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Indian wife Kajal and her Mom

I am an easy going pot smoking white guy that married a Canadian born East Indian girl with a hot mom. There are 3 girls and one b*****r with my wife, Kajal, being the oldest. Kajal's mom is a single widow with a slender build and big boobs.
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This all happened one night when my wife and I decided to watch a movie while her b*****r and s****rs were at school. Kajal's mom was in the kitchen do dishes when we sat down to watch a movie. A few minutes into the movie her mom walked by and said she was going for a shower and would join us after. It was about 15 minutes later and she came out in a short white bath robe with a hood. I didn't realize how short her robe was until she leaned forward to turn the volume down a touch. I saw her clean pussy peeking out between her legs and the cups of the bottom of her ass. I thought my wife would have said something but instead her hand slid to my nipple and started playing with it. I didn't mind but thought it odd.

Arti came over and sat next to me on the big couch. Her long legs and dark red painted toes were to one side of me. My wife was wearing short denim shorts with a tank top and nothing under either. So one my right I have my wife's legs and feet turning me on any time I look away from her moms. I was very quickly getting turned on and it was starting to show in my jeans. Arti saw me checking her legs out a few times and did nothing cover them.

It was about half way through the movie when her mom leaned across me and started whispering something to my wife. I didn't notice her do it but at some point her mom had untied her robe. Leaning across me I could see her one titty in full view hanging inches from my already hard cock. I didn't want my wife to see me touch her mom but I had to so I put my left hand on her mom's bare ass and pulled her slightly closer to me. Next thing I felt was her mom's hand on my crotch rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. I look over and see my wife and her mom kissing deep and long. Looking closer I see my wife is playing with her moms nipples now.

I take my hand off her mom ass and go between her legs to feel the warm, wet and smooth pussy of my wife's mom. Fuck I was so hard in her hand I started throbbing. As soon as she felt my cock throbbing her mom moved between my legs and started to unbutton my jeans. I turned and with out a word kissed my wife on the lips and pulled her tits out to start sucking them. Her mom pulled my cock out and I couldn't believe how soft her hands were. But that was nothing for what came next. She took my cock all the way right off the bat. Her tongue and throat felt so amazing on my cock. I went back to kissing my wife and rubbing her pussy through her short while her mom sucked me like no other. I said in a low moan "I'm going to cum" and with that my wife kissed me deep and hard while her mom sucked and stroked me fast and hard. I came so hard in her mouth I felt my cum gush out of her mouth and down on me. My wife reached over and put some of my cum on two of her finger and fed it to her mom. I wanted to cum again when I saw her mom suck my cum off my wife fingers.

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