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Not a merry Christmas

Well merry christmas to me, just had a very very bad nite. Maybe in a day or two I will laugh about it a bit more.

Started out usual stuff, drink in my local while meeting some mates, we then headed off to a pub that was having a chrismas party. Jesus it was awful, we travelled a fair way there cause one of my mates said it wwas always packed with decent cunt.

Turns out he was wrong. Place was mostly empty and what looked like the single bits of gash were noting special. But we were there and it was too late to move on so we had to make the most of it, another of my mates has a gift for being able to get chatting to groups of slags on a nite out so we tried a few different bunches, not much choice really so we endend up with the foour of us and three slags.

All were about 25 or 26, one was ok looking but had really bad teeth, another was not bad but I guessed here tease act was just that, no chance of anything with her. Last one was noting special but I thought it might be a decent place to park my cock for the nite.

So I statrd chatting up this cunt, usual stuff for a start then she tells me how she just split up with her boyfriend - jackpot, i figure shes on the rebound so this should be easy. I guess I have a good chance at fucking this thing so I take a look at it, not bad looking, bit fat, cute would be the best word for it, so after only a few drinks one of the other pieces of cunt, bad teeth, leaves with one mate and the one I've been chatting to she she would like to go home with me.

Well lets go then, got a taxi to mine and went in, she wants a cup of tea (i thought she cam for a fuck) so i give her a cup of tea and try to keep her talking, I can see shes getting a bit nervous so I just let her say whatever she wanted.

Shes going on about christmas being a hard time and how her k** makes it much easier (first I had heard of the k**) so know i'm thinking this cunt is going to get all soppy. Thne she says right lets do it, off to the bedroom.

I head in, we have a bit of a kiss and I start to take off her clothes, she stops me asks for th elight to be turned off, ok i do it, try to take off her clothes again and no luck.

At this point I thought fuck this and I stripped off, so I'm standing there naked and this piece of cunt is really acting like a twat by not stripping off. instead the cunt gets into bed and starts to strip off - WTF?

Right ok I dont care at this stage i get into bed kiss a bit again then get for some tit and find out that her tits are a disgrace, these things went beyond saggy, they were dribbling.

Really this silly cunt had tits that felt like an old football sock filled with gone off butter. Disgusting. So I give up on the tits and head south with my hand, I find what feels like a cheap carpet starting a little below the belly button. un my hand a bit further through the thinckest bush I have been near in years to finaly find some vagina.

O dear God, I got one finger in and knew quickly something was wrong, the vag was nice and wet but it was like i had my finger in a bath, wet and warm but no other feling, pop in another finger, then anothr and then number four. No use.

This thing had a pussy like a bucket, I wis wriggling my fingers around in this twot and I was amazed at how loose it was, in the past I have fucked some loose pussy - i even have a regular piece of cunt that has a pretty slack fuckhole but this was unreal. Now dont get me wrong, like I say i have fucked some pretty baggy cunts in my time, had fun with them, fingering, fisting and using toys, all great fun, but this thing was a monster.

I was too shocked to try and fist it or even see how many fingers i could get in there. The k** must have come out riding a bike for a pussy to be huge, either that or she had fucked a cock the size my leg.

Before I can do anything else the cunt starts crying in the bed, so I gave up. Now at this stage I have not had my cock touched once and am rapidly shrinking due to the crying twat that is taking up space in my bed.

So I am thinking that the crying is due to this slag thinking I am disapointed with the state the pussy is in and I start thinking how quickly I can get the stupid twat in a taxi. No such luck, I was wrong, the fucking lying cunt tells me that the problem is that i am the first man othe than the husband to touch he since the k** was born and how the husband takes the silly bitch for granted - thats right the fucking cunt is still married.

So I am now in bed with a crying married slag with tits down to the gut, a bush like a poodle and a fuckhole like the grand canyon. Cunt keeps going on about how the husband does not treat the silly bitch like shes sexy anymore. All I'm thinking is how do I get rid of the cunt and how lucky i am not to be married to it.

After a few minutes of this cying shit the stupid bit of gash then thanks me for being so kind and starts saying sorry for everything, I thought that saying nothing might get the cunt to leave but no, the cunt starts to reach for my cock, which now is trying to crawl inside my body.

I say lets not, did not mention the fact that idea of fucking that massive gash only makes me want to laugh.

So I grab a blanket and head out to sl**p on the sofa and leave the gaping vag to sl**p in my bed. I get on the sofa and can not sl**p thinking about how bad the nite went, figure a wank will cheer me up, so I open up the laptop and seach for some tug wothy clips, start tugging away and am getting into it when old slack vag asks what I am doing.

The cunt got up and walked in on my banging one out and then asks my what I am doing... really WTF?

At this point i am beyond catring and I straight up told her I was watching porn and having a wank, the cunt just stands there looking at me holding my cock in my hand while Raven Black makes plenty of noise slobering on some guys cock.

So I just contine wanking while looking at the screen then at the cunt in front of me, back to the screen and so it continues. The cunt just keeps standing there, never says a word, i keept woring away, i have to admit that wanking in front of the cunt did add a thrill to it.

i have wanked off in front of people before but this was the first time in a situation like this, so I get close to the edge and am looking at raven get plenty of cum on her face, I have even turned up the volume at this stageand the noise raven is making is very loud and still the silly cunt stands there watching me wank. Then splatt, I cum, look over at her while I wipe my cock off and she simply turns around and heads back to my bedroom.

That was about an hour ago and I still cant sl**p, I dont know if I should laugh or cry about tonite.

BTW this was the clip I was watching when I wanked off

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