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White Wife Becomes BBC Slut for Boss

This is a true story of my 46 y/o wife?s most exciting Valentine?s day. It all began 2 years into our 15 year marriage when I discovered my wife?s favorite fantasy. It began innocently enough with me catching my wife surfing on the site, at that point I knew she might be up for a little role play and interracial porn. I discovered my wife was a black cock slut and she didn?t even realize it. The good part of this was that interracial sex and wife sharing just happened to be a fantasy of mine. The first movie of this sort that she saw, awakened a passion in her that I was pleased to see existed in her. This particular movie was playing on one of the porn channels that are offered on our satellite service. It featured beautiful married white MILFS being pleasured by several very well hung black men as their husbands watched. This fascinated her and had her dripping wet in no time. As I rubbed her beautiful nipples and tight pussy, she began to ask questions about what she was seeing on the screen. ?Do couples really do this? and ?are all black men so well hung and long lasting?? And was fascinated by the fact that these white ?wives? enjoyed sucking these black cocks and swallowing their cum so willingly as that is something that she really hadn?t enjoyed with me. She wondered allowed how they must taste as these women were insatiable at swallowing as many loads as they could get. I told her that yes many couples did enjoy that lifestyle and that most black men were indeed well hung. She couldn?t believe how much cock these white wives could take and how hard and long these wives? orgasms seemed to be. She came herself about this time and actually squirted cum all over my hand. Her orgasm seemed to go on for several minutes while ejaculating several times almost like a man. I asked her if she liked those black cocks that much. She shivered and said it was just the interracial aspect that must have sent her over the edge and that she had never seen anything as hot as those white wives sucking those massive cocks and then hungrily sucking them dry while their husbands watched. She went on to admit that she had never seen cocks as large or beautiful as those. We watched the rest of the movie as she came several more times just watching while I ate her pussy. I mentioned to her the next morning that her boss was young, fit, and black and that he too had a cock just like those we saw last night. She asked me was I serious as her face turned flush. I said sure and that she should look at his cock every chance she got today and see for herself. I went on to tell her that I bet he had already fucked her in his mind numerous times while looking at her fine ass. I told her I bet his massive cock stood erect while he thought these thoughts about her. She blew this off saying that he could have any young woman he wanted in the office and almost surely didn?t pay attention to her 46 y/o ass. I told her to just check him out and she would see. Well around 2 that very afternoon she called me at my office almost out of breath. It seems that she had dropped a pen and bent over to pick it up. As she turned around, she saw Marquis eyeing her beautiful ass as he fidgeted with his cock. She shyly turned around then back to Marquis and he was indeed still staring at her ass and his cock appeared to have grown tremendously as he fisted it upright. She said she couldn?t take her eyes off of it as it grew larger in his hand. As she looked up into his eyes, he smiled and squeezed his cock again sending tremors through her pussy. She said she was embarrassed that he had seen her staring intently at his cock. She turned and went back to her desk as her panties soaked themselves with her juices. She eventually went to the bathroom and pleasured herself thinking of his cock. She said she licked her fingers dry while imagining it was his young cock. She hung up and spent the rest of the day daydreaming about what his cock must look like. When I arrived home, she was in a great mood and suggested that we watch another interracial movie that evening. She was so hot that she tried to apologize for letting a black man have that effect on her. She didn?t expect the reaction she got from this young black stud lusting after her ass and seeing his cock become erect thinking of her. She asked me not to be mad that I was the only man she loved. I told her not to worry and that it turned me on knowing her young stud boss wanted to fuck my wife. And it made me even more horny knowing that she too was turned on by this. I told her I was proud of her and I liked that she found him so hot and the effect that black cocks were having on her. I told her to enjoy it as I knew she did and to enjoy the fact that she could have any black cock she wanted. She assured me that it wouldn?t go further than that but I knew better. She began to take more time dressing for work, wearing more and shorter skirts that complimented her ass and legs. I encouraged her to dress sexily for this man and if the opportunity presented itself, be sure to let him see ass much of her ass and legs as she could get away with. She said she has begun to notice another 30 something black man that was in her office begin to take an obvious interest in her ass and legs too. I told her to go with it as her boss had probably told him of your obvious interest in black cock. These two black men began to position themselves at work so they could get a better glimpse of her legs and panties. She was sure they had seen her panties on several occasions. Each time she would go to the bathroom and finger her pussy while fantasizing of these 2 men and sucking their large cocks. I knew she was ready for the next step so I purchased a 10 inch jet black black dildo for her and gave it to her that night when we went to bed. She shivered in anticipation as she waited for me to use it on her. I bought another movie and waited for the magic. As a beautiful redhead dropped to her knees to suck off a very large veined black cock, I brought the dildo to her right nipple and rubbed the large head all over her nipple. She put her hands around the dildo and helped me rub both nipples to erection as she looked down at the dildo and back to the movie. She worked the black cock in her dainty hands ever closer to her mouth until she licked her tongue out and found the purple head. The sight was incredible and she shivered through an orgasm while inserting this large cock into her mouth. I moved back and grabbed our camera from the nightstand and began filming her as she inserted inch after black inch into her mouth while licking her tongue all around the head and veined cock. The sight was beautiful as I filmed her continue to watch the redhead suck the cock on the movie as she inserted several more inches into her waiting mouth. She appeared to be enjoying sucking the large dildo. I started to finger her pussy while filming her suck the large cock. After a couple of minutes, I asked her how Marquis? cock taste. She groaned and thrust her pussy onto my fingers and the dildo into her throat. She started cumming and moaned for Marquis to cum in her mouth. I told her to suck him harder and as she did she began to convulse all over my fingers while erupting the most female cum out of her pussy that I had ever seen. I asked her if she would suck Marquis and the other black man at work and she said she wanted to all the time but didn?t want to lose her job. I then removed the dildo from her mouth with a pop as she began to scoop her own cum from her pussy and into mouth all the time asking Marquis to cum in her mouth. I then put the 10 inch dildo into her pussy as far as it would go and held it there while she sucked her fingers and humped the dildo try to get more of it in her. I was filming all of this as I asked her to fuck Marquis harder. She came again as I inserted the entire 10 inches into her pussy and cervix. She screamed his name and came again while fucking his imaginary cock for all it was worth. I told her that I wanted her to fuck him in real life and she came again yelling yes?yes?.i will fuck him and anyone else he wanted her to if he would just give her his cock. This continued for several minutes as she came down with all 10 inches still in her tight pussy. I told her to look down at his black cock buried deep in her pussy. I asked her if that is what she wanted and she said yes and she was sorry but she had to have it. I told her that she would make it happen but that she should be prepared to be his white married slut. She said she understood and would do whatever he wanted. At that time I began to replay the video for her. As she watched herself become a slut for that black dildo while calling out Marquis? name she began to cum again. She told me she looked like such a slut and liked it. I told her that tomorrow she would dress and behave to let Marquis and Victor know what was one her mind. After we finished, Leigh shaved her pussy and ass bare and found an ankle bracelet to wear the next day with her heels and short dress. We chose a black thong teddy to wear with her black mini dress and thigh highs. She would certainly make an impression the next day. As she dressed the next morning, I could tell she was having second thoughts so after she had her teddy on and thigh highs, I began to kiss her on her neck and ears. Before she knew it, I handed her the black dildo and told her to suck Marquis before she went to him. She began to lick and suck it while I rubbed her pussy and asked her how his cock tasted. She said it was wonderful and couldn?t wait to swallow his and Victor?s cum. I pulled the dildo from her mouth and inserted the head in her pussy. She took over from there and began to cum at which time I pulled it from her pussy and told her she would wait for their cocks. She pleaded with me to continue but I knew she would be more ready if she waited. She finished dressing and headed for the door. She kissed me hungrily and thanked me. She said she might be late coming home but she would call. She arrived at work and went straight to Marquis? office where she found him and Victor in a meeting discussing something. They asked her to come in and shut the door. Marquis told Leigh how fine she looked and she noticed his cock begin to grow. They both watched her stare at his cock until Victor asked her to sit down. She sat in front of Marquis? desk as her dress rose above her thigh highs to only an inch from her panties. She knew Marquis could see her panties and this made her horny as she heard Victor lock the door behind her. She turned to find him fisting his large cock through his pants only a foot from her mouth. He reached for her thighs as his cock came in contact with her face. Marquis was now between her thighs spreading her legs wide as he reached for her pantied pussy. She turned towards Victor only to find the largest black cock she had ever seen only inches from her mouth. As Marquis began to snake his fingers inside her thong Victor told Leigh to suck his black cock. She didn?t have to be told twice as he pulled her mouth onto his purple head. She stuck her tongue into his piss slit and began to cum as she tasted his piss and precum. She wanted his come and knew she would have it soon. She sucked as hard as she could trying for more cum as he inserted half of his 14 inches into her mouth. Marquis was eating her pussy as Victor fucked her mouth. His precum began to pour from his head into her throat as Marquis stood and pulled his fully erect 12 inches out and placed it next to Victor?s. she alternated between their cocks asking them for their cum. This took Victor by surprise and he placed her mouth over his cock and pumped several times before filling her mouth with the first cum she had swallowed and she loved it. She began to cum hard as he filled her mouth over and over. She cleaned his cock until Marquis pulled her mouth from Victor?s cock onto his and placed his cockhead to her throat entrance and came straight down her throat. She was lost in ecstacy as he pumped several gobs of cum into her throat. As she was cleaning the last drops from Marquis? massive cock, she noticed that Victor was behind a video camera that Marquis had set up zooming in on her mouth as she cleaned Marquis? cock. This caused her to shiver and cum wondering who would see the video. After she had finished Marquis, she helped him dress and waited for someone?s cock. Marquis told her that she was now his slut and she should do whatever he asked. She said that she was theirs and she would do whatever they wanted if they would fuck her now. He told her they couldn?t at the job but she should go home and prepare a bag for the night. They would get a hotel room and call her with the address. She agreed and asked how long she would be made to wait. Victor handed her the video, told her to go home and watch it and wait for their call. She would be fucked well this afternoon and another video would be made. She went home and called her me on the way telling me what had happened and what was going to happen later. She arrived home and watched herself servicing these men for several hours before being called. Marquis instructed her to meet them at a hotel in town and dress sexily for them. She did as she was instructed and hurried to the hotel room to meet these two men. When she arrived Victor answered the door and led her into a room where Marquis and two other hot black men sat watching a second video of her sucking them. She was embarrassed until Marquis introduced her to Javon and Eric. She sat with these three men watching her video while Victor finished setting up another camera. Victor said she would become a star in many of their movies. This excited her as she reached for Marquis? cock and sank to her knees to suck him off again. As she was sucking him, the other three studs undressed and gathered around her with their beautiful black cocks at her face. She sucked all 4 men until Javon said her was going to cum. She placed his cock in her mouth and pumped him until he exploded into her mouth. The other 3 placed her on the bed and tore her clothes off as she tried to place another massive cock into her mouth. As she sucked Eric?s huge cock, Marquis slipped between her thighs and place her legs on his shoulder as he began entering her tight white pussy. She began to cum immediately as he inserted his 12 inches into her cervix and held it there until she began to saw herself on his cock. He fucked her for 45 minutes before dumping his cum into her womb. He removed his cock and Victor followed suit fucking her senseless as she sucked both Javon and Eric?s cum from their balls into her throat. This continued for several hours into the night until the men had to return home to their wives. They drove her home as she sucked Marquis off in the back seat. She told me what had happened and how it was the best night of her life and that they would be using her oftem. She told me about the videos and that really turned me on. She now fucks these men weekly and I get to watch and film most of these times. We are very happily married and she has become the slut she never knew she was.

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