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Great fuck with my sexy stepmum!

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A couple days ago my b*****r and dad won a holiday for two for a whole week. 2 days in my stepmum asked if I wanted to go to the beach so I said sure in the car she was telling me that she saw me jacking off ( which I was) in the toilet so I said what?? No that's wrong... And she said joey you know jacking off really turns me on, we still have another 5 or 6 days left together... If you want we could do something else together. So I said like what? She replied" well... Whatever you want I guess..." by the time we finished talking we werel there at the beach so I said I needed to use the restroom, she said I'll come with you to the multi sex room, I got in and saw a condom vending machine, I saw her pull out some money and buy a few. When I was butt naked she was staring so instinctively I got a hard one. She asked me if I could put suncream on her so I said yeah and all I was thinking was " omg she is so damn hott I can't believe im doing this..." so I pulled out the sunscrean , still naked and started rubbing uit on her, she was making quiet moaning noises and she unlaced her bikini and asked if I liked her tan so I just said damn you are so hott, she took off the bikini bottom and I started fingering her, next thing I knew I was sucking her pussy dry while she was wanking me. I went up to her boobs and just started licking and feeling them. We were soon giving a boob job when I cummed in her mouth and she drank it while she was riding my cock! Wat a great fucker!!! We didn't end up on the sand so we drove back home. The next day I saw her talking to her awesome looking friend, cat while wearing a g string. That turned me on so much I walked up behind her and put my hand on her great ass. She invited cat over while I was stripping down and wanking by the time she was done I was ready to cum so she jumped on my cock and I cummed inside her pussy. We did a bj and 69 till we were both tired and I asked her if she could wear her g string for a few days and rub her pussy juice in it so I could have them so she said I could have anything I want. I pulled out her clit flicker so I was putting my cock in her pussy with two flickers in her but and pee hole. We were done when cat arrived and walked in while I had no underwear on and she just stopped blank while I waited for kathy to tell her what been happening. Kathy offeredher a wine and she accepted while me and kathy were getting on and off eachother, finally cat decided to join in and she has great boobs while kathy has a nice tan ass, while kathy was riding my cok cat had her nice round jugs in my mouth. We changed positions from time to time. that's it for now, I'll post me and kathy's later fucks as soon as we have another. Enjoy and post it best, first times and any questions. Hope you enjoyed readingbthis!!! :)

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