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Our First Time with Black Pussy

Ben and I went out for drinks and fun, really dressing up and having a great time out with each other. As we drove back home, I sat close to him in the car as we cruised the streets, talking and listening to music and ok, feeling each other up in the car. I rubbed his cock thru his pants and took my tits out of my top teasingly putting them in his face while he was trying to drive.. we were just having a good time as usual. I whispered to him "I want to see you fuck a black pussy Babe"..something I had told him before. He cocked his eyebrow and said "Oh yeah? Like when?" "like right NOW" I we continued driving.. since we didn't have time to plan anything ahead of time or hire an "e****t" or any other ways we normally do it, I told him to drive down "that area' where we know the hookers are. He didn't turn for awhile then suddenly he did, making a U turn, and I could feel my anticipation growing. As we approached the area, Ben slowed down and I thought, well now isn't this a cliche? Cruising the streets for a girl to fuck. I looked thru the girls I saw, who turned to look at us driving, until I saw a girl who caught my eye. "HER", I said, pointing at a slender, kind of tall, black girl wearing black boots, standing by herself against the wall. Ben pulled around to the back near where she was standing and I said "now what do we do?" but suddenly she approached the car on Ben's side. "Hey Baby" she said, then stopped when she saw me next to him. "Oh sorry" and she started to walk away..I called out to her to come back. Ben looked up and said "How much?" She looked at us both and said "For what?" "Everything" Ben said. She looked at me again and said "She joining?" Ben joked, "No honey you'd have to pay HER for that" (I thought that was pretty funny) "My wife wants to watch". She looked at us both, shrugged her shoulders and said "Cool. Here's my address. meet me there in 15 minutes" and walked away.

We got there about 20 min later. The apartment was pretty dark with only a few lamps lit. She took us into the bedroom and sat on the bed. "You want me to take everything off?" Ben said "Whatever you want, but I'm guessing you're gonna have to take your underwear off at least". She chuckled, and started to undress. Reaching down, I caressed Ben again thru his pants as he unzipped and started to undress himself. He took everything off as did she. She sat at the edge of the bed, waiting. Ben approached her and kneeled on the floor in front of her on the bed. Stroking his own cock, she handed him a condom and he rolled it on. This was totally hot to me. She leaned back and rested on her elbows, and Ben spread her legs by her inner thighs, exposing her pussy. I could feel my breathing getting heavy. I sat on the chair next to the bed. He looked at her pussy for a minute stroking his cock, and put his dick up against her pussy. Turning to me he said "Hand me the cell phone", which I did. She said "Hey..." and Ben said "Don't worry, this is just for us, your face won't be in the picture, relax." He took a picture of his dick against her pussy, and then started to push his dick inside her. Half way in her pussy, he stopped and took another picture. I was getting really wet this felt totally raunchy unlike anything we've ever really done. Finally, he trust his dick fully inside her cunt so all he could see was his balls and the edge of the condom against her pussy. He took another picture and handed the cell back to me, smiling. Holding her legs apart, he started to fuck her, looking down at his own cock fucking her black pussy. Slowly at first, sliding in and out, until he started pumping her harder and fast, not really caring about whether she was enjoying it or trying to make her cum, this was just a pure fuck. He pulled his shiny cock out of her and pushed her further back on the bed, turning her on the side so her ass faced me. I had a much much better view from this angle!! He held her legs apart and started to pump her sideways, his cock filling her pussy with every stroke, pulling out completely and fucking her again and again and again until she DID start to moan. "your man has a big dick" she said to me and I nodded, getting more and more turned on every second. (and I snuck in some pics of my own) Ben kept looking at his dick in her pussy while he fucked, his breathing short and harsh, making deep moans in his throat. "how much to fuck your ass?" he said. She named her price and he pulled his cock out, turning her on her back again. She was so wet and he had pumped her so hard, the condom came rolling off. "Fuck it" she said. He spread her legs wide so her ass opened up and put it up against her ass. Slowly he fucked her ass, and I stood up to watch them. He fucked her slow, leaving his cock deep in her ass before pulling out, over and over. "spread your pussy open" Ben said, "I wanna see your cunt while I fuck you" (Ben was VERY bad tonight!) She opened up her cunt and showed him her pink pussy and he started fucking her ass harder, breathing heavily, while he looked at her open hole. She kept her pussy spread as he pumped away at her ass, "Fuck I wanna cum" he said, puling out suddenly. He got down on the bed, flat on his back, and told her "get on top". She straddled him, facing him, and he tried to put his dick back in her ass that way, but she ended up putting her pussy on his dick and sat down fully on him, taking his cock deep inside her her, and she started to fuck Ben, raising her ass up and down on his dick, her sexy dark nippled tits bouncing up and down. I wanted to suck them BAD. Ben looked down to where his dick was buried in her cunt and started thrusting up into her, "Fuck my dick" he said, pumping up into her. She kept fucking him, up and down on his throbbing cock until he lifted her off him and started to cum, shooting his cum all over her ass and pussy. FUCK I WAS HORNY AS HELL. "Motherfucker" she said to us and started laughing. "You two are wild". She got off Ben and started to clean off his cum while Ben stood up and started dressing. There was something very hot about this fuck! Ben came over to me, hugging and kissing me "How was that Babe?" "Oh I'll show you how that was soon" I told him, anxiously awaiting getting home with him. The whole fuck took less than an hour and we were on our way back to our house.

As we drove home, we were quiet but smiling, Ben looking over at me every few seconds "you not gonna say anything?" .... I pulled his hand off the steering wheel and put it between my legs, under my skirt, and onto my pussy. "You're fucking soaking wet" Ben said. We pulled into the parking lot of a near deserted grocery store, parking in a dark area. Ben pulled me into the back seat, and sat me on his lap, pulling my skirt up. Quickly, he started to fuck me, pushing my shirt down and shoving my bra to the side, sucking and squeezing my tits and rubbing my clit with his finger, fucking me hard and deep. I came almost within minutes, my pussy throbbing on his dick making him cum again inside me. We stayed in that position for awhile, his dick still in me, with Ben saying "You are such a dirty girl I swear you drive me cray".

I would say, another one of my fantasies has been fulfilled tonight!!

Now..we're gonna go look at those pictures again ..until next time!


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