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Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 1

Our weekend of Debauchery
St Pancras 9:30am

As we entered the ticket hall at St Pancras the whole place was buzzing.
We were just starting our long weekend to Paris, to be more precise to Montmarte and a visit to the Chateau des Lys, the exclusive swingers club and restaurant we’d heard so much about. It had been on our bucket list for some time, sexy, exclusive. Just what we needed after the merger of Carl’s company had gone through the Friday before. We’d been so stressed out by all of the negotiations, we really needed a break and Chandelles sounded just what we needed.
We’d arranged to meet a couple of our swinging friends there for a really dirty weekend, the other girl, Jess and I had been planning it for ages as we chatted to each other on msn.
We have been swingers for eight wonderful years, not that often, we’re very picky, but enough that we’d kept a sexual frisson running between us far longer than married friend of our’s had.
So a little about us, I’m Anna, 46 years old and in pretty good shape if I say it myself ( mainly thanks to the gym 5 times a week and my running, only 5’3” tall and with a fabulous pair of 34DDs, thanks to the surgery in July. Carl was so pleased with them, me too, I had been really depressed how the ravages of time and two c***dren had deflated my once lovely tits.
Carl is ex-military that had kept his 6’3” muscular frame in great condition tho’ nearly 56 he was gorgeous, wide shoulders, a big chest and thighs like tree trunks. Plus his gorgeous 8” cock, uncircumcised (pity, I like them cut) and thick enough to make my toes curl every time he slid it deep inside me.
Anyway back to the story... We paid off the taxi driver and entered the booking hall; it was bedlam, people rushing hither and thither, a seething mass of humanity. We checked in to the ticket office and were ushered into the business class lounge, Carl drifted off to pick up a copy of the FT, to check his investments while I bought a bottle of water and took a seat next to a guy in a business suit, very proper looking gent with a chalk stripe suit blue shirt with white collar and cuffs and a regimental tie of some sort.
He glanced across at me, dressed in my grey cashmere dress with a cleavage flattering plunging neckline, a bolero jacket and my favourite killer Christian Le Boutin black heels, (I always wear at least 4 “ heels because I’m so short)plus they make my toned legs look fabulous. As he looked, I was watching him from beneath my eye lashes, I saw him perk up visibly. Must be the glimpse of my stocking tops, now I can have some fun I thought.
I crossed and re-crossed my legs allowing the hem of my dress to ride up a couple of inches. He followed suit by crossing his legs, as he did so he surreptitiously re-adjusted himself in the trouser department.
He he he, he’s getting horny I thought.
Time for some really naughty fun.
I leant forward and reached down to my left shoe, ostensibly to rub a speck of dust from the black patent leather. In doing so the neckline of my dress gaped open exposing my breasts almost to the areolas which were barely covered by my see through black half cup bra. His gaze followed my cleavage to the twin mounds of my enhanced breasts barely contained by my bra.
The speck removed I sat up then stood, glancing at his face which was reddening by the second. I picked up my bag and turned, looked around then headed off to the Ladies toilet.
Once in the Ladies, I went into a cubicle and started to pee, the feeling of my hot pee and the sexual torment of the old gent combined to make me feel exceptionally horny.
I reached down with my right hand and slid two fingers into the golden flow, positioning my fingers along my inner labia I started to rub, feeling the tingle in my clit as my fingers brushed either side of the enlarged bud. God I need to cum so badly I thought. Oh well, there’s nothing like a quickie in a public toilet, As my flow slowed to a trickle I stated to masturbate in earnest slipping both fingers deep into my now gaping cunt, this is going to be a quickie, I thought as I felt waves of pleasure washing over me. I reached down with my left hand and spread my lips wider rubbing my clit with my thumb. Faster I plunged my sticky fingers in and out of my now dripping cunt trying desperately to rub them across my G spot as they were at their deepest. As I slammed them into me the ball of my right thumb smacked against my left hand, I moved my left hand from my clit and slipped it into the décolletage of my dress, located my right nipple and started to squeeze, the pain was intense as I squeezed my now distended nipple hard, there was a lightning bolt of pain that hit my clit as a bolt of pure sexual energy.
I came in a glorious explosion of lust, my juices squirting from my cunt in several long spurts, covering my hand and my white gold Rolex. Bizarrely the thought entered my head, ‘thank god its waterproof’. I was just barely conscious of sounds issuing from my throat and blushed immediately, hoping no-one had witnessed my cries of ecstasy.
To no avail, I heard a knock at the door.
“Are you ok in there”? came a small tremulous voice.
“Yes fine”, I answered, my voice sounding croaky.
“I’m just fine”
“OK, if you’re sure”. I heard footsteps retreating and the sound of the door opening and closing. Fuck that was a big one I thought to myself, then started to giggle at the thought that someone had heard me having an incredible orgasm only feet away.
Having readjusted the neckline of my dress, I reached down to my ankles and removed my black Janet Reger thong and stuffed it in my handbag. Checking to see that I hadn’t stained my dress, I wiped my thighs and pussy with toilet tissue, stood up exited the cubicle to an empty room, washed my hands and returned to the booking hall and went back to the seat opposite the old gentleman.
He looked up from his copy of The Times and removed the pocket handkerchief and blew his nose loudly, re-crossing his legs. I sat directly opposite him and pretended to be immersed in my magazine. After a few seconds I crossed my legs again and once more allowed my dress to ride up my thighs, exposing my stocking tops once more. I then uncrossed my legs and opened them a fraction allowing him a look at my tanned thighs above my stocking tops. He snorted loudly and fumbled for his handkerchief once more. As he snorted into it I could see him looking directly between my legs. I obliged the dear old fellow by opening them a little wider giving him a clear glimpse of my still quite wet pussy. By now he was almost squirming in his seat, he could clearly see my freshly shaved pussy, the moist lips quite open to his gaze. I sat there, quite still for what seemed like ages, him looking quite intently at my exposed labia. Poor soul, he just didn’t know what to do with himself, his arousal clearly visible for all to see. Despite his 60 odd years he obviously had a formidable cock that was making a tent in his chalk stripe trousers.
At that moment Carl walked up to me and said, “Come on Anna, it’s time to get on the train”. I gathered together my things and in doing so dropped my magazine on the floor; I bent over and reached out to pick it up, once more exposing my pussy to the old gent, this time from the rear.
He nearly had a coronary on the spot, his face flushed scarlet as he leapt to his feet, picked up my magazine and handed it to me.
“So sorry my dear, you dropped this” he said handing it to me.
I looked directly into his eyes and said “oh thank you, so nice to see there are still gentlemen about”.
He almost choked as he realised his tumescent cock was attempting to push through the fly of his trousers a small wet patch clearly evident on the straining material.
I giggled loudly and followed Carl towards the train platform.
1015 am
We boarded the sleek Eurostar express for Paris and took our places in the First class carriage, Carl’s investigation of his stocks in the FT had revealed a healthy profit in part of his portfolio, so, he had upgraded us.
As we sat in our forward facing seats in a fairly empty plush compartment, Carl said quietly, “What do you think of the cabin, luxurious isn’t it? And more importantly, not many people in here”. The carriage was arranged with a pair of side by side seats the aisle and then a single seat beyond. He nodded across the carriage in the direction of a gorgeous young blonde, about 25 year old wearing a white vest top and very short white denim shorts. She was occupying one of the 2 seats across the aisle from ours facing to the rear.
“Isn’t she gorgeous, you’d look good with your face buried in her pussy”, Carl said quietly
I looked across the aisle and saw her.
What a vision, her almost white blonde hair was cut in a short bob and her gorgeous small tits were straining against the white material of her vest, her nipples clearly showing as two firm little nubs.
She looked to be about 25 with a lovely elfin like face, pure picture of innocence. She had a small backpack by her side and was studying a book intently, her ankles crossed and her knees close together.
“Wow, she’s lovely “I replied equally quietly, not wishing her to hear my comment.
“Would she be a pleasant distraction on the way to Gay Paree”? Carl asked.
“Definitely, shall we share her”? I replied
“It might not be so easy to get her up for it, despite her sexy vest and shorts she looks kind of innocent”, said Carl, a note of disappointment in his voice.
“I wouldn’t be too sure”, I chuckled, “Have you seen what she is reading”?
Carl looked across the aisle and with a start said,“Oh yes”, his voice betraying an increase of his excitement. “It’s Histoire d’O. I hadn’t noticed that. That is a seriously horny book for a young girl to be reading. Maybe she might be amenable for some fun on the way to Paris”.
I reached across into Carl’s lap beneath the table; through the linen of his trousers I could feel his rapidly hardening cock. I trailed my French polished nails along the full length of his shaft to the tip of his cock and gently started to scratch its head. “Oh dear you are excited Carl, you really fancy her don’t you”?
“Fuck yes, I’d love to bend her over that seat and slide my cock into her pussy from behind”.
As he articulated his lust, I felt myself starting to moisten, the slight prickling feeling between the lips of my pussy betraying the continuation of my arousal after the incident with the old gent.
“So where do I fit in, in this scenario”? I chided him playfully.
“How about you sat on the seat with her sucking on your gorgeous tits that might be a good place to start”.
“Mmmmm yes that would work, but only as a start, I am so fucking horny, I’m really wet”
“Wow, didn’t take you long, what’s got you so horny”?
I quickly related the incident in the booking hall and in the toilet cubicle.
“Did you see who it was that heard you cum sweetheart”?
“No and fortunately they didn’t see me, it was such an intense orgasm, I’ve no idea how loud I was”
“God you are such a dirty little slut, but you are my dirty little slut” he chuckled.
By now, the combination of my sexy little story and the possibilities yet to come had raised our mutual arousal to fever pitch.
I leant close to Carl and whispered in his left ear, “I’m going to see if I can provoke some interest from her if that’s ok”?
“Sure, what are you going to do”?
I moved my fingers up the fly of his black trousers and gently nudged the zip fully down.
“This’ll do for a start”, I said as I slipped my hand into his trousers and grasped his cock by its base.
I saw Carl visibly stiffen, not just his gorgeous shaven cock, but his whole body, his right hand gripped the arm of his seat closest to the aisle.
His involuntary movement caused a little grunt to issue from his mouth, not loud but sufficient for the girl diagonally opposite to raise her eyebrows and glance our way. Not that she could see much, just my right cheek close to his face and possibly the sight of my hand buried in his flies.
That should provoke some interest I thought (and secretly hoped).
Was that a just discernible flush spreading across her face and down her lightly tanned chest?
I started to rub Carl’s cock from base to tip my hand clutching it lightly, my thumb and forefinger barely meeting around his ever thickening cock, just encircling his girth.
I started to whisper in Carl’s ear, “She looked, let’s see if she maintains an interest as I start to wank you”.

“Mmmmmm”, was the only thing Carl could say as I continued to stroke his now fully erect cock.
As my fingers reached the head, I could feel the pre-cum oozing from his slit. I stopped momentarily and smeared his juices all over his tumescent cock head, pulling the foreskin right back as I did so.
“God, that feels incredible sweetheart, please take it out it feels so cooped up in there”.
She grasped his cock with all her fingers and extricated it quite gently from his trousers. The rush of cool air over his exposed cock head obviously added to his enjoyment as she felt him twitch in his seat.
Across the aisle, the blonde glanced once more under the buffet table in front of Carl; she could clearly see his slick cock in the dim light his juices glistening plainly. She shifted uneasily in her seat, put her book down on the buffet table and stretched languorously, just like a cat. The blush she had earlier had spread right across her chest and the exposed tops of her breasts. Her nipples looked to be making an attempt to burst their way through her tight white vest.
She looked out of the window at the passing fields and houses, as she did so she realised that she could see the good looking couple almost as clearly in the reflection as if she were looking at them directly. She turned in her seat and sitting on her left buttock she stared intently at the reflected action opposite. As she shifted in her seat, she slid her right hand between her legs, tight up against her pussy, her fingers touching her thighs right up against the frayed edge of her shorts.
Anna put her face close to Carl’s and said,” She’s looking at us in the reflection of the window, she’s getting quite turned on by the way she is squirming her sweet little pussy on her seat”. Let’s give her something to really enjoy”. As she said this she started to lick the corner of Carl’s mouth edging her tongue into his barely opened lips. Carl turned his face towards Anna and started to kiss her, meeting every thrust of her tongue with his own. As he did so he reached across with his right hand and moved the left hand side of Anna’s dress clear of her breast. He rolled the distended nipple in his fingers giving it the occasional squeeze; he then slid his hand under the wispy material and exposed her breast completely. Again the cool of the air-conditioning worked its magic, her nipple extended and pulsed fully erect. Carl licked the fingers of his right hand and returned it to Anna’s left nipple, dribbling his saliva all over and again gently squeezing it, using the rest of his hand to knead her whole breast. Anna shuddered in pleasure, her left hand continuing to wank Carl’s cock. Her movements increased in speed as she started to feel the sensations in her breast and nipple, cause her juices to flow from her pussy.
The blonde meanwhile continued to watch the action in the reflection, she could feel her juices begin to flow from her cleanly shaven pussy onto the gusset of her shorts, the stiff seam insinuating itself deep in between her pussy lips, pressing hard against her clitoris. She squeezed the fingers of her right hand between the material of her shorts and her thigh and edged them up to her outer labia; peeling it back she slid her forefinger and second finger into her wetness and opening herself wider. Just using her finger tips she started to move her fingers inside her sticky hole, feeling the intense sensations as she watched what was happening across the aisle.
Carl and Anna were getting really into it conscious that they were being observed (one of their favourite things), Anna increased the speed of her strokes on Carl’s cock, his face started to contort.
Anna seeing this knew with certainty that he was about to cum. She leant across Carl’s lap pulled his erect cock from beneath the table and latched her mouth onto his bell end. Her tongue swirled around it and she continued to wank him furiously, with a barely stifled cry Carl pushed his cock deep into Anna’s throat and unloaded a thick rope of cum, followed by at least two more. Anna gulped and managed to swallow, most of it, just a trickle ran down the side of her mouth onto her chin.
Carl leant across to her mouth and delicately licked the trail of his cum from her face.
“Wow that was good sweetheart, it really hit the spot, but what about you, I hardly got started on you”.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be getting my fair share today and for the rest of this weekend, don’t forget, I’ve already cum once this morning”.
“God I love you, you fucking horny bitch” Carl replied.
“It looks like someone else is getting off, look”, she gestured across the carriage.
Sure enough the little blonde was in the full throes of orgasm her right hand twitching spastically as it plunged in and out of the now unzipped fly of her white denim shorts. Her legs pushed straight out in front of her under the buffet table, her left hand rolling her entire fully exposed right breast from side to side and round and round alternately squeezing and releasing.
With a final heave against her right hand there was a barely audible squeal of pleasure that escaped from her grimacing lips.
She withdrew her hand from her shorts her juices dripping down her fingers and slurped them greedily into her mouth.
Looking both Carl and Anna straight in the eyes she said, “Wow guys that was sooo cool, thanks a lot
I was feeling so horny reading my book, I was just dying to cum. When I saw you two going for it, I just couldn’t resist joining you, hope you don’t mind”.
Carl and Anna looked at each other and as one burst into peals of laughter.
“Glad we could be of service, watching you masturbate helped us too, oh by the way, we’re Carl and Anna”.
“Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Gosia”.

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