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Cd Sissy loves Black cock

Hi Iam Nikki and I love Black cock. Heres how it all started. I would dress up in my s****rs panties and bras and her dresses too. Iam bi so when she found me dressed up. She said that I looked cute as a girl.and that she would not tell Mom and dad if I would go out with her and her boyfriend.Me dressed as a girl.So I said I would go.Now my s****r only dates Black men.So That weekend My s****r dressed Me up so sexy makeup and all.I looked like a she got ready and We went to her boyfriends house. As we went in I seen her boyfriend talking to this other black guy..He was so cute.I hoped that this guy was for me.My s****r took me to a bedroom in the house and ask me to sit on the bed.And I said why? she said I would see. she sit on the floor. In came her boyfriend and the other black guy. Her boy firend sit on the floor with her.and the other guy sit on the bed with Me.He put his hand on my ass and kissed me at the same time.Mmm what a kisser was he. He said that Bob My s****rs boyfriend.had told him that I was a sissy who need a big black cock.And was this true.(his name is John} I said yes it is John. So john go up nad pulled His cock out and put it on my lips. My s****r said Suck it like a good white I took His cock and started to suck on that big black cock.I wend crazy and i suck like a wild women on that cock..My s****r took me by the hand and held it as I suck Johns cock.He Cumed and I eat it all.Mmmmmm Good. And next My s****r'Man was next for me to suck off.As my s****r fucked John. My s****r boyfriend was so hard tha he said he needed to fuck me and told me to get in on all fours so I did and he took Me by My hips and Put some ky on his cock and pulled me back to it. it went in my ass and i cryed it hurt so but it was so good at the same time.He cumed in Me and this is how I became a black cock slut..My s****r and me have had at lot of fun over the years. With black guys..We only fuck Black guys We ar Sluts for Black cock.

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