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The Shoe Store

The Shoe Store

Adam hated working Wednesdays. He works the entire day from opening to closing every Wednesday. His manager always takes Wednesday off. This was mostly a boring day for Adam. A few women came in the store before lunch which was a disappointment for Adam. Adam is a bit of a pervert. He likes to take a peak up a woman’s dress or skirt while he is putting on shoes for them. The morning customers all were wearing slacks.

A woman came into the store a little after lunch time. She was wearing a halter top with a short skirt, stockings and heels. Adam went over to her and asked if he could show her anything. She said she needed a new pair of shoes for a party she was going to attend this coming Saturday. She wanted to see shoes with a four inch heel in Silver size 11M. Adam went to the back and came back with four pairs of shoes. He decided to take a peek up the woman’s skirt while he was fitting her with the fourth pair of shoes. He noticed that she was wearing thigh high stockings, but she wasn’t wearing any panties. She caught him looking up her skirt. She just lightly tapped him on his head and asked him if he liked what he saw. Adam just simply nodded in the affirmative with a sly grin on his face. She said, “I’m Nyssa and I’ll come back at closing to give you a full view.” She left after purchasing one pair of shoes. Adam returned the other pairs to the back wondering if Nyssa would indeed come back.

The rest of the day was like the beginning. All the women came in dressed in slacks. Adam kept wondering if Nyssa would come back.

It was closing time. Adam had closed out the register and put the money in the safe. He then let his night clerk out the door. He locked the door and then did his final check. He heard a slight tap at the door. It was Nyssa with a small tote bag. She came back as promised. He let her inside. She asked if there was somewhere in the store that would be private. He nodded in the affirmative, and led her to the office in the back after relocking the door.

As soon as they entered the office, Nyssa spun Adam around and gave him a passionate kiss, and then whispered in his ear, “We are going to have some fun.” Nyssa leaned against the desk and removed her halter top exposing her medium sized breasts while Adam was getting over the initial shock. She said, “Suck my nipples.” Adam attacked her nipples like a hungry infant. She said, “Gently baby gently.” He slowed down. He then started swirling his tongue around her nipples. “Oh baby that’s good, “she moaned. She then reached under her skirt and started playing with herself.

“Ok baby stop sucking my nipples. I want you to get undressed for me, “she said after she stopped playing with her self. Adam did as he was told. Nyssa noticed that Adam’s cock was a little hard. She grabbed it and started gently stroking it. Adam started to moan with pleasure. She kept up the gentle motion until she felt a little leakage. She stopped and said, “I don’t want you to cum just yet. Sit on the desk while I put on a little show for you.” She started to dance and started to strip out of her skirt.

Nyssa slowly inched her skirt downward. Adam’s eyes followed her every movement. Eventually, her skirt was low enough to reveal a slightly erect cock. “I told you that I was going to give you a full view,” she said in a low sexy voice. Nyssa continued dancing until she was completely out of her skirt. She then stroked her cock until it became half erect. Adam’s eyes were fixed on her cock. She guided his head to look into his eyes and said, “now the real fun is about to begin.”

Nyssa reached into her tote back and brought out a rubber glove and a container of lube. “I need your asshole well lubed for what have I mind. Be a good boy and turn around and lean on the desk for me,” she told Adam. She put on the glove while he was turning around. She lubed up the middle finger of the glove. She slowly penetrated his asshole with her finger. He moaned while her finger went deeper inside. Nyssa started moving her finger back and forth once it was in all the way. She even twirled it around a few times. She kept this up for a few minutes. Both of their cocks grew harder.

Nyssa said, “I think you are ready for the next stage” as she removed her finger, and then the glove. She reached into her bag and removed a seven inch dildo. She lubed up the dildo and she stroked it to get it coated with the lube. She inserted it into Adam’s asshole and he moaned again in pleasure. Nyssa pushed the dildo in as far as Adam could take it. She used the same technique as she did with her finger. She started slowly and gradually went to a faster pace. Adam continued to moan in pleasure as the dildo kept going in and out of his ass. Nyssa kept shoving the dildo in and out of his ass until she had a complete hard on.

Nyssa said, “I think you are ready for the final stage” as she removed the dildo. She reached into her bag for a condom. “I like to be safe,” she said while putting on the condom. She inserted her dick into Adam’s asshole. He let out his loudest moan. She pushed it in as far as Adam could take it. He continued to moan. Nyssa started thrusting her cock slowly at first. Adam started moaning louder still when Nyssa quickened her thrust. Nyssa continued her thrust at a faster pace and then Adam cried out, “My cock feels like its going to explode. I need to cum.” Nyssa replied, “I’ll take care of it as soon as I finish.” Nyssa continued to pound Adam’s ass until she shot a f***eful load.

“I do enjoy fucking a young man’s ass, “she said as she slowly removed her cock. She peeled of the condom and tossed it into a nearby wastebasket, and then said, “Now let me think. What am I going to do with that hard on of yours? I know what I could do if we were at my place. I’m not going to let you suffer until I get you there. Turn around.” Adam did as he was told and she grabbed his cock. “My you do have a hard one”, she said. Nyssa always liked seeing a hard cock on a man after she fucked him. She started stroking his cock. “Please make me cum,” he begged. She replied, “Since you asked nicely and have been a good boy, I am going to jerk you off. Sit on the edge of the desk.” Adam complied. Nyssa reached into her bag for another condom. She said, “This is so that we won’t have any mess to clean up” as she was putting the condom on Adams hard dick. She started with slow strokes. Adam began to moan again. She stroked faster and Adam’s moans once again became loud. All of a sudden Adam yelled,”I’m Cumming!” Nyssa could see the condom filling up with his hot juice. She gave Adam a few hard strokes to squeeze out the remaining cum. She peeled off the condom once Adam’s cock started going limp. The condom joined the other one in the wastebasket.

They both got redressed after they rested for a few minutes. Adam led her out of the office and then let her out of the store. Nyssa gave him a quick peck on his cheek and a slight grab on his ass. She whispered in his ear, “Maybe I’ll come by again and take you to my place.” She left and proceeded to her car. Adam waved goodbye as she drove away, and she blew him a kiss. Adam relocked the door. This was one night he will not forget.

Adam finally lived out a fantasy of his. He always wanted to have sex with a she male every since he bought a she male video. Adam bought a video once based on the title. He did not know what the movie was about. The movie had scenes of she males fucking men, and she males fucking women. Adam became turned on while watching this video. This was his favorite movie to jerk off with.

Adam left the store after he gathered his belongings. He wondered if Nyssa will ever come back once he got in his car. Adam was happy. He lived out a fantasy or is it possible that his life has changed?

Adam received a phone call from his manager the next day. She wanted to know if he could come in a few minutes early so that she could discuss something with him. He said okay and started wondering what the discussion would be about after he hung up the phone. He simply thought that the store had an upcoming sale, and that the manager wanted to discuss the details with him.

Adam arrived ten minutes early for work. The manager took him into the office and asked him about last night. She found two used condoms in the trash can, and wanted to know what went on in the office. Adam said, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

The manager said in a stern voice, “Try me.”

“I had sex with a she male last night. She fucked me in the ass and then she jerked me off. She used the condoms because she wanted to be safe and she didn’t want to leave a mess,” Adam said sheepishly.

“I find that hard to believe. Does this she male have a name, “asked the manager?

“Nyssa,” said Adam.

“I know her. She comes in every few months to buy shoes,” the manager said. “We’ll talk more about this tomorrow night after we both close. Now get to work,” she said before leaving.
The next day, Adam wondered what else was there to talk about. Nancy, the manager, told Adam to come into the office after he locked the doors. Adam locked the doors and went into the office and saw Nancy waiting for him while sitting in the office chair. Nancy blurted out, drop your pants and bend over the desk! I’ll teach you to defile my office!” Adam did has he was told because he was afraid of Nancy. Nancy was a slightly muscular woman. Adam was a weakling who knew he could not best Nancy in a physical altercation. Nancy stood up and proceeded to smack Adam’s ass with her opened hand until Adam’s ass became red. Adam started to whimper. “This is only the beginning,” Nancy said.

“Don’t move until I get back,” Nancy said sternly. She left the office to go into the bathroom. She returned after a few minutes wearing only a ten inch strap on dildo. “Spread your cheeks,” she ordered. Adam did as he was told. She f***ed the dildo into his ass as far as it would go. She started thrusting it in and out at a fast pace. Adam started to cry. This lasted for about five minutes. Nancy took out the dildo and saw that there was some bl**d on it. “I did a number on your ass,’ she said with a slight sadistic tone. “Now get dressed and never defile my office again,” she ordered.

Adam cried, “What about my hard on? I need to cum.”

“You don’t expect me to take care of it do you” she yelled. “Take care of it yourself.” Adam started heading for the bathroom and Nancy stopped him. “I want you to jerk yourself off and cum on yourself while I watch,” she ordered.

Adam proceeded to jerk himself off. He started moaning and his strokes became faster. In a matter of moments he yelled, “I’m cumming!” A thick glob of cum came flying out of his dick. It shot across the room. The remainder of his cum leaked out covering his dick. Adam collapsed on the floor. Nancy had an evil smile on her face because another idea came into her mind.

She removed the dildo and proceeded to sit on Adam’s face. “I got turned on watching you cum. I want you to eat me out until I cum” she ordered. Adam started to lick and suck Nancy’s wet pussy. Nancy became wet while watching Adam jerk off. Nancy began grinding her pussy into Adam’s face while he continued to lick and suck it. Nancy began to moan and all of a sudden she let out a gush of woman cum. Adam’s face glistened with Nancy’s juice.

Nancy rose off of Adam and said, “My work is done.” She left the office, got dressed in the bathroom and left the store. Adam was left on the floor shaking with pussy juice covering his face.

After a few minutes Adam was able to pick himself off the floor. He thought to himself that he better clean up Nancy’s office or she might become mad. He proceeded to clean the office and when he finished he cleaned himself up a little and went home.

He had mixed emotions on the drive home. He felt humiliated and ashamed, but also felt somewhat satisfied. Has a new chapter begun in Adam’s life? Has his perverse sexual appetite been satisfied? He wondered what was next in store for him.

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