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Naruto Lemon Series Part 2

You were skipping through the village humming lightly to yourself just enjoying the bright spring day. Naruto was off on a mission and Lee was as well leaving you optionless for people to hang with. You decided to just walk around till you found something interentsing enought to grab your attention. You stopped short as you quickly hid behind a tree and peeked your head out blushing. Good he didn't see me.. hehe I still got it. You thought smirking as the youngest of the Aburame clan began walking by not noticing you. Alright so you and Shino were complete opposites of each other, but that only made you all the more curious about him. After years of trying to see him without his giant coat and glasses you have only failed.


"Yami-chan.. what are you doing?" Hinata said fearfully as you went to the wood that seperated you from the boys side of the hot springs.

"Shhhh.. this is going to be the day." you said holding your finger up to her.

"But.. Yami-chan.." she began but you waved your hand.

You put your eye to the hole as you pressed your head against it trying to see past the fog.

"Come on Shino!" you heard Kiba say as he ran passed causing you to giggle.

You saw a sillouhet of Shino as you squeaked inwardy pushing closer.

-Your POV-

Hehe it was working so well.. until the wood gave out falling over and exposing yourself completly to Kiba while Shino ran back inside. Good times.. You shook the goofy smile off your face sucking in air. Today you would see his face completly! You hopped into the tree and began following him sneakily staying far enough to not draw attention to yourself. You made it into the forest as he seemed to stop and began collecting bugs. You pulled out some binoculars (Cause she's that odd) and sat comfortably in the tree watching him. He seemed to not be doing anything productive and you began growing bored. You saw him wave his hand infront of his face as he grabbed onto the zipper of his coat as you did a dance in your head. Thank you sun! You inwardly cheered as he pulled it off only to see he was still covered by his big black sweater thing. Damn you sun! You growled, it wasn't hot enough out for him to take that off. You saw a cute little bug land on his hand and crawl around then he reached for his glasses. This is it! You sat at the edge of the branch holding onto the binoculars tightly in anticipation. He was just about to remove him with you heard a snap. Oh shit.. Followed by the branch breaking under your weight as you tumbled down the tree landing by his feet. Gah way to go dumbass..

"Heheh.. hey Shino." you said giving him a peace sign sitting up.

"Yami.. what are you doing.. and why do you have binoculars?" he asked rasing his eye brow as you laughed nervously.

"Just.. sightseeing different.. uh .. birds! Yea I was curious to see how many different kinds I could find." you said cleverly.

"Really? Cause according to my inscects you've been following me." he said as you inwardly cursed.

"Psh.. no.. it's just a bird was going in your direction." you said smiling innocently.

"Hmm just like the time you fell off my roof and said you were hoping on roof tops and slipped.. or the time you happened to be sitting in the tree that's right infront of my window because it showed the best view of the moon.. and I'm not even going to talk about the hot springs incident." he said as you sighed looking down defeated.

"Hehe guess I've been found out.." you said looking up towards him as he remained quiet.

"I've been following you around..." you said like a dog with it's tail between it's legs.

"Why? Am I that freaky to you?" he asked cocking his eye brow towards you as you waved your hands infront of your face.

"No! No that's not it." you said frantically as he titled his head looking towards you.

"Then why?" he asked as you sighed looking down embarassed.

"Cause I.. because I'm fasinated by you." you said looking up towards him.

"What?" he said slightly speechless as you looked down smiling.

"You're so different from me.. and yet it makes me want to be closer to you.. you're so mysterious and quiet. It makes me want to know you more I just can't live without knowing.. and I want to see behind all the layers you hide behind." you said blushing lightly still looking down.

You looked up to see he held out his hand as you took it standing up as he easily was taller than you.

"Well why didn't you just ask?" he said bluntly as you looked at him dumbfounded.

"I.. you.. you would have showed me?" you said hopefully as he nodded slightly.

"But you never did ask." he said as you glared at the ground.

"Well then... can I see?" you said looking up as he chuckled lightly.

"Sure." he said as you squealed lightly.

You reached for his big black coat first as you pulled it open as he moved his arms so you could take it off fully. You saw he had on a black shirt underneath as his muscles showed through it making you bite your lip at how hot his body looked so far. You reached up for his goggles/glasses and pulled them off slowly as your eyes widened. Behind them were very hot warm chocolate brown eyes.

"Damn no wonder you hide yourself.. you'd have all the girls running ragid over you!" you said flailing your arms in the air.

"To bad there's only one I want to." he said stepping closer to you as you smirked.

"So.. Shino does have a other side.." you said as you reached for his head band untying it as it fell to the ground.

"I thought you only wanted to see behind my coat and glasses?" he said slightly surprised.

"I changed my mind.. I want to see all of you." you said as your fingers slid down to the bottom of his shirt.

"Good.. cause I want to see all of you too." he said pushing you into the tree behind you.

His lips found yours as his tongue slipped past your slightly parted lips and rubbed against your own. You moaned into the kiss as your hands reached up and tangled into his dark colored hair roughly. You heard the zipper to your hoodie as you shrugged it off your shoulders and pulled him closer. He grabbed onto your butt and pulled you up so your legs were around his waist so you were pushed further into the tree. You felt something tickle along your skin as his bugs began to go wild making you giggle lightly.

"Your bugs can't seem to get enough of me." you said as he smirked rubbing his hands along your lower stomach.

"They're not the only ones." he said as his lips traveled down your neck as he nipped down tenderly.

You pulled his shirt over his head as he took your mesh shirt and tank top off leaving you in your bra. His fingers danced up to your bra strap as he looked at you for permission which you simple nodded lightly. He unclipped it as his eyes traveled to them drinking them in as you laughed at his expression. You felt his hands climb up and grasped your breasts as you moaned feeling his warm finger tips graze your nipples. Your hands traveled all around his hard muscles as he closed his eyes enjoying your touch.

"Unwrap your legs for a moment." he said quietly as you nodded unwrapping your legs.

You grabbed onto his pants and yanked them off as you could see the tent in his boxers making you smirk. His hands fumbled with your capris as he pulled them off with ease. He went past your panties as one of his fingers pushed deep inside you as you arched your body into his touch.

"Ssshinooo." you moaned as another finger slid inside your wet opening.

You brought your hands down and slipped them past his boxers as you ran your hands along him lightly as he groaned. You smirked and did it again as he groaned deeper while his eyes glazed over with lust. His fingers left your opening as he licked them clean while you began nipping and sucking his neck. He pushed you into the tree again as he kissed you hard pulling you close to him as you smirked into the kiss. You pulled his boxers down as he grabbed your panties taking them off you as well. He pulled you to the ground as he hovered over you and plunged inside you all the way. You moaned deeply and arched into him as your legs wrapped around his waist tightly. He began pumping inside you as his mouth went down to your breasts taking your right nipple into his mouth and he began sucking on it roughly allowing his teeth to graze it.

"Oh Shino.. harder." you said as he pushed in you further and harder.

You turned the tables so you were on top as his hands slid slowly to your hips as you began riding him.

"Yami.. faster." he said gritting his teeth from moaing to loud as you smirked.

You rested your hands on his chest as you began bouncing faster while his hands reached for your breasts as he held them tightly. You moaned tilting your head to the side in pleasure as his hands went back down to your hips and glided you along harder. He flipped you back onto your back as he gave a little sexy smirk and picked up his pace. You gripped his back as your nails clawed down it slowly feeling your peak was reaching you quickly.

"Nya... S..Shino!" you cried as you came holding him tightly as he grunted coming inside you.

He held himself up with his arms so not to crush you and rolled to your side taking his jacket and wrapping you both with it. You saw the sun had gone down and little fireflies floated above you both as you smiled hugging him close.

"So.. was I what you expected?" he asked in his usual tone as you smirked.

"Nope.. you were better." you said as he let a little laugh escape his lips.

"Guess opposites really do attract." he said as you nodded closing your eyes saying, "They sure do."

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