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Caught ch.3

He then led me and the group to the meeting hut and asked the crowd if any one had some bondage furniture to restrain me until sunset. A tattooed man raised his hand and called out “I have a set of stocks, if some one gives me a hand we can set it up now!” with that another guy joined him and they went over to a large motor home. In a minute or so the tattooed guy stepped out and called for another guy to give them a hand. Within ten minutes the three men emerged with several parts of what appeared to be a puritanical set of stocks. They set up a wooden bench about 2 feet long, 1 ft wide and about 2 1/2 foot tall at one end and maybe 1 ft. tall at the other. I was led over and pushed down to my knees and laid face down on its length. My head at the higher end, while my balls and cock hung off the lower end. My thighs were tied spread wide and tied to the bench legs.

The tattooed guy and another, fitted a long plank to the bench under my chin with three semi circles cut in it, one for each hand and one for my neck. Someone untied my arms and placed my hands in the holes as the top plank was attached, securely trapping me. A ball gag was stuffed in my mouth and fastened in place behind the back of my head. All in all I wasn’t too uncomfortable as I lay there on display to the entire camp ground. From where I was I could see Sam and Earl going back up to where I’d been hiding and returning with my camera gear several minutes later and disappeared into a camper. They were there for quite a long time. I watched the folks who went about their daily routines as though I wasn’t there.

There were though, a few who took liberties with my prone body as they’d walk by. Spitting at me and cursing me. A couple of women came by and from behind me I could feel them staring and heard one of them say “he’s gonna be sorry he came here tonite! The last time we caught a guy spying on us he ended up in the hospital.”

“Why what happened to him” the other voice asked.

“well it seems he was an activist who wanted to prove that we were a sex crazed bunch of perverts and have the camp closed down. Sam and some others caught him and he was not too cooperative. He put up a struggle and we called the cops. By the time they got here we had stripped him naked and taken him out to the main road. They took him to the lock up and I guess he got ****d brutally by a few guys who ah.., weren’t too nice about it. “ a chill went down my spine as I laid there listening.

“Well what ‘s gonna happen to this jerk?” “

“It all depends on what happens at his trial, we’ve had several in the past and I promise you whatever happens to him will ….” her voice faded into the distance leaving me with quite a bit of anxiety to say the least.

A small group of campers had gathered at the camper where Sam had taken my gear and I could tell they were discussing my trial and punishment. Occasionally different folks glanced my way, some smiling and some not to happy faces glared at me. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I figured I was in for quite an evening. The afternoon came and went, my anxiety was growing as I watched the sun began to sink over the ridge, casting long shadows that crept ever closer to me. I hadn’t eaten at all that day, and the smells of lunch and dinner meals being prepared was sheer torture, my mouth watered and drooled out around the gag. I cant remember feeling so hungry. I sucked at the gag in my mouth for my own spit as my mouth was getting dryer by the hour.

The group around Sam had grown to a crowd and as the evening shadows grew ever darker the air became chilled. I felt goose bumps raising over my body as I lay there pondering my fate. My cock was tingling and rising in anticipation of what was to come. The crowd turned and moved toward me. Here we go I thought as they moved closer and surrounded me. Two women stepped forward and released me from the stock . I couldn’t believe how sore I was, my shoulders and arms ached as I had never felt before! I was pulled back off the bench and left kneeling before the group of angry nudist’s as the bench was hauled away. I wanted to pull off the gag but I figured I was in enough trouble so I just knelt there naked with my hands at my side. Sam stepped behind me and addressed the crowd.

“My fellow campers! What we have here is a pervert! He has violated all our privacy and we have the pictures to prove it! “he said pointing to a TV screen back at the camper he came out of. They had hooked up my camera to it and were playing the tape I had set up to record the camp ground. “There is no doubt of his guilt, and it is up to us as to what his punishment will be! He has demonstrated a willingness to make right his offense, but since his crime was against all of us I propose we vote on how to adequately punish him. I have met with some of you and we have come up with what we feel should be fair to each of you! Take him and the stocks and we’ll put him on the stage so you can all share in his punishment! He will be available to each and every one of you tonight and for what ever you feel is just and right! Or perhaps whatever you find entertaining!

The two women who had released me from the stock, tied my hands behind my back, and looped the cord between my legs and wrapped it around my cock and balls, leaving about 6 ft to use as a leash., I could hear the others murmuring something about a gauntlet, and in just a minute or so the crowd had separated into two lines. Several people were handing out leather straps and a few sticks through the crowd as they lined up leading to the shelter with the raised platform. I was led slowly between the two lines of naked folk and as I passed each one laid their strap or stick across my ass, back, shoulders and arms.

I couldn’t run or avoid any of them and by the time I reached the shelter I could feel the burning stripes and what could only be bl**d running down my back. I stumbled up the steps and on to the stage. My knees were shaking and feeling weak when some one shoved me down from behind. My knees thumped to the floor as the bench and stock was reassembled. A chant went up though the crowd “Fuck him! Fuck him!” then some said “where’s Jim?”

“Here I am!“ a voice came out of the back of the crowd and a tall guy came through the group. He was about 6’ 6” tall, but he had a monster cock! As he came closer his huge cock was obviously growing as it bobbed and swayed in front of him as he walked. He stepped in front of me and faced the crowd, raising his arms as a cheer went up. I could only stare in amazement at the size of his penis! I had been ass fucked before but never by anything this size! As big as he was he was still semi flaccid, he took it in his hand and slapped it across my face several times. This brought out laughter and giggles in the crowd as a woman stepped up on the stage. She took Jim’s cock in both her hands and fed it in to my mouth, she then stepped behind me and held my head by my hair as Jim began fucking my mouth. I could feel the corners of my mouth stretched to the point of ripping as the thick bulbous head pushed against the back of my throat. He could only get about a third of his member in my mouth, and I was relieved that he didn’t just cram it down my gullet I don’t think I could have survived that. I licked at the tip of his cock and underneath it as he stroked it in and out, my lips wrapped around it as I sucked and hoped to bring him off as quickly as possible.

He made comments to the crowd as I sucked him and another guy stepped forward he and the woman pulled me up and kept me bent over. He stepped behind me and unceremoniously jammed his cock up my ass. In just a few minutes both men were cumming in me. I first felt the hot spurt up my ass as enjoyed its warm lubrication, as the guy gave me his last drops with firm deep thrusts. Then my mouth filled with the sweet taste of precum, I knew what was next as a burst of Jim’s cream shot against the back of my throat. It was all I could do to swallow it as jet after jet of the thick stuff ran down my throat. The guy behind me left the stage as Jim took a bow and stepped away stroking his cock and smiling.

“Next!” he yelled out as he rejoined the crowd. Two more men stepped forward and bent me over the bench that I had spent most of the day on, and with my hands behind my back and laying on my belly my mouth and ass were fucked by each man there. There was cum running down my legs and in a puddle under my chin as well as all over me. Some guys enjoyed creaming their load in my face or all over my ass which seemed to thrill the crowd as they watched cheering and chanting ‘’Fuck him!”

Several times I thought I was about to cum myself and at least twice I could swear I had rectal orgasms! My ass muscles contracted and I spurted out a gush of air spewing cum out of my asshole. To my own pleasure and surprise as well as the pleasure of the crowd. By the time the 4th guy shoved his cock in my mouth I had perfected my oral skills and a few men even had the pleasure of feeling their cock slide down my throat! I lost count of how many men had used me but I actually wanted more! I looked out into the crowd which had broke out into a mass orgy. I was helped up and laid back onto the bench on my back and the women began lining up. The first two argued a bit over who would get to sit on my face or cock, and I noticed several women with dildos and strapons, after at least an hour I had either eaten or been fucked in so many ways by every one there.

More than a few women stood over my face and used my open mouth giving me their pussy to eat after being filled with cum, and nearly all gave me the honor of eating out their assholes. I loved being used and I wanted this whole group to do any thing they wanted with me! But then Jim came back, his cock fully erect over 12 inches long and as big around as a pop bottle, glistening with pussy juice. He stood between my legs and looked down into my face. I watched in disbelief as he pushed his giant cock up my ass hole. I was hurting already from the endless cocks and dildos that had pounded in me, but nothing was as painful !

He pushed in deeper and my gut pushed up into my belly., I felt my asshole stretched to its utter limits as he pushed his entire cock in me. Mercifully he started slowly but soon he was stroking the full 12 inches in and out of my ass. I couldn’t help but scream as I knew my ass was taking the fuck of my life I could feel its massive head plunging past the muscles in my ass and nearly out then crammed back in. I couldn’t believe how far up inside my he was! I started to feel my whole body reaching an orgasmic point I’d never felt before, my cock was semi erect yet I could feel my cum boiling and building. The homeliest woman there came up and took my cock in her mouth as Jim thrust deeply up my ass. She was down right ugly but the things she was doing to my cock with her mouth was unbelievable! The last thing I remembered was feeling my gut convulsing as my whole body seemed to be climaxing!

I woke up naked at the entrance of the camp ground, my camera bag and cameras were there but no film. I grabbed my things and hobbled for home naked in the dark. My ass hole hurt so bad and when I touched it I could see there was a bit of bl**d. I was covered with cum and smelled of the odor of all the ass holes that had sat on my face and the taste of cum filled my mouth.

When I got home I looked in the camera bag and saw a letter. It was from several of the members offering me a membership if I wanted to be the guest of honor again some time.

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