nipple as you felt her canine teeth graze it causing a groan to come from your throat.

"Oh.. Hana." you moaned lightly as her tongue swirled around making your nipples go hard.

Her other hand slid past your breasts and rested at your opening as one of her fingers pushed inside you causing you to arch into her. She began pumping it inside you as you reached for her panties pulling them down with ease seeing how wet she was. You rolled her clit in between your fingers as she fought back from letting a loud moan out not wanting to wake up Kiba and Naruto.

"Let them hear...Besides Naruto is a heavy sl**per and I'm sure Kiba is too." you said flipping her over so you were on top.

You ran your tongue down her body till you got to her clit as you ran your tongue along it making her grip the bed sheets from crying out. You went down to her warmth as you wiggled it inside her causing a low moan as she bit her lip.

"Ya.. Yami.." she growled as your tongue began pumping inside her.

Her lower lip began to bleed as she bit it harder while her chest rose and fall from her deep breathing. You brought your head up as she looked at you confused but you kissed her lips letting her taste herself while you lifted one of her legs. You pushed your body into hers as the feeling caused a moan to escape both of your lips.

You both began moving your bodies together as light pants and moans left your mouths. She brought her upper body up as you kissed her hungrily while you began moving faster against her. Hana brought her hands up as she squeezed your breasts causing a gasp like groan while your eyes shut blissfully. You felt her pinch your nipples as you moaned deeply picking up your already fast pace.

Hana moved her head towards your bouncing breasts as she began sucking on one roughly.

"Ha..Hana.." you moaned as sweat began to build up on your forehead.

You used one of your hands to grasp onto her breast and roll her nipple between your fingers as she nibbled on yours. You began panting feeling the coil in your stomach tighten and you could see Hana was reaching it to. She let go of your breasts as her hands gripped her sheets tightly and her eyes closed with her mouth opened slightly and rough pants to leave her wet lips.

"Ugh.. Yaamii!" she cried into her pillow but you heard her well as she came against you.

"Nyaaa Hana!" you yelled into her leg as you came to feeling your juices mix with hers.

Your head fell as you tried regaining your breath as she was doing the same. She moved her leg so you were resting between her legs and she sat up pulling you down to her.

"Thanks Yami." she said snuggling beside you as you laughed lightly replying, "You're welcome."

You both woke up the next morning and got dressed back into your bed clothes while walking down stairs and see Naruto and Kiba sitting on the couch.

"Hey boys.. You're up early." you said sitting beside Naruto as he laughed uneasily.

"We couldn't sl**p... we kept hearing noises.. Zombie noises.." Naruto said as Kiba nodded making you look towards Hana.

"Did you guys here them too?" Kiba asked looking at you both making you and Hana burst out laughing.

"Oh yea we heard them.." you began as Hana chimed looking towards you saying, "Yea and I can't wait to hear them again."

You understood what she meant as you both left for upstairs leaving a very confused and flustered Kiba and Naruto to make a few more "Zombie noises".

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