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Helping my ex

After some time of marriage, my ex-wife loosened up a bit in the area of sex. I think part of it was a very sexually open friend of hers from work. Anyway, my wife began to like sex more and like to read sex stories while masturbating. That in itself was an improvement as she looked horrified about mastarbating years before. I believe that is where the friend helped out. She began to crave more and more sex and masturbated at least once a day.

She especially liked getting off to stories of interracial sex. At first, she would try to hide what she was reading, but finally admitted that she her biggest fantasy was to have sex with a black man. She had a worried look on her face when she told me, but I think she was pleasantly surprised when I got excited and told her that we should play around with the idea and see if it was truly something we could both handle. Actually, I knew which stories she had been reading and was so excited, that I would orgasm just thinking about it.

Time went by and fantasizing about her fucking a black cock became a regular part of our sex. The sex got hotter and so did she. She would almost cum at the mention of a big black man riding her. Of course, this only made me hotter. Over the same period, we discussed both of us being able to fulfill sexual fantasies as long as remained open and honest with one another. We then began to set some rules to play by for both of us.

I asked her if she had anyone in mind that she wanted to sl**p with and, of course, she said yes. She had taken a liking to a black man that she worked with. I knew him but did not know if he would agree to our games. For her first time, we decided to play it as though I knew nothing of it in case he did not want to have sex with her. She began to talk with hime over a little while and become more and more friendly with hime. At home, she had orgasm after orgasm with me and her vibrator while thinking of his black cock in her redheaded pussy. They made out a couple of times and she loved to tell me that she had felt a very large cock through his pants.

We picked a night that I was at work and our c***d was at the grandparent's house. She approached him about the idea and, again, of course he agreed. I almost couldn't concentrate on work that night knowing that my wife was being ridden and filled with a big black cock. We had agreed that she would call me when she got home, which was early morning. I hadn't slept a wink. I think went to the bathroom to mastarbate at least four times that night! I was loving it.

When she finally called, she sounded exhausted but said that it was the best fuck of her life and could not stop thanking me for the help in fulfilling her fantasy. She almost came again as she told me how he touched her in places that she had never been touched. She proceeded to tell how the rest of the night went and that she was DEFINITELY hooked on black cock. I was too.

We both went over the ground rules that we had set and both agreed that she would continue to fuck her black boyfriend as much as she wanted as long as we kept it hush hush. Since then, other circumstances led to our divorce. I don't know if her new husband knows how much she likes black cock, but I'm sure she's still masturbating to it!

My new wife is a wonderful woman but does not talk about sex in that way. Maybe she would enjoy a little help playing out a fantasy! I would love to see it!

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