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Sex games part3

the two s****rs anne and nicole, started to get scared, they wanted more privacy.on this particular island campground spot there were old abandoned cottages.why not check them out.,just as soon as my s****r got some close back we went towards the cottages karen started to get personel with me.she wanted to know more about me.she acted like she wanted a steady boyfriend, i only wanted to have fun.i just told her what she wanted to hear. she was six years older then me, and was probably still a virgin.she was an average looking,chubby, fat cat bottom,nieve,little girl.a great person, she was always kind to everybody.i just wanted to get my stick wet.i wanted to see the 2 blondes naked, they were lesbian,or gold diggers.they were walking with my s****r to this cottage., they were only interested in her.this was great. my s****r made sure everybody got what they came to this party for. we chose an old place that still had old chairs and a couch left. karen and i sat in the old chairs in the small room facing the lake.i put the cooler of beer and whiskey in the middle of the room.mary asked me to move the couch into this room also.we all sat down. it was warm in there. i was starting to sweat,we all decided to have a drink,mary decided we should smoke this substance she had in her purse.i knew she had great d**g connections. ,she always seemed to pull a rabbit out of the hat.she had a columbian red bud joint,turkish army hash,some cocaine mixed with rocket fuel(pcp).and a pipe.she always carried a deck of cards also.we then proceeded to try her smoke.the two blonde s****rs were already to try anything. this made us all hot.we passed around the pipe with hash and pot first.mind numbing,took away my hard on.she then proceeded to mix in the cocaine,every body got queezy.i thought why are you getting these girls sick.she was going to make a fantasy a reality.

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