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Fucking my Roomate

Fucking my Roomate
Part 1

I was 22 and I remember it was the day before my roommate's birthday. For the sake of the story let's call her Hillary. She is a lesbian (but I had heard stories of her fucking guys a couple of times). Good looking, great body (she was really athletic), and an admitted slut. But I had known her for so long it wasn't really a big deal. I did my thing, she did hers, and I never really thought about fucking her because she always talked about how sex with guys was "gross" that I guess I put a wall up. Besides I was more interested in girls I actually thought I had a shot with.

Anyway, she was dating a bi-sexual girl named Laura who really wanted to fuck me. It actually used to piss Hillary off because her girlfriend would always comment on how she would love to suck me off. She would cuddle up against me, sit on my lap, tease me and "joke" about having sex. I am pretty exotic looking and she really loved that. They argued a lot over it though, but at the end of the day Hillary knew I would never do anything. (Believe me, I had wanted to!!! Laura is a real bombshell!) Guy code and all. Regardless I could tell she was a bit jealous how gaga her girlfriend was for me.

Anyway, one winter day we were both off from work and I came downstairs to find her on our couch watching a movie. We lived in a really shitty house with crappy heat, so we both were bundled up in hoodies and sweatpants. Not really sexy at all when I look back on it.

I sat down next to her and nudged her teasingly. we watched the move and she pulled a bowl and some weed out. We both started taking some hits, passing the bowl back and forth silently as we watched the movie. We were both sitting really close to each other and since we were known to be pretty close, we ended up leaning on each other with her hand under mine. It was cozy and I really wasn't thinking much, but I started massaging her hand slowly. Seriously, I really didn't think much of it until a couple minutes later I heard her sigh. I looked at her face in surprise, I could tell she was obviously turned on (I had seen it many times before, never directed at me before.) I could almost sense what was about to happen, seconds later her lips were mashed against mine as her hand snaked it's way into my pants and grabbed ahold of my cock.

Needless to say, I was shocked as hell. I had known her for years and never really thought about her like that before. I was astonished as she pulled my cock out and actually stared at it. She hadn't been with a guy since we were teenagers and she had never been with someone who was not white. She ran her thumb over my foreskin a couple times, obviously curious about it. She spit on it and slowly started rubbing it into my cock. She spit some more and started jerking me off. I am pretty sure I was probably just staring at her for a good couple of minutes, still in shock. Her other hand went into her own pants and I could tell she had started rubbing her clit. She kept jerking me off, faster and faster, I could hear her panting a little as my orgasm was quickly building. Precum was starting to leak out and she had a manic look in her eyes.

"You really trying to get me to cum huh?" I barely managed to ask.

As if I had challenged her further, she laughed and said, "If jerking you off isn't doing it, maybe this will."

To my utter and complete shock, she ducked down and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. She nibbled on my foreskin playfully before sucking my cock into her mouth deeply. She pushed herself down until I could feel the head of my cock pressed firmly against the back of her throat. Her mouth was stretched out as my cock was buried into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down a few times, before finally looking at me and freezing mid-suck. And I think that was when we both fully realized we crossed a line we couple never really go back on.

She almost shrugged before concentrating on my dick again. All pretense and consideration disappeared as I gently held the back of her head and directed her up and down my cock. She couldn't fit it all in, I am pretty thick, but did her best to try to anyway. Her tongue swirled around and around my cock so many times that my head was swimming.

She pulled her mouth off my cock long enough to say, "I want it in my mouth. I want to taste it." I will admit I nearly came right then and there. She started sucking me off again, going in deep to the point I could feel her gagging slightly.

She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock seductively before sinking down and attempting to deep throat it again. The sight was just so erotic, I felt my load churning, ready to be let out. I held the back of her head as I exploded in her mouth. Five heavy shots of cum filled her mouth as she look at me with surprise. She popped my still hard cock out of her mouth, cum dribbling out of the corner of her mouth. She scooped it back in and swishing my cum around in her mouth.

I could tell she wasn't really thrilled with the taste, but like a trooper she showed me my cum in her mouth before swallowing it down. Her eyes were teared up, but she moved down and licked the underside of my hardening cock with her tongue.

That was it. I couldn't take anymore. I grabbed her and picked her up. I heard her gasp as I carried her to my room and threw her on my bed.

"I like rough" She teased.
"Good." I smiled. "Because you are going to get fucked so hard you won't be walking straight for a week."

Her right eyebrow raised at the challenge, and as if to signal the start of the race she quickly grabbed my cock and started jerking me off again. I peeled off my hoodie and kicked off my pants and boxers. I quickly pulled her own hoodie and shirt off of her to see her C cup tits encased in a plain sports bra. She quickly removed it as I pulled her sweats and underwear down to her ankles. I couldn't help myself as quickly I brought my mouth up and covered her pussy with it. My tongue ran up and down her clit slowly as she fell backwards onto the bed in surprise. I slowly manveured myself into a 69 position as I pressed the head of my cock against her lips. She eagerly sucked it in and it felt like we were laying there for hours, sucking and teasing each other. My right hand reached down and grabbed one of her nipples, pinching it between my forefingers. She squealed on my cock as she sucked me in harder. I could tell she was near her orgasm and made a point to drive it home by flicking my tongue against her clit faster and faster. Her breaths got more and more frantic as she started rubbing her pussy against my mouth desperately, wanting to cum badly. Finally she went limp, my cock still in her mouth as she came on my face.

I gave her a few moments to collect her wits and soon enough she was slowly sucking on my cock. She popped it out of her mouth, spitting on it before saying, "I haven't cummed like that in a while!"
"Let's see if we can top that then." I said with a smile.

I pulled myself away from her and moved toward her pussy. I could see some surprise and hesitation in her eyes, I have known her for so long that I was sure she was surprised about all of this too. It had been primal and unexpected, by both of us. But a reassuring smile from her dissolved any doubts on my part quite quickly.

That was when I realized I didn't have a condom. I wanted to shoot myself in the head as I shared this news with her. She looked at my cock and at me and finally said, "Fuck it, I'm down if you are."

I was surprised she wanted to take the risk, and I'll be honest, I knew it would be irresponsible to fuck her without some contraceptive. But I was too horny to think straight and agreed to pull out when I felt myself ready to cum. She then said she wanted to swallow it all down again. That made me want to fuck her more.

I slowly pushed my cock into her tight pussy, gently at first. As I increased my speed, she started grunting (it was really hot) softly as she attempted to meet each of my thrusts. We were fucking for a good 5 minutes before I disregarded all abandon as I fucked her faster and faster. One hand rubbing her clit vigorously. The other hand teasing her nipples. Her grunts and moans were driving me insane as slowed down my pace. Her eyes were clentched shut as she begged me to fuck her harder and faster. I will be honest here, I was somewhat afraid of cumming too soon, but her begging for my cock and cum quickly overcame any desire to hold back.

I pulled out of her and flipped her over, sticking her ass up at me. I pushed her head down onto some pillows and re-entered her. Our combined juices where leaking down her legs, but I didn't care. I'll be realistic, I didn't even care if I came in her at that point. I had only one goal in mind, fucking her until I couldn't move anymore. I pushed into her and slammed into her quickly and deeply. After a few seconds I started spanking her ass. She nearly jolted in surprise after the first slap. She looked back and gave me a coy, almost challenging look. I spanked her again and she groaned happily. I then started to go to town on her cute round ass, spanking the white skin until it was hot pink. Each slap caused her to groan more and more as I thrusted harder and harder. She put her hand against my leg to slow me down long enough for her to flip to her side. I pounded into her harder and harder, causing her to start cursing. She started trembling and her pussy clenched down hard on my cock in spasms. I wanted to cum so badly, but I was stubborn and plowed through, fucking her even quicker through her orgasm. I knew I didn't have much time left and moved to pull out.

Sadly I wasn't quick enough and shot off in her before I managed to pull out. Another stream of my cum shot out of my cock as I pulled out, flying up her body and between her breasts and face. I was so shocked and surprised as one final stream shot out and hit her square on her lips and cheek. I collapsed on her, my dick and cum leaking onto her. We were both panting heavily as I looked at the dazed, cum covered look on her face. It was my first facial and I was hooked from that moment on.

Afterwards, as we laid next to each other, alkwardness had settled in. Neither of us really had thought about it. Our cum was all over each other. After being friends for years, we'd fucked so hard that we were both struggling to come to terms with it.

"I can't believe you came in me you Motherfucker." She finally muttered.
"I'm sorry, I tried not to." I said before looking at her. "You're just too good."

She laughed before saying, "And I cannot believe I ate your cum."
"It was sexy as hell when you did it." I managed to say apprechiatively. "I was surprised too."
"I still think cum tastes gross." She retorted, before finally sitting up and reaching for a towel on my floor to wipe my spunk off her face. As she wiped her face, I looked at my cum dripping down her body. My cum was also leaking out of her pussy onto my bedsheets but I really didn't care.
"So why'd you do it then?" I finally got the courage to ask. "I mean, damn, not what I expected at all."

Hillary got really quiet. She finally said, "Laura wants to sl**p with you. With both of us. We've been talking about it for months."

"Months?" I asked with mild surprise. Like I mentioned earlier, I knew she liked me, but I was surprised they had seriously talked about it.

"I have been thinking about it and fuck it, I've been thinking about fucking you for a while now." She finally admitted. "I figured it was only fair that I get the first taste because I've known you longer. Besides I had to see how good you were if you are going to have to satisfy two women."

"Wait, what?" The surprises just kept on coming.

"But before we talk about that..." She said coyly as she grabbed my cock and gently fondled it. She flashed me a smile and said, "How about we go another round?"

That story will have to wait for another day. Let's just say this is really just the beginning of a much bigger tale

Fucking my Roommate... The Morning After.
Part 2

In my previous story I explained how I ended fucking my longtime friend and roommate Hillary. We've been friends since we were 14 years old. She always had a thing for girls, which let's be honest, as a guy is pretty awesome. And I'll admit it, she's hot, a great body, really athletic and a self proclaimed slut. How can you not love that?

The thing is, I always knew she wasn't really interested in guys. Sure, she experimented when we were k**s, but her interests were always with girls, not that I could blame her. :)

And truth be told, I actually came to look at her as a k** s****r in a way, we have always been good friends. We were like that for 8 years in fact. Sure, we were close. There were times where people thought we were a couple. But we always laughed it off. Seriously, I never even jerked off thinking about her.

But I was certain she wasn't interested in me. We were both very different. At least according to her mom. I hated her mom. She was a real bitch, a racist bitch in fact. She was not happy that her blonde haired & blue eyed daughter was friends with someone who was dark skinned and exotic. I was born and raised in America, but just because my skin color was different I had to deal with bullshit like that. That's why we never really hung out at Hillary's house. The few times I went by, I always heard her mom muttering some racist shit under her breath. She hoped we would grow apart, but Hillary is more enlightened than that. She was more embarrassed than anything. Her dad was okay, a cool guy and pretty funny. But man I hated her mom.

During college, we ended up moving in together. I had some bad experiences with roommates, so did she, so when the idea came up it became the natural conclusion. We moved into a piece of shit house that was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. It was near school and a 20 minute walk to the beach. But most of our time was either spent at school, work or partying. By this time I was single, fucking around with a lot of the girls I met through my job (sadly tales for another day!) She was dating a really hot girl named Laura, a red headed bombshell who liked to flirt with me. (sadly, yet another story for another day)

Therefore you must understand how surprised I was that fateful day before her 22nd birthday. Huddled together on a couch watching a movie and smoking pot, I accidentally turned her on to the point we were all over each other and it quickly lead to us fucking repeatedly in my bedroom. (Detailed found in my previous post) After years of knowing each other, I was learning a completely different side to her. Between fuck sessions, I learned it was her girlfriend's influence. Hillary admitted she thought about it often while we grew up, to the point she brought a brown dildo to fantasize about me fucking her.

She did eventually grow out of it, her friendship to me being more important to her, but when she started dating Laura it became stronger. Laura was really attracted to me (and vice versa, she looks like a mini Christina Hendricks, except more proportional, lol) and had no shame, plainly telling both Hillary and me that she wanted to have sex with me. I even overheard them having a couple arguments because Hillary was uncomfortable with how matter of fact Laura was about it.

Learning that your bisexual girlfriend wanted to fuck your best friend must have been strange, but unknown to me, it re-ignited Hillary's own sexual attraction to me too. She told me the first night Laura suggested a threesome, she pulled out her black dildo in bed and fucked herself 4 times to orgasm thinking about it. She wasn't really attracted to any other guy besides me, but the idea of telling me scared her senseless. I was shocked to learn all of this. Regardless we fucked, licked and sucked each other for nearly five hours straight. It was rough, hot, sweaty and passionate.

Oddly enough, we didn't kiss. Not really. It was still too strange. By this point we've cum all over each other, licked and sucked each other, but the act of kissing just seemed odd. It was too... Intimate, funny as it may sound. This was just to feel good, this was just sex. We kissed a couple times when this whole fuck session started. But during our second or third fuck that night, we made out a little and only managed to burst out laughing after a little while, only stopping when we both got into the 69 position. :) It felt a little weird, but I have to say, the sex was amazing.

Initially because we didn't have condoms we had the brilliant (yeah not so much) plan for me to pull out before cumming. After the first time that plan went out the window. We both didn't care. We should have cared, we should have been more responsible, but we were caught up in the moment. That was surprising, she'd always said male cum made her want to throw up. But that night I came in her several times, a couple times in her mouth, quite a few times deep in her tight shaved pussy.

What got me off the most was the way Hillary stared at my thick brown cock stretching her tiny white pussy. Several times during the night, she would slow me down just to look with wide eyed awe at my cock plunging in and out of her. I knew I was the first non-caucasian person she has ever been with, much less a guy. And I could tell she was getting off on it, getting hornier and wetter each time her blue eyes stared at my dark dick penetrate her. She knew how to push my buttons too. She knew I liked rough sex, we both did, and she would often encourage me to pick her up and fuck her against the wall. Or fuck her face until her saliva was dripping off my balls and my seed was shooting deep down her throat. A few times she begged me to choke her lightly as she would come, her sweaty body spasming in my arms as she would climax.

However, exhaustion eventually overtook us and after one exhausting last fuck we collapsed into a sore and sweaty heap and fell asl**p.

Hours later I woke up, my abs, legs and back were sore. I briefly thought I imagined the whole thing until I noticed the scratches on my arms and shoulders. Hillary was not in my bed anymore, she had snuck out in the middle of the night, but my room stank of the musty smell of sex. And despite all the sex, my morning wood was stiff, almost painful. I put on some shorts and went to the bathroom, fighting back a feeling of nervousness, I was wary because I was hoping Hillary was still okay with everything. I was certainly fine with what happened last night.

I walked into my livingroom and saw Hillary leaning against the doorway to the kitchen, her back was facing me and she was on the house phone. Her wet hair was wrapped up in a towel and she was wearing an oversized T-shirt and boxer shorts. It looked like she had just gotten out of the shower. As I neared she heard me and glanced at me. She gave me a warm smile and mouthed "Hello" before rolling her eyes and pointing toward the phone. I could hear her mother's shrill voice and I rolled my eyes too. She smiled widely and turned her back to me again as she talked with her mom. From the sounds of the conversation, her mom wanted to see her today since it was Hillary's birthday and was laying down the usual Mom guilt trip. Hillary was trying to get out of it, but I could quickly see this was going to be a 30 minute bitchfest from her mom.

I looked at her slender form, remembering the dazed and hot look she had as I fucked her the night before. Her mouth stretched out over my cock, sucking me in deep as I came. Before I knew it my hands were on her hips and I kissed the back of her neck tenderly. She moved into my embrace and cocked her head back to allow me to suckle lightly on her neck. I guess she was okay with everything too, I thought. She tried to pull away, but before she could I slipped my right hand into her boxers. She looked back at me with a panicked look in her eyes and she mouthed, "Not now!". But a quick flick of her clit caused her to shiver. I traced lazy circles around her clit, noticing that sexy half dazed look coming across her face. She spread her legs wider to allow me more access to her pussy as my left hand snaked up her shirt and played with her left nipple. She breathed heavily. I rolled her left nipple between my fingers while using my other hand to enter her. I roughly grabbed her breast, squeezing it gently and she shuddered, before I quickly went back to teasing her nipple.

I pulled my teasing fingers from her pussy and breast, which snapped her out of it briefly. She gave me a look as if to say "Why'd you stop?", her earlier protests gone. But only enough for me to push her forward so she was bent over the kitchen table. She looked back at me as I heard her mother ask her a question. She tried to focus and pay attention, I will admit her mom's annoying voice was sobering, but I was determined to have my fun at this point. I couldn't make out what her mom was saying, but I couldn't help but find it amusing that she would probably drop dead if she knew her daughter swallowed my cum mere hours ago or had screamed while cumming with my dick deep inside her.

I smirked as I pulled down Hillary's boxers, revealing her shaven pussy again. It was a little red and puffy, sore from the crazy sex yesterday, I bent down and licked lightly. Hillary's body relaxed as I teasingly lapped at her clit and fucked her slowly with my middle finger. She was so wet that I could tell she was already close. Her hands gripped the edges of the table as I stood up and aligned my cock with her sopping pussy. I wanted to cum deep in her again. I pushed in slowly and she barely kept a moan from escaping her mouth. Pushing in and out a few times, I got most of my cock in, but her pussy felt so tight. The phone was still in her hand, with her yessing her mother a couple times before muting it.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck!" She grunted as I pumped into her pussy. I was still exhausted, but adrenaline was filling me. I slapped her ass a few times, until she moaned and started shaking. Her fingers were rubbing her clit furiously as I fucked her hard. She shook and screamed as she came, her wetness running down my cock and balls.

I have her a minute to catch her beath as I grabbed her and pulled her back on top of me as I sat down in one of the chairs by the table. The towel holding her hair fell off as her long damp hair brushed against my face. Holding her up, I pumped into her repeatedly before she put her hand on my arm to stop me. "Stop, stop, stop." She said. I slowed down and she took the phone, unmuted it and brought it to her ear.

"Mom?" She said, her throat a little hoarse. "I promise I'll be over later. Yeah, okay. I promise. Bye."

She shut off the phone threw it on the table. She stood up and off my cock, which a part of me wanted to whine about, but she turned around and quickly remounted me. Grabbing my cock and guiding it into her, sliding down it with a content sigh. As she sank down on my dick, she licked her fingers and rubbed her clit repeatedly.

"You know I just took a shower, right?" She grumbled as she started bounce on me.

"Ha." I grunted. "Just join me in mine after."

"Fuck you." She said as she grabbed onto my shoulders to help herself up and down. "Now fuck me." I grabbed her hips and helped her, taking her almost off me before raising my own hips repeatedly to fuck her. She grunted and moaned as she rubbed her clit with her left hand and squeezed her own right breast over her shirt. I lifted up the shirt, exposing her lovely breasts, and started sucking on her left nipple. I teased it with my tongue and teeth. She let out a long moan before pushing me back and laying her head on my left shoulder, sucking and nibbling at my neck. She was trying to take control of the situation, something I wasn't really about to give up. Soft and tiny moans would briefly escape her lips whenever I pushed deep into her. Every time she came down, her pussy would make a squishing noise as she grinded down on me. She was close again, I could feel it building in me too.

"Cum in me baby." Hillary whispered in my ear as she bit down on my neck. I was surprised and the pain felt good as I pushed deep in her and lost control. I shot off in her a few times, her tiny pussy tightening with her own orgasm as I filled her with my seed. A few minutes later she looked at me, her face partially covered by her damp blonde hair. She climbed off me, her legs a little wobbly and she looked shaken. She brought her hand down to her pussy and caught our leaking juices escaping. She brought our cum to her mouth and suckled her fingers contently before kneeling down and sucking my limp cock clean.

When she was done she stood up and addressed my dick, "Love you!" I laughed as he stood up with a grin and grabbed her boxers, sliding them on. "I need to take another shower now."

"I could join you." I offered. I wouldn't be much of a sacrifice. She smiled before smacking me playfully.
"If you were in there, I would probably need to take another shower afterwards." She joked. "And considering I just agreed to see my fucking bitch mom today because of you, that gives you plenty of time to get ready for tonight."

She drew closer to me though, straddling me so my cock pushed against her boxers and against her wet pussy. She drew close and said with a teasing grin, "And you need to pick up some condoms because you can't keep cumming in me, no matter how much you like it." She said as she rubbed my dick one last time playfully. She stood up and smiled briefly before heading to the bathroom, winking playfully as she walked away and into the shower.

Next time, I'll let you in on what happened with me and Laura. :)

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