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Maggie's Journey To Being a Slut

After 12 years of marriage Maggie and Jay had both become bored with their sex life. Both found it tedious and boring. When Maggie finally talked to Jay about her feelings she was actually pleasantly surprised to fing Jay felt the same way and together they immediately started to work on ideas to put some excitement in their sex life. The first thing they did was tell each other their most private and dirty secret fantasies. At first Jay was unsure but finally told Maggie that he gets excited sneaking looks down her blouse or up her skirt. Especially when they're out in public shopping, dining, whatever. He told her how a few times he had to delay getting up after a nice panty shot. Maggie was surprised but mostly flattered by what Jay was telling her. Eased by her reaction Jay continued to tell his wife that he also imagined other men sneaking a look at his wifes' assets. He told her he fantasized that they would be out together and she would be wearing a short skirt with no panties and flash unsuspecting men. Maggie looked at him with a quizzical look on her face that slowly turned to a smile. "Would you really get off seeing me flash another guy?" Maggie asked. Jay told her he had thought about it for years as a private fantasy. But the more he thought about it the more he wanted to make it real. "I think I might like might be hot" Maggie told him, "In the right situation of course, where we wouldn't get caught".

They continued talking with Jay finally asking Maggie about her fantasies. She told him that her roommate in college told her a story of how she had once fucked her boyfriend and his best friend at the same time after a party on campus one night. She told Jay that she was never able to get that image out of her mind and had always wondered what it would be like to have two cocks at once. Jay tried to act cool but he couldn't help the smile on his face. Maggie told him that she would never cheat on him so she only thought of it as a fantasy. She asked Jay not to laugh at her. "Maggie I'm not laughing at you, I'm very happy to hear how open you are and that we can share these things".

Jay continued "Now that we've come this far together how do you feel about turning some of these fantasies into reality"? Maggie asked him if he really wanted to see her fuck another man. He told her that they both seemed to be at the stage in life to be open minded, experiment and try new things together. He told he wouldn't consider a threesome as cheating as it would just be for sexual gratification. Her assured her that he still loved her and believed she loved him. They talked for a long time and Maggie had to finally admit to Jay that the idea excited her. She hadn't had a strange cock in almost 15 years and was looking forward to it already. She didn't tell Jay that one reason was that though he truly loved her and was always earnest trying to please her, Jay's cock was a good bit smaller than the few others Maggie had had years back. The surge of lust Maggie felt when thinking about a well-hung stranger somewhat embarrassed her, even while arousing her, but she did not share that with Jay.

For the next week they talked about their plan and how to pull it off. They only spoke about it in bed like it was a secret only they shared...for now. They decided that having Maggie flash a few unsuspecting men would be a good way to start and get comfortable. It was Maggie's idea to go shoe shopping in a skirt with no underwear and flash the salesman. Jay loved the idea so the next Saturday afternoon they drove out to a mall they rarely went to about an hour away from their home. They found one of the more upscale shoe stores and took a quick survey around. There were only two other customers in the store and three salespeople...all men. Two of them were in their 20's, handsome young men in good shape. Probably college students working part time. The other was an older gentleman probably in his mid 50's, a big stocky man with a mostly gray but otherwise full head of hair. He reminded Maggie of the father she knew only from pictures--he died far too early--and that clinched it. For whatever reason, Maggie had long felt attracted to older men, thinking that somehow she was looking for a father figure that she never knew. She was going to show this stranger her pussy. She told Jay she wanted to flash the older guy and he nodded in approval.

Maggie pulled a pair of sexy black pumps off the shelf and walked toward the salesman with Jay following close behind. She looked at his name tag and saw that his name was Walt. She asked him if he had these pumps in a size 8 and he told her he would check the back and for her to have a seat. Maggie was wearing a denim skirt that was a size too large and allowed her room to spread her legs further open while seated. She also had on a low cut tight, white blouse that showed a lot of her cleavage. She had a seat in the middle of the row away from the now only one other customer. Jay sat across from her just to the side so he could have a great view of what the salesman was seeing. When Walt returned he had three boxes with him and pulled up a small stool in front of Maggie. She proceeded to put her right foot on the stools' foot rest and opened her legs just enough for someone to get a nice view of her mature hairy pussy. Walt was busy opening the boxes and explaining what he had brought being all business when he pulled one of the shoes out of the box and started to slip it around Maggie's foot then he looked up directly in front of him and stopped suddenly. He was no more than two feet from a beautiful moist pussy. After a few seconds, which seemed longer to him, he blinked and brought the shoe completely on Maggie's foot. "How does that feel?" Walt asked while sneaking another quick glance between her still spread legs. Maggie stood briefly and said "I like them, but I'd like to see the others to compare". She sat back down and raised her foot onto the stool again so Walt could remove the shoe. Jay was smiling at Maggie the whole time and sporting a major hard-on as well. He saw the moment Walt caught the sight of her pussy and froze. Maggie was getting excited and smiling back at Jay and didn't notice how long Walt took to put on her next shoe. But this time he got a good long look at her now visible and wet pussy lips. He had a good ten second stare while Maggie shifted in her seat and caused her pussy to open slightly and let Walt see the glistening pink inside. Walt finally got the second shoe on and Maggie stood again to test it out and she could see a growing bulge in Walt's pants. She looked over at Jay who's eyes were glazed over from being so excited. He was so happy to be sharing this with his wife and seeing her so horny and slutty.

"How do you like them honey"? "I think I like the first ones better", Jay told her. "I think you're right but I better check the last pair to be sure". Maggie sat back down once again but before Walt could remove her show she extended her leg as far as it would go to get another look at the shoe on her foot and when she did she spread her legs as much as she could and now Walt could see directly up her skirt with a lot more light and caught the sight of her clit rising from the top of her cunt. When Maggie brought her foot down she looked at Walt in the eyes and when he brought his gaze back to her face he was a little red. Maggie smiled her sweet smile at him and he returned the smile knowing that she knew he was enjoying the show. It seemed they had an understanding now and Maggie felt even more comfortable and started to get that Dad sense from him again. Walt was staring straight at her pussy while struggling with the last shoe. Maggie kept shifting in her seat causing her engorged pussy lips to open and close while Walt watched. He was hard as a rock now and his Docker pants could not hide his big, hard cock under his clothes. It hadn't gone unnoticed by Maggie either and when she stood with the final shoe she could see how large he was. It made sense, he was a large man with big hands and feet, it made sense he should have a large cock too. Maggie dismissed the last shoe quickly almost eager to get back to flashing her pussy. She sat again and told Walt that she would take the first one. This time when she sat down her skirt had hiked up a bit and allowed even more light to shine up her legs. Walt could see that her pussy lips were wet and her clit was still rising from it's hood. Maggie knew she was wet and was hornier than ever and all she could think about was getting Jay to fuck her as soon as possible. She watched Walt pack her shoes with care and asked him how long he worked there and he told her he had been the manager for seven years. Maggie then asked "Are you married Walt"? "No, I'm a widower three years ago" Walt answered. "Oh, I'm sorry, well I hope my visit today put a smile on your face, maybe I'll see you again some time". Walt was a little taken back but was able to get out "That would be nice." Walt brought the shoes to the register, gave her a huge discount, and handed the package to Maggie. Maggie extended her hand and told Walt "It was nice to meet you Walt." He shook her hand said "The pleasure was all mine", "Dont be so sure of that," Maggie teased. Jay gave Walt a nod and smile which Walt returned and both Jay and Maggie walked out of the store. MAggie was still breathing hard when they reached their truck and got in. "Oh God Jay, That was so incredible, I need you to fuck me right now". Jay was more than ready to grant her wish so he drove around to the back of the mall and parked behind a large dumpster. Not the most romantic setting but they weren't feeling romantic, they were horny, out of their minds horny and they wanted to fuck, right then. They clammored into the back seat and by the time Jay got there Maggie already had her skirt hiked up to her waist and was rubbing her wet slit. Jay barely got his jeans to his ankles before climbing on top of his wife. Maggie was still fingering herself with her left hand and reached out with her right to grab hold of Jays' cock and point it at her pussy. Her two left hand fingers spread her pussy lips open and as soon as Jay felt the tip of his cock touch her pussy he instinctively lurched forward and plunged his cock inside her to the hilt. Maggie gasped and said "Ohhhh baby...fuck me..fuck me please..." Jay wasted no time fucking her cunt good, he was so worked up from the show earlier that he knew he wouldn't last long. "Fuck my pussy hard baby..I'm so wet...I'm gonna cum..oh yes". Jay sped up his thrusts, he knew Maggie liked to be fucked that way, and just as Maggie cried out she was cumming he pushed in as deep as he could and shot his cum deep inside her. Maggie felt the warm cum coat her insides and immediately floated into another orgasm. She was screaming so loud that Jay hoped no one heard her. Maggie grabbed hold of Jays ass and pushed him in her as deep as he could go and held him there. She just lay there connected to him for another five minutes while she came down from her orgasms. When they finally disengaged they sat up and Maggie used some tissues to clean the cum dripping from her puffy pussy. Jay got dressed and they drove home in silence both with smiles on their faces.

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