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Mother Susan and Her Daughter Make a Porno Part 1

It was a rainy Monday morning and Mark had just been handed a video by one of his so called hoodie mates, the bastard that was now seeing Laura, his ex girlfriend. He had no idea what was on it but had been told that it lasts for nearly an hour and a half. He didn’t even bother to watch it for a whole week, he couldn’t be arsed. Then as he was at home with nothing to do one day and he also knew that he had several hours on his own, he decided to put it on. The first thing he noticed was that it was quite professionally made. He had no idea who the cameraman was.

The title came up and said ‘Susan’s Naughty Adventure’.

Mark’s jaw immediately dropped.

The video went like this folks………….enjoy;

Susan, the 46 year old mum, appeared on the screen in her kitchen. She was tidying up. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans, t-shirt and heels. She looked every inch the real milf.

‘Oh look at the time, I must pick Jessica up from school’ she said to the camera.

Mark then watched her as she got into her car. The camera filmed her as she drove to the school. When she arrived she soon spotted Jessica walking though the gates and saw her stop to talk to a group of hoodie lads that were hanging around outside. She looked every inch a fucking cock drainable schoolgirl slut. She was wearing the smallest school skirt you can imagine and white pop socks. You could easily picture cocks balls deep stuffed up her schoolgirl holes being ****d by them. Susan called her over. When Jessica got into the car, Susan asked her who she had been talking too.

‘Oh just some lads mum……..I‘ll invited one of them back……He says his going to be there in about half hour………..Is that ok….mum?’ Jessica asked.

‘Yea…….that’s fine darling……But I need to go to the shops first……….Text him to tell him to let himself in by the back door’ Susan told a bemused Jessica

So Jessica text him and the two girls went and popped to the shops. On the way Susan asked what those boys had said to her. Jessica told her mum that they had called her a prick teaser. And the lad she had invited back said to her and quotes ‘do you do things with your mum’

‘What does he mean?’ Jessica asked and then giggled.

‘Mmmmmmm…..I don’t know darling’ Susan replied with a wicked smile appearing on her gorgeous milf face.

‘Do you think he was being rude mum……….I think he was’ (Jessica)

Jessica then told her mother that the lad had also told her that she needed a good seeing too and that she can get cocks ridged in seconds. Susan looked at her teenage daughter in her tiny school skirt which had ridden up so much that she could see Jessica’s white knickers and thought to herself that she probably could. When they returned back home they both went into the kitchen. Susan unpacked the shopping as Jessica got herself a drink. Then all of a sudden the picture went blank. Then what seemed like a spot light being turned on in a darken room, a pair of big hairy balls appeared to fill the entire TV screen (Mark was watching on a 42” lcd) Then very, very slowly the camera moved up to reveal a giant rock hard cock shaft, throbbing away all on its own. It didn’t stop until it got to the tip. Then Mark saw a big fat swollen bulbous knob, much bigger than his. The camera then panned back to reveal the whole cock and a ruler standing up against it, it read 10”.

“Jesus Christ that’s big” Mark thought to himself. He could also see that it was very, very thick. To him that’s the biggest cock he has ever seen in his life.

The picture went back to the girls. Susan told Jessica that she was just popping upstairs for a minute.

‘Ok mum’ Jessica said sweetly.

The picture went blank again for a moment and then reappeared to film Susan walk back into her kitchen dressed to kill wearing only a black micro mini skirt and 6” killer stilettos. Her lips were painted in bright red lipstick, which Mark thought were done in readiness to wrap them around a hard cock shaft. Her big tits swung as she walked and looked really fucking suck able.

“Fucking beautiful” Mark thought as he got his cock out and started to wank it hard.

Jessica giggling as her mum came up to her and gently removed her white school blouse to reveal her small developing tits to the camera. She was now only dressed in her tiny pleated school skirt, white pop socks and trainers.

‘Oooooooooh mum…………what are you doing’ (Jessica)

‘Don’t worry darling………you and me are going to do some mother and daughter bonding (pause)………… eating a cock together’ (Susan)

Jessica giggled uncontrollable ‘Mum………what have you just said to me’

‘You heard……………. we’re going to eat a big prick together……sweet heart……..and drain it totally fucking dry………would you like to do that with your mum…..darling’ (Susan)

Jessica was flabbergasted at her mother’s disgusting language to her. But at the same time became very excited by the thought of it. Susan, the filthy slut, turned Jessica to the camera and together they smiled at it. They looked every bit the part ready to drain a very lucky indeed dick, which of course they were very soon going to do together.

‘Jessica darling……….you and me are going to make a porno together’ (Susan)

The whore then stuck her randy tongue out and ran it over her beautiful milf red lipstick lips and smiled at the camera ‘I bet you’re love to watch me and Jessica performing together with a massive thick wranger……….wouldn’t you… dirty bastard’

Susan then grabbed one of Jessica’s small hands and with a wicked glace at the camera she walked herself and her daughter out of the kitchen. Talk about leading a horse to water, this was a mother leading her young daughter to cock.(To me this is what all mothers should do once in their lives; take their daughters to cock and munch together on a big hard fucking filthy fuck pole until it splatters both their faces with spunk).

The scene went back to the unknown throbbing fucker that was sticking straight up in the air. The camera had been repositioned so that it was now pointing at the bedroom door (although you couldn’t see it as it was completely black). The door then suddenly opened to reveal the hallway light shinning into the room and there stood silhouetted Susan and her daughter dressed for cock. The prick waiting for them looked really massive in the foreground.

‘Mmmmmmmmmmm nice’ Mark said nodding to himself and now jealous as hell.

The two sluts then took a couple of steps and went into the bedroom. Mark saw the stiff prick gave out a huge twitch as it saw the two girls properly for the very first time. A drop of pre cum then oozed from the tip and run down over the head. Susan and Jessica were just staring at it smiling before they both moved closer and stood side by side at the end of the bed.

Then the picture then changed once again. It now showed a close up of the cock’s bell end. As the camera slowly began to pan out, Mark now saw Susan’s smiling 46 year old face appear on the right of the screen. It was nesting right next to the thick hard fuck meat.

Continuing to smile, the mum then began to speak to the camera ‘mmmmmmmmmmm look what I have here’ she said in a very sexy voice indeed ‘…….looks fucking lovely….doesn’t it…..a lovely nice young hard prick’ the whore said and then run one of her long painted finger nails all the way down the ridge shaft ‘it looks all nice and juicy…doesn’t it and it’s already stiff for me……. I just love stiff meat like this……I love it………I think it’s just begging to have some nice wet lips wrapping themselves around it……working themselves all over it until they drain the fucking spunk from it’s big and very heavy dirty hairy balls’.

Mark then watched the filthy mother stick her randy tongue out and run it all over her painted full bright red lipstick lips in a very suggestive way. The fucking whore then laid her head down onto the person’s stomach. Susan stared into the camera with the massive thick ridge fuck shaft standing straight up right in front of her gorgeous milf sexy face.

The slapper then continued to say to the camera in a very naughty voice,

‘Ohhhhhhhhhh do you think I’ll made this lovely prick all stiff on my own.…yes…….well unfortunately not……..but more of that later……let’s just admire it for awhile…….shell we ……….it’s so fucking big……isn’t it………..from the look of it….I reckon it’s a nice young one as well……….well let’s hope so’.

The mum then giggled and looked shyly into the camera lens,

‘Shell I tell you something very naughty indeed………..something I did very recently………it was very rude……I know I shouldn’t be really telling you this…. so who ever is watching this…..keep this to yourself…but one of Jessica’s boyfriends came round the other day…….he’s just a bit older than her…..well I caught him looking at my legs and bum and I noticed a big bulge appearing in his jeans………..well how can I say this but it got even stiffer when I dropped to my knees, unzipped him and pulled his big young dick out of his jeans……….I soon had my tongue wrapping it’s self around his lovely young shaft……….I made it twitch like mad….don’t know why……..I slid my painted lips up and down his rod and sucked him off.’ The dirty slut then rubbed her hand all over her face….‘he soon shot his load all over this……….his balls must have been full as he drenched me……..he soaked my face in his young sperm and I loved it……do you think that was very naughty of me then to such a thing to a young boy ’.

The whore then focused her eyes on the prick before her once again

‘Ohhhhhhhh………I think I’ll love to drain this dick dry as well’ Susan then gently run one of her long painted fingernails up and down the stiff shaft once again, making it twitch like mad and generating another drop of pre cum from it. The slut saw this and moved her randy finger to it and smeared it all over the head ‘…………mmmmmmmm it looks like it’s started already to get excited. I better not delay much longer……It could shoot anytime now……..but it’s just to big for me to blow on my own………I’ll need help with this one……what do you think…….hey? I wonder who could help me work this beautiful dick off as I’m dying to have my face spunked on today by a huge great big fucker’

Susan then puts a finger to her lips.

The camera then very carefully panned out a bit more before moving slightly to the left as Susan raises her head and moves back to her original position. Mark then saw Jessica’s smiling face appear in the picture. She was also nestling right next to the throbbing waiting fuck pole on the other side. So now Mark had in view both mother and daughter staring into the camera with a hard piece of cock meat standing straight in the air between their lovely sexy smiling faces.

What a lucky, lucky bastard the owner of that prick was, Mark thought to himself. He knew from experience what that cock was going to be receiving very soon from those two slappers.

Jessica began giggling as usual ‘Hi mum……….want some help?

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes……. I’m glad you’re here today darling…….yes mummy does……..this is far to much prick for me to drain on my own……..I need help with this one……..will you help me drain its balls…. we can both then let it spunk on our faces at the same time…..darling? The filthy milf told her daughter.

‘Of course I will…… I’ll love too mum……we can work on it together’ the dirty giggling daughter told her eagerly listening mother.

‘Mmmmmmm yes sweetie…….I’ll love to work on it with you……. I bet this prick can’t wait to have our lips and mouths all over it’ the filthy slut mum told her schoolgirl daughter’…..we’ll drain it dry…… won’t need to spunk for days after we have finished with it…..I can promise you’

Jessica giggled uncontrollably at her mother’s naughty words to her.

Then the scene changed again. Mark saw Jessica’s young head lying on a pillow, looking up at the camera. She had the light shinning in her face. Then he saw Susan paint Jessica’s sweet innocent young lips in the same bright red lipstick that she had on.

‘There……..already for cock’ the mum told her daughter.

Susan then smiled and stared at the camera ‘I’m very naughty today…..aren’t I……..I love to do unspeakable things to cocks……..or shell I say fuck poles……….I just love it’

The milf whore then pulled her face away from the picture. Mark then saw the prick suddenly return from out of the dark and hang over Jessica’s face like a fucking weapon, which of course it was. The massive swollen red knob was very carefully positioned just above her young schoolgirl mouth. Susan face then reappeared in the picture. She flicked her head to one side and pulled her hair back and smiled into the camera.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhh what do we have here…………it’s a huge fucking knob’ the whore told the camera as she ran her randy tongue over her red lipstick lips ‘mmmmmmm I bet you’re love to watch me and see what I do to knobs……wouldn’t you……you naughty boy………..well that’s good because I love to be very rude with them………I love it……..I’m now going to do something really very, very filthy with this huge lucky bell end……..and when you see it please keep it to yourself because it is really very fucking naughty………some people will call me a slut or a whore for what I’m about to do…….but I love it…..I love doing things like this to young boys’

She then looked down at her daughter and said to her……‘can you see that swollen knob above you……darling?’

‘Yessssssss………….mummy’ Jessica giggled back at her mother.

‘It looks lovely…..doesn’t it?’ (Susan)

‘Yea mum… does’ (Jessica)

‘Would you like mummy to be very filthy and it bring it down to you… you can feel a lovely young swollen knob on your lips as I eat it’ (Susan)

‘Yessssssssss mummy……I’ll love you too…I’ll love feel it on my lips…we can share it together…..can’t we……we can eat knob together………..I haven’t shared one with you before but I think I might like it……… this what that lad meant when he asked me if I do things with my mum’. (Jessica)

‘Yes darling…………..I think it is’ (Susan)

Jessica giggled.

Then Mark heard Susan whisper something to Jessica but he couldn’t quite hear what was said. But he did see Jessica giggle again and then turn to the camera smiling away and what seemed like had been previously rehearsed she said ‘mum…….I haven’t told you this before but I’ll always wanted to share a knob with you ever since I was a very little girl’

Mark very nearly blew his load there and then when he heard such fucking filthy words coming from Jessica’s young lips.

Susan giggles and then looks up and asks the occupant of the dick how old the bell end is. Mark could here a faint voice in the background say 16 years old.

‘Mmmmmmmmmmm that’s what I was hoping to hear’ Susan replied with a wicked smile appearing on her face.

The filthy whore then looked down at her giggling daughter again and asked her if she was ready to perform a sex act on the knob with her. Jessica responded by shaking her head that she was. Susan smiled at her naughty daughter and then tilted her head slightly so that her eyes were looking directly into the camera and smiled at it. Then a drop of pre cum appeared again from the tip. Susan giggled and run her fingernail over the shiny knob and smeared the juices onto her finger tip. This made the cock twitch violently left to right which caused her to giggle even more. Susan then put her finger into her mouth to taste it.

‘Mmmmmmm………tastes lovely’ the slut remarked.

Then another drop appeared. This time the mum wiped it off and offered it to her daughter below.

‘Here darling………….put your lips together and let mummy smear the pre cum over them so that you can taste it as well’ (Susan)

‘Yes mum’ Jessica replied back and then giggled too.

Mark watched the tart rub the pre cum all over her young daughter’s lips. Then when Susan had finished, she told the camera and then her daughter separately that she loves knobs. Mark then watched in awe as the filthy fucking whore began the sex act on the lucky big red swollen knob by ever so slowly parting her lipstick coated milf lips in readiness. She then stared into the camera. The camera then filmed a fucking dirty mum spreading her beautiful experienced mature mouth very carefully over the top half of a boy’s shiny swollen knob. Mark could hear a slight moan coming from the background as the very lucky, lucky owner felt Susan’s lips touch and slide themselves gently over his knob end for the very first time. The huge thing was still hanging a good few inches above Jessica’s mouth. So as Susan continued to stare into the camera, the slut began to slowly lower it down to her waiting young schoolgirl daughter’s mouth. Pre cum once again oozed out from the slit which made Jessica giggle when see saw it as it dripped into her mouth as it come down to her. She then opened her young gob up really wide, ready to receive the massive knob that was being brought down to her by her own dirty mother. When Susan arrived at her daughter’s waiting mouth, she paused briefly before very carefully nestled the underside of it onto her daughter’s waiting lips like a true fucking expert. Mark then heard an almighty cry this time as he watched the two girls spreading their lips in tandem over the huge red bulbous bell end until Mark couldn’t see it at all. He stared in awe as a mother and her daughter suckling on the lucky knob end in perfect tandem, two fucking dirty sluts together. They made slurping noises as they did. Mark could see them rolling and rocking their beautiful filthy cock hungry lips all over the massive bell end as if they were in complete love with it. Worshiping it as if was a god, using their randy tongues to flick over top and bottom at the same time, sending the owner of it into total fucking ecstasy.

What a fucking lucky, lucky bastard, Mark thought. That must feel fantastic to have your knob trapped and being eaten by a mother and daughter while you just kneel there and watch them at it.

The camera then went from the action and moved upwards. Mark could now see that the person who owned the cock was wearing a hoodie jacket, very similar to his. When it reached the hood, Mark could vaguely see an outline of a boy’s face. He could just make out that it was grinning and that the person was nodding away all fucking cocky.

‘Nice……’ a voice came out of the hood ‘………fucking beautiful…man’

Then a hand came up and pulled the hood back. Mark’s mouth fell open when he saw it was Sean. He was grinning into the camera.

‘Alright mate’ Sean said as Mark could also see he was chewing gum as well ‘…………jealous hey……….well you should fucking be…….look what I’ll got here’ Sean continued to say as he started pointing to the two girls below (the two girl must we not forget were continuing to slurp away on his lucky knob as he talked to Mark) ‘………told you I was going to fucking have them both……. you didn’t believe me…. did you……bad move…mate……..mmmmmmmmm look at them go…………beautiful aren’t they………… I couldn’t resist bedding them both at the same time……..who couldn’t………a 46 year old mum and her youngest daughter……..together……..and all they want is cock……….I told them on only the second time I met them together that I was going to bed them at the same time…..and when they told me that you had bedded them……well mate I couldn’t let you get away with that…….could I now……you have to admit each on their own is great but both of them together…..well that’s the ultimate….isn’t it mate …..well it’s their lucky today because this shit hard cock already to service them both…………..I’m going to fucking cock them together……….I can’t wait to stretch their fucking holes wide apart…………..I’m going to bang a mother and daughter and you’re going to just sit there and watch me fucking doing it’

Sean then laughed into the camera. ‘……….and oh by the way if you are wondering…… I’ll let’s say I just borrowed this expensive camera from someone which lucky for us had a light fixed to it. So it should A1 quality for you to watch me perform with these two’

Mark thought right away, yea right he’s nicked it he means.

‘Oh yea’ Sean continued to say…..‘I meant to tell you something that happened last week….your be impressed mate……It’s about this slut below that’s currently working on my fucking cock end with her daughter…..well one day she came to the school gates to pick Jessica up……I was with the b*****rs….you know what I mean ……well she was wearing these tight black fucking leggings and boots…….her body was driving me fucking crazy……I couldn’t stop staring at her legs and arse……I fucking wanted her bad……so I fucking followed them home and sneaked into the fucking kitchen………I took them both by fucking surprise……I then told Susan that if walks around dressed like that she’s just fucking making cocks stiff all the fucking time……I then told her that I was going to fucking prove it…So I grabbed her in front of Jessica and put her on her fucking side on the kitchen table……..I then pulled her leggings down just enough to expose her amble cock stiffening fucking arse……I stepping back and pulled my fucking hard cock out……..I must say they both gasped at it when they saw the fucking size of it……….I walked up to the mum and parted her fucking lovely arse cheeks and then put my knob onto her dirty cock draining arsehole….. I then fucking sunk the entire fucker all the way up her milf shit hole in one fucking go…..ripping it fucking open right in front of Jessica and told her to fucking drain my aching cock fucking dry using just her gorgeous dirty mum shitter……….and what do you think the fucking whore did………yea she fucking drain it alright………the fucking slut milked it using just her arsehole muscles while I just stood there until she had extracted the spunk from it….the fucking whore…..right in front of her daughter too……yea then after the slapper had got the last fucking drop out…I just pulled it out of her……..zipped up and left…….so are you fucking impressed then….mate’

Mark nodded in approval, he fucking was.

Sean then indicated to the camera to go back down to the girls. Mark then had the picture back of Susan and Jessica working furiously together on Sean’s knob.

Then Mark heard Sean say ‘continue to keep your fucking lips on the cock...mum and daughter…as I’m now going to slid the shaft up and down and as I do so I still want to see your lips pressed tight on the cock shaft at all times because I want to fuck a mother and her daughter’s mouths together’

Mark then watched, as his wanked his cock even harder now, Sean’s thick shaft start to slide across Susan’s and Jessica’s lips. It repeatedly moved it’s self easily over them as he fucked their beautiful mouths together. He watched as Sean used his full 10”. Then he saw one of Sean’s hands come down and rounded up Susan’s hair into a pony tail. He then tugged on it which prised her mouth from his cock meat. As she gasped for air, Sean raised his hips slightly and moved a bit forward. Jessica saw what was happening and opened her young gob up even wider. Sean then gently nestled his ball sack in to Jessica’s small lovely mouth. Susan smiled as she saw what Sean had just done to her daughter. So as Sean held Susan’s head in the air he told her that he was going to press her mouth back down onto his dick and rub her lips up and down his meat as her daughter sucked on his nuts. Jessica began eating as Sean brought the mum’s mouth back down to his randy shaft and began to slide her lips repeatedly up and down the whole length of this 10” fuck pole. The feeling he was now getting from his cock was incredible. His cock had never felt so alive. The pleasure it was receiving from these two f****y sluts and what they were doing to his dick, well he didn’t want it to stop, I can tell you. But who could blame him, hey.

‘Yeaaaaaaaaaa…….beautiful……that’s fucking nice….I’ll always wanted to see my balls stuck in your fucking gob……..Jessica………..I’ve often imagined what it would be like to see you with hairy balls pressed into your fucking dirty gob…….sucking on them like a little fucking filthy whore that you are…………but it’s even better than I thought it would ever be because I’ll got your mum here as well working my shaft…….fucking fantastic’ Sean told them as he stared down at little Jessica, who was munched away on his nuts.

Then the picture faded out and went blank for a few seconds. Then suddenly the light came on to reveal a very different but very erotic scene indeed. Mark could see Jessica’s arse on the screen (she was obviously on all fours now). Her short schoolgirl pleated skirt had ridded halfway up around her bum cheeks and her mum was lying on her back with her head between her daughter’s legs and looking straight up at her daughter’s exposed cunt and arsehole.

‘Wow………………that’s fucking nice’ Mark said to himself.

Then once again from out of the pitch black, Sean’s hard prick appeared. He knelt with his legs stretched out behind Jessica’s arse. His enormous meat was pointing directly at her two small holes. Mark saw Susan smile as the cock came into view and got into position.

Susan opened her mouth and run a finger all over her milf lips and said ‘Oh now Sean………I want you to be very naughty……..I want to feel your ball sack in my mouth now………you’re had Jessica’s lips on your nuts and now you’re going to have mine……but the only problem is that I can’t move my head any further forward………….so can you bring them to me then instead….you dirty bastard hoodie……so I can suck your hoodie nuts for you’

‘Mmmmmmm that will be a bit difficult’ (Sean)

‘Why?’ (Susan)

‘Because your daughter’s two holes are in the way’ (Sean)

‘Oh dear yes they are…..aren’t they’ Susan responded back‘………well maybe your just have to stick that big cock of yours up one of them in that case…..that should bring your nuts to me’

‘Yea………………….that sounds fucking good to me………whore’ (Sean)

Susan reaches out and grabs Sean’s thick shaft with one of her hands and brings it closer to her daughter’s cunt and arsehole. Sean looks down at the mum nestling between her daughters stretched out skinny legs. He smiles at her as she looked up at him.

‘Mmmmmm Susan………you look beautiful down there between your Jessica’s legs’ (Sean)

‘Thank you….Sean’ (Susan)

‘You look like you’re made to be there’ (Sean)

Susan smiles back at him before wrapping her left hand back around the huge shaft and move’s it so that the cock end was now pointing even closer to her daughter’s pussy entrance

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhh……… noooooooooooo………that doesn’t seem right…does it……I think maybe it at be much better here’ she says as she dirtily raises the dick up and positions it so that it’s now pointing directly at her daughter’s arsehole instead.

Sean nodded in approval as see saw a dirty mother literally asking him to stick his meat up her daughter’s bum and fuck it right in front of her.

‘Mmmmmm………..that’s fucking dirty….Susan………..but to get to your mouth still your daughter’s going to have to take all 10” up her shitter…you know……….so are you fucking asking me to do that to her… slut?’ (Sean)

Susan nodded back ‘Mmmmmmm yes I am……. Sean……take my daughter’s bum and rest your balls in my mouth as you do so’

‘Wow’ Mark shouted out ‘Susan’s fucking insatiable now’

‘Now that’s fucking dirty….. Susan…………So to recap you want me to ream your daughter so that you can have some balls stuck in your filthy whores gob to suck on……is that right…… want me to root your daughter in front of you just so you can suck on some nuts’ (Sean)

Susan smiled up at him ‘that’s correct’

‘Well then your just a fucking cunt then Susan………..I’ll fucking love to do that to you and your daughter………….you fucking slapper’ (Sean)

As the hard cock was poised already to open up her daughter’s anus in front of her, Susan run one of her painted fingernails up and down the underneath of the shaft.

‘Mmmmmmmm how thick is this?’ she asked Sean

He grinned before Mark saw him pull a tape measure from the pocket of his hoodie jacket. He passed it to Susan, who smiled at him. Sean then watched the mum wrap it around his meat and measure the girth.

‘Oh wow………….7”……….Jesus that’s thick (Susan)

‘Yea……….I told you I was well hung’ (Sean)

Susan then glazed blurry eyes at the boy’s hard dick before her before saying to him ‘Sean’

‘Yes slut’ (Sean)

‘Hope you don’t mind me asking you this…..but would you **** my daughter with your monster dick’ (Susan)

‘Fuck….of course I will………..I’ll fucking love too…cunt face’ (Sean)

The bitch smiled up at him and as she run her randy tongue all over her lips. She also ran one of her fingernails at the same time all the way from his tip to the root of his very lucky indeed cock shaft.

‘And will you bury the whole lot in her’ (Susan)

‘No problem……slapper………that’s fucking filthy………..what a mother you are……….I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t heard it with my own ears’ (Sean)

Susan smiled up at him and said believe it before she opened her milf mouth wide for him. She was now ready and waiting to receive a boy’s ball sack in her randy gob.

The camera moved quickly to picture Jessica’s face lying on a pillow. She was waiting to receive an arse fucking by a massive cock. Her little bum was ready to receive it (it was sticking high up in the air). Mark heard Sean ask her if she was prepared to have her rectum reamed by a big huge fuck pole. A smile appeared on her young face as she looked into the camera. Sean had got his answer. The screen then went back to the prick. It zoomed in close to show the massive bell end being pressed against Jessica’s very tiny entrance.

‘Put your hands behind your head……..Sean………and then push your knob into her’ (Susan)

The camera zoomed up to see a grinning Sean putting his hands behind his hoodie hood covered head, like he had been asked too by the dirty mother. Then the camera zoomed back down to Jessica’s arse crack just in time to video the knob starting to be pushed into her anus. Mark watched open mouthed as Jessica’s anal passage opened up and her shit hole lips began to be stretched forcibly apart by a huge thing. He then witnessed them sliding themselves over the very fat knob. He watched the bell end disappear from view. Sean then held the tip of his cock just into Jessica’s rectum for a moment or two before Mark saw the shaft being pushed slowly further into it. The camera panned out a bit to reveal at least half the dick had now been sunk up Jessica’s shitter. Mark could hear her scream as she felt the pain starting to appear in her bum. Her rectum was now being opened up like never before. Even wider than he had managed to do to her but he could also see that Sean hadn’t even reached Susan’s chin yet.

‘Now for the fucking rest……….mum………..I’m going to bury the rest of it into her now……….like you fucking requested’ (Sean)

As Jessica screamed out loud again, Sean moved his hips further forward and Mark watched the remaining cock shaft slid easily into Jessica’s shitter. Sean kept going as the pain for Jessica got far worse. It came so excruciating that she began to sob. Sean didn’t stop though until he had buried his remaining length up the tiny schoolgirl’s arsehole and his nuts were nestling in the mother’s gob.

‘Beautiful…………..’ Sean proclaimed as he looked down grinning away. He couldn’t see his shaft at all. He could only see his balls that were now being suckled on by a dirty whore mother.

Mark thought what a lucky git he is to have his whole length buried up the daughter’s arse while her mother sucks on his nuts. Just imagine it, folks. It can’t get much better than that.

As the 16 year old cock throbbed deep in Jessica’s painful butt, Susan lowered her head slightly.

‘Sean………is that nice………your cock balls deep in my daughter’s arse and me suckling on your balls’ (Susan)

‘Fucking love it………..bitch’ (Sean)

Susan smiled up at him and then says to him ‘mmmm would you now like to use that meat stick to **** my daughter in front of me………I can stick my tongue out and lick your balls as they bush past my mouth as you do it but only if you want to that is?’ (Susan)

‘Are you fucking serious bitch……of course I fucking want too…here goes then….watch this you dirty cunt slapper’ (Sean)

Mark glazed at the TV as Sean, his so called mate, started to ram hard into Jessica’s beautiful arsehole. He used about half his length on her with every stroke. He slammed into it really violently making her scream and her small arse cheeks ripple. His balls were receiving a licking every time they crossed over the mother’s mouth. Then Sean suddenly stopped one time when his dick was buried to the hilt. Susan was licking his balls at the time when he did this. Mark then watched Susan slowly turn her head and stare into the camera. Mark then witnessed a now smiling mother go from running her tongue over Sean’s nuts to bringing it down to her daughter’s bald cunt. The milf continued to smile at the camera as she then began to lick her daughter’s cunt instead as Sean’s ball sack now rested over her nose and eyes.

Mark on seeing this very nearly shot his load there and then, I can tell you.

Who wouldn’t, hey?

Jessica moaned as she felt her randy mum’s tongue stroking her cunt lips. Susan then pulled her tongue away and reached up with both hands and spread her daughter’s pussy wide open. She was readying it so that she could now lick inside it. She then struck her tongue back in and gently used it to probe all over her daughter’s inner cunt walls. All the while her eyes were fixed on to the camera as she moved her tongue continually over the inners of her daughter’s young cunty. The slut lapped away at it as she made love to it. Juices began to flow from it. The 10” cock was still buried up Jessica’s rectum as Mark watched the whole sordid episode in total awe.

Susan then stopped for a moment and said to the camera while smiling away at it ‘Mmmmmmm it that filthy enough for you....…Mark……seeing me licking my Jessica’s cunt while she has a thick cock throbbing balls deep in her arse’

“Fucking slut” Mark shouted at the TV.

The whore then turned her head back slightly but continued to fix her eyes to the camera. She then carried on eating her daughter’s cunt hole. The camera quickly zoomed back up to Sean, who was grinning away.

‘Mmmmmmm beautiful isn’t she………..look what’s she’s doing………eating her daughter out………a mother having i****t with her daughter as she has a dick stuck all the way up her arse………..I fucking love this shit man (Sean)

Then the camera went back down to the action. When the milf saw the camera return, Mark watched Susan take her tongue away from Jessica’s slit. The slapper then stretched her daughter’s pussy even wider and then Mark saw the dirty whore put her nose into her daughter’s hole. She lifted her fingers away from it which allowed Jessica’s fuck hole to cramp tight over her mum’s nose. Susan then nose fucked her daughter’s difference.

‘Incredible……….’ Mark proclaimed as he watched a mother nose fucking her daughter.

Sean couldn’t believe it as well so he pulled several inches out of Jessica’s arsehole to get a better view. He to watched gob smacked. How fucking dirty Susan can be, he thought to himself. Susan’s face was now becoming very wet. Jessica’s cunt cum had started to flow from her young hole. The camera zoomed quickly up to her face. Her head was still buried in the pillow. She had a look of ecstasy on her. Her eyes were all rolled over and glazed up. The camera then went back down to the action (great). Susan fucked her nose as far into her daughter’s cunt as she could go. After a minute or two she lower head back down. The whore then put two of her long painted fingernail fingers around the base of Sean’s cock. Sean couldn’t quite believe it when he watched the dirty milf push the exposed part of his thick meat back into her daughter’s rectum. She opened her mouth up once again to receive his balls as they came up to her gob. She sucked on them again. Sean moaned as he felt the mother milking is nuts. He was in ecstasy on feeling the pleasure on his balls and the pressure of his shaft being clamped tight by a tight arsehole. The camera then went up to Sean’s hoodie face.

‘Wow……….look at her go………she’s fucking insatiable…….the dirty slapper……….I love this fucking mum………she’s fucking beautiful….the cunt….isn’t she’ (Sean)

The camera went back to see what Susan was getting up to. You heard a voice ask her to tell the camera what she was doing right now.

With a big smile on her now cum smeared face she said to it ‘I’m sucking on some lovely boy’s nuts………and I love it………..I love trying to milk the spunk from a yobs balls’

The mum then flicked her tongue across Sean’s ball sack.

‘And where are you right now?’ (Sean)

Susan giggled and said ‘lying between my daughter’s stretched out legs……looking up at her cunt and a big cock shaft buried deep in her rectum’

Sean grinned down at the milf between his straddling legs and without a word said then put his two hands onto each of Jessica’s bum cheeks.

‘Now can I show you something………..Susan’ (Sean)

‘Of course you can….Sean………what is it’ (Susan)

‘This……..’ (Sean)

The yob then stretched Jessica’s arse cheeks with his two hands and pulled completely out of her anus. This made her shitter gap and Sean could see it looked raw inside.

‘Look at that…….slut……….see what you have made me do to your daughter…….her arse is all red raw inside now……..bitch’ (Sean)

Susan unfortunately couldn’t quite see inside so Sean replaced his hands with the mums. He then f***ed a hand behind her head and after sticking his dick back into the shit hole to open it up again, he pulled out and then lifted Susan’s head up and brought her eyes to her daughter’s anal entrance so that now she had a clear view inside.

‘Yea………..look at that……..whore……..that’s what your daughter’s anus looks like inside after it’s had a thick piece of fuck meat penetrating into it………..see how sore it looks…………..that looks really painful now……doesn’t it…….beautiful’ (Sean)

Sean then moved Susan’s nose to it. As she continued to hold it open, Sean pushed her nose into the shit hole.

‘There……..smell your daughter’s shit’ Sean said as he violently pulled Susan’s hands away, the only thing that was keeping her daughter’s bum hole open. He looked down to see Jessica’s arsehole clamp tight around her mother’s dirty nose.

‘Yea……….now arse fuck your daughter with your nose…….mum’ (Sean)

The milf mum then repeated what she had done a few minutes earlier on her daughter’s cunt and now did the same thing to her shitter. Sean just stared down, his giant weapon sticking straight out and twitching as he and Mark watched a filthy display from a mother on her daughter. Susan then lower her naughty head back down after several minutes. She smiled up at Sean and then turned and smiled into the camera.

‘Did you like seeing that……..Mark………was I very naughty that time’ (Susan)

The whore then ran a fingernail along the underneath of Sean’s stiff cock shaft. She then sexily put the same fingernail to her lips and while staring up at the youth asked him if he was ready to release the spunk from his dick.

‘You fucking bet I am……you filthy mum…….where do you want it…..cunt’ (Sean)

The slut then pointed to her mouth. Sean was pleased (who wouldn’t be), so he told Susan that he was going to gently press the tip of his prick onto Jessica’s anal lips and let the spunk flow out of his fuck pole over them. Then he would watch it ran down over her bald cunt and drip onto her mother’s lips and face cheeks below. He continued by saying that he wanted to see his spunk running all over a mum’s face. Susan smiled up at him and then readied herself.

Sean moved his stiff shaft forward and placed it onto Jessica’s rectum hole. As Susan glazed up at the throbbing prick and waited to be spunked on, Sean began to coasted the cum from it It took about 90 seconds before hot creamy white stuff started to spurt from the tip. It seemed like there was gallons of the stuff (he apparently told Susan afterwards that he hadn’t spunked for the whole week before deliberately so that he had plenty of spunk for her and Jessica) Susan watched a boy’s cum coming down quickly towards her face. She held her milf lipstick lips tight together ready to receive it. It very soon was dripping onto her and her lovely mature face was being lashed in hot spunk from a randy young boy’s dick. The fucking stuff kept coming. Her lips were soon completely smeared in sperm. Susan had streams of spunk running all over her face cheeks and dripping down onto the bed.

Sean eventually finished and pulled away. What he saw was a beautiful sight. There was a mother with his cum all over her face lying between her young daughter’s legs. He was very pleased with himself. He told Susan and Jessica to sit up on the bed and share a spunky French kiss together. The camera then recorded a mum and her daughter kissing. Both there mouths were very soon coated in Sean’s sperm. As they parted, a long string of spunk was still attached to both their lips, joining them together as one. They both then smiled into the camera.

They looked fucking fantastic I can tell you. A gorgeous mature mother and her beautiful daughter with a boy’s spunk plastered all over their faces. You could see it also hanging down from their chins as the picture faded out.

‘Wow’ Mark thought as he put the video on pause. ‘This is the business…….Sean’s the fucking business……all respected to him……man………yea he’s alright really’

Mark then went and got a beer from the kitchen, hoping to return to continue watching the DVD. But suddenly there was an unexpected knock on the door. Oh well hopefully it won’t be to long before Mark can watch the rest of it.

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