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Grace 6 - The Dunes

The author kindly advises that this scenario contains descriptions of exhibitionism and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Grace 6 - The Dunes

(Grace Worthington goes to the beach, masturbates before a video camera and is being groped and fucked)

It was Friday afternoon. The university grounds were abuzz with students leaving for the weekend. Grace Worthington, a blonde, tall and slender eighteen-year-old Uni student packed her weekend bag at her dorm building. She was looking forward to going home for a few days. ‘Home’ was her parents place close to the south coast, an area with little villages, long pristine beaches, dunes and forests.

While in the train, her mind wandered as she thought about the weekend. She was excited at the prospect of seeing her mum again, enjoying her cooking and walking the dog. Grace was the great hope of her parents. She got herself into a prestigious university with sheer hard work and talent. Her specialty subjects were math and science. She would be a bio-researcher one day and hoped to make a difference in her field.

Her station was coming up. She took her bag, left the train and made the short journey to her parents’ place. After a warm welcome they sat around the kitchen table where Grace told all about her past weeks at Uni.

The next morning around 7am, after breakfast and a shower, Grace put on her white shorts and orange-yellow patterned bikini, grabbed her bag and headed for the beach on her mountain bike.

It was early morning when Grace left the parking area and strolled down to the deserted beach. The weather forecast had predicted heavy seas, mild, cloudy but sunny conditions. The wild waves were crashing onto the sand creating a thunderous noise. The dunes, covered in patches of high grass on the other side, stretched as far as the eye could see. The water vapor generated by the raging surf created a haze in the distance and made the air smell salty.

With no one in sight on the deserted beach Grace couldn’t resist the temptation; she took a last look around, then slowly slid off her shorts and took off her bikini, revealing her naked lithe body. Her legs were long and tanned, her boobs were small but rock-hard just like her butt. It had taken her long hours in the gym to achieve this and she was justifiably proud of it. She ran down the beach nude, then straight into the surf. She got swamped but managed to crawl back onto the sand where she rolled over and spread her legs wide, revealing her neatly trimmed blond pubic hair around her protruding pussy lips. The seawater rushed through her crotch, forcing itself into her opening slit. Grace arched her back and threw her head backwards as she frantically fingered herself. Waves crashed onto the shoreline, rolling over her wriggling hard tanned body.

Unknown to Grace, an older couple witnessed the scene from a vantage point in the dunes. Both in their late forties, grey and in shorts and t-shirts, the man took his digital camera and filmed a naked blond girl masturbating in the surf.

Grace went looking for her bikini, water dripping off her lean muscular curves. She found a secluded area near the base of the dunes, stretched out on the fine sand and observed the large clouds drift past overhead.

About half an hour later a two people emerged from the dunes. As they walked past they waved, turned and came up to Grace. “Good morning,” they said, “it’s very hazy at the moment isn’t it? There must be rough weather far out on the ocean, just look at the surf.” The woman shook Grace’s hand and introduced herself as Liz. “That’s my husband Mike,” she said while pointing at the slightly overweight man with grayish hair behind her.

“We’re on the beach here quite often”, she continued. “We’re part of small local conservationist group. We’re taking pictures of the area on a regular basis to look at the impact of the waves on the coastline.” Grace noticed Mike’s digital camera and the conservation badges they wore on their t-shirts. Both were dressed in shirts-and-shorts and barefoot. Being heavily suntanned, it was obvious they were local beachgoers who combined the pleasant with the practical.

“Yeah, we were up in the dunes early this morning,” Liz rattled on. “It gives us the best overall vantage point when it comes to monitoring the coast. We shot some great footage of the enormous swells. Would you like to see the results?” she said while taking over the camera from her husband. “Sure”, Grace replied while she stood up to watch the footage on the small flip-out screen.

“We noticed you were here also pretty early, Grace…” Liz casually dropped the line while taking a few moments to make the technology work. Grace watched the footage run on the camera screen. “Yeah…,” Grace replied as she watched the pictures of surf and dunes flash past. “It’s always nice and quiet here in the morning, especially on a slightly overcast day like today,” she said lazily. Grace found the quality and clarity of the footage amazing. The images rolled on until…

Grace’s breath stopped.

In shock she watched the camera catch a glimpse of a figure on the beach near the waterline way down below. The camera zoomed in on a naked girl, lying in the frothy surf with her legs spread wide, contorting her body, furiously rubbing herself.

A confused and bewildered Grace looked up at Liz who just smiled benignly. “Yeah, we were filming the waters edge this morning and came across you, enjoying the waves. We were as surprised as anyone else but that sometimes happens in an area like this. Doesn’t matter,” she said, giving Grace a mischievous smile…

As she saw Grace’s unease and blushed face, Liz moved closer to her. “Don’t worry Grace,” she whispered. You looked fabulous. You enjoyed yourself down there; we enjoyed watching it. No problem. We’ll be here taking a breather, you go out there and have another swim.”

Grace nodded, grateful for a way out. “Thanks Liz,” she softly said, feeling slightly more comfortable with it now. I’ll be back in five. Grace walked down the deserted beach as Liz just couldn’t take her eyes off Grace’s sandy bikini briefs wedged in between her rock hard tanned arse cheeks.

More and more the incident turned from embarrassing to irrelevant to exciting as she ran into the surf and rolled in the crashing waves. A short time later Grace noticed a lone figure on the beach in the distance. It turned out to be Liz, taking a stroll while her husband Mike had fallen asl**p. Grace crawled out of the surf and jogged towards her, dripping wet and dirty with sand.

“Enjoying the water, Grace?” Liz quipped. “Yeah…, it’s just lovely down there…” Grace replied softly. Liz noticed a hesitation in Grace’s voice. “What’s on your mind Grace?” she probed. Grace mustered her courage; “Do you think I looked good in that video, Liz?”

Liz smiled and instinctively knew what Grace meant. Her fingers played around Grace’s arm, then slowly wandered toward her bikini top. “We…eh… very much enjoyed watching you Grace,” she said with a husky voice. Grace followed Liz’s fingers, how they were exploring her, moving over her chest, squeezing her breasts through her bikini top. She didn’t really object to this, which emboldened Liz. She smiled and couldn’t believe this beautiful girl let her do this. It had been a long time since she got her hands on such a young tight hard body. Grace was young enough to be her daughter.

“Would you…eh…want to give us a repeat performance, Grace?” Liz tentatively asked. Some of her fingers joined and ran down Grace’s chest, over her stomach, then turned. “Lean on me…and…squat a little, dear…” Liz whispered.

Her hand turned and slid over Grace’s bikini brief between her legs. Grace squatted slightly and gasped as Liz’s hand slid inside her brief. She leaned on Liz’s shoulder for support and locked eyes with her as those strange fingers swirled through her pubic hair and touched her clit.

Liz’s brain went in overdrive. She looked around and at Grace as she took in the atmosphere. The noise of the wild ocean, the early-morning haze. The cool breeze, the breaking sun through the clouds. And here she was groping a strange girl… It was all quite surreal. Her fingers tried to slip off Grace’s bikini brief but she stopped her. “No, no, wait, not yet…” Liz smiled. “I want you to lose that bikini again Grace,” she whispered. “I want to see what you’ve got between your legs…”

Grace hesitated but then sighed; “I’ll show you Liz, I’ll show you…but not here. Let’s get into the dunes for more privacy. Why don’t you two follow me on a distance with your camera?” Liz smiled seductively. This was a wild fantasy come through. As a fifty-five year old mum she had no qualms about sexually m*****ing an eighteen-year old girl. “Oh yeah, Grace. That would be just lovely.”

Liz and Grace returned to Mike. Grace packed her bag and disappeared into the dunes. Liz told Mike about what happened as they followed her at a distance.

Grace went deep into the maze of pans, searching for a suitable spot amidst the high patches of dune grass. She found a clear area with growth on the small rises on all sides. She put down her bag and stretched out in the fine, dusty sand. She could see Liz and Mike positioning themselves on one of the ridges in between the grass. Mike took out his digital video camera and started filming her.

While still wearing her orange-yellow bikini, she rolled around in the fine sand. The tanning oil made the dust stick to her skin. Her wet hair turned into a mess but she didn’t care. The couple with the camera slowly moved down through the grass into the dune pan. Mike was filming when Grace moved towards him like a stealthy panther on hands and knees. Not a word was spoken when she was only meters away from Mike who was kneeling with the camera at the bottom of the dune clearing. She moved herself upright on her knees. The camera followed her hand as it moved down her neck over her chest. Grace kept eye contact with Liz as her fingers undid her bikini top strap on her back.

“Do you like what you see, Liz?” she teased as she was squeezing her dust covered small rock hard breasts. “Is this what you want, would you like to…touch my slit, Liz?” Liz was mesmerized and only faintly nodded. Mike’s camera followed Grace’s hand as it slid further down her flat stomach and in between her legs. Liz slowly moved next to Grace as she arched backwards, stabilizing herself with both arms behind her. Mike saw on his camera screen how Liz’s hand ran over Grace’s chest, groping and squeezing her hot breasts. Her hand moved down the girls’ stomach, her fingers slowly pulled the straps of Grace’s bikini brief. The fabric hesitantly fell away, exposing her short, blond pubic hair and protruding slit. Grace stared intently at the lens as she opened her legs for the man’s camera. Liz’s fingers swirled through Grace’s blond pubic hair, sliding deep into her warm hole. Grace stretched out on the sand, spreading her legs impossibly wide while pushing up her waist. Liz, under the watchful eye of Mike’s camera, pushed Grace’s pussy lips apart revealing her bright red inner meat to Mike’s lens.

“Turn around Grace,” Liz whispered. We want a close up of your hot arse.” Mike saw how his wife took great pleasure in m*****ing Grace, she was now directing the shoot and Grace obliged. She went on all fours and spread her knees as wide as possible while arching her back. Mike got a close up of Grace’s blond pubic hair, the pink meat inside her opening slit and Liz’s hands, pulling her hard small arse cheeks apart, revealing her dark anal button. Liz’s finger circled Grace’s anus, then slightly pushing into her anal opening.

Mike handed the camera over to Liz as he positioned himself in front of Grace and slowly dropped his shorts. “Oh, my god…” Grace gasped at the sight of Mike’s long hard cock. He grabbed Grace’s hair, squatted slightly and slowly pushed his long pole into her mouth. After briefly fucking Grace’s face he pulled his cock away from her and stretched out on the sand. Grace followed Liz’s directions, turned around and positioned her slit above his hard cock. She leaned back, supporting herself with both arms behind her, and spread her legs impossibly wide. Liz put down her camera, grabbed Mike’s long meat and pushed it in between Grace’s red pussy lips. She filmed how Grace slowly impaled herself on Mike’s cock. She saw on her camera display how her husband’s long meat slowly disappeared in between Grace’s throbbing pussy lips. His dark pubic hair mixed with Grace’s blond growth between her legs.

Grace gasped as she felt Mike’s cock deeper and deeper inside of her. She was panting and squirming as her body contorted, trying to work Mike’s probing hot dickhead. Liz followed the wild fucking closely on her camera. She marveled at the wild hardcore she saw in front of her. She put the device on auto-record and positioned it a few meters away. As she joined in, her hand caressed Grace’s face and hair; “open your mouth Grace, open it…I want to kiss you baby,” she whispered. Liz slowly pulled Grace’s head backwards and planted her open mouth on Grace’s, pushing her tongue deep inside her. Grace tasted Liz’s saliva, their wet lips and tongues dueling within their interlocking mouths. After a minute or so, Liz’s lips moved away, down Grace’s neck and onto her nipples virtually eating her hard tits.

Grace heard the panting and growling of Liz and Mike as they were both eating and fucking her body. She half-closed her eyes and enjoyed all the sensations of their physical abuse. Mike’s hands slowly lifted her off his throbbing cock, for her only to feel it pushing against her anus. Liz noticed the change when she looked into Grace’s wide-open eyes.

“I hope you like it in your beautiful anus, Grace…just feel how his dickhead pops through you anal ring and slides deep into you,” Liz breathed. “Enjoy, enjoy…” Grace gasped, threw her head backwards and closed her eyes as her anal ring opened up. Mike’s long hard pole pushed deep inside her up her anal cavity.

Liz had taken off her shorts and was frantically masturbating while egging on Mike to push it in harder. Her hand slid down in between Grace’s legs, two fingers pushing into her throbbing slit. After a few minutes Grace felt Mike tremble and stiffen up. “Oh fuck, I’m going to spray”, he screamed. He pulled abruptly out of her asshole and grunted as large amounts of sperm shot up from underneath Grace, landing on her crotch and stomach. Strands of it ran down her body, mixing with her blond pubic hair, lacing her red protruding lips. Liz’s hand ran down Grace’s stomach and through her crotch, smearing Mike’s sperm all over her body.

She was close to coming herself as she opened her legs wide while frantically fingering herself. She squatted over Grace and pushed her crotch into her face. Grace’s mouth connected with Liz’s burning slit as she felt how her legs started to tremble. Liz let out a loud scream as liquid blasted out of her slit, spraying all over Grace’s face and chest. Grace was hot as fuck and delved with her face deeper in between Liz’s squatting legs to get inside her hole, licking it clean. “Oh God, you’re good at this Grace,” she moaned, “You’re a talented girl aren’t you”.

Grace was exhausted and sore everywhere. She was lying in the dust on her back, disheveled, her legs and arms spread wide. Liz slowly recovered, took her still running camera and panned a long, detailed shot over Grace’s abused body.

It was around noon as Grace, Liz and Mike walked out of the dunes onto the beach. After a brief swim, the three went back into the dunes for another photo session. Grace showed off her hot curves and open holes to Liz and Mike’s deeply exploring lens.

Mike took over the camera as Liz kept on groping Grace’s contorting body, licking, fingering and sucking every inch of the teenager’s tanned meat. She knew a chance like this, to enjoy a young girl like Grace, might not come again. Liz went deep into Grace’s crotch, pushing open her slit with her fingers and burying her face deep inside to enjoy the taste and smell of Grace’s warm soft slit. Grace tried as much as she could to accommodate Liz by spreading her legs as wide as possible and fingering herself at different angles in front of her camera.

It was around 2pm as Grace, Liz and Mike said their goodbyes. That night at her parents’ place, Grace masturbated furiously as the events of the day recycled through her mind. A few days later, the local environment club met at Grace’s parents’ place. She was at Uni as her mum met with Liz, the woman who, unbeknown to her, during the weekend had groped and m*****ed her stark naked daughter.

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