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Popular jock bully and chubby boy bond in shower

Christian Redding was typical teenage boy, he played football at school, hung out with a lot of people, was well known, liked to play video games, was swooned over by the girls at school and hated by most of the guys outside his circle of friends. Mainly because some were jealous but also because Christian was a bully.. he picked on everyone who wouldn't stand up to him.

Christian was very fit from playing sports with a head full of sandy blonde hair and a 8 inch cut cock. The football season had just begun, as usual there were your normal k**s who excelled at what they did like Christian but this year, there was a new k**. He wasn't really good, hell he didn't even want to play but his parents made him hoping it would give him some energy and get him into better shape. His name was Daniel. Daniel was at the opposite ends of the spectrum of Christian.. he wasn't fat really, but he was chubby, he didn't like sports, he wasn't popular and the girls certainly didn't like him.. not really because he was ugly but because he was unpopular and extremely quiet and shy. Daniel had never had sex but knew what it was about.. just like Christian and most teenage boys going through puberty, he was curious about all things sexual and spent a lot of his time on the internet watching porn.

The first day of practice had finally came and Daniel was petrified.. he didn't know what he was doing and didn't want to be there. He spent most of the day being ridiculed by Christian and the other k**s.

"Fat fuck, if you drop the ball one more time i'm gonna send you to get me a BBQ sandwhich, something you might actually be good at!" said Christian, all the other k**s laughed. Daniel laughed along with them thinking it would be better than letting them know how angry he was. After practice they all headed toward the showers.. Daniel was more scared now than he had been in his whole life.

"Coach, I don't need a shower.. school is almost over.. i'll just head back to class to study and- "

The coach bursted out in laugher, "Your gonna get in there just like everyone else and wash your dirt ass.. I don't care how embarrassed you are, no excuses"

Daniel stalked slowly to the shower room. By this time the other k**s had already stripped down and were showering. Daniel sat down on the bench in the locer room and took off his cleats. He then took off his pads and shirt. His hairless, white body got goosebumps from the nervousness. He then pulled off his socks and started pulling down his pants uniform.. he was standing there with nothing but his jock strap on, trying to muster up the courage to pull it off when Christian walked through the door, running late for his shower session. The coach was yelling at him about being late, telling him it better not happen again, Christian simply smiled and promised it wouldn't and just like everyone else around him always did, the coach fell for his charm and dismissed him. In truth he had actually ran to his locker, grabbed a joint and fired it up in the bathroom before coming to the shower rooms. Christian had a habit last year of always sneaking off before the shower session to smoke weed, no one ever knew it but Christian was actually bisexual and like to jerk off in the shower room. It was a thrill for him... sometimes he would rub his cock around in other boys dirty jock straps when no one was around and spurt his load in other boys helmets or shoes.

As Christian walked into the locker room, slamming the door behind him he saw poor Daniel standing there, white as a ghost, shaking in his jock strap. "Hahaha, what the fuck are you doing porky? Afraid someone's gonna see that 2 inch cock of yours?!" Daniel started to blush and sat down on the bench, not sure what to say. The cold metal bench somehow felt good to his ass. Christian glared at him "What a loser..." He shook his head and striped off his clothes. Christian walked up to Daniel while he was sitting on the bench, he shook his limp 8 inch cock in Daniels face "You see this? This is what a real man has, this is what all those girls who ignore you want!" He proceeded to walk into the shower room laughing. Daniel just sat still glaring at the ground, tears started to form in his eyes. The door opened, it was coach. "Daniel, what the hell are you sitting there for?! You have 10 minutes of shower time left and you aren't even in there yet?! Get those damn straps off and get in there NOW!"

Daniel jerked himself up and wiped the tears from his eyes. He was already humiliated and sad but he had this strange feeling.. he couldn't get the image of Christians cock out of his mind.. the way it dangled right in front of his face, the way Christian shook it around, it had even touched his cheek a little bit and Daniel couldn't get it off his mind. He reluctantly pulled down his jock strap and kicked it aside. He reach down between his legs and pulled his cock and balls loose from being bunched up in the jock strap. He was considerably smaller than Christian and what cock he did have was made to look smaller due to the chubby mound around his cock. He looked down at all 4 inches of himself, he pushed back the small amount of fat around his cock so that it made it look bigger and he sighed. He gather up his nerves and walked into the shower room.. most of the k**s were already gone, a few were left rinsing their hair. Christian was standing in the middle of the shower room washing his body. Daniel walked to one of the stalls, there were no curtains or walls between them, he turned the knobb and felt the warm water fall down on his body and run across his small cock, it felt good. By this time everyone was gone. He glanced over his shoulder and saw that Christian was glaring at him, he had this look of hatred in his eye but he had his hand on his cock. Daniel's mouth dropped open when he saw Christians fully erect cock standing at attention. Christian was had the head of his penis in his fingers, stroking it up and down. Daniel came to his sense and realised he had been staring right at his cock for about 2 minutes and hurridly turned around, blushing again.

Daniel grabbed the soap and began to lather his body up, hoping that Christian would just hurry, finish his shower and leave. He couldn't believe it! He looked down and his small little 4 inch cock was sticking straight out! He was hard as a rock thinking of Christians hard cock, thinking of it rubbing up against his cheek. He turned once more and Christian was gone. He noticed the clock and realised he had been in the shower for 15 minutes and was worried about the coach coming in after him. He rinsed and turned off the water running back to the locker room as fast as he could. He found his assigned locker and pulled out his gym clothes to put on, he was alone.

Or so he thought. Christian walked around the corner; "Hey fatty.." he said, Daniel jumped so big he nearly fell over the bench and landed on his back, he had to sit to keep himself from falling.. he was still completely naked. Christian was wearing nothing more than a pair of whitey tighties. Daniel started to get back up but Christian ran over and put his hands on his shoulders and pushed him back to the bench. "Don't think I did see it you fat little horny bastard, even from across the room I could see you staring at me and your little cock sticking straight out in the air, you liked watching me didn't you?" Daniel felt like he was going to cry "No man, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't taking to long in the shower.. I was trying to look at the clock and- ::SMACK:: Christian slapped him across the face. "Don't lie porky, I know what you were looking at". Christian pulled his long, clean, smooth, hairless cock out of his undies and let it hang right in Daniels face. "Well go ahead.. look... look at it. You seemed to like looking while ago so here is your chance.. I promise I won't slap you again or pull anything funny. What do you think about it?" Daniel was red as a beet in the face but he couldn't help himself.

He brought his eyes up to even level and glared at Christians cock, hanging there. It was perfect.. Christian didn't shave and he was to young to have pubic hair but he had a little blonde patch coming in at the base of his cock. His cock was fat and wide with a vein running down the entire length, and near the tip of his cock it started to get a little more narrow. His cock head was smooth and he had a small strand of pre cum hanging off the tip of his penis. Daniel took a deep gulp and looked up at Christian, he didn't know what to say. "Go ahead.." said Christian, "You can touch it if you want.." Daniel reached up and awkwardly w****d his finger around it and lifted up him. He could feel it getting harder by the second until it was pulsing in his hand. "Don't just sit there like a fat fuck holding a candy bar, rub it!" Daniel started to move his finger back and forth across Christians cock, petting it like you would a a****l. Then he remembered what he had seen in some of the porn he had watched on his computer when his parents thought he was in bed. He tightened his grip on it and started to tug a little faster... when he did this he felt Christians cock pulsate in his hand a little and s shiny strand of pre cum ozzed out of his cock and rand down Daniels chubby arm. "Thats it Porky.. I knew you liked looking at my cock, how do you like stroking it? Why don't you put it in your mouth?"

By this time Daniels own small cock had gotten rock hard and was sticking out, barely long enough to touch the bench he was sitting on. Christian looked down at Daniels pathetic little cock - "If you ever tell anyone about this Daniel, I swear to go I will beat you every day, i'll make sure all the girls know you are a fag and I will deny all of it and no one will believe you because they all like me." Christian then reached down between Daniels chubby legs and started rubbing his cock. It was to short to actually wrap fingers around and stroke so he just held it in his hand and massaged it. Daniel nearly passed out.. he couldn't believe another human was actually fondling his cock.. it felt so good. Pre cum started leaking almost instantly as Christian massaged him and Christian took his thumb and ran it over Daniels pee hole, spreading the clear shiny pre cum all over his cock head. Meanwhile Daniel had Christians cock back in his hand and took a deep breath, he opened his mouth and put the tip of Christians cock in his mouth.. he didn't know how to properly give head so he just w****d his lips around it and began to suck his cock head like a lolipop. It was the weirdest feeling he had ever felt in his mouth, it felt kind of like a sponge and it tasted salty. He kept the head in his mouth and began to run his tounge along the sensitive bottom side of Christians cock, he then moved his tongue up to his pee hole and started licking. Daniel was just about really get into sucking his cock and all of a sudden he had the most startling thing happen to him in his life.

Christian stopped rubbing Daniels cock and stood up straight, he grabbed Daniels head and pulled it down on his cock. Daniel gagged and nearly vomited but he didn't, his eyes shot open wide and tears started streaming down his face as Christians cock went down his throat and all of a sudden it started jumping and pulsing inside his mouth. He could feel thick globby strands of salty fluid spurting down his throat and coating it. He didn't think it would ever stop squirting in his mouth, it felt like it was filling his throat up and he was afraid he was going to choke to death but he closed his eyes and f***ed the tears out. Christian began to pull his cock out of Daniels throat and across his tongue, he pulled it out of his mouth and gave it a shake, shaking a strand of spit and cum on Daniels face and a little in his eye. Daniel just sat there gasping like he just got done trying to ride a bicycle. He started to say something but Christian put his hand over Daniels mouth and told him to shut up. Christian knelt down and picked up Daniels legs and d****d them across his shoulders, Daniel leaned back against the lockers, he was petrified of what was going to happen, he had seen what others guys do.. when they put their things in other guys butts, and he didn't want Christian to do that to him but he was to afraid to say anything else.

Instead Christian knelt down to his knees and w****d his arms around Daniels chubby legs, he lowered his head down and took all 4 inches of his little cock in his mouth and began to suck it like a vacum cleaner. He stopped right on the little head of his cock and sucked it hard while tonguing his pee hole and the rest of his cock head. Daniel was squirming all over the bench, his chubby face was beat red and he was sweating like a pig. Christian slipped one thumb up his ass and that did it, Daniel moaned out loud and began to cum.. he jerked and moaned and cried and his whole body shuddered beyond control. Finally when the spasms stopped and he felt his cock shrinking back down to nothing, he heard it slip out of Christians mouth with a slurp. Christian stood up with a long strand of cum running down his chin, he looked down at Daniel who was looking up at him. He spit the cum right in Daniels face.

"Remember what I said Porky, not a single fucking word to anybody or i'll beat you badly and you won't eat lunch for a the rest of the year.. do you fucking understand me?!"

Daniel weakly nodded his head and smiled at him.

Christian smiled a perfect, evil smirk back at him and turned around to walk away, wiping his chin off. He glanced back over his should at Daniel one last time has he was trying to get up off the bench.

"Meet me back here tomorrow".

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