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Gay Toga Party

The last words I heard as I entered the changing room were ‘Do you remember the rules and your instructions?’
I nodded, one of the rules was that I did not speak.
My first instruction was to strip naked and put the black hood over my head before leaving the cubicle.
I pulled on the hood and pulled the drawstrings, I was now in pitch darkness. I felt for the door, opened it and stepped out.
A man approached from either side and I was helped into a sort of hard cotton robe that was pulled over my head and tied around the waist.
Once the robe was tied, a hard dick was placed into each of my hands and my wrists were somehow attached to the balls of what I came to think of as my servants.
The rules were quite simple, if I did as I had been instructed, my servants would indicate praise by stimulating me sexually, by rubbing my nipples or my bare buttocks. Displeasure would result in a painful twist of the nipples or pulling of my hair. I in turn would show pleasure by wanking my servants’ lovely cocks. I'd been given no way of expressing displeasure.
As I had put on my hood and emerged as required, both men gently rubbed by nipples and fondled my cock before guiding me out of the dressing room.
My servants walked me along a long carpeted corridor, where I could hear the presence of other people, or more accurately… men.
At the end of the corridor we stopped and I heard a sharp knock on a solid wooden door.
A voice from inside said ‘Come’ and I thought ‘Not yet, surely’, one of my servants must have been a mind reader, because my left nipple was twisted sharply.
We entered the room and a man approached me from behind and removed the hood from my head.
As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I noticed that we were in what looked like the royal box of a Victorian theatre. I could see below us a number of naked men sitting watching a show on the stage, before I could see what they were watching, my eyes were filled with the face of a beautiful blond man, in his mid-twenties, who was approaching me. He grabbed my face and began kissing me, I responded and was rewarded with my nipples being stroked, then I felt fluid being squirted into my mouth, it was cum!, I instinctively recoiled, but my servants pulled my hair roughly forward, I accepted my ‘gift’ and swallowed it all down, wanking my servants’ cocks and forcing my tongue into my young friend’s mouth searching for more.
The blonde backed away and I managed to get a better look around the box. It resembled a Roman Emperor’s palace, I looked down and I realised that my robe was in fact a Toga. A glance either side confirmed that my servants were also wearing Togas… and that both were very handsome… I gave them another wank.
Around the box sat three ‘Emperors’ each naked on a separate Chaise Longue and each attended by servants of their own.
Two of the Emperors were sporting rigid cocks and were being expertly stimulated by their servants.
The third was flaccid and had a satisfied look on his face. My blonde friend was cleaning him up, I realised then whose semen I’d just swallowed.
Before I had time to take all this in, one of the other Emperor’s motioned for me to approach, my servants pushed me gently in his direction. My Emperor was a handsome, well-built man of about fifty, well toned and completely bald…from head to toe. His body was glistening with baby oil and he looked rather pleased with himself. He looked me in the eye and glanced down at his hard cock. I didn’t need any prompting this time, I moved towards him, kneeled down and swallowed up his prick.
As I sucked the Emperor’s column deep into my mouth, my servants’ played with my nipples and balls. After a few minutes of this, they lifted my Toga and poured oil onto my buttocks and arse. Strong fingers then massaged the oil slowly around my buttocks and gradually pushed them into my arse.
While I continued blowing the Emperor, first one then two fingers, slipped inside me. After a minute or so of my hole being gently stretched, two more digits were eased in. The sucking, massaging and stretching continued and I realised then that my servants were preparing me for the ‘Emperor’.
I was in a dream, here I was sucking on the prick of a handsome man whilst my arse was being finger-fucked by two more handsome men, my servants, whose hard cocks I was also wanking.
I wondered whether someone else would join in and take me, but I then remembered that I was here because I was still a virgin and that it was the Emperor who would be deflowering me.
As though sensing my thoughts, the Emperor pulled my head up and at the same time my servants’ removed their fingers were from my arse. I sat up and the Emperor slipped down onto his back. My hands were untied from my servants and I moved to stroke the Emperor’s body but my arms were twisted behind my back and tied together. Apparently I wasn’t allowed to touch the Emperor.
I was manoeuvred to a position facing the Emperor and astride his chest… he looked up and licked his lips.
The Toga was untied and lifted over my head, the Emperor held out his hands and oil was poured over them, he in turn rubbed the oil all over my chest moving slowly down to my hard prick which he masturbated expertly, Meanwhile the glans of his cock was tickling my lower back.
Just as I was about to lose control and spunk all over his belly, the Emperor’s hands released my prick, held on to my shoulders and pulled me forward.
Now, one of my servants held my buttocks apart and the other guided the Emperor’s stiff cock to my arsehole. The Emperor pushed me away gently and managed to catch my breath as his big knob was pushed past my tight virginal threshold.
Although stretched, I now wanted the rest of it, I raised my weight onto my knees and wiggled my arse, but no more progress was made, I was still not relaxed enough.
The Emperor resumed massaging my chest and wanking my cock, as the pleasure swept over me, a little more slipped in, God he was big, I’d not prepared for a prick of this girth… more oil was poured over my buttocks and arse and my servants kept pulling at my cheeks encouraging the Emperor’s cock further inside.
Finally the Emperor pulled my head forward and kissed me hard… as I gave myself to his mouth he thrust hard into my arse and I felt his balls slap my buttocks.
After allowing me time to recover, the Emperor pushed me upright again and I began rhythmically slipping up and down his full length… at first slowly but then getting faster as I became accustomed to his size and the sensation of my arse being fucked. I looked down at him and he winked at me…I winked back.
After about five minutes, the Emperor’s breath grew faster and his body began to tense, he motioned for me to get off of him. I reluctantly did as I was told, resistance would have been useless, my hands were still tied behind my back and my two slaves were lifting me off the cock which can broken me.
However, I was then pleasantly surprised when the Emperor motioned for me to be bent over the back of the Chaise Longue, I climbed on and was positioned to that my head and chest were hanging over the back of the seat. He placed his cock between my tied hands allowing me, for the first time, to feel his magnificent knob. More oil was poured onto his member and I took great pleasure in rubbing it along his full length. After a minute or two of fondling his cock I got to feel the size of his huge balls, which I kneaded and squeezed gently.
He took his cock away from my hands and placed the knob at my hole, with a little push he slid it smoothly inside me and began to gradually increase both the length and frequency of his thrusts. He bent over me, crossing his hands across my chest, grabbing and pulling my nipples whilst biting my neck and shoulders.
I felt one of my servants fondle my cock, which responded appropriately, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations.
As I was beginning to get carried away, the other servant positioned his limp cock against my lips, I’d been hoping for this, it was the only part of me not being pleasured. Without opening my eyes, I sucked the dick inside and felt the bl**d pump into it.
After a minute or so my first servant was joined by the other and two hard knobs were pushed between my stretched lips. The cheeky bastards were using my saliva to lubricate their knobs as they rubbed them against each other, sensing my displeasure they then took turns to fuck my mouth; in rhythm with the now panting Emperor. I was beginning to get the hang of this sex slave game and sucked them both as hard as I could eventually they both exploded all over my face and chest.
This obviously took the Emperor to the edge, I clenched my buttocks and with a high-pitched grunt he came deep inside my sore arse. I was aware of the crowd downstairs erupting into applause.
My initiation was now complete, I’d been taken by an Emperor, I could now enjoy membership of this club, but first, I remembered, I was to be cleansed by my servants, this had been in the Terms and Conditions of Membership I’d been given to memorise. I remembered all of this as my hands were untied and the Emperor withdrew his now flaccid member from my burning hole.
My servants guided me to a curtained area behind which was hidden a wet room with two poles mounted on either side. My hands were again tied, this time to each pole, the servants left me and the door was closed.
I was standing, stark naked, with a cock so hard it was getting painful, with cum dripping down my face and chest and from my aching arse. I was now going to be cleansed and once clean I would get the chance to spill my seed. I couldn’t wait… WHATTHEFUCK!!! The water was freezing, it was coming from every direction, my erection was now only a memory, my cock was disappearing inside me and my balls where in the elevator heading for the top floor. I thought I heard laughter from the crowd, I couldn’t be sure the water was firing from all directions.
It stopped, the door opened and my servants entered with warm towels, which they rubbed all over me, warming and drying me at the same time. My hands were untied and a new, red silk Toga was pulled over my head. This was it this signified my right to take whoever I wanted and do to them what I will…and I knew who I wanted.
I stepped from the wet room and headed straight for the Emperor. He smiled at me, but shook his head, apparently I was not to choose and Emperor to fuck. I’d suspected as much, but thought I’d chance my luck anyway. I had an alternate choice, he wouldn’t refuse me, he wasn’t allowed to refuse me.
I looked around the room and my eyes landed on my blond friend, he smiled back, ‘Right’, I though, this is it, I walked across the room, some in the crowd below clapped, I stood in front of Blondie and moved the Toga below my waist aside. Blondie knelt and took my soft cock into his warm mouth. Both his hands moved up my body and wormed their way into my Toga and massaged my nipples. It took my cock about two seconds to get rock hard… more applause below, ‘what are they watching?’
I pulled Blondie away from my cock and motioned for him to stand. I kissed him gently and worked my way down his neck to his nipples, moving his white toga away as I did, from his nipples, I travelled south to his semi-erect cock which I sucked long and hard. When I heard his breathing increasing I pushed him away and motioned for him to turn around, I pushed his shoulder, but he didn’t react, I tried again, still no reaction, I slapped the flat of my hand hard across his right cheek, it burned red and he bent forward slightly, I repeated the slap, this time on his left cheek, he bent further, but not enough, four more hard slaps on his firm arse had him bent over into the right position, I tapped his ankle to get him to open his legs wider, no response, I placed my hand between his legs and ran my index finger along the length of his cock and gave his balls a gentle squeeze. He got the message and opened his legs about a foot apart.
I spat at his winking hole covering it with spittle, I pushed an index finger at his hole and pushed gently, I was welcomed inside… Blondie was a little tart, I withdrew my finger, stood up and pushed my knob against Blondie’s arsehole, With a quick prayer that I wouldn’t come too quick, I entered him, he moaned with pleasure, applause broke out below, Blondie was holding on to the rail of the box we were in, I looked over the top and was confronted with a view of a huge screen and on the screen was a side view picture of Blondie and me, I worked out where the hidden camera must have been and gave a thumbs-up to the crowd below, a roar erupted and I could see many getting to their feet to applaud.
I pumped Blondie’s arse while I thought, right I’ll give them a show, I pulled Blondie up so that he was standing right in front of me, I untied his Toga, pulled it over his head and threw it over the balcony, , I moved him around so that we were facing the camera directly and while my left hand fondled a nipple, my right hand began wanking his cock slowly, shouts of encouragement and rude suggestions came from the audience below, I built up a rhythm, thrust…wank, thrust…wank Blondie was moaning, the crowd were horny, finally he jerked and ejaculated…all over my hands, I continued wanking, he jerked again, more cum filled my hand, I continued until Blondie whispered ‘Please’ in my ear, I raised my hand to my mouth and licked a finger, the crowd cheered, I then moved my fingers in front of Blondie and f***ed him to lick the rest of his cum off of my hand, as he did so I thrust into him harder and harder until I could take no more and with a scream pumped my load into Blondie’s arse.

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