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Angelica's first holiday

Hi everybody,
this is my first try in writing stories. Excuse my english, it's not my native language. Hope you enjoy reading it.
There is much more to come. Comments are welcome.

Angelica’s first holiday
Introduction (F/M/MM)

This is the true story of my reunion with my first girlfriend Angelica. We broke up after a 10 year relationship. We shared everything, she even was singing in my band, where I played the guitar. She kicked me out, because I was not willing to marry her. Shortly after we broke up she married another guy, Andreas, and had 2 c***dren. But life is funny sometimes, after another 10 years they divorced. We never met during her marriage, but half a year after her divorce we met each other accidentally on the main street of our home town. The sexual attraction was immediately there again, and on our first night out we ended in bed again. The sex was good as ever but something changed. She was insatiable and wouldn’t stop until early in the morning. During our first relationship we always had to stop after her first orgasm. Next to that she had improved her blow job skills and now accepted my cum on her face and in her mouth, and she wanted to be fucked with my cum on her face. I was in heaven.

Let me describe her a little bit. Angelica is about 1.65m high and has long dark brown and curly hair. Her figure is not slim, but, let’s put it this way, everything is in the right place.

After our relationship she only had sex with her ex-husband, but I had developed quite a row of girlfriends. OK, I was quite successful and changed my partners nearly every month during the passed 10 years. One of them was a swinger and with her I discovered my voyeuristic side. She participated in gangbangs and I loved to watch her getting fucked and cummed on.

After a month of going out with Angelica, she started to ask me about my ex girlfriends and my love for gangbangs and swinging. Her reaction was surprisingly positive. Her only fear was of me breaking up with her after seeing her fucking with other guys. Nearly a month and endless talking later, she gave in to fuck another guy. We decided to go for a short holiday to a town in south Germany. The k**s stayed with her husband for the weekend and we went for this first adventure.

After we checked in for our hotel room, we went for a walk through the city and then for a night in Club to find a willing participant. I wanted her to look the same way as the first time she wore some lingerie for me. She went for the bathroom and out came a sex goddess. She had chosen black stockings with a garter belt and black high heeled Pumps of 5cm height. Matching bra and panties made this set perfect. We then chose a red summer skirt, even covering the top of her stockings and allowing a nice view of the inner sides of her tits. To cut it short, we found a guy in the club that got her attention, but she was to shy to get in touch with him. So I had to make the contact. He was in his early thirties with black hair and his name was Ralf. After some talking we went to our hotel room, took some drinks and talked, while Ralf was staring at Angelica’s legs. She asked him if he wanted a closer look, and after he nodded yes she raised her skirt to her waist to show him her stockings. I looked at him and saw a nice big bulge in his pants. I asked her if she could take care of this. Angelica stood up and striped her skirt and her bra. The first time I saw her exposing parts of her body only her husband and I had seen. She dropped on her knees in front of Ralf’s chair and unbuckled his belt, pilled his jeans and pants of and out came a nice cock nearly as big as mine. She licked her lips and only after seconds took it in her mouth. She hadn’t even kissed this guy and now she had his cock in her mouth. You could tell by the look of Ralf’s face that he was enjoying the blow job and was already close to coming. Angelica knew what was about to come and told Ralf to stand up. Great she wanted him to cum on her face, I dropped my pants and began to wank my cock. I had a great view, Angelica on her knees still in stockings and high heels, her hair hanging down nearly to her ass, perfect make up with bright red lipstick and a stranger standing in front of her with his cock in her mouth. Ralf couldn’t stand the sucking for long; he said “Baby, I’m close”. I saw a smile on her face when she took his cock out of her mouth. She was looking in his eyes as she said: “Great, please come on my face” He couldn’t hold it any longer after that command and started spurting all over her; five, six long and thick spurts went on her forehead, across her nose and cheeks and over her closed mouth, onto these terrific red lips. After the last spurt she took his cock in her mouth to suck him dry. Ralf dropped back to his seat and I grabbed Angelica and threw her on the bed. She smiled and opened her legs. I immediately started fucking her. I loved the sight of her cum covered face. After a few minutes of fucking, Ralf came back to life. He climbed on the bed and brought his cock to her face. The cum was clearing, but I could still see it, as she took his tool again in her mouth to get him hard. We changed places and Angelica got her first fuck from a stranger. I got to her head and only after seconds I came on her face too. It was by far the most cum that ever came out of my cock. It was even in her hair and her face was a cum-smeared mess. I got off the bed to get a drink and watch them fucking. Ralf changed into different positions from missionary to doggie, to cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Now Angelica was facing me and in my head raised the idea of a double penetration. We had done some anal before and even a DP with Vibrator, so I told her what I had in mind. She said: OK, let’s give it a try. She changed back to cowgirl position and I climbed on the bed. Slowly I inserted my tool in her back hole and after a few strokes we were both fucking her with pace. Ralf asked if he could also try her back hole and so it went back to reverse cowgirl as she sat on him guiding his cock to asshole. I climbed in front and got in her pussy. Guys, if you have never experienced this, you’re missing something. It was great; Angelica had one orgasm after the other and was begging us to fuck her harder and harder. After that we both fucked her missionary until we came in her pussy. “Short break” she said and went to the phone to call service. She ordered some drinks and after a short while there was a knock on the door. We guys were still naked; she was in stockings and high heels. We looked at each other and Angelica laughed. She got up and went to the door. As she opened there was a waiter in his 50ties, looking in disbelieve as he saw her nearly naked standing in the door. She told him to wait for a moment and brought him a tip. After she closed the door she was laughing. This night we fucked till 5 in the morning, she got more cum on her face, one more DP and even wanted to try a double pussy penetration but said it hurts and we went back to normal fucking.
Ralf left in the early morning after giving his address to get in contact if we were again in his city.

On the next day we drove home, with a short break at a gas station for some quick sex behind the bushes. She was flashing nearly all the way and we both loved the experience. Now my only problem was to tell her, that there was more I wanted from her. So I tried it the way that it was only fair if she had sex with as many men as I had women in my life. After a week or so, she said that it was too risky for her in our hometown. But she wanted to try as much sex and men as possible. So we decided to go on 3 week holiday to Gran Canaria, cause I knew a hotel were you can easily make new friends. And here starts the story of Angelica’s first swinging holidays.

To be continued....

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