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My first encounter

I started dressing in my s****r's clothes when I was about 11, she would have been around 13 then. It was wonderful, just Mother, s****r and me at home so when I got a little older, I promoted myself to Mother's clothes. She was a real fashionista back in the 1950s to 1970s, always very elegant and very sexy.

The inevitable happened and one day my s****r caught me. I was wearing some of Mother's clothes, with a lovely slim fitting skirt pulled up above her panties and stockings and my cock so hard in my hand, midway through a delicious wank.

My s****r didn't say a thing, simply walked out for a few minutes, came back with some tissues and told me n ot to stain the skirt.

I'll tell what happened next another time but she had a friend, slightly older than me, training to be a ballet dancer, called Geoffrey and so gay, he was beautiful. I knew him slightly but my s****r knew that I fancied him and unbeknown to me, he fancied me too because she'd told him about my needs.

Eventually, she arranged a date for me, told Mother what was happening (I'll explain that another time too) and had me dress in one of Mother's most sexy dresses, nicest underwear and lovely tan stockings with seams and a pair of the most adorable crocodile skin heels, she even did my make up for me.

They went out and within 10 minutes, Geoffrey (his real name by the way) had arrived and I'd let him into the apartment. After some soft drinks, I had to retouch my lipstick and he told me how lovely I looked. He sat next to me, put his hand on my knee and kissed my cheek, then my neck and then my mouth.

I had fantasised about this sort of thing for so long I thought my clitty cock would explode. Before too long, I had taken the dress off and my panties and was showing him what I looked like in underwear. His cock was soon in his hand, I was on my knees and I took his lovely, sweet tasting hard cock in my mouth, my first ever.

He moaned gently, I ran my tongue round the tip, along the ridge and I felt him thicken and his breath quicken at the same time. He told me to stop, he didn't want to waste it and I knew what would happen next.

He took the vasalene I had already organised, slipped some into my pouting and oh so tight pussy rose and as I felt his fingers enter me a huge shudder went through my body.

And then he entered me, very gently, told me to appreciate the pain and the pleasure, made sure I wasn't in too much discomfort and then rammed up inside me until his balls were pushed against my cheeks. The pain was a shock but I relaxed and pushed back until I was sitting on his lap, he put his arms round me and took my cock in his hand and as I rubbed back on him, gripping his shaft, he wanked me, slowly and lovingly.

I realised that he had gone soft and he bit my ear and neck, whispering that he had cum inside me, my very first proper anal douche, thick white sperm. And as he did that, I exploded, long thick white jets of my cum over the stockings and carpet.

It was not the only encounter. there were more but I remember it so fondly, even today it makes me hard to think of it, I think I shall to relieve the tension again.

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