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Suprising night with my wife friend. PT 1

Last summer my wifes friend came to visit for a week. She was a pretty blonde and the day I came back from work to meet her for the first time, she was walking around my deck in a bikini drinking cocktails. After a couple of days partying and hanging out I realized she was pretty open to just about anything. The first couple of nights after my wife went to bed she started to tease me, telling me I probably had a small penis which promptly made me drop my shorts to prove the opposite. She then laughed and slipped her bikini top to the side to reveal her pierced nipples. After seeing that I asked her if her clit was pierced as well, she said "why don't you see for yourself" and slid her bottoms to the side revealing a clit stud. As soon as she did that I got instantly hard, she must have seen because she started rub her clit and told me to pull my hard cock and jerk it for her. At this point I was a little concerned because my wife was inside and she likes to be present if any extra curricular activities occur. But in the moment it was too much and I pulled out my hard uncut cock, she had never seen one before and told me to pull the skin back slowly with each stroke so she could see the full head of my throbbing cock with every pull. She started to squirm and moan in the chair as her two finger slid inside, vigourosly pumping in and out of her pussy. I could feel myself about to cum, with one hand she pulled her top down and with her eyes closed told me to stand up and cum on her tits.
I stood up and moved toward her stroking myself, I groaned and told her I was about to cum, she opened her eyes arched he back in the chair and started to quiver as she felt my hot cum splash against her pierced nipples. What a feeling, I sat down as I caught my breath and we both started to laugh quietly.
PT 2 soon

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