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Camping with Stepdaughter 27

Bonnie asked me just what I meant. I could see the excitement in her eyes. I said that I was just thinking that there were quite a few horny men out there that could use a little relief. She asked me what I had in mind. I asked her if she would be into a gang bang. She smiled and said, if that is what you want. I told her to walk to the bathroom naked that I was sure that she would run into one or more men headed back to their camps.

She smiled, gave me a hug and took off down the trail. She wasn’t gone long when I saw three men headed after her. I stopped them and told them that she would be right back. I told them what the plan was and they agreed to help. About 10 minutes later she came up the trail. One man was with her grabbing her ass as they came.

When she saw the other three men setting at the table she stopped in her tracks. I said don’t be afraid come here and meet the men that have been watching you. I walked her over to the blankets by the fire. The men gathered around her. They turned her around so each could take in her charms. Then like someone had turned on a switch the action began. Bonnie knelt down between the men and started unzipping pants and pulling out their hard cocks. She had one in each hand and was taking turns kissing and running her tongue up their hard shafts.

Two of the men took this chance to get out of their clothes. They moved over and switched places with the other two men. Bonnie looked at me and smiled. She was really getting into the attention that she was receiving. A man moved behind her and lifted her to her feet. She didn’t let this stop her from continuing to vigorously suck the cock of the man in front of her. He had hold of her hair and was shoving his cock down her throat. Guttural sounds were escaping from her as he f***ed his way in. The man behind her yelled out THIS BITCH IS SOAKING WET, IT’S RUNNIG DOWN HER LEGS. With that he stuck the head of his cock up to the entrance of her sweat tunnel and penetrated her with one quick thrust. She let out a loud moan and they continued to take her. The two other men moved in and she took a cock in each of her hands and started jacking them off. They each reached out and grabbed hold of one of her breasts and started pulling on her nipples. Her back was arching and her ass was moving in small circles.

I walked over to the van and looked in on the girls. They were glued to the window and watching Bonnie being taken by the four men. I told them to stay in and just watch. They said that it looked interesting but didn’t want to join in. I felt reassured that they would be ok and went back to watch the show.

Bonnie was taking turns on the cocks that were being stuck in her face. There were times when she would take them two at a time. The man behind her grabbed her shapely hips and jerked her into him as he thrust hard into her. She screamed out FUCK YES FUCK ME HARD, HARDER. There were long strings of thick saliva trailing from her lips to the heads of the cocks probing her mouth. The man behind Bonnie pulled and blew his load all over her back and ass. She reached back and gathered some up with her fingers, gave me a lustful look, and placed them in her mouth.

They moved the pad over to the table and one of the men lay down on his back. Bonnie straddled him and slid her wet snatch over his dark purple cock. A second man placed his cock up to the puckered little ring of Bonnie’s butt hole. She reached back and spread her cheeks. He took some of the cum that was still on her back and lubricated his cock with it. He pressed against her and slid in with ease. She Yelled out OH HELL YES FILL MY HOLES. GOD YES FUCK ME. The other two moved up to her face and she continued pleasuring them with her hungry mouth. She was being ravaged by these men. She was screaming out as they took her. They took turns taking her over and over. They fucked her in every imaginable position. She came multiple times through the fuck session. They had seen her in camp; they had watched her shower and make love to me and the girls. It was now there time with her and they were going to get everything that they could get. They had their way with her until the sun started to come up. They finished by placing her on her knees again and one by one they shot their sticky fluid all over her face and tits. They watched as she cleaned it up and sucked every bit off of her fingers and swallowed it. They all thanked her as they got dressed and ready to return to their own camps.

We were alone now. I asked her is she liked what had transpired. She smiled and said that it was a hot that she felt like a tramp and couldn’t wait to tell her husband. She gave me a hug, then freed my cock from my shorts and took me into her mouth. I said, I thought you would have had enough. She smiled up at me and said yes but I need your wonderful cock now.

She sucked and kissed my cock until I was hard. She leaned over the table and told me to take her. I slid my cock through her extremely swollen pussy lips. She stiffened up and I asked her if she was alright. She looked back at me and told me that it just stung a little. She then said I want to feel you inside me. I plunged into her dripping pussy and fucked her hard. After watching her all night it didn’t take me long until I was ready to bust a nut in her. She felt me stiffen and turned and took me in her mouth. I shot off and filled her mouth with my steamy load. To my amazement she took my every drop down her throat. We decided to get some sl**p, so we took the blankets and pad into the van an cuddled up and went to sl**p.

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