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The Adventures of Candy Cummins

Candy knocked hard on the back door trying to get the bouncers attention. When he finally came to the door, his eyes were narrow and serious but Candy knew he was trying to repress a smile.

“ W’the fuck you doin here candy! I told you to stop coming around here. You are gonna get this place shut down.” The bouncer said as he blocked the entrance with his massive body.

“Please, Bo-Bo, just let me in this week. I hear it’s gonna be banging in there tonight. DJ Geo is spinning tonight ain’t he? C’mon Bo. You know I’ll do anything to get in there” Candy smiled know the bouncer knew exactly what she meant. Candy was not yet old enough to get in to the club. Yet, she had been in there so many times, she was almost a regular.

Bo-Bo looked down at the sweet young girl, remembering the last time he let her in the club. As the smile creeped across his face, Candy took her cue and slowly eased to her knees. She held his gaze with her eyes while she undid his zipper and pulled out his thick black cock. Bo-Bo was not easily swayed, so Candy was well aware of the task in front of her. Still holding his gaze, Candy put her small hands on the big tool and wasted no time engulfing his member in her hot wet mouth. Candy often found herself sucking on Bo’s thick dick to gain entrance into the club. In the early years, he was reluctant and gentle. Now, he well knew Candy’s slutty ways and treated her accordingly. In fact, the sluttier he treated her ass; the more they both seemed to enjoy their little arrangement.

Candy was the ultimate manipulator. You see, her belief was that she could fuck her way in and out of any situation. But, anyone who knew her well knew that they better show her who had the upper hand early on, or she would walk all over you.

In no time at all, Bo had fists full of Candy’s long thick hair, fucking her sweet little face like a cheap whore’s cunt. Her mouth was so wet with saliva; her drool was soaking the front of his pants. Bo looked down at her face. What began with freshly done make up was now a smeared sloppy mess. Her eyeliner and mascara was running and her pink lip gloss smeared across her lips and his dick. The sight turned him on even more.

“You sure are a pretty little slut aren’t you? You like sucking on this big black dick don’t you? You always think you can come around here and tease your way into this Club don’t you? Huh, Slut?” Bo’s deep voice halting with every thrust into the girl’s tiny throat. Bo loved fucking Candy’s sweet mouth. His dick was hard as ancient arithmetic as he enjoyed his brutal assault on Candy’s mouth. “Look at me, Bitch. LOOK at me!” He barked, voice rising with his excitement. Bo pulled his dick from Candy’s used mouth and began to rub his dick all her face. “Look at you, fucking slut! You sure know how work this dick, don’t you bitch?” Bo used Candy’s hair to pull her face back. Her mouth was open as she enjoyed the way he used her face and the slutty sensation of his cock ruining her makeup. “Who taught you how to suck dick like this?”
Candy’s eyes flashed. Bo smiled as he was headed into dangerous territory. He knew how to make her humiliation real as he spoke the words that would send Candy over the edge. Bo knew how to keep Candy’s slutty ass in check. “Did your Daddy teach you how to suck this dick? Does he still use this slutty little mouth piece when you visit him in the Pen? Or does he just fill your little cunt with his fingers so that he can savor the smell of your pussy after you leave?” Bo was enjoying humiliating the young whore. “Tell me princess, do you still visit your Daddy in jail?”

Candy had been cut down a notch by Bo’s remarks about her father. Everything he said was true. Not too many people knew about her relationship with her father. Although she tried to stay away, she could never resist going to visit him.
“Yes”, she replied softly. “Both”

“How does he get away with it? Don’t the guards keep him in eyesight?” Bo’s dick was leaking pre cum all over the girls face as he questioned the girl about her visits with her Dad. Candy’s tongue was roaming freely over Bo’s tremendous nut sac. He liked the way her spit dripped from his balls as he continued to defile her face and her spirit with his degradation.

“They like to watch, and” Candy whispered then paused. Knowing Bo could probably guess the rest.

“And what, Princess?” Wanting to hear her answer out loud.
“I have to suck them off too” she replied.

Bo slipped his big thick dick back into Candy’s slutty mouth. Turned on by her admission, Bo resumed his brutal assault on Candy’s throat. “Such a dirty little cock sucker” he panted as he thrust his cock repeatedly into her face. “You were born for this!” Bo could no longer hold back as his cock erupted thick streams of cum into the pretty girl’s mouth. Moving quickly he pulled back in time to let the last flow of cum blast her face. The pretty girls face was a mess. Make up smeared, stings of cum all over her face. Before she could clean up, Bo’s snapped a picture of the girl with his iphone. Her humiliation was complete. “You still want to come in looking like that?” Bo chuckled as he stepped aside allowing her access to the club. Candy stepped inside and began to clean her face trying to regain a decent appearance for the evening ahead.

“Head up the back stairs toward VIP. My s****r is working the back bar tonight. You don’t want to run into her again this time, do you?” Bo asked, still grinning from their encounter.
“Shit, I thought Mom was working her other gig tonight. Thanks for the head’s up, Uncle Bo.”

Bo reached out and slapped the girl on her ass as she headed down the dark hallway for the back stairs. Big Terry was usually in charge of the VIP access area. Candy fixed her clothes and her face trying to prepare for the next adventure that lies ahead.

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