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Fun at Work (part 9)

So I've just proven that Peter easily gets jealous. He doesn't want me hanging out with other guys. Simply being around them makes him want to explode but I do understand perfectly. He feels that I'm his possession. At least, in bed.

Peter, if you haven't read my previous stories yet, is my colleague. We enjoy sex a lot so, most of the time, he drops by my apartment for a quickie or a nightcap and then leaves for home. At work, of course, we pretend that we're just friends because one, he's a colleague and, two, he's married.

I thought I was okay with the set-up: him feeling jealous over some of the guys at work who try to get close to me. And then, there's the wife.

Around lunch time, we decided to head off to my apartment for a quickie. I was down on my knees, blowing him, giving him a pleasurable "lunch hour" as he comfortably sat on my couch when his mobile phone rang. I recognised the ring tone; it was the ring tone that was meant solely for the wife. Talk about personalised caller ring tones and disturbances! I was annoyed.

P: Hey, honey! What's up? (He was in a hurry to pick up the call that there was no time to move. I could see in his face that he was nervous.)

I stopped sucking his dick and looked up at him in disbelief. My heart was pounding. Kind of guilty and paranoid she could hear me sucking her husband's cock. I heard a faint woman's voice. It was barely audible. Peter paused. My left hand was still holding his hard cock while the right hand went up to his chest and played with his nipples. Then I slid the tip of my tongue on the tip of his cock. He gave me a smile.)

P: Yes, honey. (Ouch! Honey? Oh no, I'm jealous, too. I can't be jealous.)

P: Yes, about to have lunch. I'm just waiting for the guys. (Then he paused and listened to his wife. He touched my chin and gave it a pinch. He smiled at me.)

As the wife continued to talk, I lapped at his balls. He tried to move away but I held him down. I didn't make the lapping sound obvious. I just continued to torture him my sucking his balls and licking his cock from the base to the tip and back down... slowly... repetitively... as he talked to his wife. He fought hard not to moan.)

When their conversation was over:

P: You're one naughty baby. That was challenging, you know.

J: I know. (It was also tough for me. I was jealous. But I didn't tell him.)

P: Come here, you.

He hiked up my skirt and pulled down my panties. I straddled him on the sofa and inserted his manhood in me. In my head, I was still jealous. He was rubbing my clit and tickling it as I went up and down. I was moaning loudly and scratching the back of his neck.

P: Easy, baby. You don't want to leave those love marks, do you?

I just smiled at him and continued fucking him. This guy is mine. For now. And yes, I wanted to leave those scratches at the back of his head.

He removed my blouse and my bra and started caressing my nipples. My boobs were bouncing and I could see his eyes were glued on them.

P: (Moaning) I'm coming, baby. Baby, baby... Oh! (He almost scratched my hips, digging his hands on them so I wouldn't stop.)

I didn't stop. I was almost near ecstasy that I grabbed his face and let him suck on my nipples. It was so intense that he almost bit them but I didn't mind. I didn't let him stop as I continued fucking him.

There. Be a good boy and suck my tits because I'm sure, I have better tits than your wife, I said in my head.

You're mine, I thought. I'm fucking you so you're mine. The second I was about to explode, I kissed him on the mouth, caressed his tongue with mine and thrusted with f***e so I could feel him whole. I thrusted a few more as I felt my body shiver, pulled his hair and bit his lip.

After I came, I rested my head on his shoulder. We were both panting. And then I looked at him and kissed his cheek.

P: You were amazing, baby.

J: I'm not done yet. I want you to lick my cum.

He smiled and pulled me up so that I was standing on the sofa, my legs spread beside his hips and my pussy in front of his face.

P: You are so wet.

He inserted a finger in me as he sucked on my still-sensitive clit. It tickled. And then he licked off my cum and spread my pussy lips. My pussy was all over his face.

See, you're mine, I thought. I bet your wife doesn't do this to you. Or she doesn't make you do this.

I was thrusting rhythmically again with my pussy in his mouth. I was touching my nipples and trying to turn myself on. Before I knew it, I was fucking Peter's face and was about to cum.

J: Don't stop, baby. Don't you stop, Pete! (Rhythmically, f***efully, I was shoving my pussy in his face.)

I came again and it felt so good. His mouth was so warm and his tongue was gentle yet strong. I don't know if it makes sense but it does feel that way.

I had to catch my breath. I almost had no energy to stand up as my knees buckled. Peter was still licking me off. He had to clean up round two cum.


We went back to the office. I had a quick shower before leaving my place and he didn't.

P: I want your scent all over me.

When work was over, he came up to me and said, "That was the best lunch ever."

I couldn't agree more. We could be each other's "lunch" in the next... I don't know for how long and I don't care.

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