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First time (my first cock)

This is continuing story of how I lost my virginity.I was fifteen and me and two other guys my age were working for this couple in their fifties doing work around the house and property.Her name was Sarah and she was a asian bbw who was extremely perky and bubbley at all times When her husband Steven was out of town the other two guys Andrew and Luke took turns fucking her over and over prematurely ejaculating inside her over and over as it was our first time.She also got us to rub cocks together and kiss when we weren't fucking her, which we did not really want to do but we were so young and horny and easy to manipulate. The next day she taught us how to eat pussy giving very detailed directions. She was so positive, cute and perky that when she talked dirty it was extremely hot. one of us would eat her out while the other two sucked on her big tits and kissed her and eachother or she liked two of us to eat her pussy at the same time or one to lick her ass while the other ate her pussy. Then she sucked our cocks, first deepthroating one then sucking two at the same time.She would rub the tips together and tell us to kiss.We would have done anything and anyone if it meant we could keep fucking her.The whole time she was sucking our three cocks she would give instructions about how to deepthroat,and remember to lick the balls and always stroke it and keep it wet.I did not understand why she was teaching us how to suck cock.But now I get why she did.

We continued to fuck her the whole week but then her husband Steven came home. Steven was very tall and muscular, he was hairy and he had grey hair and a mustache.Steven looked like a bodybuilder and was very intimidating.The first day we worked after he got home we arrived and he had Andrew and I work outside and he told Luke he needed his help inside.After an hour Sarah told us me and Andrew she would take us home but Luke stayed behind.Three days later the same thing happened except it was Andrew who helped Steven inside and Luke and I were taken home.

Three days later we got to work and Steven told me I would help him inside that day.First he had me help him move some furniture and boxes.It was a very hot summer and I noticed that the house was warm too.Moving all the furniture around in the heat made us both start to sweat a lot.Steven said we would take a break and take a quick shower.He told me to follow him to the bathroom and he began to strip. I did not know what to do so I just stood there. As he stood in front of me fully naked I saw his cock and how huge it was.

"dont just stand there strip and get in" Steve said

"I'll just wait and take one after you" I said nervously

"No just get in we will save water this way" Steve said with authority

"I'll just take one when I get home"I said as I started to open the door

"Hey, so you and the other two twinks get to fuck my wife but you wont even take a shower with me.Now get back here, strip and get in the shower" Steve said

I did not know what to do I had never been so nervous in my entire life, I thought he was going to kill me, so I took my clothes off and stepped in to the shower.Steven stepped in behind me and I felt him press against my ass as he reached around me to turn the water on.He began to wash himself and I just stood there. Instead of using all the room in the shower Steven stood close behind me.He finished washing and handed my the soap and I quickly did the same.As I finished up washing I heard the bathroom door open and Sarah shouted in saying she was taking the "boys" home and she would be back after a few errands.I stood still until she said goodbye to Steven and then to me which meant she knew I was in the shower with her husband.I felt Stevens huge cock poke me in the back and I jumped as he reached around me to turn the water off. We got out of the shower and started to dry off, when I could not find my clothes. He told me Sarah put them in the wash and they would be dry in a few hours.I started to wrap the towel around me but Steven grabbed it and took it saying it needed to be washed too. I stood in the bedroom completely nude and very nervous. Steven walked back in completely nude as well with his big cock swinging.As a fifteen year old scrawny k** with an average sized cock I was very intimidated as I looked at Stevens muscles and huge cock which looked like it was twice the size of mine. As I stood there he came up to me right in my face

"Did you like fucking my wife?" Steven said calmly while I stood in silence shaking.
"Do you want to fuck my wife again?"He said
"Yes...."I said nervously
"Then I want you to get on your knees...and suck my dick" He calmly said

he placed his hands on my shoulders pushing me down till I was on my knees and his cock was right in my face. I wash shaking and breathing heavy as I started to suck my first cock.....


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