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First with 2 cocks.......

Alright now this is my new story....
Well this is abt the time i had 2 cocks for the first time ever. And well its the only time i have had 2 ckcks fucking me actually.
I was all because of my friends party he had thrown in the Club. So i was dressed as i usually do in a party. A short skirt and Tight shirt. Pink satin panties but no bra.
The party was a complete brawl with drinks and all sorts of stuff.
It was during the party that i saw the 2 hot guys Alex and Mike. Ive always liked them. And i knew they were friends and i also knew frm a few girls that they were very very good in bed. After a couple of drinks they started hitting on me. And i knew that before long I was gonna end up fucking one of them. But that was not to be.
It wasnt long before i had a few more drinks too and i had gotten really high when Alex was dancing with me and he kissed me while squeezing my tits. And that really turned me on. But for some reason i wasnt happy. I saw at Michael and i had a really naughty idea. Yes i wanted to fuck them both. It was clear that both of them wanted me. So i went up to them and said y not they meet me up in the small room upstairs. They smiled and followed me.
By the time we reached the room I was so horny I was starting to get wet. And as soon as Alex closed the door mike was already kissing me. Alex then came up behind me and squeezed my tits. they were kissing and squeezing me all over. Then Alex bent down and ran his hand up my thighs and into my skirt. He put a hand inside my panties and put a finger inside my clit. I moaned and was kissing michael who was not taking off my shirt. He squeezed my tits and sucked on my nipples. Then they got up and dropped their pants to reveal 2 huge cocks. And i immediately went down on my knees and put Alexs in my mouth first. Mike started to take of my skirt and he started fingering me. And i was getting more and more horny. I wanted both of them to fuck me real hard. Soi when i started sucking their cocks one by one they squeezed my tits and both mouthfucked me. I was enjoying the hot precum of the 2 big cocks as i sucked them deep. Even they were moaning. Then Mike laid me down on the couch and spread my legs and started rubbing his head on my clit. As i moaned he pushed his whole cock inside me in 1 go. As he cached up speed and was fucking me harder i was cumming and getting an orgasm when Alex came up and put his cock in my mouth. And I was feeling the fuck Happiness of my life. after some time Mike pulled out. It was Alexs time to fuck me in the pussy. So Mike came up and i sucked his hard and wet cock. i can taste my juices with his precum. As i was sucking his cock Alex spread my legs and entered sliding his cock in my hot and wet pussy. He was fucking me harder and harder. I had almost 8 orgasms till now and I cld feel myself getting another 1. Even they were getting harder. Soon Mike gave a moan and blasted his hot load of cum in Amouth which i sucked almost at the same time as I had my biggest orgasm and Alex Shot a huge load of cum in my Wet pussy.
It was the horniest i had been and the best fuck i had ever had till then...........I then discovered that i was d***ken and horny one cock wasnt enough for me. I needed More cum And more Fuck..............

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