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Lost my virginity to my best friends mom house sit

My friend Brian and I have been long-time friends growing up together. Families know each other well and have spent plenty of time with each other’s f****y. His parents were close enough to be mine had I not had any of my own. We were kind of dorks in school focused on games over girls. So we both didn't get any action. After we graduated he found a girlfriend and a nice job quickly which led to him buying a house. I never really got my act together to find a girl over the past few years and still live at home. Yes, that made me a big fat virgin not proud of it but it is what it is. Brian travels for work a lot now and always likes to take his girlfriend with him so they can sightsee and vacation too. When they are gone they always ask me to house sit which I don’t mind really, it’s just feeding the pets etc. While I am there I like to just hang out and chill away from home and anyone else. So it’s not all bad. The last time I was house sitting was an experience Ill never forget.

While I am over at his place I usually take some time to sit down, put on some porn and jerk it. This way I have some privacy and I can put on some real raunchy stuff and get into it. Well, while I am doing my thing and working my cock I hear a first I thought WTF but thought maybe it was the TV so I continue on with my business. The porn I was watching wasn’t very good at all...not my usual batch so I was stopping it rewinding good parts etc. Out of the corner of my eye I see some movement and while it didn't register with me I look over and see some one standing there. I realize it’s Brian’s mom. She had come over to drop off some clothes and other items she had bought them. I was stunned sitting on the living room couch with my pants down and cock hard as a rock. I couldn’t move my mind was telling me to pull up my pants but I was paralyzed in shock.

She is staring me right in the eyes and says, “Well what do we have here?” I was kind of relieved she didn’t scold me and surprised at the same time. As the shock slowly wore off I said, “Sorry Ms. D...I.I.i” stumbling through my words. I lean forward to grab my pants around my ankles and before I could get any farther she stepped toward me a few steps reaching out and pushing me back on the couch. I looked up at her towering over me. I realized she had kind of a smile on her face. I began to realize what an incredible looking woman she was for a mature woman. I hadn’t really even thought of her that way but as she stood in front of me I had front row access to see her incredible body. She wore a fitted women's suit skirt with a button up top and heels. Long blond hair put up with a hair clip. Her body just roared with curves, stacked up top and slim legs that connect to some wider hips.

As she stood there with her hands on her hips I was still speechless with a gaze of wonderment. She then seductively said, “Do you need help with what your doing?” I couldn't even squeeze out peep. Just slowly trying to move my head up and down once or twice to give her some sort of feedback. She reached out and ran her hand through my hair pulling it closer to her and I could feel her bra rubbing my head. My heart started to race and thought what is going on?! She squatted down in front of me and moved my hand away from my cock. She then starred right into my eyes as she grabbed the shaft of my cock with her soft hands. I was in awe still paralyzed by shock she could tell I was a deer in the headlights newbie. She said, “ it’s ok, I know what I'm doing” as she smiled. She began to motion up and down on my cock. It felt like I was rubbing it in satin. She continued at a slow pace then slowly moving her right hand to my balls and rubbing those. With her left hand she placed it on my thigh. I was in good pleasure looking all around. Without even noticing I felt a new warmness around my cock. She had bent down and started sucking it. A nice firm holds as she just moved very slowly up and down. It felt amazing I don't really know why I didn't cum right then and there. She started to really work my cock up and down with her tongue. I moaned and breathed deeply. As she was sucking she started removing her blouse. Reaching to help her she pushed me back and sounded to not move. She gets her top off and comes up for air. Looking at me she says, “Would you like to play with these??” I again moved my head up and down. She smiles and reaches back for the hooks taking her bra off. I am amazed by her breasts, they were definitely natural and didn't have any sag to them but large enough to be too big for her frame. She taps me on the legs twice and says “Hop up” we switch positions where she is laying across the couch and I am standing looking at her body. She says, “Lets get more comfortable get out of those jeans and ill match you”. As I stepped out of my jeans around my ankles, she slips off her skirt revealing a sexy red thong. The only thing running through my mind was how hot she was.... before I knew it she had slipped off her panties as well giving me the come here look. I got onto the couch with her leaning in as she pulled me close. Giving me a sexy French kiss. I felt awkward since I hadn't really had experience making out but she kept going. My cock had never been this rock hard in my life! She moves her arms and pushes my shoulders down so my face was in her chest. She says, “Have at it” while propping them together. I started lightly kissing her left silver dollar aureole and put my tongue on her eraser tip of a nipple. Her head tilts back, I knew I was doing at least something right. Slowly rotating my tongue around the nipple. Kissing in between her breasts I move to the right one with the same technique and attention. Picking up the pace and really just giving her tits a tongue bath and only ever so slightly sucking I didn't want to be crude and fear she would stop it all. As I continued she groans a little with her head still tilted back.

I don’t really know what all I was thinking at this point but my cock was throbbing ready, I kind of shift my weight till the head of my cock touches her lips below. She quickly raises her head and says, “Ah ah no no not just yet”, pushing my body back. I thought shit she's going to stop. At which point she moves her legs to actually spread them wider, I was a little puzzled until she placed her hands back on my shoulders and pushed me down so my head was at her pussy. Again, I was freaking out since I had no idea what I was doing. I had seen all this on tons of porn but never did it myself. So I just decided to dive in. A little ruff at first but she moved my head some and I got into position. Her pussy tasted sweet I enjoyed that the most...still not knowing what to do I put her entire clit region in my mouth and started sucking. She bucked in pleasure; I thought maybe lets add some tongue so I circled the clit with it till I found the tip of it with the tip of my tongue. She moaned in ecstasy. Just bobbing my tongue up and down while I was so buried my nose was lost in there. I continued to lick and suck her clit profusely as she bucked and trembled in pleasure. One thing that never occurred to me as my jaw grew tight and tired that I never paid any attention to the actual hole. Should I put my tongue in there what do I do? I end up reaching in and sticking one finger in. At that point something happened I didn't expect, she bucked again with raging pleasure and gushed all over my face. I was covered in cum on my mouth, nose, and chin, everywhere. She continued to cum as I lapped it up and swallowed it.

She starts to settle down and says wow, “how did you learn that?” I wanted to say something but covered in her cum I just smiled. I kind of wiped it away as she caught her breath and sat up. Swinging around she stood up and told me to sit facing forward. I wasn’t sure what was going on at that point but seeing her with just a devilish grin was enough to know it was time. Cock still hard as can be she kneels down on the couch with her legs outside of my straddling me. Bringing her breasts close to my face again. I wrapped my hands around the back of her legs and pulled her in. Diving into her breasts my hand moved quickly up to her ass as I grabbed each cheek. Taking her hands she grabs my cock and guides it to her lips. Before she continues she asks, “Are you ready?” I again muster up a nod. She slowly gets lower as my cock slides into her pussy. It was warm oh so warm and wet. I couldn't get over how good it felt and mainly how warm it was. A million thoughts raced through my mind, what if I cum to quickly? What if I cum inside? I just thought breath deeply and try to last. It felt amazing her sliding up and down my shaft with increasing speed. Her moans got louder as she continued. Finally just startling to slam her pussy down on my cock. She continued to buck as we fucked for a while. I was enjoying it so much and just remembering to breath deep. She continues to get louder till finally she emits a small gasp and another long long moan. She had cum again; I could feel it dripping down my cock to my balls as we continued to connect together as one. Holding on to her amazing breasts I’m very focused trying to stay centered and affix on them before I do something stupid and blow my wad. She looks down at me as I look up. She says, “Wow, I love your cock!” I cant say anything but ooh...What surprised me is she started talking more like “I love that cock give it to me” “Don’t stop giving me that cock,” I thought to myself anymore of that and I am going to blow. I grab her hips to slow her down and push back on her so maybe she will stop and give my cock a break. I try to speak out “I...I...I.” instead of slowing down she squeezes on my body tighter and started concentrating on really fucking my dick. I thought shit, the harder I tried to push away the tighter she got on me. She finally blurted out, “I want you to own that pussy baby...own it” That was enough to send me over the top in an instance.... I blew my big hot load deep inside her pussy and cried out in pleasure. She continued fucking as hard as possible while I convulsed in pleasure. Paralyzed again I could only pump my load as she road me. Finally slowing down to a crawl where she went in for some kissing and tongue action.

She un mounts me and sits to the side. I can only muster a whoa...she smiles and said, “I needed that fuck bad” “My husband is a piece of shit cheater and I wanted to fuck the shit out of someone so bad...I’m glad it was you...” I actually respond with, “me were such an amazing first fuck!” she laughs, “What? Seriously? No skank has put out for you yet?” I said nope as I lean to grab my clothes. She stops me and says, “You owe me a shower now for that” So we both walk into the bathroom where she turns on the water as we stand there checking each other out. It turns warm and we jump in, at first attending to ourselves until she puts some soap on and said, “Come get some more” I thought nice I get to play with her breasts for as long as I want now. I soap and scrub her good and take my time washing her off. She starts in on my and my body arms, chest, neck, upper body. What surprise me is by the time she was even remotely low on me I was hard again. She really had me going I thought. Squatting down she smiled and started sucking my cock again. I couldn’t believe it AGAIN? I thought well at least I don’t have to worry about cumming too fast. She sucked for a while at various speeds and suctions. She finally stood back up and leaned forward to the wall spreading them. “Get that cock in there she said” I couldn’t believe it fucking shower sex. She braced as I entered her still hot pussy. Felt just as amazing as before, I fucked her slow and intense but soon she was ready for speed calling out, “ Faster! Faster!” I obliged and really started fucking her. She moaned and at times got weak in the knees. I wanted to make her cum again so I fucked her as much as I could making her scream loudly in the shower stall. Till once again her noises died down. I figured she had cum and I wanted to feel me cumming again so I focused hard on that as I continued to thrust, thinking about how hoe it was with her riding me. Fucking her harder and harder it wasn’t before long I was pumping the juice I had left into her pussy. She turned around and embraced me with a kiss before she got out...

As we were out getting dressed, we talked about her being my first and she complimented me on my progress to pleasing a woman so far. We talked a little more about Brian and how he’ll never know. She left with a smile and I couldn’t stop smiling I hope one day to some how have a reencounter with her but it may just be a once in a lifetime experience!

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