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Ben finally Fucks my Ass

We woke up this morning as usual, feeling horny and wanting to get dirty. At the breakfast table, having coffee, I joked with Ben "How about we get a little sexy ass for you to fuck tonight?" smiling at him in a naughty way. Ben put his coffee cup down, looking at me intensely. I couldn't tell if he was for or against my idea. He got up and walked over to me, pulling my hair back and lifting my face up to look at him. Staring down at me, he said with much authority "I wanna fuck YOU in the ass, Babe". My eyes got big, and he continued holding my head back to look at him. "I want to fuck your little ass RIGHT NOW." He was dead serious.

Trembling a little, I let him lead me into the living room. Standing together, he reached down and started playing with my pussy, kissing me passionately, while whispering in my ear over and over "I'm gonna fuck you sweet little ass, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, and I'm not taking no for an answer". I knew he was serious. Pulling off my clothes, he pushed me gently down onto the sofa on all fours. I was turned on, but slightly nervous. We had tried this a few times before and it always hurt! "Shhhhh" Ben said, lifting my ass up and getting on the side of me. Grabbing our little handy camera, he set it up and put my ass right up in front of it. Ben spread my legs a little, and said "You can show everyone on Xhamster your little ass being fucked for the first time"...This turned me on even more. He wet his fingers, and started playing with my ass, slowly sticking one finger in, which reaching down and playing with my pussy. "That's a good girl" he said, feeling my ass open up. He started to finger fuck my ass, and with every stroke he pinched my clit, making my ass jump from the pleasure. "Does that feel good? you like when I finger your ass like this?" I moaned a quiet "yes". He flicked my clit back and forth, rubbing and rubbing while continuing to finger my ass. Soon, he put two fingers in and said " up for me Babe" while I felt myself almost ready to cum.

He turned me over and laid me on my back, kneeling on the floor in front of me. "Spread your legs wide Babe" but I didn't, feeling apprehensive. He f***ed my legs apart, opening me up for him. "There you go... good girl..Look how fucking hard my dick is already" Ben said...looking down I could see his dick was throbbing, already hard as hell. With my legs spread, Ben started playing with my pussy, fingering my clit and stroking his cock. Looking into my eyes, I felt his dick push up against my ass. I was getting nervous. Slowly, he pushed the head of his dick in my ass and I jumped up, raising my ass off the couch... "Ahhh your ass is so tight babe Its gonna be so good"... He looked down and started talking dirty sweet to me, "I'm gonna fuck your sweet little ass babe" pushing deeper and deeper into me. With his thumb, he started playing with my cunt and clit, rubbing and opening me while he pushed deeper into my ass. "Look at your beautiful little cunt opening up for me, fuck this looks so good" He started to pump his dick in my ass slowly, and I felt his dick opening my ass wider. "Hold your legs wide Babe, wider" so I held my thighs apart with both hands, opening my holes up as wide as possible. Bem closed his eyes and started pumping me, moaning, "fuck your ass is so tight oh my god" trying to push himself all the way in.. "Open your ass up let me fuck you Babe", looking back down at us fucking. "Your sweet little pussy is so hot look how it opens up for me" he said, slowly continuing to fuck my ass. I was starting to moan, while he pumped away at me. Knowing however this was the 1st time, he pulled his cock out of my ass, got on top of me, sticking his cock in my pussy. Holding my legs as wide apart as possible, he pummeled me, fucking my cunt wildly and hard, until I felt myself cum on him, loving how passionately he was fucking me. "Oh my fucking God cum on me Babe cum for me" and I did, over and over, until he finally came too, filling me up with all his delicious hot creamy cum. Panting on top of me, he looked down and kissed me hard, his cock still inside me, saying "FINLLY! and don't think it'll be the only time I fuck your little ass"

It was a sweet first ass fuck for me, I think I may let him do it again :D

Happy New Year to all of you!

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