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Please Tell Me That You Can Stay

Just another poem of love and romance...inspired by my girlfriend Nancy...

Please Tell Me That You Can Stay

I watch you lie so quiet and still,
You really are a lovely sight,
So many dreams you helped fulfill,
As I recall our previous night.

As the morning sun begins to rise,
I watch you lie silent on the bed,
A soft glow dances upon your eyes,
The pillow softly cradles your head.

The morning sun bathes you in light,
As you slowly start to awake,
My thoughts soon turn to delight,
As I think of the love we can make.

Though we loved the night before,
I wished it would never end,
At the sight of you I yearn for more,
To make love to you again.

Your smile drives my imagination wild,
Please tell me that you can stay,
Your touch releases my inner c***d,
My inner c***d wants to play.

It's in these quiet times we spend,
That it's you I'm thinking of,
Times I wish would never end,
I will never tire of your love.


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