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Kathy's Two Wee Suprise's

For most of the summer I sneaked in and out of Kathy’s kitchen window. She wanted to make sure that no one knew what I we were up to. She always tells me about her day when she is with a ‘client’ she calls them. It turns me on when she gets a client that loves to do nasty things to her. I am never allowed that pleasure though. This saddens me quite a bit as I enjoy hearing about how this one guy fucks in her bottom or this other guy fucks her feet and shoots his cum all over her face. I’m not much of an adventurous guy really but I would like the chance or the offer to do such things to sexy Kathy.

It is about five o’clock in the evening and I start to get ready for Kathy. Tonight I thought I’d make it a little special and get all dressed up in a suit and tie. Soon, I am fully dressed and my shoes are all shined up ready for my night of passion ahead. I make my way out my own back door and jump the little fence that separates us in the garden. As I near her window I can start to feel the butterflies in my stomach. You would think after all this time I would be fine. Its not nerves it’s the fact that every time I am with her it is never the same.

I chap on the window and wait. I chap again but no answer. It all seems odd as I know her car is in the drive and only moments before I left my house I had seen her in the garden. The problem was we never really had a signal to let each other know when we were available. I did not have her number because she always had the whole confidentiality in mind. Or better put she wanted no one to know of us.

Just as I am about to chap on the window again I can see through the window she was with a guy. At first I am unsure of what is happening. I know Kathy never brings her clients home. Does she have a boyfriend or a husband? Exactly seconds after that thought Kathy caught my confused eyes and winks at me. You know the sort of wink that says, this is a little surprise for you and I.

The man was facing away from me and Kathy was staring at me all the while letting this older guy do what he will with her. Her eyes never leave mine. Before long the two were naked and the guy had his dick standing to attention wanting to snake his way into Kathy’s anus. She pushes him away. I can see she mouthed the words ‘What the fuck are you doing?’ The man shook his head but I did not hear what he said to her.

He tries to fuck her puckered up arsehole again but to no avail. So he gives up and pulls her off the counter top. Spins her around and starts pounding her pussy with all his might. He thrusts in and out, in and out over and over again. All you could see was the bright yellow condom she made him wear. Kathy groaned with great pleasure. She flicks her long hair left and right writhing around trying hard to break free from his grip. He wouldn’t allow her to move an inch. Instead he turns her around again and picks her up and starts to invade her sex while standing up. Kathy can see me again and she teases me by putting two fingers in her mouth and slowly sucking them. She makes them wet with every suck and before long she was dribbling all her saliva down his back.

Without noticing I had reached down and I was playing with myself through the material of my trousers. I slowly stroked it and I could feel the precum making my boxers wet. Kathy knew exactly what I was doing and was encouraging to go further by moaning louder for me and shouting obscenities loud enough for me to hear through the glass. I take a quick look around to see if there is anyone around. It looks safe enough so I quickly undo my trousers and pull down my boxers and I grip gently at my cock and slowly rub my purple head. I did not want to be too hasty as I wanted to fuck Kathy still.

As I watch them I pick up my pace and Kathy could see in my eyes that I was close to cumming. She screams, “Don’t you dare fucking coming yet!!!”

She said that while looking at me, but the man stopped and begged to cum. Still looking at me she smiles and then jumps off the man and stands behind him, pulls off his yellow condom and starts to jerk him off really hard and fast. Within seconds he is moaning in pure pleasure. I watch her make him ejaculate strand after strand of his love juice. It splashed onto the floor and kitchen cabinets, but Kathy was happy to let him defile her kitchen.

When the man finished Kathy made him bend down and lick every drop of cum up. The man obliged without question. After he finished his cleaning duties she demanded he get his clothes on and fuck off, which he did without a word.

Kathy comes out to the garden and looks at me up and down.

“My. Don’t you look sexy today Honey?”

“I thought I’d look special for you tonight.” I said sheepishly.

“You didn’t even cum. That’s a good boy. At least now I know you do listen to me.” She said with a devious smile.

She pulled my trousers back up and took my hand to lead me back into her home.

“Did you like what you saw?” she questioned.

“Yes. I seen he tried to wriggle his way into your arse too.”

Kathy looks at me and says, “You really want to have me that way don’t you?”

I did not answer straight away. I put on my boyish charm and looked all innocent.

“Its not that I don’t want to give it up, I just get a little embarrassed is all.” Kathy starts to explain.

“Embarressed? Why? Is it cause you think it will smell or that I will hurt you? You know I’ll be careful.” Almost sounding like I was begging.

She giggles and says, “No silly many guys have fucked me there before. And to be honest I really love the feeling I get from it. It’s just when I have an orgasm I seem to leak.”

“What do you mean leak?” I enquired.

Kathy pulls me onto the sofa and tells me what happens during anal for her. She begins by telling me this whole feeling of being too full and needing to go pee. Then when she has an orgasm she just makes a huge mess and sprays liquid everywhere. She assures me it’s not pee as she can go on for minutes and by the time she finishes she is exhausted. I soon realise she was talking about female ejaculation.

“Oh. I know what that is. I’ve read about it before, it’s perfectly natural and I’d love it if you can spray all over me.” I said.

She gives me a girly giggle and says, “Let me take a quick shower and think about it Baby. But until I get back I want you cock to stay rock hard.”

I look at her with a huge grin and agree swiftly. She goes on up the stairs and I sit on her leather couch with my trousers down, cock in hand and stroking away keeping it up for Kathy.

To be continued.

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